Story Preview: Titnosis

A Smuthunter Short

           “Look at them,” you can’t see her smiling down at you but her command is warm and sweet, and encouraging.

You do what she says and stare up at her tits, two massive, naked breasts dangling over your face. They are larger than large, they are huge, and full, and you haven’t been able to take your eyes off them since you met her.

“Just take a deep breath in as you watch them start to swing, and when you breathe out, just feel yourself relax.”

Her massive, pendulous tits start to swing back and forth, and with your head in a pillow, you can only move your eyes to follow them.

“Good, that’s it, take another deep breath in,” they seem to get closer to you as they swing, but stop their descent towards your face, “and when you breathe you, just focus all your attention on my nipples.”

Your eyes look up ever so slightly as you continue to follow her instructions. Her nipples are large, proportionate to her massive, and at this close a distance you realize, natural breasts, and as they continue to swing back and forth, slowly and gently, your eyes follow her nipples.

“That’s it, just watch my nipples now, staring at my nipples and only my nipples, as your eyes start to feel so heavy and warm, heavy and warm just like my breasts.”

Her nipples move up ever so slightly and you have to look up just a little more to still focus on them, to still do just what she tells you to do, and as she talks about your warm and heavy eyes, you feel yourself blinking as you watch.

“That’s it, so warm and heavy, so soft and sleepy, just like my breasts. Watch them sway back and forth, warm and heavy, soft and sleepy. Watch them swing, so irresistible and so hypnotic now. The more your eyes want to close, the more you need to just keep watching them swing, the more you need to just keep staring at my nipples.”

Her tits move just a little further away from your face, and lower down, making it easier for you to stare at them, but now that your eyelids are fluttering, you realize you can’t stop blinking. But the more you blink, the more you need to just keep watching her nipples, seeing only her nipples and her huge, swaying, hypnotic breasts.

“And the longer you stare, and the more you just breathe nice and deep, and nice and slow for me,” you blink and your eyelids stay closed for longer than you think, but you open them to realize your breathing is very slow and very deep, “you can notice just how warm and heavy and relaxed your whole body is becoming.”

“Just watch my tits swaying, making your body heavier and heavier, more and more relaxed with every swing and every sway, unable to look away from my nipples now.” You feel a wave of relaxation, and pleasant, heavy warmth washing over you from behind your eyes and down through your entire body. “And I want you to try to look away, or try and keep your heavy, sleepy eyes closed, just so you can see how much you need to stare.”

You do try and shift your gaze, feeling the soft, compelling need to do what she says, to do what her massive tits are telling you to, and the more you try to turn your head, or shift your gaze, the more powerfully drawn to her swaying, hypnotic tits you become.


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