Story Preview: Therapy

A Smuthunter Story

            “You know,” she spoke with a warm and rehearsed tone, “we spend most of our lives looking backwards so we can learn from our mistakes.”

            She took a sip from her mug and smiled, “I love coffee. Most people think in my line of work, or because I’m a woman, I’d be a big tea drinker, but I absolutely love coffee. It helps me focus, and I love the pleasant association of the smell with starting a new day.”

            She put her mug back on her desk and looked right into his eyes. “But as I was saying, “we focus on looking back as an evolutionary advantage. You might have heard pro athletes and coaches talking about how important it is to have a short memory, and what they mean by that is the ability to instantly forget a failure so doubt doesn’t linger.”

            Again she brought the cup to her lips, and smiled. “But, we look back because we spend our days in need of constant cognitive analysis in a range of circumstances much larger than a few play options, or a few straight forward situations.”

            She slowly ran her index finger around the rim of the cup and he noticed the pale purple pastel for her nail polish, “As I’m sure you know, and no matter how many analogies a motivational speaker will make, our lives are far more complex than even the most multifaceted game can be. But, there really is something to be said about the ability to forget, just not in such a blanket manner.”

            He sat on the couch, listening to her, watching her. She was an attractive woman, early forties he guessed, with chestnut brown hair piled up in a bun and sharp hazel eyes behind wire-framed glasses. She had a slightly crooked smile, almost a smirk, and an affectionate way about her. She was inviting and that was disarming. She was also curvy in all the right places, he could tell despite her gray blazer and matching long skirt that she was in fact very curvy.

            “We look back in on ourselves, studying the past to learn from our failures, recounting successes so we can understand how to be successful. Our intellect, our cognitive capacities, and that includes powerful long-term and short-term memories, are what have allowed us to develop everything we think of when we think of technology and progress. But, and I think this is what has brought you here, our lives are so complex that we can sometimes lose track of how to use these tools.”

            He sat, nodding, listening to her words. She spoke in a steady easy cadence, a conversational explanation she must have shared with all of her clients, but delivered like a friendly conversation. It was, he thought, pretty spot on too. And for all the anxiety he had about seeing a mental health professional, it was nice to know he wasn’t the only person she saw that was having these sorts of issues.

            “Now, let me ask you something very simple. Do you remember what I said about why I love coffee?”

            He nodded.

            “What was it?”
It was, he thought, strange that this was where the conversation was going, like a teacher asking the class about her lecture. But, she was so engaging the thought didn’t have much weight.

            “You said the smell reminds you of starting a new day.”

            He was, and this probably came from the same teacher association, happy when she smiled. He wanted to succeed, he wanted to understand what she was saying so he could get better; so he could get back to being a success at work and not the middle of the road guy he felt he had become.

            “I look forward to every day because I know each day is the day I am in, the moment I am in, and I focus on that moment. You were saying over the phone that you are having a hard time being in the moment, that you’ve had some relationship problems, that you’re feeling disconnected from your work?”

            “Yes.” He nodded.

            “What,” she took another sip of coffee and looked him right in the eye, “do you think I’m going to tell you?”

            “To appreciate the day, look forward, and be in the moment.”

            “Do you know why?”

            “Because, “ and he felt a little embarrassed for a moment when he realized this whole therapy might not really have been necessary after all, “I’ve taught myself bad habits by looking back at the wrong things.”

            “Good. It’s important that we recognize the behaviors we want to change by identifying the impact they have on our lives. Without seeing what they do, we have a very hard time knowing when we are doing them, and why.”

            She had put her mug down and stood up. The desk didn’t face out to the center of the office, a deliberate choice to ensure there would be no physical boundaries between her and her patients. Instead, it faced a window with a view of the skyline.

            She smiled, “So, we are going to use hypnosis together as a tool to open up pathways in your mind for you to teach yourself better and healthier habits. In this moment right now, when we are focused on what we want, being wholly in this time together, we are going to use the power of hypnosis to enter trance to affect positive change right now.”

            He felt himself starting to blink and sigh heavily. Something about how she said right now had made it so easy for him to start to fade away. He was melting into her voice.

            “That’s right, right now, deep trance right now. Wholly focused on trance, deeply hypnotized for positive change right now. Focused on this moment, hypnotized now, right now. That’s it.” The cadence of her voice and the reassuring tone of her words was helping him to fade away into the warmth that was washing up from the base of his skull and down across his heavy eyelids.

            “That’s it, deep sleep now, right now.”

            He closed his eyes and lost himself in her voice.

            “Eyes open now, wide awake. Come along back now, that’s it, wake up right now, nice and easy, nice and steady.” His eyes fluttered up almost as soon as they’d closed.

            She was smiling, and had taken off her gray blazer. “I like to use that little trick to introduce people to how easily someone can be hypnotized when they are willing to engage in the process. We could have started our work together just now but I’ve found that people have a more lasting response to a more formal process.”

            He was surprised at how easily she’d hypnotized him and how he hadn’t even noticed what she’d done. It seemed to him like one moment they were talking, then the next moment he was slipping into a trance.

            He was also surprised at how large her breasts had turned out to be.

            They were massive under her cream colored blouse.

He thought he could see the dark fabric of her bra under the ever so slightly translucent material. It made it difficult for him to look anywhere else and he almost wished she’d left her blazer on.


Honestly, he was surprised she’d taken it off. She’d have to know that those things attracted a certain amount of attention. But, it was warm in here and he couldn’t blame her for wanting to be comfortable, and besides, he was an adult and he’d do his best not to ogle her.

He watched as she reached over to her desk and started an antique metronome swinging back and forth before turning back to face him.

“I’d like you to look deep into my eyes and focus on the sound of my voice. As we talk your conscious mind is going to slowly and easily disengage and drift away. Every tick of the metronome is going to help your conscious thoughts slow down and even out. As we talk, your active thoughts will fade into the background of your mind and the sound of my voice and my words will move into the front of your thoughts. As you look into my eyes and listen to the sound of my voice, your mind will slowly become reflective and accepting. It will feel deeply relaxing and soothing to stare deeper and deeper into my eyes and as you stare and listen and as your mind becomes slow and steady and reflexive, you will become more suggestible, more open, and more accepting of everything I say and everything I suggestion.”

He had found himself staring into her deep and captivating hazel eyes, and she was looking over the rims of her glasses as she stared into his. As she spoke, he tried to keep his eyes locked on hers, but those pale purple nails rested on the buttons of her cream colored blouse right above her tremendous breasts.

“You may feel your eyes becoming heavier and heavier as you listen to the sound of my voice, but you won’t need to close your eyes to enter into trance. It may be easier to keep your eyes open and stare into mine, it may help you to feel closer to me and more connected, and if you do feel close to me that can only help you to let yourself become more and more open and receptive to the power of hypnotic suggestion and the relaxation of deep trance.”

She was leaning forward ever so slightly, almost imperceptibly so, and he felt the urge to look down from her eyes at those large beautiful breasts. But, he kept staring, despite how heavy his eyes were starting to become from the strain of not looking down.

“Of course, it may also feel easier to let your eyes rest on something comfortable and maybe even let them close down as they become heavier and heavier. I find that deep trance occurs for some people much more easily when their eyes are open. Their conscious mind is distracted by the blinking, sagging, drooping heaviness of their eyes, and they close their eyes for just a moment…”

He felt his eyes close.

“…then open them up again and realize that they are gradually and easily following suggestions and slipping down…”

As she spoke, she started to gesticulate with her hands slightly just in front of her breasts, and he found that when he opened his eyes he was staring at those pale purple fingernails that were drawing his attention to her breasts.

“…. Deeper down…”

Her fingernails were tracing the edge of her collar and she was unbuttoning the top button of her blouse.

“…And it’s very warm in here isn’t it? You know, warmth helps the body naturally relax and the mind follows the body. The more relaxed your body feels, heavy and warm, the more relaxed your mind becomes.”

Her tone had changed as her blouse opened to show the barest hint of skin.

At first it sounded like she was just talking to him again and the sudden shift jolted him out of the daze he was slipping into, but by the time she started talking about the mind relaxing he was already sinking back into the warm world he hadn’t realized he started to slip into.

“One secret of the mind relaxing is that a focused mind is much more relaxed than an empty mind. When the mind can engage in something, like deep slow breathing, or spiral, or a swinging pocket watch, or my eyes…”

He followed sort of instinctively as she pointed back up to her eyes.

“…it becomes progressively easier and easier for the conscious mind to decompress and start to let go. Hypnosis can be defined as a state of hyper focus and deep relaxation, and it can be like a cycle, look deep into my eyes, that’s it, deeper and deeper, you’re doing so well, where you can become so focused you reach a deeper and deeper level of peace and relaxation, like now, like you are feeling right now as you stare, and you can be deeply hypnotized just like that, just like now, you are deeply hypnotized right now.”

It felt perfectly true, he was focusing so intently on her that there was nothing else in his mind. No thoughts, no outside cares, and his eyes couldn’t see more or recognize anything in the room past her. Even the ticking of the metronome had faded into a hazy darkness around the edges of his narrowing world.

“We are going to use hypnosis to travel back into your memories and give you the gift or realigning certain critical components of how you see your interactions with women. Most men can trace their relationships back to early patterns that imprinted themselves in the mind at an early age, and we can use suggestion to help you see and experience this foundational moments differently”

As she spoke, he floated on her voice and saw her unbutton a second button on her blouse. He felt his eyes resting on her chest, the slow movement of her fingers along the top of her now visible cleavage felt so inviting, and he knew that it would only be easier for him to sink deeper if he did what she said and let his eyes rest on a comfortable spot.

“So much of who a man is in his life is framed by his relationships with women and as we travel deeper…”

She arched her back ever so slightly and pushed her chest forward even more as she spoke.”

“…into your subconscious mind and explore your memories, we will be able to use hypnotic suggestions to reframe your relationships to help you feel happier and more confident in every area of your life. Now…”

She started to button those two buttons closed again.

“Close your eyes and follow my voice, I’m going to help you guide me back in time, and deeper down, that’s it, eyes closed and sinking deeper down, in your subconscious mind and memories.”

As his eyes closed, he felt himself fading away into a deeper unfathomable sense of floating dreams.

Her voice had become more and more soothing, and the softer and more gentle it became the more forceful her words felt. He felt like he was being addressed by a sympathetic teacher, by someone who knew more than him and knew what was best for him. It didn’t feel like she was talking down to him, it felt like she just understood.

“You’re going back for me now, back into your mind, not to an age or a moment, but to a sense of time and a sense of place. This is an emotional memory, an emotional experience that comes from many different years and many different days and moments. It is a collective memory, a place where you can be young and old, a place where you are the sum of your parts and the different moments that made you. Travel back with me, let me find the core of your memory, maybe it was your first kiss, maybe it was losing your virginity, take me there and I will help you understand what you can do to have what you desire.”

His mind was swimming with past girlfriends and childhood crushes. He was making out on couches, he was in bed with girls, he was everywhere in his sexual life and nowhere all at once.

“When we’re young, when we’re learning about our desires, we explore and experiment because no one is there to teach us. We don’t know the right way to respond to our feelings, or the wrong way, and we are lost. We spend so much of our lives being lost because we were never taught, and now that we are back there, back at the beginning, we can change that. You want me to teach you don’t you, that why you’re here isn’t it?”

He nodded and mumbled a vague sort of yes.

Somehow he felt like he was spinning out, chasing after something he thought she should have said somewhere but didn’t, but her tone was so inviting and so sympathetic and certain that he felt like she knew exactly what he knew, and he knew she was right about why he was here.

“Take yourself deeper into your mind, back and back for me as yourself now, back to a time when you were first falling in love. Feel the feelings starting to rise, feel the flush of youth and passion, feel the energy of the attraction and stay in this moment with for me, stay with me in this moment and listen to my words, listen to the sound of my voice and let my words help you shape this moment.”

He knew he was on a couch in a therapist’s office but part of him was gone to that other time that she was describing, a muddled world of disassociated images and feelings, scrambled memories where he saw himself as an adult but felt like a teenager.

“Remember the power of the attraction for me, remember how easily your mind could fill with erotic thoughts, remember how deep your desires ran, how all consuming they could be. Feel it, let it consume you, and think for me, think of what I say and accept what you hear, think of how vulnerable your emotions left you, how a pretty girl could get inside your mind and consume you, how easily you could get lost in your desires. Listen to me, your eyes are going to start to slowly open, very slowly and very gently, and as they do you are going to fall twice as deep into trance as you are right now, open your eyes and stay in the moment, that’s it.”

As his eyes opened he saw her sitting across from him, the top three buttons of her blouse were undone and he was staring into the deepest cleavage he had ever seen in person.

“If an older women, a wiser, and stronger women were there to teach you about your feelings, like there is now, it would be so much easier for you to learn. You would have a teacher there, a woman who knows what you need, just like I do, who you are attracted to, just like me, who could guide you and show you what you should think and feel. It would be so much easier for you wouldn’t it, the younger you, the innocent you, the virginal you deep inside that is coming out. Nothing else matters, no other memories exist right now, we are in a different place, a different time, nothing else matters now, just me, just my voice, just the way you feel when you see me. You feel very aroused when you see me don’t you? You’re especially attracted to older women with large breasts aren’t you?”

He nodded again, the way she was staring at him over the tops of her glasses, even as her fingers were running along the soft white skin of her exposed cleavage made him feel like he did have a crush on her, like she was a sexy teacher and he was not where he thought he was.

“You’re having all of these new feelings, all of these new desires awakening in you, overwhelming you, you remember those feelings, you can go back there for me….”

She was cupping her breasts though her blouse, pushing her cleavage together as her tone sounded more and more like a teacher encouraging a student.

“…Back to a time when your cock would get rock hard so easily, when it was so sensitive and everything was new…”

With the word new her middle fingers traced up and down the skin of her breasts.

“…That’s it, back and back, following me, you’re doing such a good job, you’re doing so well, your mind remembering a time before wet dreams, before masturbation, and listen to me now, listen very carefully, we are going to suppress those memories now, it will be just like forgetting, and you need to lock them away and forget because these are your earliest lessons, the first things you’ve learned that you did not learn properly, listen to me, lock them away, just like forgetting them…”

He watched in a deep trance as she undid the remaining buttons and let him see the massive ups of her lacy black bra.

“…And you want to forget them for me, you want to be a good boy and listen to me, to let me teach you, to let me make everything easier and easier. And very soon your cock is going to start to become very hard, very very hard, and so much bigger than you are used to it being, so much bigger, but you’ll remember that your mind is going to relax more and more for me now, your eyes are resting on a comfortable spot…”

He was transfixed by the motion of her fingers along her bra starts, teasing at pulling them down.

“…and you are very focused and very relaxed, and the more relaxed you feel the more aroused your cock is going to become. The more relaxed you are, the better the lesson I’m going to teach you will feel. In fact, let’s help you relax more and more right now. It is what you want isn’t it?”

He nodded. He felt like an adult child, like he was half way in his body and half way in some kind of deep and long forgotten pubescent fantasy.

“I want you to notice the metronome ticking back and forth now, back and forth…”

She was softly cupping one breast then the other as she said back and forth and kept doing it in time with the beat.

“…and your eyes, and your mind, can go back and forth from now till then, and from then until now, and you can let go of anything that is keeping you in one place, or the other, and follow me, back and forth, and deeper down, and every tick can help you become twice as relaxed, and twice as suggestible, and it feels so good, so good to relax that you may not even notice how hard your cock is starting to get, and you can feel it happening as you focus on me, only on me, back and forth, out of time, out of thought, everywhere and nowhere…”

She stood up and his eyes followed her heavy breasts as she stood over him and started to reach down.

“…You’re so wonderfully open and accepting, so suggestible and so ready to learn….”

She leaned forward and her breasts pressed softly against his face as she unbuckled and unzipped his pants.

“…Close your eyes for me and fade away, that’s it, deeper down into relaxation, deeper down into peaceful hypnotized sleep.

He only vaguely felt her sit down next to him.

“You don’t mind if I sit down next to you do you baby?”

Her voice had changed dramatically, she sounded sticky sweet, younger than she had a moment before.

“I’m so glad you could come over tonight, I wanted to tell you something very important to tell you. Girls like me, young girls, we’re too silly for you, think about all the young girls you’ve known, we’re all so vapid and boring, we’re all so dull, and we’re such naughty teases. Your big sweet cock don’t need a tease, it can’t handle being teased, being teased makes it crazy, it’s no good for you, it’s better to forget all about us and I’m going to help you forget us just listen to me, it’s so good that we’re all alone here so we aren’t going to be interrupted, you see, I’m going to hypnotize you into forgetting all about immature girls like me, and it will help you forget all about any fantasies or memories you might think you have or think you remember. You do want me to hypnotize you, it’s why you came over isn’t it?”

He didn’t understand where he was, or who this girl was, but she felt familiar, and he did feel like he had come over here to be hypnotized by her.

“Just listen to the sound of my voice right now, anyone can be hypnotized very easily and very quickly, I’m just going to count down from 5 to 1 and as the numbers get smaller you’ll be falling deeper and deeper down into trance for me. 5, you’re so relaxed aren’t you? 4, you’re drifting away for me already aren’t you? 3, you can feel you body getting heavier and heavier can’t you? 2, it’s time to sleep deep for me now isn’t it? 1, you’re deeply hypnotized aren’t you? Just nod if you are.”

He nodded and all of a sudden he felt like he was getting away with something. That he was somewhere he was lucky to be, with a girl he was lucky to be with.

“Listen to the sound of my voice, you’re falling down deeper, deeper down into trance and you know you have to obey your hypnotist when you’re hypnotized. You know I’m your hypnotist and you have to obey me.”

He voice still sounded sweeter, softer, younger and more innocent, and that made the firmness in it seem to affect him more completely.

“You’re letting yourself choose to repress all of your other crushes and all of your other desires for girls, you only want older women with large full breasts, women that are smarter than you, women that are stronger than you, woman that know what you need more than you do. You’re hypnotized by women’s large breasts just like you’re hypnotized by me, older women with large breast can put you into an even deeper trance than the one I’ve put you in. I’m just a girl, I’m not as powerful as an older women with larger breasts than mine. You know this is true, you know you’re forgetting about me already, you’re already losing interest in me, feeling these memories fading away as my words help program you and guide you…”

He felt a silky smooth hand wrap around his cock.

“…Listen to me very carefully, you are going to open your eyes and fall twice as deep into trance for me now.”

He was lost in a vortex of times and places, of ages and memories that he couldn’t forget that he couldn’t remember. Her voice had regained its adult tone and strength.

“The better this feels…”

She was stroking him slowly, whispering in his ear.

“…the more relaxed your mind and body becomes. You are melting for me, melting down deeper and deeper, feeling more and more accepting, more and more suggestible, so suggestible that you are feeling obedient, my hand on your cock makes you feel obedient.”

She squeezed him a little as she said obedient. He was already leaking pre-cum and she was playing with the sticky pool on the head of his cock with her thumb.

“At this moment no one was ever touched your cock before, not even you have. You don’t know how to masturbate, you’ve never had a wet dream, look at my breasts, stare at my breasts, you’ve never cum before. You don’t know how good an orgasm feels, you don’t know how wonderful you’re about to feel. This is all new to you because you’ve finally found a woman that you’re attracted to, a woman whose large breasts have hypnotized you and who can teach you what you need to know.”

She started to massage his balls as he felt a delirious and intoxicating tension wash over him. He had even started to thrust his hips with a weak sort of vigor.

“You’ve never felt this way before because you need me to feel this way. No one else can make your cock so hard, no one else can do what I’m about to do for you. You’ve never felt it before, you don’t know how good it feels but you want it. You feel it deep inside and you know that this is even better than the sex you’ve heard about because sex with anyone else is boring, you don’t want anyone else, you never have. You want me, you need me, stare at my breasts and fall deeper, you’re being hypnotized by my breasts all over again, that’s it, deeper down, you’re so close, stare at my breasts…”

She had started to stroke him faster and faster and gently started to massage the back of his neck with her other hand.

“… and let go.”

He felt something he’d never felt before, a pleasure he didn’t have words for, a release he couldn’t even have dreamed of. His cock erupted, and he found himself drifting down to her breasts.

“That’s a good boy, deep sleep for me now, close your eyes and dream of me.”

She wiped the cum on her hand off on his pants as she stroked the back of his head with the other and repeated the word sleep over and over again. He didn’t consciously hear them, the explosion of pleasure and the overwhelming mental disorientation sent him into pure mindlessness.

“Dream of me now, dream of my breasts, staring into my cleavage as you feel yourself losing your will, losing your thoughts, falling under my influence, feeling the hypnotic hold I have over you growing stronger and stronger. It feels so good to dream of me, to dream of my heavy breasts hypnotizing you, so good it makes your cock hard, so good it makes your balls tighten, that’s it, feel it, you cannot resist the power of my hypnotizing breasts.”

He was in the throws of pleasure again as his cock swelled up anew, the blood pumping, his balls aching for release again. It was a combination of her suggestions to feel that way, his acceptance of her other suggestions to feel younger than he was and more purely excitable, and the fact that one orgasm wasn’t going to be enough to empty the loads that had been building.

“You’re hypnotized by my breasts and powerless to resist me, you need to do anything I tell you to, anything I want you to. You know no one else can give you this pleasure and you dream of it every night, you dream of being hypnotized by my breasts every night and when you do, you have wet dreams for me. You’ve never had a wet dream before, it feels almost as good as being stroked by me, but nothing feels as good as being touched and controlled like that. You’re so close no, so stiff and thick as you dream, and you know that no matter how good a big sticky messy wet dream feels, it still doesn’t feel as good as me making you cum, after all, it is just a dream. Come along now, be a good boy and finish your dream.

He did not understand that she was cradling his head to her chest just a little more, he only groaned as his cock erupted again.

He didn’t hear or understand what she whispered in his ear as he slept, he only knew that over the next week he wasn’t masturbating anymore, he felt much more confident and focused, and he also kept on having strange dreams about his therapist.

He was hoping they would go away after his next session with her. The first session with her felt so good, but he didn’t really know why.