Story Preview: The Way I See It

The Way I See It
A Smuthunter Story

“The way I see it,“ the straps of Valarie’s black dress fell from her shoulders, “you only have two choices.”

Her bra, with its necessarily wide straps and its elegant angles and curves matched her dress both in color, and in the way it fell from her body.

“You can stare at my left breast, or my right one.” She cupped them in her hands, supporting them and squeezing them as she spoke.

Tyler Price didn’t really know what to make of his situation. The woman, older than him, graceful with her wit and her poise, had kept his attention all night.

The way she moved, the way she spoke, everything about her was charm. It was, he also knew, fake charm. It was as fake as her curled platinum locks and the very large breasts he was staring at rather too intently for his own taste. Something, he’d hate to admit to himself, he’d been doing all night.

“So honey, what’s it going to be?” She pinched her nipples between bright red fingernails and let out a little exaggerated “ooh” as she did.

“Left, ” she bounced her left breast, “or right,” she bounced her right, then squeezed them in her hands.

Functions like this always had charlatans, smooth talkers, and other social parasites, and despite his youth, the man knew he’d stumbled across a true professional. What was worse though was that she’d corralled him so quickly and easily into this empty room that he still wasn’t sure how it had happened.

It was mind boggling to a man whose raw intelligence and business acumen had put him near the top of every Hot 30 Under 30 list for the year, that he could be so beguiled and so quickly maneuvered into another person’s schemes.

“I don’t know what you think you’re about, but I’m leaving.” He was going to too, that was certainly what Tyler had in mind. But somehow she was between him and the door now, and it became clear she had lured him into this position as well.

How though? How had this woman with her porn star curves, her seductive simplicity, and her transparent confidence moved him like a game piece, away from his friends, away from his peers, and away from prying eyes.

“Tyler honey, that’s not one of your options is it baby? No it it’s not is it?” She’d slipped into a teasing sort of baby talk maybe half an hour ago, and it seemed like it had come after two too many drinks, but he hadn’t cared so much then. Then, enjoying his Scotch as much as the curve of her cleavage, smelling her game and celebrating the pageantry of her act, he’d actually enjoyed it.

Now though, now it was confusing, disorienting almost, and it still turned him on, but it was turning something else off as it did. “Left or right Tyler, those are your only choices.”

Again, she cupped and jiggled her breasts, but this time it was the opposite, like she was orienting the show to his left and right now, and not hers.

“You only have two choices, pay attention, left,” it was her left again, “or right” and this time it was his right, meaning she’d been referring to the same breast, squeezing and jiggling her left breast twice.

But as his mind registered that little hiccup, she was already continuing on, “Right?” It was her right, “Or left,” and it was left and she didn’t stop, “left or right, you only have two choices, right or left, which one is it?”

She’d kept her coy almost cloying baby-talk, but it had become breathier now, closer to husky and seductive, and as her large fake breasts danced up and down in front of his eyes, Tyler was having a hard time keeping things on track.

“Valarie, I’m sorry but…” he’d raised his hand for her to stop and had taken a step forward, but the back and forth bouncing continued.

“But you’ve picked your right, that’s why your right hand’s up, or did you mean my left? Since you have to pick one, just one, it’s simple and you’re so smart, I know you understand don’t you?” She’d taken to massaging them, her fingers pulling up, squid-like, the way he wished he could be fondling them.

“It’s not that I don’t find you attractive…”

She didn’t let him get to the ‘but’ this time, “But it’s too hard for you isn’t it?” Her eyes flashed down between his legs, and he couldn’t deny that nature was taking its course.

“It’s too hard for you to pick just one, but you have to, because there are only two choices aren’t there? I have a left boob or your right, and a right boob that’s left,“ she left out another soft ‘ooh’ as he squinted for just a second trying to follow the train of her words, “your left.”

“Besides, we both know you like them, we both know you couldn’t stop staring at them all night could you? Stop to think about it? Stop. Stop and think about what you were doing all night, looking at these,“ she pressed her breasts up and together the way her bra had been doing, “that’s why, the way I see it, there really are only two choices, and you see those too. Left, or right?”

He had gone back to the moment she’d introduced herself, and he did agree as much as he really didn’t want to, that her chest had a magnetizing effect on his eyes. It made sense too, him being single and wholly unattached and her being alone with him here, his eyes still drawn to her breasts as they continued to move up and down, left then right, right then left. It made sense to enjoy the show because he knew what this was, it was okay, he knew her game.

“See, it’s easy, watch them, look at them, there’s the left, and there’s the right, and you have to pick one, left or right, right or left, you’re getting it, you know there’s only two choices, left or right, back and forth, that’s right, just watching my breasts to make your choice, nothing left to think about, isn’t that right, just what’s left, isn’t that right?”

Valarie’s breasts moved with up and down in her hands, jiggling and bouncing, bouncing and jiggling, and as he watched their softness, watched the way their round smooth shape shifted in inviting rolls under her fingertips, the sound of her voice started meld into sounds more than meaning.

With every left and right Tyler had naturally associated the words with her hands, but as she spoke, as those breasts continued to bounce, sometimes bouncing for the same word, sometimes with the opposite of the one he expected jiggling, the continuity of her words and motions melted away, and as it did, so did his awareness of what she was saying.

It felt like he was on the verge of falling asleep, those breasts were jiggling and bouncing so softly, it was like she was hypnotizing him. He blinked, he wasn’t being hypnotized though, he was too smart for that.

“You look like maybe you’re still struggling with two choices, isn’t that right? There’s only one of two, one or two, and you don’t really need to choice because it doesn’t really matter if you pick one or two, because one will be left from the two isn’t that right?”

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