Story Preview: The Tax

The Tax
A Smuthunter Story

            “Hello Tim,” Lana’s voice was soft and breathy, even when she was speaking more loudly than her usual, low, quiet register. “Thank you again for helping me unload last month, it was so nice of you. There’s something I’d like to talk to you about if you’re free.”

            Lana was new to the building and lived three floors up from Tim. She was in her mid thirties, which made her a bit older than him, had shoulder length honey brown curls, soft freckles across her round face, light hazel eyes, and was a little on the heavy side. She was attractive, she had attractive features and a pretty face that looked like it was used to smiling, and she moved with a dancer’s grace.

            Of course, Tim thought she would have to be graceful otherwise her chest would get in the way and knock things over. Lana was heavier, and it made her curvaceous. The first time he saw her, the day he stumbled into helping her finish moving in, she was wearing a loose, billowy tee that hinted at the immense size of her breasts. Later, when he saw her in her swimsuit down at the complex’s pool there were no hints, just large, very large, wet breasts almost as big as her head in a tight sea green one-piece swimsuit.

            He’d tried not to stare, but she’d caught him, and he knew she’d caught him. She’d just smiled and said hello as they passed each other, her on the way out and him on the way in. The smile reached her eyes too, and they sparkled with a curious, mischievous glint.

            The way she looked at him when she smiled made him feel something, somewhere between flattered and embarrassed. It might have been her looking him over just as much as he’d unintentionally done to that to her.

            The building was nice, and Lana had obviously hired movers to help with furniture and the lion’s share of boxes, but moving always happened in stages, and when they’d first met what Tim had helped with had been the last few boxes and the last bits of this and that.

            He’d seen her a few more times in passing, and the more he saw her the more he started to think that loose tee she wore was the outlier and not the norm. Her breasts were always on display, he was amazed at how much she’d downplayed them before because they were huge, and every time he saw Lana, or she saw him, it seemed like she made a point of thrusting them out towards him… but he assumed it was his imagination.

            It had to be because when he saw Lana in the lobby one day when he was leaving with his girlfriend, who would have said something to Tim if she saw some buxom stranger thrusting their tits in his face, she just smiled and said hello. His girlfriend Amy, who was fairly well endowed herself but not nearly in the same way Lana was, had even given him shit about it when he asked her if she saw anything weird or asked if she thought Lana was being flirty when they said hello and had some introductions.

            “Just because I think you’re cute, it doesn’t mean every girl in the world does, you dope,” were her exact words.

            Still, there was something about the smile Lana flashed him when she caught him staring at her tits by the pool.

            “I’m free now, if it won’t take too long.” Tim was a good neighbor and Lana was nice. She was nice, and she knew he had a girlfriend.

            But that smile, and those tits, had stayed with him.

            ‘No,” she gave him the same smile as before and started to walk towards the elevator, “it won’t take long.”

            Today she was wearing jeans and a pale pink peasant blouse with a low neckline that showed off a whole lot of cleavage. The blouse had a loosely tied draw string and was also hemmed under her considerable bust, drawing further attention to her breasts… her incredible, huge breasts that didn’t need any more help getting his attention.

            They rode up to her floor in the elevator and he asked, “What did you want to talk about?” as the doors opened.

            Lana walked ahead of him, “It’s just a little thing, I just have a question, but it’s better for inside.”

            They walked down the hall to her unit, and when he stepped inside and looked around, he saw how the place had come together.

            “Here,” she walked over to her couch, which caught the afternoon sun from the window, “sit, let’s talk a little bit. I haven’t really gotten to talk to you since you were so nice to me, and every time we see each other we’re also both in such a hurry. Thank you again for helping me.”

            They sat down on the couch and Tim turned to face her.

“Yeah it was,” her amazing cleavage was fully on display, and ever since he’d seen her in her swimsuit he couldn’t deny he’d thought about her breasts more than once. “My pleasure. I’m glad I could help.”

“You’re a nice guy,” her eyes shined and she smiled at him, and as she shifted to face him more fully the shoulder of her blouse fell just enough to reveal a little bit of a wide, black bra strap. “I bet that’s why your girlfriend likes you. Actually nice guys are hard to find, especially cute nice guys. So many guys out there pretend to be nice, but it’s just because they want something.”

Her dusky voice was warm, and casual. She talked to him like she knew him better than their few short conversations in the hall, and their little bit of small talk when they first met. The implication on her voice, the warmth in it, was a relief, and you’re not one of those guys, you’re just nice.

“Yeah, no,” he answered that implied question, and that unstated sentiment he was agreeing with, “I try to be kind. I mean, moving sucks and we’re neighbors, so why shouldn’t I help where I can.”

Lana looked like she’d gotten a little bit of a tan since the sun had started to come out, and there was a glow to her skin that also enhanced the welcoming softness of her cleavage. It was Tim’s turn to shift, but this time to look away from her and out at her living room.

“So how long have you and…” her voice hug there and he looked at her TV, and some art on the wall and…

“Amy,” he looked up at the overhead track lighting.

“I don’t think she told me her name when we met, she seems really nice, how long have you and Amy been together?”

The same friendly, welcoming, and familiar tone coated her words like honey.

“It’s been, I think about a year,” he looked down at his tennis shoes and down at her rug, “ten months. We don’t agree on when our relationship officially started.”

She laughed, “And are you happy?”

The question was gentle, sweet, and he didn’t hear anything else in it, but he had to look at her. He had to see what she was really asking, and he had to tell her decisively that he was in case this was what she wanted to talk to him about.

Tim looked deep into her hazel eyes, eyes that were bright and warm, and she brushed a strand of wavy brown curls back from her face. “I am. It’s good. We’re taking some things kind of slow, but…”

“She’s very pretty, and I mean it, she does seem really nice. Is she nice to you?”

Lana’s eyes looked deep into him and through him with a kind of intensity and warmth that made him look away again.

He stared back down at her rug, “She is. We have a really good relationship.” Tim folded his hands in his lap and looked down at his thumbs. “Is this what you…”

“You’re really nice Tim, and you’ve always been very polite. It’s not polite to not look at someone you’re talking to, especially a new friend. And I do hope we’re friends Tim. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, what kind of friends we’re going to be.”

He looked back into her eyes as she answered his unfinished question, and noticed that she was fidgeting with the loose drawstring from her blouse. If she wasn’t so sweet, and her voice wasn’t so soft and friendly, and if he hadn’t noticed that she always had her remarkable breasts on display, he would have thought that she was…

“Have you masturbated to fantasies about my tits Tim?”

‘”I’m sorry,” he was not expecting that, and especially not for it to be said like an old friend asking a simple question. ‘What?”

Tim was too surprised to stand up and walk away; all he could do was shift back a little as he responded. He stared at her, and not realizing he’d found himself following that little string as she’d toyed with it in front of those huge breasts.

“I saw the way you were staring at them at the pool,” she didn’t change her posture or her tone, and she didn’t stop playing with the drawstring. If anything, she seemed to arch her back and thrust them forward towards him a little bit more. ‘And I noticed that you always notice them, and stare at them when you see me. It’s okay Tim, they’re big, and they’re beautiful, and for some guys they’re very sexy and irresistible. And since you always stare at them, and you’re even trying so hard not to stare at them right now, I just thought I’d ask…”

Lana tugged at her neckline just a little as Tim realized his eyes had subconsciously dropped back to her tits when she said he was trying not to stare. “Because I really didn’t want to assume.”

He found himself gazing at her deep, freckled cleavage, held by the soft rise and fall of her breasts until he found himself looking back up into her eyes somewhat bashfully.

“So,” she smirked at him, “have you?”

“I,” Tim was going to say, don’t see how that’s any of your business but he could see how she could tear that argument apart. Of course it was her business, because he was thinking of her body, her breast, her. He was objectifying her and making her into a fantasy, not a person. “I’m not going to answer that.”

He looked into her eyes as he answered, and she smiled.

“You’re too nice to lie, so I’ll take that as a yes. But,” she leaned back and her tits bounced a little as she did. “I need you to tell me you did, or you didn’t. I know it’s awkward, but we’re friends, and it’s like I said, I want to know what kind of friends we are, and I want my friend to be happy.”

She brushed her hair back and then started to play with the drawstring on her blouse again. The cut of the blouse really did hold and present her tits, and it was very easy to get distracted by them, or at least give in to the appeal of them.

“And I don’t want to explain your own relationship to you, but if you’re staring at my breasts every chance you get, then my tits must be something you need, and that’s okay. Your girlfriend’s pretty, and I’m sure you love her, because I can tell you wouldn’t be with someone you didn’t love, but if you feel like you can’t resist staring at my tits, then maybe I can give you something you didn’t know you needed.”

“I think I should go. Amy wouldn’t like this conversation, and we don’t have that kind of…” Tim got ready to get up.

“Oh no,” Lana’s voice was so smooth, and so soft, her gentle, dusky tone pulled at him. “I’m not coming on to you, and I’m not suggesting you open your relationship, but it just seems like you can’t resist my tits, and I want to talk about that. Because really, if you think about it, if you fantasize about my tits, and I’m the one that has to carry these big heavy things around, it’s not really fair for me, and that wouldn’t make you a good friend. And I know you want to see me as a person, and a friend, don’t you?”

Tim shifted again, and he felt more comfortable staying in the conversation, but he didn’t know what to say, and more so, as he tried to keep eye contact with Lana, the more he felt the urge to stare back at her tits.

The idea was in his head, and it wasn’t going to work itself out on its own.

“It doesn’t mean anything if you don’t say it out loud Tim.” She was still soft, everything about her was soft and sweet, and patient with him.

“Maybe we shouldn’t really… I don’t know….” They were just neighbors in the same building, and they didn’t know each other. There was no reason for Tim to make a point to try and stay friends with this buxom, and very forward woman who knew he had a weakness for her tits.

“We don’t have to be friends Tim,” she tugged at her blouse a little and he saw the wide black strap of her bra show as her top revealed more of her shoulder. “But you did something nice for me, so I want to do something nice for you by pointing out that you really can’t resist staring at my tits, and there’s a reason for that. It’s deep down inside you, it’s not me, it’s you. It’s why you’re still here, and it’s why you’re listening. You know what I’m saying is true, it’s why you’re listening. It’s also why you keep staring at my tits. And it’s why you’re noticing the more you try not to stare, the more your eyes keep going back to them. So tell me, are you the kind of guy that does that, or would you like to actually see me as a person?”

“You’re a person,” the gentle honey sweet softness of her voice had pulled him in. Just the sound of her words, and the smoothness of each one after the other, pulled him more completely into her own train of thought, and her logic sweetly stuck to his mind. “Of course I see you as a person.”

“So, if I’m a person,” she tugged at her blouse again and he saw a little bit more of her cleavage. Her soft, dusky voice was still warm, and smooth, “And you’re the kind of guy that seems me as a person, who wouldn’t just objectify me, especially because you do find my tits irresistible, then you wouldn’t want to just fantasize about me and turn me into a sex object, would you?”

“I mean, I wouldn’t want to do that, and I don’t think I would do that.” Her silken soft line of questions and observations, and the fact he felt himself trying to look into her eyes, but only staring more intently at her breasts, was making I hard for Tim to find his bearings.

“On one hand, you’re nice and polite, and very thoughtful Tim,” she tugged at the draw string on the ‘ful’ part of thoughtful. “And on the other hand, you really can’t resist my tits. And those things feel like they’re working against each other don’t they? They feel like two big forces that you realize your stuck in the middle of. It feels like they’re surrounding you now, and it feels like you can’t choose, or recognize which one is right, and which one was left you in the wrong place.”

Her cleavage was fully on display, her blouse was undone and open enough that all he saw was her breasts rising and falling with her breath, and he felt like was down in the middle of them, down in her cleavage, unable to look away, and unable to reconcile who he was or what he was doing…

“It feels like you’re stuck now doesn’t it Tim?”

He did feel trapped and Lana’s breathy, melodic voice was so smooth, and so understanding, and he tried to look a her face, but the harder her tried to rest his gaze away from her breasts, the more he had to just keep staring.

“You feel confused and overwhelmed by everything, and it feels like you’re stuck in a maze, trapped by what you feel, and you feel, and every time you think of how you see yourself, you see what you’re doing and what you can’t look away from, and the more you stare at my tits, the more you think about if this is really who you are. You’re going around in circles, and you just can’t stop it now can you?”

Lana was right. He felt like a fish on a line now, and somewhere in their brief conversation, somehow she’d hooked him with her logic and her insight and all he could do was follow along, while also tiring himself out trying to look away from her breasts. His brain was tense and his emotions were confused. Everything she said was piling more conflicting truths and reflections of himself up in his mind and…

“But it’s okay Tim. Those two things are the same thing. They’re both the same impulse, and they work together. They’re a pair of behaviors, and they’re very big. Your big need to kind, to be nice, and to be polite and the fact you need to stare at my tits are the same thing. They’re the same thing, the same need. You need to stare at my tits, because it’s only polite when I show them off. And you need to be polite and kind, because it feels good, just like it feels good to stare at my tits. You can’t resist things that feel good, you can’t resist the pleasure good things give you, and you need the good things, and the good deeds to fill a hole inside you. It’s okay Tim. It’s okay. Just relax. It’s okay. I understand you, just relax, it’s okay.”

Tim’s eyes closed and he took a deep breath as he just gave up on what was happening, cut free by her observations, her assertions, the gentle lull of her voice, and the steady, hypnotic rise and fall of her breasts.

“I understand you Tim, I understand what you need, and you know this now. You know what I’m saying just makes sense, and you’re agreeing with me because it makes sense to you. Just relax and listen, and you’ll feel so much more relaxed now the more you listen, because everything I’m saying just makes sense. And if it didn’t make sense we wouldn’t be here, so since we’re here and you’re finally getting to just relax and let it all go, then you know you’re just agreeing and relaxing, and agreeing to relax with me.”

Tim’s eyes were closed, and the gentle, endless patter of her voice was layering darkness upon darkness on his mind and his vision. He felt himself falling away into the softness of her voice, fitting between her words, like his eyes slide down and got lost in her cleavage. Everything was warm and soft, and easy to understand.

“I know you have a deep need to be nice, and you have a deep need to be kind and good. And I know you also have a powerful attraction to my breasts that you don’t understand, but it’s simple. Big tits are sexy, and my tits are very big so they’re very sexy, and that’s okay. It’s okay to stare at them when I show them off, and it’s okay to be sexually attracted to me and my breasts, but you have a girlfriend, and that’s good. It’s good that you love her, and it’s natural for you to be drawn to my tits. It was natural for you to masturbate thinking of them, but it’s not natural for you Tim, because you’re a good person, to objectify me like that and take advantage of my tits for your own pleasure. You feel bad about it ,but that’s okay. Think of the first time, or the first few times you did it, as my gift to you since you were so nice to me. Now, just relax, just feel good about enjoying my gift, knowing you haven’t done anything wrong. I bet it felt good, didn’t it?”

Tim felt a pang, a deep reverberating pang of self-awareness and opened his eyes partially. As he did, he felt his gaze drop from her sweet, supportive, smiling face, back down to her tits, down into her cleavage.

“I’ll take that as a yes, and now you can just let go again and close your eyes, it’s okay, just close your eyes again and sink back down into that nice, deep darkness of relaxation.”

He felt his eyelids fluttering, and his voice felt far away from his mouth, like it would take too long to talk, or answer.

“That’s it Tim, it’s okay,” her breasts rose and fell as she spoke, and his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier, too heavy for him to keep open, “That’s right, just close your eyes and listen, just keep relaxing, and it feels so good. So good to just relax and let go with me.”

He sank down into the deeper dark, and her voice was a warm golden light the swirled around his brain. “Since I’m a person and not a sex object Tim, since you like me and you see me as a person, since you want to make me happy just as much as you want to, no I’m sorry, just as much as you need to make me happy like you need to stare at my big tits, I want you to know it’s okay. It’s okay for me when you masturbate thinking about my tits, my big tits that you can’t resist. You’re going to do it because you can’t help yourself, like you can’t help being kind. It all feels good, and embracing the sexual desire and pleasure my irresistibly big tits makes you feel so good, especially because you know I want you to stare at them. You can star just as relaxed, in fact you can relax even more, twice as much now, but just opening you eyes and staring at the irresistible tits we’re talking about.”

Tim wanted to stay down in the depths, but the appeal of her words, the sound of her voice, and the idea of staring at her sexy, irresistible tits pulled his eyes slowly and gently open.

“That’s it Tim, just like that. Stare at them and just feel the hold they have on you. It’s okay, it’s natural, and it’s good for you to stare at them when I want you to, and I’ll tell you a secret, U always want you to stare. I want you to stare at my irresistible tits because I want to be your friend and help you by giving you what you need. But I’m not a sex object, I’m a person and you’re my friend so you need to give me something in return so you’re not taking advantage of me or dehumanizing me. When you fantasize about my tits, when my irresistible tits work their way into your sexual fantasies, you can masturbate thinking about them, but Tim… listen very carefully and let my words sink in, okay?”

He blinked and felt the dissociative warmth of staring and listening, and couldn’t seem to work his way up to answering her.

“Just nod you head up and down because you agree. Agree and feel yourself become so much more relaxed.”

Tim’s chin moved a little and he felt a warm layer of fog fall over his unfocused heavy eyes, eyes that stared out at her deep cleavage. It was so nice there, so nice to just stare.

“That’s it Tim, it feels so much better to stare and agree, and agree by staring and relaxing. I’m going to tell you something that’s going to make you feel even better. I’m not your girlfriend and we’re not in a relationship, my tits are more like porn for you, and you’re a nice guy so you always pay for your porn, and that’s fair. You think it’s fair to pay for what you get, but I’m not going to make you ask for permission by paying up front. Just think about cumming for my tits now, and just think about giving me some compensation as a kind of tax, something you do afterwards. And you think that’s fair, it’s only when you do it, and it’s just you being responsible and paying your taxes because that’s the kind of guy you are. Nod when you agree and think this is fair.”

Tim felt some drool in the corner of his mouth and felt her swirling words wrapping around him until he was cocooned and consumed by her logic and te sound of her voice. His chin went up and down automatically as soon as she told him to.

“And since I’m fair too, we’ll just say it’s only ten dollars every time you cum thinking about my big, irresistible tits…”

You’ll want to see what happens next…


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