Story Preview: The Size of Weakness

The Size of Weakness
A Smuthunter Story

(This one’s a little different as far as induction presentation and approach, so it’s a pretty long preview so you know what you’re getting.)  

“Come here,” she held his hand and walked him into her bedroom. The noise of the party was still thick as she shut the door, but it didn’t matter.

            Somehow, in that drunk, spontaneous way, they’d started kissing, having barely brushed the surface of talk, just feeling the electricity of a sudden and powerful connection.

            He’d felt it as soon as he’d looked into her eyes. They were gray, or a pale ghostlike blue, and they smiled to him from across the room. They were not the first thing he, or any guy would have noticed about her; that would have been her breasts.

            It was obvious to her, he knew, that that was what he saw and her eyes had told him that was more than fine. He’d started talking to her, saying hello, introducing himself, the same small talk, and she had been nice, demur really. Her voice was naturally soft, as soft as her hand had been on his, and it felt like she was absorbing his energy, like she was welcoming him into her world.

            It hadn’t taken long before she had leaned in close to him, so close she was almost the one doing the kissing, and when their lips met, her hand still on his, she squeezed it. Then, as contact broke, she laughed.

It was a little, self aware, sigh of a laugh, an encouraging, sound that went along with the bright spark in her eyes and in his chest.

            He felt her in the air around him, like she was wrapped around him, like she had pulled him even closer than their kiss had, and it felt good.

            As soon as the door was shut, they were kissing again, deeper, stronger, sloppier kisses that led to their hands beginning to rove.

            He wanted to do more than rub her back, and her arms, more than touch her face and run his fingers through her curly black hair, he wanted to touch her chest, to squeeze her enormous breasts, to feel their weight, to touch something that was so much more than a handful, to fondle tits that were almost the size of his head, but something stopped him.

            The thought of those tits, their feel pressed up against his chest, her touch, her kisses, the feel of her lips on his neck, all of it was making his cock jump upright faster and harder than he was used to, and part of him didn’t want her to think it was just those massive breasts that brought him into her room.

It was, but it wasn’t, and…

            Her hand was between his legs and she was whispering in his ear, “Oh, you feel big, can I see it?”

            “Yeah,” his hand moved down, but she stopped him.

            “Can I take it out for you,” she sounded coy and even batted her eyelashes at him, “please?”

            The please got to him, and his answer was a hungry kiss and a hand that started to cup her chest

            “Oh silly,” her hand closed on his and pushed it flat against her breast, she was wearing a thin black off the shoulder sweater that showed off one wide purple bra strap and more of her creamy pale skin. “You have to say yes, or I won’t know if you really want it.”

            Her other hand was still between his legs, and she rubbed a little more as she spoke, “Can I please take it out for you?”

            The hand that was keeping his groping hand still, was tracing its fingers along his as she said those words, and his yes came with a shift in his hips as all the stimulation made him jerk like a dog being scratched.

            She let go of him, and with both hands unzipped him, undid his belt and his pants, then pulled them down, “Oh, it is nice and big, and I bet it’s strong too.”

            It was dialogue from any porno ever made, but the way she said it, the way her eyes grew, none of it was breathy, or flattering, and her giggle was an affirmation that she genuinely appreciated what he had to offer.

            She slid both hands around his cock, and while he never thought it was anything special, he never got any complaints. To see her hands close around it, the smaller hands of a girl her stature, she was short and small save for her breasts that looked even more massive by comparison, made him feel strong. It made him feel like his cock wasn’t just a good-sized piece.

This girl with her great tits complimenting him, wanting to touch him, to see it, to hold it, to rub it, made him feel truly powerful.

Her pulling his cock out, seeing it in those hands as she knelt down and whispered to it, “You’re nice and big aren’t you” made him want to grab her by the hair and stick it between her lips.

She looked up at him from her knees, eyes bright, licking her lips, “Do you want me to give it a kiss?”

It was the same genuine tone, the same not really coy, but still wholly aware quality that made her feel so sincere.

“Yeah I do,” he paused as those pale eyes looked at him with an equal measure of patience and lust,  “I mean, uh… yes?”

“You don’t sound so sure,” she blew on it, “do you really want me to give it a kiss?”

“Yes,” there was no question about what the right response was this time, “god yes.”

His shirt was on, she was still fully clothed, and his cock was slipping between those hungry wet lips, and kissed like it was his mouth. It was one long, slow, deliberate and warm kiss, a sucking, slick motion that made his balls hum and his abs tighten.

“Did you like that?” She was cupping his testicles, one finger teasing his taint as those big eyes stared into his.

“Yes.” God it felt good, god he wanted to fuck her brains out.

“Can I take off your shirt, please?” her hand traced the base of his shaft and was rubbing the underside of his cock.

“You stay there,” he went to start to lift, but her hands stopped his.

“Don’t you want me to?” Her fingers were massaging his hands just like she’d been rubbing his cock, and this pointed, worshipful behavior was really pressing his buttons.

His cock, which felt larger and thicker than usual, was right there in her face, and he saw her eyeing it as she’d asked him, just like she’d been speaking to it, not really him.

“Yes,” giving permission felt good, but he wished she would speed things up a little. The build up had started to take on a subtle ache as he wasn’t used to this kind of arousal and this kind of intensity. He also wasn’t used to those tits either, and he still wanted to get his hands on them.

His shirt slid off and she was standing up again, almost chest to chest with his naked body. Her hands slid down from his shoulders to his wrists, and she lifted them up, guiding his hands to her breasts.

“Your cock’s so big, I can feel its strength inside you. Do you like my breasts?” She pressed his hands to her chest and held them there, “do you like how this feels?”

“Yes,” his hands were hungry for her, but his touch was informed by her softness. He kissed her again as he started to grope and whisper in her ear, “Yes I do, I want you so much.”

He felt her warmth, and he felt her body press up against his as she kissed him back, sliding a hand down between his legs to start to stroke him again, “Will you please undress me?”

Now it was her turn to moan into his ear, and her voice caused a reflexive squeeze in his hands. Her tits were so big their size softened his compulsive grasping.

When that hungry jolt passed, his yes came as his hands slid to work on her sweater.

“No,” she gave his cock the lightest squeeze, “will you please take off my boots, and start there?”

She started her gentle motion again, and he had to wonder if his cock was getting even bigger. Her voice was sinking into him, and each question, each please was warping around him just like her fingers on his dick, and it felt just as good to say yes to her now as her gentle tugs did.

The blood felt like it had all rushed from his head, and there was this strain, this pull on his hips that made him feel inhuman. He felt like a beast, like a kind of pent up fuck monster that her touch was awakening.

“I can’t wait to feel this inside me, god, I can’t believe how full it is, please, strip me baby, please.”

If it wasn’t so hot, and she didn’t sound so genuine, he would have laughed at the content of what she was saying, but instead he knelt down in front of her bed as she sat, and he unzipped the sides of her soft leather boots, and pulled them off.

“Will you please take my socks off too?”

He reached for them, but she lifted a foot up, “You didn’t say yes.”

His ache made him feel a little ridiculous himself as he said yes to her foot before it came back down, but it felt necessary, and he liked it.

After the socks came off too, she stood up, “Do you want to see my panties?”

Her tits stuck out like a balcony and from his angle he couldn’t really see her face because of them, but when he said yes again, he heard her let out a giggling sigh and rubbed her hands over her chest while he set to it.

Her jeans came down, and as they did, she slid her hand between her legs and started rubbing herself over her dark purple panties, “Do you like watching me do this?”

He found himself fiddling with his balls a little, and then almost compulsively tugging on his cock as her finger worked the damp spot between her legs. It was getting hard to follow what she was asking. It sounded rhetorical, but she’d been saying please and asking him to do everything since they started hooking up.

“I asked you a question baby, do you like watching me do this?”

She asked and gasped with the anxious agency of someone that was close to cumming, He wanted to say yes, but there was something stuck in his brain, all of the moving pieces collided like traffic and he couldn’t sort himself out to say the word to answer her.

“Or,” her voice was lower, softer, breathier as she continued to finger herself “will you please take of my top now so you can see my breasts like you really need to?”

It was a mouthful, and it sounded odd, and it had become strangely hard to stop looking, and even harder for him to stop his own lazy rub, but the question was like a release valve, and he could feel his mental jam working itself out.

She took her finger and brushed it across his lips, and then under his chin, “Don’t you want to see my breasts?”

As he said yes to her again, he felt that finger pushing gently up, and he rose to his feet like she was pulling him there. He followed and as he stood, he felt lighter as that sense of mental relief spread.

“Is it okay if I take over on this?” her hand closed over his, and her fingers danced along his cock as she asked.

“Yes, oh god, please.”

His hands were under her shirt at first, touching her back and her stomach as she stroked him, then something told him not to go too far off course since she’d asked him to do one specific thing.

But it was hard, because she was talking about how good it felt to hold his cock again, and how it felt so big, and so full. Then, she stopped, so she could slide her arm out of its sleeve as her sweater came over her head.

She was naked except for her matching bra and panties, and seeing that much more of those tits as her fingers moved to a spider-like tickle made him bite his lip.

Each one really was almost the size of her head, and she stopped playing with his dick so she could caress them in their bra. Staring at them, their weight and their size were weighing on him, and he felt that strange mental clog from a few moments ago was forming again.

“Do you want to take off my panties?”

Yes, and he did. But this time, as he did what she asked him to, he felt that confused, disassociation spreading, carrying him away as her fingers caressed her chest.

Then, he was on his knees starting at her very wet slit as a finger gently slid in and out again, her panties in his hand, “You never answer me before, do you still like seeing me do this?”

Yes he did, and he said yes again before he realized he was speaking, and he said yes again when she asked him if he wanted to kiss it.

The “it” in this case was her slick finger, and as he sucked on it just like she’d sucked his cock she let out a sharp little grunt of pleasure before asking him another question, “Don’t you want to see my tits?”

The finger slid out from between his lips, and again it was under his chin pulling upward after he said yes. The word came out of him so readily now he didn’t even feel like he was the one talking.

            It was still wet as she used it to trace circles around the head of his cock while his hands started to pull down the cups of her bra.

            “No, not that. Will you please take off my bra?”

            He felt a shiver of need flare across his shoulders as he said yes. Her hand left his cock and she turned around, pulling her hair back over her shoulder so it would be out of his way.

            He couldn’t imagine saying no to her now, and he was so in the moment, so caught up in her, he wasn’t thinking about anything else. He wasn’t even thinking at all now, just following her lead, saying yes, doing whatever it meant to satisfy his big powerful cock, automatically responding, his mouth anticipating the moment when he could just say yes, yes to more of her, yes to whatever she wanted.

            It was easier than that feeling in his head, that glut of sensory input and anticipation, easier than thinking about his cock, easier than thinking at all, and she was making it so easy for him.

            It was much easier to remove a bra from the back than the front, and as he unclipped the front she giggled again, “Will you please pull down the straps now?”

            “Yes,” he moved closer to her, his cock pressed up against her as his fingers brushed her shoulders.

            “It’s so big, I love the way it feels, she pushed her ass against him gently as he pulled the straps down.

            “Do you want me to turn around so you can see my breasts?”

            She half looked over her shoulder at him as she asked, then when he said yes, she giggled again. “Will you ask me nicely, the way I would ask you?”

            “Would you please turn around?”

            She tittered, “Why?”

            “So I can see your breasts,” something jogged his memory and he felt like he knew what she actually wanted to hear,  “Would you please turn around so I can see your breasts.”

            “Oh,” she took a step forward, turned, and as she did she pulled her bra straps down off her arms and let it fall to the floor, “I like that. I like a big strong cock that says please.”

            “Do you want to touch them?” her small hands slid under her breasts and she started to massage them. Their sheer size making his cock twitch upward.

            “Yes,” he moved towards her, his hands outstretched.

            “Ask me,” she snaked her hand forward and took hold of his shaft, slowly starting to stroke it again.

            “Please can I touch your breasts,” his voice caught in his throat as he felt himself rushing to the edge. Her thumb brushed the sensitive top of this head, and he felt it brush the tip, spreading a little drop of precum.

            “They’re very big, I’m not sure you’re used to something so big, let alone, two things so big.” Her grip tightened ever so slightly and she stroked down his aching, dripping length, “but you can try and handle them. Do you want to try?”

            Her words sounded sincere, like she was genuinely concerned about his about to feel her up, and behind his eyes, in the back of his head, he felt something rolling over, or separating, or drifting, he didn’t know what, but it came and went, and as it did the pressure in his cock and the softness in her voice gave him a sense of mental vertigo.

            Then his yes was on his lips and on his fingertips as he started to massage them with a tender, curious caress. All he wanted was to grab and squeeze her, that animal instinct flared and again he just wanted to skip past this endless foreplay as hot as it was, and just fuck her.

But the weight of her tits had taken on an ethereal quality, it was like they filled the room, and her measured pace to everything was contagious.

            They stood there, hands on each other, their mouths meeting again, kissing, and rubbing as her fingers moved down to his balls. She led him to her bed, still in a  tangle of flesh, her teeth biting down softly on his lower lip.

            “Your cock’s so big and strong, and I want it. I want you inside me. Do you want to fuck me,” she was tugging faster as she asked.

            “Yes, oh god yes, but…”

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