Free Story: The Dangers of Travel

The Dangers of Travel
A Smuthunter Story


Part 1: The Train

            Ethan Jones hated to travel.

            It wasn’t that he hated going new places, or seeing and trying new things. No, it was much simpler than that. Ethan Jones hated the act of traveling. He hated waiting, he hated standing in lines, he hated sitting for too long, and he hated not calling the shots. The only thing that made his regular commute bearable was that he was doing the driving.

            It was a cruel twist of fate that the young man from Chicago had to fly halfway around the word, then ride a train for god knows how long, just to do the same thing he did Monday through Friday. But, here he was in Central Europe somewhere, wishing he wasn’t on a train, and wishing to god that the seat next to him had remained empty.

            No, it wasn’t that his new neighbor was terrible, she seemed nice and plain and British he guessed, he just didn’t want to have to endure company. It was always easier to suffer alone especially because strangers were always strangers.

            “You look exhausted, dear.” She said in her, British or something like it accent, and he nodded. Then he realized he was being rude, and he hated rude people somewhere below travel and above traveling with people.

            “I am. Flew in from Chicago, then hopped on the train. I’m… well, I don’t fly well.” He was rubbing his eyes and half looking at her. She had plain red hair, and plain blue eyes, and plain white skin, and a plain pair of mom jeans and a baggy purple sweater. He guessed she was about his age, maybe, but he didn’t know. She looked too young to be dressed like a boring mom.

            She also looked genuinely understanding and sounded about the same. “Oh, that’s a long way. Did you sleep at all?”

            That was a big part of why he hated travel so much, he couldn’t get more than 15 minutes of shuteye no matter what. He used to try staying up all night before a flight but that never helped. Now he just suffered,

            “I can never sleep on planes, never could.” Talking about it was reminding him how beat he was, but no matter how worn down he felt he couldn’t shake that constant pulse of wakefulness.

            “Well,” she gave him a sympathetic sort of cheer up laugh, “you’re not on a plane now.”

            He couldn’t argue with that.

            “And I’m terribly sorry, my name’s Lynda.” She put out a small hand; her nail polish was the same shade of mom sweater purple.

            He took it, “Ethan. Where are you from?”

            She clasped her other hand around his, “It’s nice to meet you Ethan, I’m from Blackpool, that’s in England, and I’m on vacation.”

            He wanted to pull his hand away, and he noticed her hands were soft. He managed to say “Work”.


            She still had his hand, he was feeling the warmth of her touch and he still wanted to pull away but he assumed she’d let go first. So he just chuckled a little, knowing what she was asking, “Yeah, just like everyone else.”

            “Well,” her plain blue eyes were looking into his and he watched her plain pink lips. She wasn’t wearing any makeup. “You’ll be an absolute wreck if you don’t get some rest. I can help you with that, I ride the train regularly and know a few tricks.”

            He couldn’t tell if it was really deliberate, but it seemed like she might be pulling his hand slightly as she spoke.

            “I don’t think I…”

            “No, no. We have the same stop, you won’t miss it, and anyone as exhausted as you can sleep on a train easier than you could ever imagine. Just look out the window and you’ll see what I mean.”

            She didn’t let go of his hand so much as guide it to the hand rest.

            “Look out into the distance, look out at the scenery and watch it passing you by. It helps you understand how fast and how slow we’re going all at once. All the time in the world, and then no time at all.”

            Ethan had started to like her plain British voice. Her tone was natural and sympathetic, and not a lot of people understood how much he hated to travel.

            “It’s pleasant isn’t it?” She had her hand on top of his, and she was stroking it softly.

            “You’re hand, you’re um…”

            “Yes, I know, it will help you sleep. Focus on the warmth in your hand and watch the world rolling by and let your eyes close. Feel the warmth spreading up your arm and into your body and you’ll feel the weight of your day washing over you, catching up to you, and all those hours, all those heavy hours, all piled up, can finally spill down, down, close your eyes and rest.”

            Ethan realized he was being hypnotized not too long before his eyes closed, and he was surprised when his eyelids did close down all by themselves.

            “You can sleep now dear, you can feel the barriers between waking and resting fading away. Feel the warmth, rest, relax, sleep, deep sleep.” Her words kept on at the same steady rhythm as the train, and her hand felt nice on his, and he let out a sigh as he felt himself falling asleep.

            Ethan opened his eyes and yawned.

            Lynda was knitting something, and she didn’t look up when he came to.

            “Thank you.”

            “Oh,” the click clack of the knitting needles had replaced the sound of the train’s wheels, “you’re very welcome dear. I’m glad I could help you.”

            “How long was I out?”

            “About two hours, we’re half way there.” She still hadn’t looked at him. “We’re at a stop, we’ll be starting again soon.”

            “Did you? I think you hypnotized me?” Ethan was feeling a lot better, calmer, more comfortable.

            “I didn’t really do so much. You were half way out of your mind already, you just needed a little help.” She was smiling a plain sort of smile, it was almost more of a sort of smirk.

            “Where did you pick that up?” He really wanted to ask her if she thought it was okay to just go do that sort of thing to strangers, but again, she had done something nice for him and he really did hate rude people.

            “I was going to be a councilor for a moment, but it didn’t seem to fit with me.”

            Ethan felt a little elated, a little mentally loose almost.

            “But, you’re still very exhausted aren’t you dear?”

            He realized he’d just yawned.

            “I don’t mean to be rude, but you had best let yourself sleep some more.”

            Honestly, it wasn’t the worst idea. He felt her hand on top of his almost as soon as his eyes closed. The sound of the needles had stopped and she leaned in a little bit closer to him than before.

            “Let go Ethan, let go and let yourself sleep. That’s it now dear, that’s it, let yourself sleep. Feel the warmth washing over you, carrying you away, right back to sleep now. Nothing can keep you awake any longer.”

            And nothing could.

Part 2: The Hotel

            “Wake up dear, we’re here.”

            The world of the train came back into focus as his eyes opened and he shook his head. He felt rested and focused, he was clear headed and attentive. He helped Lynda with her bag and pulled down his own, and they walked out onto the platform and into the station, then through customs.

            He asked her if she knew how to get to his hotel, and she laughed because she was going the same place. She offered to get them a cab, and just like that, they were on their way.

            They sat together in the back seat, and she knew a little bit of the language and talked to the driver. She was a plain pleasant woman, and Ethan guessed she’d made the last legs of his journey a lot easier than they could have been.

            As they walked into the lobby, she put her hand over his, “We ought to share a room. It will be much easier for you, and cheaper for me.”

            He smiled a little, it really made sense. She could help him with room service, and figuring out where he was off to in the morning, and he didn’t really see a problem with it. It was just like sleeping on the couch, or having someone sleep on the couch.

            “I think my company already set up my room.” He really did.

            “Oh, that’s alright. I’m sure we can arrange something with the staff.”

            They walked to the counter and she started speaking to the clerk. They talked a little bit, then she asked him for his ID, and the clerk nodded, then he signed in, got the card keys for the room, and went up the elevator.

            They walked down the hallway, then into a comfortable room with a single bed and a nice looking couch.

            “I thought we were going to get…”

            She had put her things down inside the doorway, then took his right hand in both of her hands again. She was petting the back of his hand again, gently.

            “This will be fine, won’t it?’

           He felt a flush of warmth sort of like when he was falling asleep on the train.

            “I uh, I guess so yeah.”

            She led him by the hand into the room and the door closed behind them. He dropped his things and she walked him over to the couch.

            “Sit down and relax, I’ll order some food.”

            He sunk down into the cushions and realized he was in some sort of dream. Nothing that was happening really made sense. Then, he realized he might be in trouble. This nice plain woman had slid her way into his hotel room after hypnotizing him on a train. This nice plain woman, he was starting to realize, wasn’t so plain either.

            He watched her as she stood by the end table, the phone to her ear. She asked him if chicken was okay, and he said yes. Her loose sweater was draping down off of what he realized were a pair of breasts that were considerably larger than he had guessed. But, he’d hardly looked her over until this moment.

            Her mom jeans clung to her just right and he realized they weren’t really mom jeans at all, just jeans.

            Had she hypnotized him into this? This didn’t seem like anything he’d normally do. He sat there, still halfway in the wash of warmth and relaxation she had left him feeling, staring out into nowhere, staring out in her general direction.

            The phone clicked down on the receiver and she walked over to him.

            “Is it alright if I sit down next to you?” She was looking into his eyes and it took him a moment to look back up into hers.

            “Um…yeah, sorry, I’m just…” He stopped himself because he realized that if he said an excuse out loud he thought he might actually believe it.

            She was sitting next to him, facing him, her hands in her lap.

            “Did you hypnotize me into this?” He felt bad about asking, he felt pangs of a sort of rude person self-awareness.

            “Into what?” She was smiling, and he saw that she really did have a nice broad smile. He felt a little foolish.

            “This. I mean, you being here. Did you trick me or make me? I don’t know?”

            He watched her smile ease just a little, down from broad and happy to generally amused and comfortable.

            “It’s alright dear. No, I didn’t suggest anything of the sort. All I did was help wind you down and let you sleep. “ She shifted slightly and ran her right hand through her hair. “But you might have created an association for yourself.”

            Ethan couldn’t tell if the twinkle in her eye was mischievous, but he let it slide because her tone was so nice and supportive.

            “You see, “ she had crossed one leg under the other and her hand had dropped to the collar of her sweater, “when you have a positive subconscious event like you had with me on the train, when you have a hypnotic experience, you can create a mental passage in your mind that leads your thought process to positive associations and ideas. Like a shortcut to good things and feelings really”

            The collar of her sweater was high, and her hand slide down slightly to rest on her breast. “Your subconscious enjoyment, your happiness with finally being able to sleep, may have left such a deep mark in your subconscious mind that you’re opting not to think about anything that might keep you from feeling the way I helped you feel.”

            It didn’t seem unreasonable that something like that could have happened.

            ‘And, “ she blushed a little, her fingertips tracing down her sweater between those breasts that he hadn’t really noticed before, “I may have recognized you were responding to me a certain way.”

            She looked up at him, her voice was just a little bit softer. “I hope you don’t think that’s terrible of me. And I hope you know I really was taken with how much you were suffering, and I’m very happy to have been able to help.”

            He felt a little vindicated, then he felt a little guilty, then he rubbed his eyes and realized he was starving. “Well, we’re here now.”

            “Do you,” her fingertips traced back up between the loose outline of those breasts, “want me to leave?”

            Ethan didn’t really see what she was doing, it just seemed like she was as nervous as him. In fact, she might not have been doing anything. “You should at least stay till we eat.”

            She yawned and stretched out her arms, thrusting her chest forward as she arched her back. He watched her, realizing that with every passing moment he was starting to recognize the little parts of her that were adding up to make her anything but plain.

            They talked for a while, she was on vacation from her office job, she told him about having to tamp down her accent so she didn’t sound so provincial then let him hear some proper working class Northern English dialect and they laughed, she asked him about his job and he realized how boring it was for the hundredth time, and by the time they were done eating they had become friends.

            As they put their dishes in the room’s sink area, she put her hand over his again, “Thank you for letting me stay.”

            It felt nice to know she knew that he would.

            It felt nice to know they wouldn’t have to talk about it. But, it seemed like they should have, and it seemed like he should address that. But then they were sitting on the couch again, and he was remembering what she said about responses, and he pulled his hand away.

            “Did you just? Was that what you were talking about?”

            He watched Lynda reach out and take his hand again, “Maybe,” she said with a coy sort of laugh, “but how can you tell if I am?”

            “I guess I um…how would I know?” He’d never though that acting different wouldn’t just feel different.

            “No matter what you may think about hypnotism, or trances, no one can ever make you do something you don’t want to do. So no matter what I may say, no matter what you may feel, you’re still doing what you want.” She was stroking the back of his hand softly as she spoke, then placed her palm flat on the back of his hand. He’d stopped pulling away.

            He felt the warmth of her touch and realized he was remembering how it felt to sleep, and then he realized what she was doing, and then he felt okay with everything because she really was being nice, and she was flirting with him, and that wasn’t a bad thing.

Part 3: Touch

            “You see dear, a good suggestion is invisible.”

            Ethan had closed his eyes and felt a smile spread across his face. He also felt her scoot a little bit closer as her hands pressed around his.

            “When we were on the train earlier you went to sleep because you wanted to sleep. Sometimes it’s easier for us to do something when we let another person tell us we could or should do it. Sometimes giving someone a suggestion when they’re in trance is just as simple as telling someone just what they want to hear.”

            She paused for a moment and he felt her leaning in ever so slightly. “Do you understand Ethan?”

            “Hmm, yeah.” It was nice to listen to her, and everything she said seemed to make sense.

            “And a trance, honestly, is nothing more than being in an open and accepting state. Yes, there’s just a little more to it, but you do feel open and accepting don’t you?”

            As she spoke, the steady rhythm of her voice was taking him back to the train. The warmth from her hands had spread up his arm and into his chest. Yes, he was feeling open and accepting.

            It took him a moment longer than he thought it did to say it, and when he did, she patted the back of his hand and put it down by his side.

            “Open your eyes Ethan, wake up dear, wake up, you were drifting off there.”

            He blinked and yawned, and she chuckled a little.

            “Did you, do that by holding my hand?” He was thirsty.

            “It’s like I was saying dear, positive associations can have a positive effect when you feel open and accepting.”

            She watched him as he stood up and stretched out a little before getting a glass of water.

            “Now, if you were genuinely interested in being hypnotized properly I’m sure we could find time to have a proper session.” She was playing with her hair as he drank his water.

            “I could hypnotize you again tonight, but the best we could hope for was putting you back to sleep. Do you have to work in the morning?”

            “I uh…no… I have a day to acclimate. I have some people to meet, someone I’m supposed to call in the morning. But, that’s not, not so much you know.” He shook his head.

            “I’m beat. I’m sorry, I’m beat.”

            He made his way back over to the couch and sank back down into the cushions. He felt like he was made of lead.

            “I understand entirely dear. You’ve really had a very long day and a very long night already.” She slid just a hair closer to him.
“I’m sure you may feel so exhausted you couldn’t even imagine sleeping, I’m sure you could remember that moment, just like this moment earlier couldn’t you? I’m sure you would love to rest, to let go and relax, to close your eyes, that’s it dear, close your eyes and relax.”

            Ethan felt his eyes closing down, then he blinked. “You’re…you’re doing it again.”
She clasped his hand again, “Yes I am, and I’m helping you. Helping you to rest, to relax and sink, slip away and sink down into the couch for me Ethan. Feel my warmth dear, let it spread back into you, so soft, so calming.”

            He half tried to prop himself up, but the sound of her voice was so soothing.

            “There’s no need to get up dear, not when you can go down, that’s it, down, close your eyes and slip right back down.” She was pulling his hand softly every time she said down.

            “You’re so tired, so very tired, too tired to even think of getting up anymore aren’t you? Maybe you’re even too tired to say yes. That’s okay dear, I know you agree, I know you’re starting to feel so comfortable here with me now, comfortable and warm. Warm and heavy, so sleepy and comfortable, just like being at home in your own bed. You can take yourself there for me now, you can let your memories and your wants bring your mind back to your bed and you can just relax and rest, relax and let go.”

            Ethan’s eyes had closed and he couldn’t see the satisfied smile across Lynda’s lips. He felt his body melting in her words and then he was back in his bed, but he wasn’t, but he was.

            “Your day’s finally over and you’re finally going to sleep tonight. You’re so close to falling right to sleep. You can sleep for me, you can let go of the last thoughts of your day and you can sleep, deep sleep for me.”

            He was mumbling a little, and he had no idea his face had tightened just a little bit, but she saw it.

            “You can sleep for yourself, in your nice warm bed, comfortable and happy, deeply relaxed and calm. So cozy and safe back at home.”

            He felt so content, and he didn’t see her eyes twinkle as his face smoothed just a little.

            “If you let your mind wander to what you do when you sleep, when you’re letting your day come to an end, you can let yourself see yourself there. Be there. Be in those moments right before you sleep. What do you do when you are ready to sleep?”

            The gentle cadence of her voice and the warm softness of her touch had lead him into a place where he was open and accepting of everything she said. He didn’t know why there was a voice reaching into his dream, and he didn’t know why he was mumbling the word “Masturbate.”

            “That’s a very good way to relax, and if you let yourself think about masturbating right now, think about how it feels, you can let your body remember and feel just what it wants to feel.” As she spoke, she slid her thumb and forefinger around the tip of his forefinger.

            “When you’re so ready to sleep and you feel your hand close around yourself, feel it and remember, and you start to look forward to release you know you are also looking forward to sleep. Each stroke up, and each stroke down, feeling it and remembering it and wanting it, is leading you closer to warm peaceful sleep, deep relaxing sleep. Orgasms are such a wonderful way to release, and relax and let go.”

            Lynda’s words had taken him into every time he had ever masturbated, into every time he just wanted to rub one out and go to sleep. He had no idea he was fully erect, and he had no idea that the motion of her fingers on his finger were reinforcing everything she was saying.

            “If you let yourself remember the moment right before you release, the moment right before your mind goes blank and you fall right to sleep, you can be in that moment. That’s it dear, be in the moment with me, right there, so close for me, so close to sleep.”

            He didn’t understand what happened as she bent down to suck his finger in a long slow kiss. He didn’t grasp that his cock exploded in his pants without being touched. He just fell away into a deep dreamless sleep, curled up on a hotel couch while a woman he hardly knew took a shower and then climbed into bed.

            The morning would be full of surprises for him.


Part 4: The Next Day

            Ethan woke to the sound of the phone ringing.

            He was still fully dressed from the day before with a warm blanket draped over his body. He had slept on the couch. For some reason he had… oh shit, that woman had hypnotized him into sleeping on the couch.

            Ethan stumbled to his feet, fumbled with the phone, and realized the bed was empty when he was told by an automated voice that he was receiving his requested courtesy call for 8am. Then, everything he was supposed to do that day spilled out before him in an avalanche, then he realized he’d had a great night’s sleep and felt really hungry and really good.

            He dug his contact information out of his pack and called into the office to arrange the events if his day, and then he went to shower.

            When he stripped down he was shocked at the crusted over cum in his pubes. When he stepped under the hot water he shook his head and thought that grown men didn’t have wet dreams, and for just a moment he imagined Lynda sucking his cock. Then it was gone, and he knew he didn’t have time to take care of the urge that thought had sparked in his mind and down in his balls.

            But, as he toweled off Ethan thought about the fact he couldn’t remember a lot from the previous day, and he started to wonder what else he couldn’t remember. This Lynda woman had either done a number on him, or his imagination was doing it. After all, there was something mysterious about hypnosis even if it was a sort of common, or at least generally understood thing.

            It was, he decided, better to not get caught up in his own imagination.

            Her travel tote was still in the room and that was when he saw the note on the table:


Thank you so much for letting me stay the night, you are a dear. I tried to get you to move to the bed, but you were so peaceful I didn’t want to wake you. I hope you slept well. I will be back this evening to pick up my things.

Good luck today and thank you again,


           Well, he might see her again if they were both back at the same time, but he didn’t have time to think about it too much. He quickly went through his things to make sure nothing was stolen, nothing had been, and he went on his way.

            The city was nice, picturesque at times and very modern at others. It was not at all what he was expecting, but not being a traveler he hadn’t really given it much thought. He’d had the free breakfast at the hotel and had been picked up had gotten a cab to his company’s European office.

            It was an uneventful and strangely familiar experience. The building and the people were a lot like the ones back home. The team he would be working with all spoke English, their department head was a Spaniard, and they ended up talking about the latest FIFA scandal. Then, he got taken out to lunch and they talked a little bit about the project’s status, and he was on his way back to the hotel.

            It was Friday and these guys didn’t work weekends. They’d been thoughtful enough to give hi m more acclimation time than he thought. Two days to sight see and be a tourist hadn’t been in Ethan’s plans but he wasn’t complaining.

            He slid his card key across the reader and walked into his room.

            “Oh hi there, I was hoping we’d have a chance to have a proper goodbye.”

            Lynda was just zipping up a compartment on her tote when he walked in.

            Her hair was still up but she was wearing a light blue tank top, black tights, and knee high black boots. She looked much more her age, and he realized he was staring right down her top at a truly beautiful sight. When he realized what he was doing, he looked up and was trying to keep eye contact, but her position wasn’t doing him any favors.

            As she stood up, she looked deep into his eyes and smiled, “How was your day?”

            “Good, it was good. Met some of the team, had lunch. Turns out I have the weekend off. How about you?” He’d walked back over to the sink and gotten a glass of water. He was nervous in a strange deep way, and he was flustered by just how attractive he was finding her.

            “Oh, it was pleasant. I had an appointment to look at some real estate and met up with a broker. I’m thinking of moving out here, did I mention that yesterday?” She was scanning the room, making sure she hadn’t forgotten anything. Her large black leather bag was still over on the couch.

            “I don’t think so. But, “ and he knew this was what he was really nervous about, “I don’t really remember a whole.”

            She paused and her whole demeanor shifted slightly as she turned to him. “I’m sorry. I feel that might be my fault dear.”

            She seemed very apologetic, and he didn’t know what to say next.

            “You were in such a state, I truly did want to help you. But, I didn’t think you’d respond as you did.” Her British accent was more full when she said things like ‘as you did’. She continued speaking.

            “I didn’t think you were slipping into trance nearly as much as you were. I suppose I should have been more aware, given how tired you were, but I didn’t think it through. I’m sorry.” She had walked over to the couch and picked up her bag.

            “It’s ok, “ he didn’t know if it was or wasn’t but she’d been nice to him and as he thought those words, he sort of shook his head a little. He felt like he’d thought that before, like he’d made excuses for her the previous evening. But, she was on her way out, so he just let it slide.

            “I’m just naturally a sort of touchy person and I didn’t quite grasp what holding your hand was truly doing at the time. “ As she spoke she stopped and bit her lower lip. “Well, I did, but I didn’t. I didn’t mean to keep you like that. But, well, at least you got a good night’s sleep?”

            He leaned against the counter and put down his glass. “Yeah, I guess I did. I don’t feel jet-lagged at all. So, where are you off to?”

            He watched her smile and saw her loosen up. “I’m just going down the hall. I’m sorry, I feel like I really took advantage of you. I never should have…”

            Ethan was feeling sort of like an ass listening to her apologize over and over, “No, really, it’s ok. It was nice of you and I appreciate it.”

            She smiled, and she had a smile that could light up the room, then she laughed a sort of snorting little chuckle. It wasn’t the sound he’d expected her to make. “It’s a strange meeting isn’t it? A random girl hypnotizes you on a train and all? But anyway dear, since you have the weekend, once I get checked into my room, maybe I can show you the sights. But if you’d rather not…”

            Her words hung there, and he was staring at her. He was looking at her pretty face and her large breasts, and her hips, and her legs, and her boots, and he was wondering how she’d done so much to hide herself by doing so little.

            “No. I mean, yes, that sounds fun.”

            She smiled again, “But look, before I go, I got you something.”

            She fished around in her purse and pulled out a round white candle in what looked like a shot glass. “When we talked yesterday, I mentioned maybe having a proper session with you and I got this.”

           Ethan wanted to stop her there, in part for fear of her taking him by the hand again, but he also wanted her to stand closer to him and he felt a little giddy when she walked up to him and held it out towards his nose. “Here, it smells marvelous.”

            It did.

            She brought it back up to her nose and smelled it again.

            She walked over and put it on the table. “It can be a keepsake.”

            As she turned towards the door he realized he didn’t want her to leave, “How does it work?”

            It was the only thing he could think of to get her to stay.

Part 5: The Candle One

            “Here, “ she set down her bag and walked over to the lights and dimmed them, “I’ll show you.”

            She had him sit down as she fished for a book of matches and lit the candle. “Don’t worry dear, there’s not enough smoke to set of the alarm.”

            She sat across from him at the room’s little table, and all of it had happened so fast that he didn’t know is she knew what he had asked her.

            “Hold on Lynda, I didn’t mean for you to…”

            She actually waved him off with, “No, it’s no trouble. And listen dear, you needn’t worry, the explanation is far more boring. Look into the center of the candle’s flame and I’ll help you understand.”

            He watched the white center of the flame as is flickered and danced, and he smelled the sweet relaxing scene of the candle as it filled the air.

            “Many hypnotists like to have their subject close their eyes, or of course look into their eyes, or watch a watch or a crystal and I’m sure you’ve seen all of that or heard all of that before in the cinema, or on the telly. And it’s all a lot of the same really, just the same as what we’re doing here, it is.”

            Her voice had taken on the same sort of undercurrent of firmness while still being lilting, just like on the train. “But I prefer a candle, because of the warmth of the flame. I prefer to have my subject focus on something very warm, very soothing, and something that can be very captivating. The little bends and flickers of the flame can hold the eye, and when the mind sees fire it naturally and automatically thinks of warmth and feels warmer. Do you feel a touch warmer dear?”

            Ethan pondered it for a moment, “I guess I do.”

            She had leaned in slightly, and the flames were casting a shadow across her breasts in the dimness of the room. He was watching the flame, but he was also staring into her cleavage as she spoke to him. She had to know, no women with breasts like hers could do something like this on accident.

            “I believe that warmth is the easiest way to help a mind relax. Like the way a mind can become untangled in a hot shower. It was why I held your hand yesterday when I first induced you. Do you remember feeling close to me when I held your hand?”

            He did. “I do.”

            “It’s just like the flame dear, when people touch us, when we touch others, it lets us feel closer to them.” She leaned across the table just so slightly on the word closer, and he had an even better view of her chest.

            “A warm soft hand, a warm understanding voice, the closeness of touch, of sitting so close to each other, your mind so tired and so weary, so heavy and drawn down…”

            He blinked, and he only realized he did because of how heavy his eyelid had become.

            Then she blew out the candle.

            ‘There, that’s how the candle works. Not everyone is comfortable with touch, especially from a stranger, and most people expect to focus, or stare, you know, so that is how I use the candle.”

            He felt a little dazzled by how rapidly she had begun to talk, and he was a little taken aback by how bright the room had suddenly become when she’d turned the lights back up.

            “There. And now we have a nice pleasant scent too don’t we? But listen dear, I ought to go and settle my room, I ought to go and relax and get settled. You know how it is, you know how it can be. It’s so important to get yourself settled, I do have a bit of a big day tomorrow, and you understand. But it was relaxing wasn’t it? Relaxing and peaceful? And I’m glad you wanted to know, and I’m glad you let me share with you, but it is so important to settle down now. But, if I were to ask you if you would like to see a little more, would you like to stand up for me dear, that’s it dear, stand up and come turn the lights back down?”

            He hadn’t noticed so much felt that his eyes had been following her fingertips as she traced the hem of her tank top, nor had he realized she’d been gently stroking the tops of her breast. But he had stood up and he had turned the lights back down. Then he stopped stone still and blinked again.

            She laughed her little snort chuckle.

            “I’m sorry dear, it was a little too much to resist. But it was also a bit of a suggestibility test. Sometimes you can overload a person’s mind by rapidly talking and you can float out ideas to them, and sometimes they bite, and sometimes they don’t. If I told you that turning down the light for me like you just did was an indicator that you’d like to be properly hypnotized by me, would you sit back down at the table for me?”

            Ethan had come to when the lights went down, and her tone had softened and slowed again to a more normal speaking pattern, but he was surprised to realize he wanted to sit back down, so he did. “I… I uh guess I do.”

            “Well,” she had crossed back over to her seat at the table and slid the book of matches across to him, “guessing won’t do at all dear. And after yesterday I wouldn’t feel right going from a guess would I? It would hardly be fair to me to give you something you don’t certainly want, and that certainly wouldn’t be what you want would it dear?”

            “No, I uh, no.” She had slipped into the fast talking again and he was trying to keep up.

            “No it wouldn’t. But there is a very simple way we can solve all of this. You will be able to tell yourself and tell me that you would like to be properly hypnotized by lighting the candle.”

            She’d taken her hair down, and her long red locks fell across the white skin of her shoulder.

            “Your subconscious mind understood that turning down the lights was an indicator of this desire. Now your conscious mind can accept that you want to and will be hypnotized properly if you light the candle for me.”

            Her voice dropper and become softer, sexier, a tone he hadn’t heard before.

            “Be a dear and light the candle for me Ethan.”

            He did.

           Part 5: The Candle Two

            “Put you hands flat on the table and look into the center of the flame darling, “ her voice was dripping with sex and it felt like a reward

            “Watch the flame dancing and let yourself relax. Focus on the warmth darling, focus on the flame.”

            He sat there, dazed. She had taken her place across from him again, but she remained standing, her chest thrust out, shadows paying across her pale skin.

            “Look down dear,” she had seen his eyes shift up slightly to her cleavage, “look down into the flame, going down into the warmth, sink into the flame for me. You want this, you want this, you want this.”

            As she repeated the words she leaned closer to him, and slid her hands down over his. She watched his face become looser and his eyes start to droop down.

            “Keep staring my darling, stare deeper. Let those heavy eyes stay open just a little bit longer for me, and stare deeper into the hypnotizing flame.”

            Now that she had her hands on his, she lowered herself down into her seat and arched her back slightly.

            “You like to stare for me, you want to be hypnotized. Stare into the warm white softness. Stare deeper into hypnosis.”

            With those last words she leaned in to ensure her breasts filled his view. The words were vague enough that they could have been about the candle or about her chest. “That’s it dear, stare into hypnosis and float for me.”

            “Float away on my voice, float away on my words. You feel so light as you stare into hypnosis, you feel so light it is like your hands are filling with helium.”

            She was rubbing the backs of his palms. “It feels like your hands are starting to float up and up.”

            She was gently, undetectably pulling on the backs of his hands as she continued. “Like they simply cannot stay down on the table. Feel them pushing up against my hands my darling. My hands are the only things keeping them down. They want to float and float, and rise up and up…”

            She took her hands off of his and watched as they did start to rise up into the air. “…just like that, all the way up, as high as they can go. And once your hands are just as high as they can be, your mind can float up even higher, you mind can float all the way away on the sound of my voice, and you can let those heavy eyes close and sleep.”

            She blew out the candle again, “Deep sleep.”

            His head tilted down as his arms stuck straight up.

            Lynda rose from her seat and stood behind him.

            “Drift away for me now, just drift and float on a warm soft dream. So soft, so sweet, so warm with me so close to you.”

            She slid her hands up and down his arms, stroking the skin, then slowly she reached down and pulled his shirt off over his head. “That’s it, just float, just drift, follow my voice, you’re doing so well darling, you’re such a sweetheart, such a dear to just listen to the sound of my voice and float away.”

            Once his shirt was off, she started to run her finger along his naked chest, “The more your mind just floats and dreams in my words, the lighter and lighter your hands can become.”

            As her fingers moved up from his chest to his neck, and then his face, she kept on with the same smothering soft seductive tone, “So light that they can just pull your entire body up and up, up until you are standing, rising up, up for me now, rising up and up.”

            Ethan stood up slowly right before her eyes, and she slid the chair out from between them. “Very good my sweet, very good my dear, just follow my voice up and up, and just let go of anything and everything that might be hiding deep in your mind.”

            As she spoke she pressed herself up against him, then reached around to unbuckle his belt and undo his trousers.

            “Let yourself become completely open, let yourself become perfectly open to me my dear.” And with that, she slid down his pants, he was wearing boxers.

            Softly and slowly she turned him about to face her.

            “Ethan my darling, “ she had taken his hands in her again, “ would you open your eyes and let yourself fall even deeper down into the sound of my voice?”

            He mumbled.

            “Oh no my dear, would you please say Yes Mum and open your eyes so you can fall even deeper down into the sound of my voice?”

            He didn’t feel himself offer a quiet “Yes Mum” and was only vaguely aware of looking deep into her eyes.

            “That’s my sweet boy, such a darling, such a dear. If I were to ask you anything at all right now, you would be my sweet boy and say Yes Mum wouldn’t you?”

            His answer was the same mumbled words.

            ‘That’s a good boy my sweet Ethan. Now, do you like my breasts dear?”

            “Yes Mum.” His words were a little more solid, a little more certain.

            “Would you be a dear and look at my cleavage Ethan?”

            “Yes Mum,“ his glassy far away eyes looked down her top.

            “That’s it dear, stare into hypnosis and float for me, stare into warm soft hypnosis and float up, and up for me.”

            Just as she had done the night before, she started to stroke his fingers much as he would stroke his own cock. “There is one part of you that could rise a little more couldn’t it my dear?”

            “Yes Mum.” He was drooling just a little.

            “And it’s between your legs now isn’t it my sweet boy?”

            “Yes Mum.” He blushed a little.

            “Well that’s no good is it? No dear, just listen. Stare into my hypnosis and feel it starting to rise my dear, up and up, floating up and up, pushing up and up, and that’s it my sweet, that’s a good boy isn’t it?”

            “Yes Mum,” he’d pitched a tent in his boxers.

            “And doesn’t that feel better my dear? Doesn’t it feel better to do what I ask?”

            “Yes Mum,“ she noticed a twitch down below.

            “Listen to me very carefully my sweet. Listen and obey for me, you will listen and obey won’t you?”

            “Yes Mum.”

            “Yes my dear, of course you will. You will because you’ve said you would haven’t you?”

            “Yes Mum.”

            “And you will keep your word, so you will obey me won’t you?”

            “Yes Mum.”

            ‘That’s my sweet Ethan, such a sweet boy.”

            She took a step back and lifted his arms out in front of him, posing him like a hypnotized zombie.

            “In just a moment I am going to wake you and you are going to find it impossible to move. You will find it impossible to move and you will find you cannot look away from my cleavage. You will find the stiffer and more ridged your body becomes, the more aroused and more full your cock will become and the more impossible it will be to look away from my breasts. Do you understand this my sweet?”

            “Yes Mum.” She smiled.

            “Good, very good. Now you’re a sweet boy and a smart boy so I know I don’t have to tell you that eventually that sweet hard thing between your legs will just simply explode won’t it?”

            “Yes Mum.”

            ‘And it will explode just from your staring at my breasts won’t it my dear?”

            “Yes Mum.”

            “Very good my dear.”

            She took a few steps back and snapped her fingers.

            “Wake up Ethan, wake up for me now.”

            She watched the look on his face as his eyes focused, then saw the puzzled and worried look on his face.

            “What? What am…why am I…what’s…” He tried to move, but found his arms and legs were locked into place, and he also found that his gaze was trained on her chest and his cock was pounding.

            “I supposed I ought to have told you that I didn’t stop practicing hypnosis when I decided not to be a counselor. But I’m not truly what you would call a proper hypnotist.” As she spoke she started to softly roll her breasts under her tank top and his cocks spasms become more frequent with each gentle bounce and roll of flesh.

            “So, I suppose I never could have properly hypnotized you could I my sweet?’

            His mouth moved by itself, “Yes Mum.”

            He gasped as his hips bucked slightly. He was starting to realize just what must have happened, and as afraid as he was, he was also incredibly aroused.

            “That’s my good boy. Now be a dear and just keep staring at my breasts. You know they’re so wonderful that you wouldn’t need to see them naked to explode would you?”

            “Yes Mum.” The words slipped out even though he didn’t quite grasp if it was the right answer.

            “That’s right. My breasts are so sexy that you could just stare at them in a top, or in a bra, or something with even just a hint of cleavage and you would be able to just burst after staring long enough wouldn’t you?”

           “Yes Mum.” He couldn’t look down to see the pre-cum that was trickling down his member.

            “And you’ve been staring for quite a long time haven’t you my sweet?”

            ‘Yes Mum.”

            “I know you have my sweet, but you can stare longer can’t you? You can hold out and stare just a little longer just for me couldn’t you?”

            “Yes Mum.”

            “Of course you can, you can and you will do anything for me won’t you?”

            Ethan didn’t want to say yes. He didn’t want to let things go any further, no matter how exciting it all was, but his mouth slowly whispered “Yes Mum.”

            “What was that dear?”

            “Yes Mum.” He didn’t know why he couldn’t stop himself.

            “Of course you will. Now listen Ethan, the reason that sweet thing between your legs will explode for me is because it’s been hypnotized by my breasts. My breasts have hypnotized that wonderful toy into being perfectly obedient to me, and to these.”

            He stared silently ahead as she pressed and rolled them together over and over.

            “Good boy, that’s a good boy. My wonderful breasts have hypnotized it into doing whatever they want it to. And now my dear, they want it to have a nice little pop, a nice little explosion. You’ll do that now won’t you?”

            “Yes Mum.”

            He came hard. His cock had slipped out the flap and he came so hard the first gush splattered all over the left leg of her tights.

            She laughed as he felt his body return to his control and his arms drop down. The orgasm seemed to have broken her spell.

            “Oh dear, I didn’t think you had it in you. But Ethan, be a dear and sleep.”

            She watched him blink once.

            “What’s the matter dear, don’t you feel so drained and exhausted now? Don’t you just want to be a dear and sleep for me?”

            He tried not to say the words that were forming on his lips, and he tried to hold on to his conscious awareness but it turned out he really didn’t want to.

            “Yes Mum.”

            His eyes went glassy and he stood very still.

She slowly walked up to him and put took him by the hand and lead him down into the chair.

            “Close your eyes and sleep for me now.”

            His pants were still around his ankles and his shoes were still on, and he’d gotten cum all over the carpet, not just her tights.

            “Ethan, dear, you’d like me to stay the night again wouldn’t you?”

            “Yes Mum.”

            She knew he would, and she had much more to do with him over the next few days.


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