Story Preview: The Buxom Beguiler

The Buxom Beguiler: Stage Hypno-titnosis
A Smuthunter story

Part One: Setting the Stage Show

 Underneath the casino stage lights, she stood in front of a line of empty chairs and smiled up towards the middling sized audience. There were couples of various ages, tables of solo guests, and groups of friends and parties. There were more than enough people to make the show, more than enough people to help her get and keep her energy up for the spectacle.

            “Hello everyone, my name is Kerri Lang, The Buxom Beguiler, and I’m going to be your hypnotist for the evening.” She put on her broadest stage show smile and let her gaze become loose and affected, as thought she was looking everyone in the eyes all at once.

She also shifted slightly to ensure her chest jutted out even more than it naturally did.

            “In just a moment I’m going to need a few volunteers to come up on stage and help me demonstrate just what hypnosis can do, but before I do…”

            She let the end of her sentence trail off and her smile become a smirk, “…this is going to be an R-rated show, so if any of you have snuck in here while your parents are playing the tables, this is your last chance to sneak right out, that’s it, that’s right you three there, you’re already feeling the need to get up and move, and it’s okay that you don’t know why, you don’t need to know, you just know you need to go, and have a wonderful time at the arcade boys.”

            The audience watched in murmuring approval as three underage kids stood up and walked out the back with an almost dizzying look of confusion on their faces.

            There was mild and polite applause.

“I’ll be honest everybody,” Kerri’s gown was silver, sequined , and strapless, and as she continued to speak into the microphone she let her free hand fall to her considerable cleavage, “there’s a few in every crowd. And make no mistake, the power of suggestions overwhelmed them and took them right out that door.”

“One of the problems with being the world’s bustiest stage hypnotist is that well,” her free hand moved up to her shoulder as she laughed and smiled again, “well sometimes it makes hypnosis a little too easy.”

She paused and let the joke start to settle.

“Ladies, I think you know what I mean.”

More than a few women in the crowd snickered a little and a few poked and prodded their partners. A few of the girls from the bachelorette party that was up front hooted loudly, and Kerri gave them a knowing and re-affirming smile.

“But, yes, I did compel those fine young men out the door with the power of hypnotic suggestions, and very soon, with the same irresistible urge some of you will be compelled to do and say things on stage in front of strangers that you never thought you would do.”

Her hair was long and dark black with lighter brown highlights, and it fell down to the middle of her back in wavy tresses. Her skin was a rich soft golden tan, and her eyes were a bright blue green. She was short, maybe five foot two, but her heels gave her an extra couple of inches, and between her personality and her large breasts she seemed much bigger than she was.

Under the stage lights it was hard to tell that she was half-Japanese and half white, she just appeared as exactly what she had made herself out to be: exotic and alluring.

“Now, just to be clear, hypnosis is a little bit different than the power that large breasts have over some people”, she let the audience in on the joke by making a face, “it is a state of deep relaxation and laser focus that allows us to act without critical filters and limitations.”

‘So…” she performed a mock sigh and put her hand on her hip, “I guess it isn’t too much different than letting a guy stare down your top. Ladies? Am I right?”

She was now deliberately playing to the bachelorette party, a cadre of blonde, tanned, and mildly drunk pretty girls that all probably were sorority sisters at some point in their lives too. They cheered and laughed, and clapped.

“Anyone, not just guys looking at my breasts right now, can be hypnotized. And listen boys, I should warn you there is a reason they call me the Buxom Beguiler, even if you don’t volunteer, the longer you stare at these the more likely you are to find yourself up on stage and…“ she affected a cartoonishly dramatic and mysterious voice , “…under my power.”

“Now, let’s get some volunteers.”

She looked out into the crowd and had already identified who she was going to pick for the show, but there was one other crucial part of her act.

Kerri walked out into the crow, saying “you” to several people on her way over to the bachelorette party.

“Alright, everyone I’ve already picked, please fill up the seats from the left to the right and leave a seat on the end free. And ladies, ladies I am so glad you’ve come out tonight. Which one of you, you know other than the bride to be, which one of you is the crazy one? We’ve all got one, which one of you is the crazy girlfriend?”

Part 2: A Journalist Isn’t Investigating

Rick Denton had seen the posters in the lobby, and since his interview had “had” to reschedule, he’d found himself with some unexpected time on his hands. Sure he could have gone and lost some money, but he’d been doing that on and off here for the last three hours.

This wasn’t the hotel he was staying at, it was just the one he’d been forced to linger around in on the whims of someone who stopped caring about punctuality and manners as soon as they’d got rich

Regardless of all that, for Rick as a reporter and as a student of humanity, a stage hypnotist who apparently advertised her ‘adult’ show and her entire persona around her remarkably large chest seemed like it would be entirely more interesting a story than the asshole he was supposed to meet.

Honestly, so far he’d been more than a little impressed with her ability to persuade those young men out of the theater. He himself was loitering by the door they ducked out of, and could see the bemused and almost vacant looks on their faces.

Now he watched a very pretty girl in a very ugly pink dress stand up and smile, then wave to the crowd to their building enthusiastic cheers. She was almost as curvy as the hypnotist, and looked like she was already more than a couple drinks deep.

‘What’s your name honey?” She was also a head taller than the hypnotist, who was holding the microphone up to her.

“I’m Sandi.” The girl’s voice was just a hint too loud, one of the marks of the begging of a really good time. It was also sticky sweet and had the slight rasp of the designated party girl.

“Sandi, thank you for volunteering honey. Can I tell you a secret? I was the wild girl in my crew too, we’re the best friends anyone can have aren’t we? Well, let’s get the show going.”

Rick watched as she led Sandi up to the stage, and as she did, she picked a few more people to fill up the open seats.

“Sandi, let’s wait here for just a second because you’re going to be my big helper for the show, after all, girls like us have got to stick together right?” As she spoke, she walked over to the other volunteers and pulled a chair across the stage and turned it so it would face the other volunteers.

‘Sandi have a seat right here. Everyone else, you guys are wonderful for joining us and we’ll all have a lot of fun very soon, but I’m going to ignore you for a little bit, but please make sure you focus on me and Sandi, infact, watch Sandi very closely, and I’ll be right with you.”

“Sandi, please have a seat right here, and focus on me while we have a little chat that I promise is going to enthrall and entrance everyone here.”

He looked at the blocking of the stage, and noticed how the hypnotist was standing between the girl, and the 8 other volunteers, angled in so she was not facing the crowd at all. It was all tilted in such a way that at the moment only the busty blond in the tight pink dress could really see the front of the stage hypnotis and her massive breasts.

They looked like what you’d guess 36 double D’s would look like.

“Alright Sandi, what I need you to do to help me is look at me, just focus on me, and you can look into my eyes if you don’t want to keep staring at my boobs, but I want you to focus all of your attention on me and answer my questions completely and honestly. Can you do that for me, and do you understand?”

Rick smiled to himself as he listened to the hypnotist’s machine gun tone. He didn’t know anything about the craft, but he could sense there was something deliberate and important about every choices the woman in the sparkly gown was making.

“Okay, yeah, sure.” Sandi was smiling and everyone could see that the pretty blonde’s eyes were constantly shifting down to the hypnotist’s very prominent breasts.

“Wonderful.” It was like they were having a very small and personal conversation that was being played big like it was an instructional video almost.

“Sandi, we’re just talking right now, but tell me the truth girl, women look at other women’s breasts just as much as men do don’t they?”

Sandi smiled and laughed, then nodded, “They do.”

“And when you’ve got great tits like you and me, we love to stare at our own don’t we?”

Sandi laughed a little as she nodded, “Yes we do.”

“Sandi, if you think about it, it might be true that women look at other women’s breasts even more than men do don’t they? Everything from fashion adds, to girls in cute tops, to even just the old stare and compare right?”

“Oh wow, hah, I guess that’s true.” From his vantage point, Rick could see Sandi smiling and genuinely laughing about this.

“And Sandi, you can’t stop staring at my breasts can you? It’s like your eyes are magnetized to my breasts now aren’t they? Like the more you try to look up or away, the more and more you just want to keep staring at them isn’t it girl?” Her tone was direct and her pace was still rapid, but it was also playful.

Sandi didn’t say anything, but everyone could see she was trying to look away to no avail.

“It doesn’t matter when this happened, it might have been as soon as you got this great look at them, but now you’re simply can’t look away no matte rhow hard you try can you Sandi?”

The pretty blonde was blushing and smiling as she laughed out a “No, I can’t.”

“Isn’t it funny how the more you try, the easier it become to just accept that you’re being hypnotized by my breasts right now? I mean, you naturally noticed them because you’re a girl with a great rack too and you were watching me, and thinking about my dress, and you were listening and following me, and then you just happened to get hypnotized by my breasts, because my breasts are very hypnotic aren’t they Sandi?”

The hypnotist paused with the mic out towards the girl, “Answer me honestly okay Sandi. My breasts are very hypnotic aren’t they?”

The blonde’s eyes were angled down to the hypnotist’s chest, “Yes they are.”

“That’s perfect, I knew as soon as I saw you that your energy and your free spirit would make you the right person to start with, the best person to help me with all oft this because I know you’re a natural. And Sandi, my breasts have hypnotized you haven’t they? After all, you’re responding to my hypnotic suggestions aren’t you, so you must be hypnotized aren’t you Sandi, because you’re the best subject I could ever want and that’s why I’m starting with you right?”

“Yes, I guess I am.” She sort of blinked and her face went a little slack as she said those words.

“I know you are Sandi, you see, my breasts can and will hypnotize anyone, and they are going to hypnotize plenty of people on stage and in the crowd tonight, but first… Sandi…”

As the look of recollection that she was being asked a question started to creep across the dazed and enthralled girl’s face, the hypnotist snapped her fingers and said, “Sleep Sandi, eyes closed and deep sleep for me now. You can just stay fast asleep until I touch you on the shoulder and say your name again.”

Then, Kerri, that was what the hypnotist said her name was, turned to face the crowd. “In just a second I’m going to enthrall and hypnotize everyone on stage for all of our entertainment, and they all can’t wait to be entranced just like Sandi, but I need all of your help first.”

She then started speaking rapidly again, “You see, all of you, and this is okay and you all know because we all know men and women can’t help but stare at breasts, especially these breasts, and you have been staring at my breasts, and some of you, maybe many of you, who knows, it could be all of you have found yourselves becoming enthralled by my breasts right now and those of you that have can all go to sleep.”

As she said the word sleep she snapped her fingers and repeated the word again, “Sleep.”

Rick watched about half the people in the audience tilt their heads forward and from the faces he could see, he saw a lot of blinking and a lot of momentarily confused looks.

“And wake up everyone in the audience, wake up and listen to me, listen to me very carefully. You are all out of trance, and you were wonderful for falling so quickly and easily. And this is very important, no matter how beguiled you remain by my breasts, those of you out there in the audience will not fall back into trance for me tonight, you have been hypnotized into not being hypnotized. Unlike the people on the on the stage who are all going to stare at my breasts…”

She turned around very quickly snapped her finger and said, “…and sleep. Look at my breasts and sleep.”

Sure enough, just as he saw the volunteers all close their, his phone vibrated and he stepped outside.

The interview had been rescheduled.

It was funny, there was something immensely erotic and interesting about what he had just seen and not just because the woman on stage in the sparkly dress had such large breasts for such a small frame.

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