Story Preview: Suburban Witchcraft

Suburban Witchcraft
A Smuthunter Story

Months Ago


            He was on the edge of panic, frantic with shame and confusion, and a need he couldn’t explain. It felt like there was a knife of compulsion lodged into his brain, and it had pushed him here.


            “Oh hello Josh, what can oh…” the woman in the doorway smiled at him, but her face turned to concern. “What’s wrong.”

            “I don’t… I don’t know, I just, I need you. I need…”

            “Sssshhhh, sssssshhhh, relax and sink for me now, it’s okay, just sink and surrender, your mind is too busy, too loud and too confused. You can’t fight me, you can’t fight my control, just melt now.”

            Josh melted in her arms as she pulled him inside and pulled his head to her breasts. “Tell me my pet, tell me why you’re here.”

            “Because I’m… I don’t know. I can’t stop thinking about you, I can’t stop masturbating, thinking about you. You’re in my mind when I fuck my wife, I just… I can’t stop it.”

            His cock, already hard from the moment he approached the house, jumped to life in a climax of shame and an orgasm of weakness that made him shudder and break apart in her arms.

            “Such a messy weak mind, such a messy weak cock. Listen and obey Josh, follow me now, follow me and fall deeper under the power of my hypnotic commands. Just melt for me my sticky boy, melt and surrender to my voice, and my breasts, like you know you need to do.”

            Josh heard these words, and felt her will consuming and destroying him as he felt he cum in his pants trickle down his leg. He was screaming inside that this couldn’t be real, but the part if him that she had captured, the part of Josh that forced him there, could not deny it.

            Hypnosis didn’t work this way, it couldn’t work this way, but here he was. All he had to do was turn around and walk out, all he had to do was…

            “Someone’s already sunk into their quiet room, mind soft and silent now, hearing only my voice as I take away all the anxiety and all the confusion, come to me Josh, come inside my office, come into the quiet room, I want to talk to you about your hourse…”


Halloween Night


            It was just too late for trick-or-treaters, so maybe there was one final batch of older kids, or drunk college kids having fun. Steve had gladly taken door duty over going out with his girlfriend, who honestly, really needed some girl time with her friends.


            It wasn’t that Steve was a buzz-kill, it was more that he was a holiday minimalist of all kinds, and while whoever was at the door wasn’t knocking like a child, but he took the bowl of candy just to be safe.

            “Trick or treat Steve, Jodi said you were staying in tonight.”

            “Oh hi Deborah yeah, this is a little more my speed. How’s your night?”

            “It’s been fun, I love Halloween, I usually do a few little shows at friends’ parties, but they all happened last weekend, so I’m all done for the evening and I thought I’d come by and say hello.”

            Deborah lived at the other end of the block, and had been one of the first people to welcome them to the neighborhood. Steve and Jodi had bought the house at the beginning of the summer, and had managed to get it for a lot less than he’d expected. The old owners… well owner, was desperate to sell.

            The guy’s marriage had fallen apart, and it seemed like he was at the end of his rope. It had been rough to watch a guy with such a nice house feel like he had to take the first offer, but Jodi had fallen in love with it as soon as they saw it, and the old owner’s problems weren’t any of their business.

            “Do you want anything to drink? I have a bottle of merlot open.”

            Deborah smiled and adjusted the brim of her conical witch’s hat. She was obviously a witch, and it was the first time he remembered seeing her without her glasses. She was wearing a long, frilly, black dress with billowy sleaves and layered skirts, the obvious hat, and a deep, dark blue shawl that was curtained across her chest and hung over her shoulder. It was a dramatic costume if you noticed the quality of her clothes and the little details of her jewelry.

            ‘That would be lovely, but only of you’re going to have another glass.”

            “I could have another glass,” Steve replied from the kitchen, “so, you don’t do the trick or treat thing? Your house is so festive.”

            He walked out with both glasses, and handed her one.

            “It depends on the year. This year, Cliff, you’ve met him, he’s the college student that rents my basement, is manning the candy dish. I told him he could have the upstairs until midnight if he worked the door.”

            Steve watched her drink her wine, “I don’t know if I’m up for company that late,” it was only a little after nine, and he was closer to calling it a night than he felt like he should be.

            “Oh Steve, that’s sweet of you to assume, but no. I’ll sneak in the back and make my way to my bedroom and leave Cliff and his friends to their fun. Besides,” her voice took on a dramatic tone, “I’ll be done with you,” she stretched the word out in a ghostly ooh, “long before that.”

            Steve laughed, “I told you Deborah, I don’t believe in hypnosis.”

            She laughed, “I know you say that, but Jodi does, and she loves our sessions. She thinks you’d benefit from some trance time too, so I told her I would come over and put you under to change your mind.”

            That was something Jodi would do, and his girlfriend had really clicked with Deborah. She was about a decade maybe fifteen years older, he thought, than them, and after a few weeks of socializing with Jodi, Deborah had offered her hypnotherapy services to both of them for anything they’d like to work on or explore.

            Jodi had, the way she did for everything that was new or novel, jumped right it, and was doing an hour or two a week in Deborah’s home office.

            Steve had been… less that interested.

            “How are you going to change my mind, if I’m not going to let you hypnotize me?” He laughed and took another drink. Deborah was a lot more fun than he thought she’d be, based on first impressions. The woman had a sense of humor, an active social life, and was generally beloved by the neighbors, many of whom were patients for her practice.

            “I already told you, trick or treat.” She held her wine in one hand and dramatically waved her other hand in the air. “You can decide afterwards whether I’ve tricked your mind or given it a treat, but let me ask you this Steve, do you believe in magic, more or less than you believe in hypnosis?”

            “I’m not going to say there’s no such thing as magic, because I think there’s stuff we don’t understand, and I know hypnotic phenomenon is a real thing. Jodi knows she’s having real experiences with you, and I believe her, but… I don’t know Deborah, I just don’t see…”

            She smiled, and he really took in her dramatic makeup. Dark eye makeup accentuated her hazel eyes, and her lips were a deep dark red, all offset by a pale foundation that made everything severe and intense in equal measures. He also noticed her silver pentagram earrings, and the bangle-y bracelets, and big flashy rings she was wearing.

            “It’s alright Steve. Listen, let me tell you why tonight is the night you’re going to find yourself entranced by me, deeply hypnotized and ready to at least try another session with me in the future. You see, I’m going to cast a spell on you tonight, I’m going to bewitch you,” she had kept a dramatic flare to her voice, but her volume dropped to a theatrically conspiratorial tone, “and once you’re under my spell, and believe in magic, your mind will bend over backwards to accept my hypnotic invitation.”

            He had a good laugh, “That would make sense if magic were real.”

            Deborah took another sip of wine, set her glass down on one of the end tables by the couch, and looked Steve dead in the eyes, “But magic is real Steve, in fact, tonight, the veil between the magical world and our world is at its thinnest, and the most amazing things are possible. Why do you think we celebrate ghosts and goblins on this night of all nights.”

            She wove her hand in an overly theatrical wave in front of his face, “Listen to me Steve, and try to tell me you don’t feel the magic of the air. The night is alive, and you can feel it in your breath, you’re aware of something now, something at the edge, you can feel a tickle of it, and you’re curious. It’s natural to be curious Steve, don’t you feel it?”

            He laughed again, and he thought he could see through her game.

            “Laughter is good, you’re listening to me, thinking of what I’m telling you, and your laughter tells you that you can think about that curiosity, and feel safe. You care safe with me, in your own home, and you can laugh off my magic… for now.”

            Deborah was moving her hands in a silly push and pull motion while wiggling her fingers, “The silence you hear between my words is pulling in the deeper dark, and just like the leaves outside had lost their color, from green, to red and gold, to brown, you can feel the strength of your doubt fading, draining as the darkness grows. Sit down Steve, sit and sink into the couch as I cast my spell.”

            She beckoned him forward with her hands, and waited for him to start to sit, before she pushed towards him, and he sat down in time with her gesture. Steve finished his wine and set his empty glass next to hers.

            In another dramatic flourish, Deborah unclasped her shawl and let it fall from her shoulders. The neckline of her black witch’s dress was deep and scooped, and not only did he get the sense she was wearing a push up bra, the deep dark blue laced up bodice she wore pushed together and helped frame her considerable breasts.

            She also reached into the folds of her dress, and removed a ringed brass candleholder and a small red candle that she lit with a match that was obviously hidden in her hand. It was a pretty good use of slight of hand though; Steve appreciated the act.

            “We light the candle’s flame, to draw your light, and strength into the night and the world, gaze and watch yourself, watch the spirit I am touching, and feel the curious heat, notice it in your mind as you become one in the binding of the light.”

            Her hand moved in slow circles above the flame, and Steve blinked. The world felt a little darker at the edges, and he noticed that the candle‘s flame was positioned just below the line of her cleavage, and the light cast a glow on her chest. He didn’t feel too bad about noticing Deborah’s chest because Jodi liked to joke about the older woman’s impressive boobs on a regular basis.

            “I beseech you goddess of night, in this moment of your power, bind this light to my will, and bind this soul into my words. His light flickers and glows in the breath of voice, his will wavers and dances as I speak to the flame and call your name, oh nameless goddess.”

            The light and her hand were casting shadows across her breasts that kept leading his eye, and the edges of his vision had gotten narrower and darker. He did feel something happening, a shift of focus or awareness, and his blinked as the edges of his vision grew darker.

            “Yes my goddess, let the shadows and the night fill my words as I become the moon, and his will becomes the tide. I beseech you goddess, I call upon the powers of air and water, to dominate his earth and flame in the darkness of sleep and bewitching slumber.”

            His eyelids were getting heavy, and it felt like he had stepped away from himself, but Steve was caught wholly in Deborah’s theatrics and disarmed by her showmanship. He blinked again, and felt the darkness closing in, he felt it wrapping around him as the shadows moved across her breasts and the candle’s light danced in his eyes.

            “The witch’s curse, the kiss of slumber from the goddess of night, is cast upon you now…” she blew out the candle, “sleep.”

            His eyes closed, and he felt his body sagging under him.

            “Steve, listen to the sound of my voice, and feel my words Steve. I’ve hypnotized you with magic. You are under my magical hypnotic spell, and now that you know you can be hypnotized, now that you know my magical powers are real, you’re going to wake from your enchanted slumber as I count you up from 1 to 3. Nod your head if you understand Steve?”

            He felt good. He felt melted and content, and he almost didn’t want to nod his head, but he did understand and his head moved by itself.

            “Very good, you’re very suggestible and responsive Steve, you’re a very good hypnotized subject who is powerless to resist my magic. Now wake up with 1, 2, and…” she clapped her hands on 3 “wide awake and out of trance.”

            “You were right, you’re not a natural subject, but once you dropped, once I got you to take the bait, you fell very fast and very deeply under my spell. But that’s magic, it’s magic. Would you be a dear and offer me my wine?”

            He blinked a few times, noticed she’d placed the candle holder on the end table while his eyes were closed, and then did what he was told, “So that was it?”

            “Yes, now,” she took a sip, “now drink of my glass, drink of my wine, and bind yourself to me in slumber.”

            Steve felt dumbstruck as she brought the glass to his lips, and held it as he drank. Then he felt his legs get wobbly as a wave of drowsiness brought him back down to the couch.

            “The second binding of the witch’s curse has been placed upon you now Steve, you are under my spell, and you will feel an almost irresistible urge to obey me in all things now. You are almost bound completely in the curse, but you may resist the third binding and be free…” her voice lost its ghostly wooing dramatic lilt, “but first it’s time to properly hypnotize you. Waking up again on 3 now, 1… 2…” she clapped, “3, eyes open, wide awake and believing in magic as you look at me and hear these words.”

            Steve laughed. He couldn’t help it, something was pushing its way through him and it came out as a laugh, “Okay, wow, I wasn’t expecting that. That’s pretty impressive.”

            Deborah drank her wine, “What is?”

            “Your whole act, your whole approach. You got me, you hypnotized me, you win.”

He was going to go pour them some more wine, but she stopped him with a look and a question.

            “But Steve, I cast a spell on you, not ‘hypnotized you’ hypnotized you. You believe in magic and you’re still under the witch’s curse aren’t you?

            He sat there and considered the proof, and it felt compulsory that he could only see it one way, even if that way was kind of up to interpretation, “yes, you cast a spell on me.”

            “And now you’re going to sit there and be a perfect subject for me while I hypnotize you, aren’t you?”

            He felt an urge to push back, but she wiggled her fingers and started the push pull motion again, and it felt like she was coaxing the only right answer out of him,


“And why is that Steve?”

“Because,” there was an internal push and pull going on behind his eyes, but it didn’t last long, he was caught up in the moment, or so he told himself, and that was why he would keep going along. It felt different and good, and there was no harm to it. “Because I’m under your spell.”

“Yes you are, now obey the power of the witch’s curse, and bring me more wine… right now.”

That statement had started light and whimsical, but there was iron in her voice when she said right now, and Steve felt those words push him into action. He took her glass, poured the last of the bottle into it, and presented it to her where she stood.

“Thank you Steve, now sit down and relax.”

Steve considered the way he was responding to her, and the way it felt. There was an automatic nature to what he was doing now, that he acted as soon as she gave him an instruction or a direction, and it felt like he was playing a game, or following the rules of a game.

It dawned on him that Deborah still had her hat on.

“Now sit back, just get comfortable on the couch,” she made another theatrical gesture with her free hand, “and look deep into my eyes. Look deep into my eyes, seeing only the deeper darkness of my pupils as everything else fades away.”

She stood over him, and he watched as she held her wine in her right hand, and her left came to rest at the base of her throat, then started to slowly, absentmindedly slide down to her breasts. He tried not to notice, but the more focused he became on her eyes, the more her hand would move, slowly back to her throat, then down again every time his eyes would shift.

The mind games are just getting started, and this is one of the longest stories I’ve written to date. 

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