Story Preview: Strength is Weakness

Strength is Weakness
A Smuthunter Story

            “Hi Chase, please come in,” Vera smiled at the handsome, muscular young man at her door. In the split second he stood at her door and appraised her body and her face, Vera had to read and confirm exactly who he was and solidify how she was going to move forward with taking him.

            He was broad shouldered, tall, in a blue and black, stretchy athletic shirt and loose black gym shorts, and knew how attractive he was. He also wasn’t shy about looking her over, obviously not intimidated or surprised by her looks or her poise. If he’d been flustered by or surprised by her appearance she would have played things one way, but since he was confident and forthright, she went the other way.

            Vera put on a show.

It was always a show, but sometimes it was more theatrical than others.

            She shifted her hips a little and intentionally “subconsciously” put her finger up to the corner of her lips and pretended to be embarrassed by his gaze. Light brown hair, brown eyes, strong jaw line, symmetrical face, Chase was her typical job, but Vera was an artist and her clients hired her for her artistic touch.

            “I… um,” she made a point to bite her lip as she took a step back and he walked into her home, passing very closer to her, “I’ll be ready in just a moment. Do you want anything to drink or…”

Vera had her dark blonde, highlighted, wavy hair down, and was wearing a loose white and red pattered skirt and impressively tight, white, sleeveless leotard, more of a high-necked one peace swimsuit than anything else. She was supposed to be having a private session with a personal trainer so she had to sell it at least a little bit.

The elastic fabric of her top clung to her large breasts and they stood out perfectly. She wasn’t wearing a bra and knew they looked amazing, and Chase’s unapologetic leering at her tits was just part of the plan.

“No, thanks,” he smiled and his eyes sparkled with the kind of lascivious hunger that brought him to her door. “So, where do you work out? In here or…”

She felt his gaze on her as she turned around and walked towards her kitchen, stopped to look back at him, pulling her shoulders back and thrusting her tits out, “I have a gym set up on my garage, but please, why don’t you have a seat on the couch and I’ll be right out. She took the moment to slowly put her hair up in a high ponytail, giving him a coy, flirty smile as she put herself in the mindset to be flattered by his unflinching stare.

Vera put a little more swing in her step as she walked into her kitchen and stepped out of his view. She filled her water bottle, and as the water ran, slid her hands under her top and pinched her nipples, hard. In addition to what she’d noticed about him staring at her breasts, she also had the report from his ex-girlfriend that confirmed it.

She seemed like a nice girl, they were all nice girls, that’s why they needed Vera, that’s why the hired her. She told them all the same thing, that she didn’t fix the men, she broke them in a different way than they were already broken. Some of the girls held on to their old toys, most got tired of them, and the ones that were the highest value and cast aside, well… Vera had connections for where to send them.

Chase was a hot, young stud, a year from now, she’d be selling him to her connections, and he’d end up likely the property of a rich older woman, one that was certainly older than Vera. On the surface it wouldn’t be much of a change, but on the inside he’d be empty, living on autopilot, doing what his owner commanded.

She turned the water off and gave her nipples another pinch as she thought about the cascade of events that made up her work, and that was what she used to get to herself going. She felt the flicker of warmth between her legs as the stimulation from her nipples and her imagination went to work. The rest of what she would need would come from the process.

            Before she walked back out into her living room, Vera took a sip of water to wet her lips and put herself back into the performance. Little things like actually doing what she was presenting herself to do while she set the stage made it easier for her to stay in the moment, and also to hide the machinery of what she was doing. The power of suggestion was much more powerful when it was invisible.

            Chase stood up as she walked out, and she led with her chest so he couldn’t possibly miss her prominent nipples. He didn’t, and before he could move too far away from the couch she walked up to him. She stopped him mid stride, just as planned, and bit her lower lip as she stood in front of him, very clos to him.

            “Are you read to,” he smiled and let his confidence and his own flirtation shine, “have me work you out?”

            It wasn’t much of an innuendo, but she played it off like it was, and took the opportunity to reach out and bush a finger down his bicep, “I am, but, do you ever just suddenly feel like you’re all out of gas?”

            She batted her eyelashes at him and arched her back just a little more. She felt the elastic fabric rub against her nipples, and could almost feel his eyes fixate on them. Vera squeezed his muscular arm gently, “Oh, I’m sure you don’t. I’m sure someone as strong, and vigorous as you just never, suddenly feels tired. I’m sure you never just realize you’re feeling sleepy, like a wave of exhaustion just washes over you, and drains all the strength right out of you. I bet you’re so strong, and in such good shape…”

            Vera stopped squeezing and traced her fingernail down his arm, “That you could never, ever feel yourself getting so sleepy all of a sudden. I bet you always have so much energy, I mean, you are so big and strong. I bet you never, ever just feel a yawn coming on, and then feel that strange, sudden sleepiness washing over you, do you?”

            Her touch and her closeness, and the practiced, smoothness of her gently lulling voice over-stimulated him as he stared at her nipples pressing out against her very thin, stretchy top. But more than that, she saw the way he responded to her words, the way her suggestion bypassed his conscious thoughts, and his own self-control, especially when she let out a little, mock yawn of her own.

            Chase yawned and blinked, and he smiled to try and hide it, then tried to speak to either excuse, distract, or downplay why he might have just yawned. And just like trying to walk away from the couch earlier, Vera cut him off, this time by squeezing his hand and speaking before he could.

            “It’s so funny how that can happen,” Vera too a deep breath that gave her an excuse to stick her chest out even more, and then exhaled and let her chest drop, then pulled her shoulders back. Chase was hopelessly hooked by her tits, but that just part of it. “You know, how one minute you feel so awake and focused, then there’s just this draining, sleepy wave that washes over you.”

            Vera went through the same cycle of exaggerated breaths, and with the slowly, steady rise and fall of her breasts, and her very specific and practiced hypnotic tone, she knew she was already starting to smoothly lull him into the beginning of trance.

           “I bet you’re too strong to really have that happen to you, but sometimes it just feels like you need to yawn again, and then your eyes start getting so heavy too, and I don’t know about you, but I get it the worst when there’s something I really want to do, or need to do, and it’s like, when I feel so motivated and focused, and then I feel that sleepy wave, it’s like my eyes can’t stay open. It’s like my brain just kind of quits on me Chase, and I just need to sleep. Just for a minute it’s like all I can do is close my eyes and sleep.”

            Vera softened her eyes as she caught his gaze, pulling him away from her tits fir just a moment, blinking slowly and letting out a very soft sight as she saw his eyes flutter, and moved just a little bit closer to him. “It really feels like, no matter how motivated I am, no matter how ready I think I am to do something, when that sleepy wave washes over me, it feels like I just have to take a nap. It feels like there’s nothing else I can do, other than close my eyes and sink down, down, down into sleep Chase. Sleep Chase.”

            She had moved closer and closer to him with every word, until she was looking deep into his eyes, her chest brushing up against his, and as his eyelids fluttered more and more, she reached up and brushed her fingers down his cheek. By the time she told him to sleep, she was almost kissing him, and as she said those words she took a hold of his short air and pulled his head back with just enough force to lead him back down onto the couch.

            Vera worked fast these days, she’d had enough practice to where her technique was honed to a razor’s edge of efficiency. Part of that included minimizing the amount of time she spent with her targets in a non-hypnotic state, and maximizing their vulnerabilities by playing her part, whatever persona she wore, perfectly. It was like a rapid induction, she put on the facade of whatever women her subject was most responsive to, used that instant connection and desire to form a rapport, and then immediately escalated that facade into her induction.

            Chase assumed she was a flirty, single MILF who was taken with his easy charm and sexuality and the assumption he went through his life with that all women wanted to fuck him, and used the innuendo of sleep, and of stalling, while initiating intimate contact with him, while also distracting him with her nipples, to overload his conscious mind and give him an easy out into shutting down and going into hypnotic sleep. Pulling his hair was like a snap, a clap, or an arm tug, but also much more dominant, and it in itself was a powerful suggestion that framed what was going to happen next.

            If he’d had a different energy or vibe, she would have waited until during or after the workout, because she did have a gym in her garage,

            “You’re very tired Chase,” Vera straddled him in the couch and pressed her tits against his face and cradled his head to her chest. “You can just sleep now, it’s okay. You’re so strong, you have all those big muscles, I’m sure it’s exhausting to always be working out, so haaaaaaard.”

            Now that she had pulled him under, she was going to smother his sense of self before she destroyed it.

“I’m sure you really do need to just sink a little deeper into sleep now. You can just drift away to sleep with me, and you can stop trying. Just stop trying to be strong, you know it’s so hard when you’re so sleepy. You’re so strong, but that’s just making you feel even sleepier now. You’re used to feelings so strong, so feeling this sleepy and weak must mean you’re really tired now. So tired. So sleepy. So weak. Just stop trying to be strong, when you’re feeling so weak, and sleepy now. So weak and sleepy, so exhausted and heavy now Chase. It’s okay, it’s all okay, just sleep deep for me. Just sleep, deeper and deeper now. The weaker you feel, the weaker you are, because you’re so strong that you must really be weak now. So weak. Too weak. Just sleep.”

            His body moved with instinctive resistance, even as his conscious mind continued fading down into the warmth of deep trance, and Vera knew that was happening, she felt it in the way he shifted under her. The more he moved with involuntary struggle, the tighter she held his head against her breasts, and every time she said sleep, she pulled on his hair again, before pulling him back closer and tighter in her smothering embrace.

            After the last pull and press she felt his body give way just enough, and pressed her hips down on his growing erection.

            “I’d let you touch them if you weren’t so tired Chase,” she stroked the back of his head as she spoke, and rolled her hips against him to get and give a little more stimulation and friction. “But you’re just so sleepy now, so tired and so suddenly sleepy and weak. You could try and touch them now if you wanted to, you could try and lift those big, heavy, muscular arms up to try, but they’re just so heavy, and you really are feeling so weak now.”

            She shifted back just a little and sat more upright on his lap, “You’re so sleepy, you’re already so deep asleep now that you feel like you’re dreaming, and it’s so hard to move in your dreams. And you can open your eyes now Chase, open your eyes, and stay deep asleep, or wake up into this sleepy, warm dream, but open your eyes for me, open your heavy, heavy eyes for me now. I know it’s hard, I know that everything you do is making you feel so much weaker, but you can do this for me now.”

            He didn’t respond as fast as she’d expected him to, so she leaned in close and whispered to him as she brushed her lips against his ear until she felt his body stir with a sharp start.

            “What the fuck?” He’d dipped very deep, very fast, and now his waking from trance was closer to waking from being in a full, deep sleep. But as fast as he woke, the groggy, hypnotic haze was still on him, and Vera put a finger to his lips as he spoke.

            “Ssshhhh, it’s okay,” she cooed to him in her softest, most seductively soothing voice, “just…”

            Vera pulled down her stretchy white one piece top and revealed her large, flawless, breasts, “look at my tits for as long as your heavy eyes can stay open.”

            The sound of her voice, her closeness, and the sight of her tits combined to overwhelm his disoriented, waking mind. “Just look at them sleepyhead, stare as long as you can until those heavy, sleepy eyes close again, and just listen…”

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