Story Preview: Spilling Out

Spilling Out
A Smuthunter Story

            “Hi, Frank?” Frank Burk, like a lot of people, had found himself in need of the extra income that could come from short term subletting a part of his home. He had a nice split-level house, but nice times had become rough, and finding himself as an under-employed single income taking on a mortgage made for two, he had to make some changes in his life.

            The young woman who had knocked on his front door was certainly a change, and he was afraid his eyes were going to bug out of his head if he wasn’t careful, “Hi, yes, I’m Frank, and you must be Tiffany.”

            “Yeah, that’s me,” she smiled as she chirped out a giggly little laugh, “Your house is so big, and it looks so nice, I already feel soooooo lucky to get to stay here while I’m in town.”

            She was barely over five feet tall, had dyed white blonde hair that was up in a topknot that spelled down to her shoulders, light brown eyes that were almost orange, looked vaguely east Asian, had full lips, a slender jaw, round cheekbones, a narrow waist, and tits the size of her head.

            Her tits were so big that they were spilling out of her pink, spaghetti strapped tank top that she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra under, and the black velvet chocker she wore was the top of a picture frame around her tits. Her voice was upbeat, and not too soft, or too high pitched, and it didn’t have any kind of affectation or accent he could notice, but then again, her tits made it hard for him to even notice her tight black yoga pants and strappy sandals, or not get hard himself.

            There was something pornographic about the way her breasts seemed like they were trying to fall out of her top, and something hypnotic about the way they came to life every time she moved or breathed.

            “Yeah, uh…” she walked in and put her two bags down with a jiggle, brushed her hair back, off her shoulders and smiled at him as he did his level best not to eye fuck the tanned masses of breast that were barely being contained. “It’s big, a little too big for one person, which is why I’m short term renting the lower level out. Here’s your key, this is to the lower level door, and to the adjoining door between your rooms, and the laundry room and stairs. There’s a bathroom with a shower down there like the listing said, and you can use the kitchen as needed, obviously…”

            “Okay, great,” she cut him off with a sweet, even smile, “do you think you could show me to my rooms, and help me with my bags before you give me the big tour?”

            There was something much more forceful in the feeling of her question than in her asking it, and he couldn’t tell if her tits were jiggling because of something she did, or if that ridiculously impractical top and their enormous size meant they actually always bounced around if she did something as simple as take a deep breath.

            “Sure, yeah, sure, sorry…” He bent down to pick up her bags and almost got a face full of bosom as she took a step forward at the same time.

            “Oh no, it’s my fault,” she chirped out another little giggle and then put a hand over his, “I can get this one, but thank you. The other one’s just soooo heavy, and you know…”

            She didn’t finish the thought, but her tits did, and more than implied, “I’m already carrying these around too.”

            Frank couldn’t imagine she’d actually flown like that, but at the same time, maybe she did. It was obvious, based on her appearance, that she knew how to take care of her looks, and had to know exactly what she was doing wearing that top, and he did his best not to judge. Who was he to fault her for taking advantage of her looks, or more so, taking best advantage of what she obviously worked hard to cultivate.

            Maybe that was it.

            Maybe what made her seem so forceful was that she had the confidence of someone people didn’t usually say no too.

            “If you need me, I spend most of my time upstairs and not on the middle floor, and you have my number so you can text or call instead of coming up. Honestly, if you want to use the living room on the main floor, that’s fine. Down here is laundry, the machines are new, so no problems, I have pretty basic detergent, that you’re welcome to, and…”

            He opened the door to the basement suite, which was a furnished bedroom, and a half bathroom, and a small furnished den that had a door to the backyard as well as a mini fridge. All the furnishings were new, mid range mass market pieces, and had seemed to more than meet the needs of his previous short stay tenants.

            “This is so much nicer than some of the other places I’ve rented, I can tell you’re a really considerate guy, and that makes me feel soooo much more comfortable. Can you put my bag down over by the bed please?”

            The room wasn’t that big, it would have been a couple steps for her if he’d left her bag by the door, but there was some chemistry in the compliment, followed by the order that was shaped like a question, and the question of if the shape of her top could keep her tits from falling out, which they seemed even closer to doing now for some reason, that in total overwhelmed him and made him just sort of do what she said without a second thought.

            It was more like there was no thought, that in that one singular moment her words moved him like a puppet on a string.

            To Frank, he would of course have put her bag down by the bed anyway, but the way her tits jiggled and the way she spoke really did cause his brain to skip a beat, and he was doing it before he realized it.

“Thank you Frank, it really makes me feel so happy and so comfortable being here with you. And I bet this bed is really comfortable too.” She sat down on the bed and bounced on it a little bit, making her tits bounce a lot.

He stared at them as she kept bouncing, bouncing, bounce… “And I can tell you really care about me being comfortable and happy. Don’t you?”

“Uh, of course I…” she bounced again, and it seemed like she moved her shoulders to make the hypnotic jiggle of her breasts change ever so slightly.

“That,” she bounced, and shifted again and Frank couldn’t believe her tits hadn’t fallen out, and weren’t falling out as he stared at them, “really makes me so happy. I can tell you really care about that. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you’re not just trying to make an easy buck or take advantage of people, especially me. Cause you, know…”

She brushed her hair back with her elbows up in the air and her chest thrust out, then stretched her arms up over her head, “It would be soooo easy to take advantage of me. I’m a very trusting person. This bed feels really comfortable, I bet you have to be a little trusting too, to let people stay in your home, even if it is for money and you do have locks. This bed really does feel soooo comfortable.”

Her nipples, her big nipples, stood out against the tight fabric of her top, and every time she jumped from on thought to another, she shifted, bounced, or jiggled, and the mesmerizing motion of her tits kept distracting him from really grasping what she was saying.

“You can trust me Frank, I’m sure you trust me already, that’s why you’re letting me stay here.” One of the straps fell down off her shoulder as she kept bouncing on the bed, but slower now, and smaller.

“Oops,” she stopped her jiggling motions just long enough to pull the strap back up, “What was I saying?”

Tiffany put her finger to her lips, and in doing so seemed to accidentally squeeze her tits together between her arms, “That’s right, I just know you feel like you can already trust me, because we’re both really trusting people. We have to be to be able to do this. You and me, sleeping together…” she started to bounce again, “under the same roof. But being able to rest, and relax with each other.”

She shifted her hips on the bed, and he started down at her as her hypnotic, enthralling tits went form bouncing and jiggling up and down to just jiggling back and forth, and it seemed impossible that they hadn’t fallen out yet. “Because we both need to be comfortable. We both need to just rest, and relax, and trust each other, uh huh?”

She nodded, and he felt the need to nod along, and she bounced a little again, “Do you want to rest, and relax and trust me?”

It wasn’t just the mass of her breasts jiggling either; it was the strange, distracting anxiety of her top barely keeping them in. Even with the crossed straps, her top was so small and her breasts were so big that it seemed inevitable that one or both of them were just going to fall out in all of their massive, bouncing glory. Frank wasn’t a perv or a creep, Tiffany’s breasts were simply undeniable, and he surprised himself by saying, “Rest and relax, and trust you,” echoing the idea she’d put in his head, like it was hidden down in her cleavage, and he found it by staring.

“You’re the best proprietor or homeowner I’ve ever had so far Frank,” she let her hair down and smiled up at him. Something in her tone changed, and he noticed something in her posture, a subtle shift of her hips that seemed to turn her tits, that were still in danger of spilling right out in front of him, away form him.

“Well, I’ll let you get situated, if you need me for anything…” As compelling and irresistible as the near palpable gravity of his border’s chest was, and as inexplicably captivating and compelling as her voice had become, Frank knew it…

“Frank,” she stood up with a ballet dancer’s fluid grace, making her tits bounce more vigorously than before, “wait!”

The way she said his name, so warm and so sweet, and so soft, and the way she moved, so gracefully and deceptively fast, and the way she commanded him to wait, made him freeze in his tracks. “I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable. I know it’s weird having someone in your house, but you’re making me feel so comfortable, and relaxed, and I do trust you, I just hope you can really relax, and be comfortable while I’m here, and I do want you to trust me. And if you let me…”

She walked up to him, her hips swaying and her tits jiggling as she moved just within her personal space, “I can help you really relax, if you let me. I’m sure I can help you feel much more comfortable with me if we just talk a little bit longer. I know it would help me relax even more, and make me even more comfortable.”

She’d clasped her hands behind her back as she spoke, and as impossible as the circumstances seemed, as she rolled her shoulders back and then continued to feign stretching, her huge, jiggling tits completely entranced him while her sweet words started pushing thoughts out of his head as soon as he had them.

It was her cadence, and it matched her jiggle, and the continued possibility of those tits just falling out of her top. It was like she was reading his mind, whenever her words lost their grip on his focus, or whenever her breasts stopped their enthralling, barely contained jiggling, she would emphasis the other. In those short few words, she’d bounced back and forth, softly overwhelming his mind to the point he couldn’t think of a reason to say no, or say much of anything.

“Will you let me help you relax now Frank? Will you let yourself just be comfortable with me now, just by letting yourself trust me completely now Frank?”

She nodded as she said his name, and nodded again as he stared helplessly at her jiggling, bouncing breasts. They were going to fall right out of her top at any second. They were too big and too bouncy to stay in that little pink top, and Frank was so enthralled by the sight of her huge tanned breasts, and so disarmed by the smooth, constant sound of her voice, that like when she told him to put her bag down, he just said “Yes” without a single thought.

“There’s all kinds of relaxation exercises I could show you,” she made a point to put even more jiggle into her hypnotic bouncing as she said it, “but I think it’s like,” she tilted her head to the side and played with her long, blonde hair and shifted her weight just enough to make the on again and off again jiggling continue, “maybe we were both excited, or nervous about meeting each other, and sometimes it’s like that nervousness is just excitement about something you know is going to happen…”

Tiffany’s head bobbed side to side as she thought out loud and played with her hair, and her whole body seemed to move like she was dancing with her thoughts. She let the pause last so long that Frank started to become more aware of himself again and felt a nagging social pressure to both continue to listen to his boarder, and a sudden awareness that he should not stare at her overwhelming, bouncing breasts that did seem like they were even closer to pooping out of her top, but the more he waited for her to finish her thought, the more erotically hypnotic her breasts became.

Frank felt himself just sort of given in to the pull of her breasts, and stared down at them and not into her soft brown eyes. As his gaze moved up to her eyes, then back down to her breasts and stayed there, she continued her thought. Her voice felt like a reward for him choosing to just stop trying, and just give in to their hypnotizing jiggle and bounce.

“And you know it’s inevitable, that thing you know is going to happen, but it’s so big that you can’t stop thinking about it happening. And that’s so, not distracting, it’s the opposite of distracting, but it can be so all consuming that everything, just everything else kind of fades away into the background, right?”

She nodded slowly, and he nodded along as he felt dreamy and disconnected, focused on the soft, bouncing perfection of her breasts, eagerly watching, waiting, knowing it was just a matter of time. The anticipation was just as appealing, just as entrancing as their stop and start bouncing. Her words leaving him hanging, her breasts capturing him until her words came back and pulled his narrowing focus back to her warm, entrancing voice.

“And you’re so distracted from everything else, because you’re so focused on what you know is going to happen, something you’re excited about, something you’re really excited about happening, that you don’t even realize when you’ve pulled your big cock out for me now, and that’s okay, because you know something is going to happen that you don’t even realize you’re pulling your cock out and stroking it for me, because your cock’s gotten so big and so hard that it’s just aching to spill out of your pants because it’s too tight, and your balls are so pent up that you need to cum, because it feels like you might just start spilling out any second now.”

Frank’s hand moved between his legs as he watched, hypnotized by her breasts and helplessly fascinated by the certainty her tits were going to spill out of her top at any second. She even agreed with him, it was just a matter of time before her massive breasts broke free, and he couldn’t think of anything at all, not anything else, he just couldn’t think.

The eventuality of her breasts spilling out was all that mattered, it was the only thing that mattered.

“You’re so focused on what’s going to happen that nothing else matters anymore. You’re just so focused on something you know is going to happen, that you know is going to happen, that you don’t need to know what’s happening now. And that’s just what’s happening, isn’t it Frank? Do you agree with me? You do don’t you Frank?”

Frank’s cock was in his hand in front of her, and he was working it slowly, staring at her massive chest, “Yeah.”

“Good boy,” she bounced on the balls of her feet, and as she did she subtly pulled down on the lower hem of her top, and as she did, her hypnotic breasts popped right out, “now sleep.”

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