Story Preview: Shape of Surrender

Shape of Surrender
A Smuthunter Story

“Hello Peter, it’s wonderful to meet you,” Dr. Angelica Burke’s warm smile and easy poise was remarkably and naturally disarming. Her dark brown eyes, touched by crow’s feet around the edges, were curious and welcoming, and her closed lipped smile revealed natural, and well earned smile lines at the corners of her mouth. “Why don’t you sit anywhere you’d like, and we can talk a little bit about why you’re here, and what I do.”

Her reddish, dark brown hair was up in a simple bouffant, with wavy strands that framed her round face, and she was wearing a simple, light gray flannel skirt suit with a creamy white button up blouse, and it fit well, showing off her wide hips, her pronounced chest, and accentuated both her natural height and her posture. In her black heels, which Peter noticed as he sat on the couch and subconsciously looked down at her feet, she was just above eye level with him.

Dr. Burke was a mature, tall, and curvaceous woman, and all of that enhanced her welcoming energy, and accepting aura. Peter felt like he’d wholly entered her space, and when she talked to him, he felt swept up in her attention. There was an uncanny flattery to being the center of her focus, and she stood over him, looking down at him, before he looked up from feet to meet her gaze.

That was when he noticed that the top button of her button up blouse was lower than he realized, and that it was unbuttoned. She was revealing, he couldn’t help but notice, a great deal of her great deal of cleavage.

“I assume you know that while I can practice any number of therapeutic modalities with you, my primary focus is the use of hypnosis.” She smiled at him, pulled up her chair, unbuttoned her blazer, and sat down with her legs crossed and a clipboard with a pen on her knee. “I use a complex and progressive model of hypnotherapy to create and expand an open dialogue between us, and your inner self to help with emotional awareness, need, and personal interrogation while cultivating a stronger observer self in you, helping you to have a healthier and more complex sense of emotional control.”

Peter nodded along, following the confidence in her voice, and feeling like he was grasping at least most of what she was saying, or at least recognizing the words and the context all while trying not to stare even more intently at her chest.

She smiled at him, a patient smile that made her warm and powerfully focused gaze that much stronger and more welcoming. Making eye contact with her made him feel like the world around them was closing down to just the two of them. “In other words, I hypnotize you to bypass the parts of you that get in the way of your health, happiness, and wellbeing, and then we build those parts up to replace, mitigate, and remove your unhealthy patterns of thoughts and feelings. So, do you feel comfortable with that approach? If you don’t, we can do other modes, but this is my specialty, and I believe that it can help you if you try it.”

Being caught in her gaze, meeting her deep, dark brown eyes, was like being a deer caught in the headlights of a car, but instead of the shock of bright lights, it was the welcoming warmth of compassion. His awkward, distracted thoughts of not wanting to be caught staring and getting lost in her deep cleavage faded away. Her eyes were full of empathy and as he stared deeper while she explained, feeling that this was where he was supposed to be staring, not down at her remarkable breasts, listening to her easy, soothing confidence, he felt like agreeing with her. He felt like he wanted her energy in his life.

“I guess? I’ve never been hypnotized before, or really been to a therapist before, I’m just willing to try anything if it will help me feel… I know we talked on the phone, but really… I just want to feel… normal again?”

She folded her hand over her pen, flat on the clipboard, and his eyes followed that motions, then got caught by the perfectly framed picture of her soft breasts and deep cleavage, soft and deep, and welcoming, just like her eyes… Eyes he looked back into, where he saw deep and profound care, then he saw a keen and knowing smile on her lips. “Well I’m happy to say that hypnosis can be very easy and natural when you open yourself up to it,” she sat with her shoulders back ever so slightly but it was enough to make her chest stick out and draw his eye again, but only for another glance, then he was staring deeper into her eyes than before,  “which you’re doing because you’re here, and there’s no such thing as normal.”

He knew what she meant, but before he could try and correct himself, she nodded along with his unspoken thoughts. “How we feel day to day changes, but we do have a baseline where we can and do feel comfortable with ourselves, and calm and collected in our own minds and bodies, which…” 

The smile moved from her lips to her eyes, making them sparkle with a mischievous enthusiasm. Her thought hung and she picked up her pen, tapped it on the clipboard, then set it back down again, and as she did, his eyes followed the moevent, and fell down into her cleavage until the pen was down, then he was looking up into her eyes, seeing her smile sympathetically. “Happens to be one of hypnosis’s most organic strengths, and something I also naturally specialize in as a result.”

Peter realized he was hanging on her every word, caught up in her deep dark eyes, and he felt like she was holding him with her gaze, holding him gently as she also stared deeply into his eyes… until she started to play with her pen again, then he was staring at the soft, warm expanse of her breasts, more specifically her deepening cleavage.”

“We all want to feel calm in ourselves,” she tapped the pen as she set it back down on her clipboard, and Peter’s focus snapped back into her deep, dark brown eyes. “And we all want to feel peace of mind when we’re alone with ourselves, and one of the reasons hypnosis can be so easy when you’re open to it is that it can just happen.”

As she spoke, he felt a soft, fuzzy calm in the back of his mind, like being happily sleepy and content. He felt his eyes flutter ever so slightly as he realized his gaze had wandered back down to her breasts again.

“I didn’t have to tell you to look deep into my eyes, like you are now. And I didn’t have to ask you to relax and let yourself go, or focus on your breathing for us to begin.”

Again, her eyes, her deep, dark brown eyes sparkled with knowing and encouraging mischief, and as he blinked, noticing how softly detached and relaxed he was starting to feel. He had looked back up into her eyes automatically, and  he felt himself blush under her gaze, and with nervousness.

She must have seen him staring at her breasts, but that wasn’t what he was thinking. He shifted a little both from his surprising start of an erection, and from nervousness both about his body and what she had just done. He shook his head slightly, trying to clear away the soft lingering touch of trance, “How did you do that?”

“Relax Peter,” she picked up her pen and tapped it on the clipboard and his eyes moved to follow the motion, and this time as she continued speaking, her tone growing softer, his eyes became heavier, and stayed fixated on her deep cleavage,  “some things naturally happen in conversation, and naturally happen when you talk to a hypnotist. Now, just look deep into my eyes and focus on the sound of my voice.”

Her eyes sparkled with amusement at his nervous shifting, and she laughed as he realized he was looking around the room, and not into those deep, dark, sparkling eyes… straining also not to stare mouth agape at her luscious, full breasts.

He laughed in response to her laugh, and for fear that he’d been caught staring at her tits yet again, because as he realized he was trying not to stare, his eyes had moved back to them, but when she spoke, that concern fell away yet again.

 “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. But fundamentally hypnosis is a state of singular focus and physical relaxation wherein you become more receptive to suggestion, both from external and internal sources. The conscious mind, or the waking self, when in trance, becomes less critical while the subconscious, which is always receptive and open, takes over. You don’t have two parts of your brain, this is just a description of how we function. And when you intently pay attention to someone…like you are focusing on me now…” 

She nodded as she spoke, and steadily tapped her pen on the clipboard. The tapping, and the shift of her head, and he might have even thought the shift of her eyes down as she nodded, kept redirecting his gaze back to her tits any time he looked up into her eyes. “And when you try not to get nervous… as you are trying so hard and using so much of your mind and awareness now…” 

He’d tried to politely stay looking deep into her eyes, and every time he looked down, he felt his own eyelids getting heavier and heavier. “ You tend to open yourself up to trance more naturally and easily.”

Her breasts were large, and looked wonderful in whatever bra she was wearing that was hefting them up, and her lightly tanned skin stood out wonderfully against the color of her blouse and the gray of her blazer. “ Because your conscious mind just tires itself out and needs to rest when it gets hypnotically overwhelmed.”

Her tits were truly beautiful and full, and they enhanced her warm, welcoming, and compassionate voice and aura. He stared deep into her cleavage, as deeply as he’d stared into her eyes, and felt his heavy, tired eyelids starting to flutter.

He did need to rest.

He did feel hypnotically overwhelmed.

“You were paying attention to every word I said, and you were doing little things we all do to try and manage our nervousness, so you were focused and trying to relax, but the more you focused on trying to relax, the more aware of how much you needed to relax, and that is just mentally exhausting to the point of fatigue, does that make sense?”

He nodded. He felt wrapped up in her, and while he was still nervous about how he kept staring at her breasts, any time the thought came to his mind and he forced himself to look into those welcoming, kind, and understanding eyes again, he just got lost and stared until something made his gaze drop back down to her tits… like blinking and feeling how heavy his eyelids were… and how warm, and soft her breasts were.

He had to look up into her eyes, but he could just sink down into her cleavage.

“And as a hypnotist, and I feel like you’ll understand this, even when I don’t mean to, I can still accidentally, or subconsciously use the skills I have to help people naturally make their way into trance. I can lead their eyes, lead their mind, and build off the natural things they do, and use those behaviors to just easily help them…”

She didn’t move her pen, or shift her gaze, she just sat, looked deep into his eyes, and smiled, then nodded ever so slightly as she said “Focus, relax, and drop.”

HIs eyes focused on her breasts, he relaxed as he stared, and then dropped all pretense of not staring down into her cleavage. HIs eyes closed, his head tilted forward, and he felt a wave of relaxation and peaceful heaviness wash over him.

“Open your eyes and look deep into my eyes now,” she laughed a soft, encouraging, and understanding little laugh, like she would laugh at a puppy’s antics, and it was the hardest thing in the world to look back into her eyes. It was hard to pull himself up from the soft, warm, welcoming, deeper darkness of her voice… like her cleavage that was still floating in his mind’s eye, ethereal as he’d drifted. ”Sit up straight and look deep into my eyes again Peter.

When he made eye contact with her again, once again her deep, dark brown eyes swallowed him whole. He found himself sitting bolt upright and wholly focused on her eyes. Part of him, instinctively, tried to look away, yearning to stare at her breasts again, but he simply could not look away from her eyes.  ”I’m sure you can imagine how easy it is for me, when I try, to make it very easy for my subjects to find themselves staring deeper into my eyes as everything else starts to fade away.”

She nodded again and he nodded again as he stared deeply into those deep, dark eyes again… until they flittered down towards her chest as she tapped the pen, and his eyes fell helplessly back to her deep cleavage. “And it feels natural too, doesn’t it? Just to stare deeply, noticing the sound of my voice becomes more clear as everything else becomes softer and quieter in the background of your narrowing awareness now, deeper down between the sound of my voice and softness now, doesn’t it?”

She nodded with every question, and Peter nodded along in agreement as the sound of the pen’s steady, monotonous tapping grew softer and softer as he stared deeper and deeper into her cleavage as her breasts seemed to grow larger and larger.

“And it’s easy to let go of everything else at those fading edges now, isn’t it? Easier to focus on the sound of my voice and just sit back than to try and pay attention to everything, and the soft, heavy, blurry edges of your fading, falling, sinking awareness now, sinking deeper into the warm, comforting softness….”

Peter felt his body slump back into the couch as his eyes stayed focused on her rising and falling breasts, falling into her breathing, his mind sinking deeper into her cleavage “Of my voice,” as everything else fell away into muffled, unfocused softness.

“And when you’re ready to just close your eyes and sink into deep trance for me, it will just happen. And until your mind and body are ready to just let go, sink back, and drop deeper. You can notice now just how deep and dark my eyes truly are if you want to look back up and into them, or you can keep sinking deeper down into, warm, welcoming… deep… heavy… softness now.”

Peter had looked up into her eyes, not choosing to, just following her voice, but when she said down, his eyes drifted back to her breasts as easily as blinking.” As he did, as he just fell to the growing weight of his own heavy head, and by the gravity of her breasts, he let out a soft, breathy sigh of pleasure as his erection, now full, throbbing in his pants. 

“You can look up to see how the brown of my irises gets deeper and darker the longer you stare,” her words pulled his eyes back up again, “almost like my pupils are getting bigger now that you see just how deep and dark…” 

Her eyes, as her breasts had seemed to earlier, swallowed him up, and he fought not to just let his own eyes close, “ So dark, like midnight sleep…”

He blinked, and she tapped her pen again, causing his eyes to drop down to her breasts.

“Deep sleep.”

Peter’s eyes closed and everything felt wonderfully soft, and quiet, and relaxing as a wave of warmth washed over him from head to toe, much stronger than before.

“Good, now as you sit with me I want you to just look inward towards how you feel now. Look inside and notice how easy it is as you follow the sound of my voice away from your outer self, and deeper into the sound of my voice as it fills your quiet, sleeping mind. Notice how good it feels to do this, follow the pleasure of deep trance. It does feel very good doesn’t it, Peter?”

He let out a little, warm moan, following the permission she was giving him to feel good.

“I didn’t quite hear that, please let me know if you’re finding deep trance with me pleasurable and easy to sink deeper into now, Peter.”

His bones felt warm and loose, like his body was melting in the best way, “Yes, it does.”

“Good Peter, thank you for being such a good subject. We’re here together now, working on relaxing you, opening you up, and making you feel good about just letting go and being who you are. Hold on to the sound of my voice…”

He felt her move and sit down next to him, “Just like I’m holding your hand now, and lead me deeper into your mind.”

She held his hand gently with one hand and stroked the back of his hand with the other, “That’s it, deeper down now, deeper and deeper down into your core. Open up and lead the way past all the parts of yourself that judge and think, that criticize and condemn you with self awareness.”

She kept stroking his hand, but slowed it down to match his breathing, and without a word from her about it, he found himself breathing deeper and slower in time with her caress. She pulled his hand ever so gently, and his body fell into hers, his head coming to rest on her breasts, and she cradled him there, not speaking, only stroking his hand as she gently rubbed the base of his neck.

 He felt like there was a hole in the back of his mind that he was falling into, falling backwards and down into a deepening blackness, physically moving through himself and taking her with him, leaving the parts of himself she talked about behind. Leaving his body in her arms, and taking her words deep into his soul.

“You’re doing so well, you’re a natural at this, and I can tell we’re there now, deep in the heart of who you truly are and who you want to be. This is the core of your true self, and for you to be you, this part of you moves upwards through your layers of conscious and unconscious awareness.”

He was lost in her words, and he felt a deep, undeniable pleasure building up between his legs. Part of him, on some deep and primal, subconscious level knew she had started stroking his cock instead of his hand, but his body was too far away from himself to truly enjoy it, or stop it. 

“Passing through those layers changes you and tempers you. It also slows you down and gets in your way, because what you want collides with what you’ve learned. And here, with hypnosis, we can connect you to this place and create a new path for your inner self and your deeper truths. This part of you can conquer anxiety and apprehension, this part of you can be fearless and decisive, and even more than that, this part of you can simply be. And don’t you just want to be yourself, Peter?”

He shuddered and moaned, aching to feel and be what she described.

Dr. Burke’s voice was so soft, and she was so gentle and caring with him. He felt her closeness, her energy wrapping around him, and a tenderness he had not expected radiating through her hands and up into his body. His cock was no longer in his pants, but in her hand, and as she stroked him so softly and slowly, too gently and slowly to make him cum, he felt her pulling him into her aura more and more, like a warm fire on a cold night, and everything about her was softness.

She was softness and he was hard. He was sinking into her softness, engulfed in her.

“I need you to answer me Peter, do you want to be yourself?” 

She spoke softly and with an undeniable patience that told him she knew exactly how he felt, and what he needed. He understood the touch of mischievous enthusiasm he’d seen in her eyes, and in her approach; what he was feeling was both euphoric and deeply, profoundly and intoxicatingly relaxing. If she’d told him this was how he would feel, he wouldn’t have believed her or been able to reach this place.

And he never would have thought he’d wanted her to play with him this way, to make all of him, inside and out feel like this.

“I want to be myself.”

He felt a heavy weight lift from his mind, and his body, and he let out a deep sigh after he spoke. His balls were starting to ache with steady, pent up arousal, and he felt like he was on the knife’s edge of his cock following the rest of his body, and his mind… but it was so far away, and it felt so good, all he could do was simply be… Be what she was helping him to be…Be himself, and that self was lost in her now.

“I know you do, it’s what we all want, and what we all strive to be and struggle against every day. Now listen very carefully Peter. Everything we are is made up of our inner self, and our outer self. Everything we are is informed by awareness of the self, and all of our awareness is critical, so the only way to truly be what we are is to wholly give ourselves over to oblivion. Let go of listening, let go of thinking, let go of sleeping, and being awake. Let go and let yourself fall even deeper into the sound of my voice. I’ll catch you when you fall, and I’ll hold your truest self and show you how to be yourself fully and completely.”

A great, hot, deep, orgasmic relief shuddered through him from head to toe, and he was only briefly aware of the feeling of cloth wrapping around his cock as she spoke. He exploded from his core, and as he did, he heard her saying the words, “Fully and completely” over and over again while her hand milked him dry.

Peter felt himself falling deeper into the hole in his mind, until…

“…and to help you anchor this state of self, I am going to give you a verbal trigger and a sense memory to help you. You are very open right now Peter, open and vulnerable, because to be our truest selves is to be vulnerable. And you are also vulnerable because deep trance with someone you trust, and you do trust me to go this deep and be this open and vulnerable, is its own powerful vulnerability. Suggestion is a part of vulnerability, and you are very hypnotically suggestible now.”

He floated in warmth and calm, only aware of her voice as she continued, the whole of his body was weightless and formless.

“The sense memory trigger I am going to give you is a smell, because smell is the sense most powerfully associated with memory, and the way I am going to give you this trigger is to say the word remember and have you inhale deeply through your nose to anchor it. And since you feel so wonderful and open and trusting with me, it’s going to be so easy for you to trust me to do this, to help you, and to give you this trigger that will help us now, and in future sessions.’

He felt her gently brush his lips with a finger, and he opened his mouth, “Close your mouth, let your lips feel natural as they touch, feeling so relaxed as you focus on just breathing through your nose. Now as you focus on inhaling through your nose, notice how your jaw relaxes, making it so easy to fully and completely breathe out through your mouth. In through your nose, nice and deep, and out through your mouth, easily and fully, This is to help you fully breathe in the anchoring scent, and to help your body recognize and remember just how relaxing it is.”

What she said made sense, because she said it. Why else would she be saying or doing anything that wasn’t to help him? And as he found himself thinking those agreeable thoughts, he noticed how his body was relaxing even more, feeling every exhale causing him to melt more and more into the couch.

His whole body was loose, almost numb with relaxation, and he felt her straddle his face. He breathed in her arousal, her heat, her desire, and it flooded his nose. He heard the word “remember” repeated over and over in his ears… and then in his mind, made him stop thinking or wondering, and just sort of… fade between her legs.

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