Free Story: Ruby Red 2-Long Shadows

Ruby Red 2: Long Shadows
A Smuthunter Sequel

“So,” Julia smiled at the buxom blonde woman sitting on her coach, “what brings you to my office today Britney?”

            They both laughed.

            “I really like your office, it’s warm, and it’s professional. It feels really good in here.” Britney hadn’t changed a lot outwardly since college. She was still gorgeous, still full of energy, but there was something different about her now. There was an intangible change in her, something that Julia couldn’t put her finger on.

            “You look good too. But you look like,” Britney squinted her bright blue eyes, “like you’re totally playing down how hot you are. Those glasses kind of hide your face and make your eyes a little big, and that dress doesn’t really flatter anything. But that’s good right, like you don’t want you clients crushing on you do you?”

            Julia laughed, “Pretty much. But,” now she narrowed her own deep dark brown eyes at Britney, “I like this dress, I like the pattern, and I don’t care if it makes me look like a mom.”

            It was kind of a mom dress, but she liked how it showed off her arms, and her cardigan was kind of a mom cardigan as well. She wore it to further downplay her figure and her looks, just like her boring shoes, and her boring pulled back hair. Neither of them were over 30, neither of them were ready to not be young and hot, but the job required Julia to be as boring looking as she could be during the day.

“No, it’s fine, I’m teasing.” Britney wasn’t dressed the way Julia had expected. She was wearing a thin black sweater that was very tight, but not at all what her look had been. It was pretty low cut, which was very Britney, but black had never been her color.

Neither was gray, but that was the color of the flannel skirt that went down to just above her knee. It was the right length for her, but it was also too plain. The only really ‘Britney’ thing she was wearing were her knee high soft leather boots. They were the kind of thing Julia had seen her friend wear before, and it was weird, really weird that the only color Britney had was the gold chain of the necklace that dipped down between her breasts.

 “Do you want to talk before lunch,” Julia suddenly felt a little hot, a little warmer than she had been a moment ago. As Britney adjusted herself and made eye contact with Julia that little flash of heat flared up again, “or over lunch, or come back here?”

As she finished asking her question, Julia removed her cardigan, but didn’t really feel much cooler.

“Can we talk here? I don’t really like,” Britney was nervous, and nervously playing with the chain of her necklace, “I don’t want to talk about it out in the open or anything. I know when I called you I said it was just a question, but it’s really personal, and some personal stuff happened.”

They hadn’t seen each other much since graduation. Part of that was just how people moved on and did different things after college, and part of it was Julia’s post grad was so time consuming she just wasn’t able to have fun anymore. And if you couldn’t go out and get down, then it was hard to keep up with Britney. It was like that in the sorority, and it seemed like it was like that after school too.

“And,” Britney’s French tipped nails slid down the gold chain, dipping into her cleavage, “it had been so long, and I didn’t want to, you know, lead with like super drama and stuff, but you’re the only person I could really feel like I could talk to about this stuff.”

They’d stayed in contact via internet friendship, and they’d messaged each other now and then, but even though they lived in the same city it had been impossible for them to connect. They’d tried a few times, but that was just adult life getting in the way.

Still, Julia had sort of stayed up to date on Britney’s life, and that was why seeing her in dark colors was so surprising. Every picture Britney shared was pink, or yellow, or baby blue, always colorful, always vibrant.

“Do you want to tell me what happened?” Julia crossed her legs, and her professional training kicked in.

“Okay, yeah, so um…” Britney went from playing with her necklace to playing with her hair, and Julia couldn’t help but noticing how much thicker her hair looked. It was lustrous and long, and it seemed more like silver and gold in that moment than blonde.

“I know this is going to sound crazy and weird, and it’s kind of why I needed to talk to you about it, because only you’d be able to understand, and, well, you wouldn’t judge me or laugh at me, and you’d probably believe me too.”

The way Britney spoke, the way she shifted on the couch and leaned back slightly as her fingers came back to the chain hanging from her neck, Julia felt pulled in, closer to her friend emotionally, or like she was filling up the room like she would at parties.

The good thing about not running with Britney socially anymore was that it meant Julia didn’t have to stand next to her all the time now.

Sometimes, back in school if there was a bitch they didn’t like at a party or some place, Julia and her friends would deploy Britney to flirt with the guy she was with, or just get near her to ruin her spot.

That was Britney, that was what she did.

“Well,” Julia let her voice fall into what she called the Compassionate Investigator voice, “why don’t you start at the beginning and we’ll make sense of all of it. What happened?”

“I,” Britney giggled and started rolling the chain between her fingers and her voice dropped to an exaggerated whisper, “I think a girl hypnotized me to have sex with her. Is that a thing? Could that have happened?”

Julia wanted to laugh, but she saw her friend blush, and the red on her cheeks made Britney look more vibrant. Was this what she looked like when she was getting hot? Her lips looked slightly more red too.

Oh god, what was she thinking?

Julia still wanted to laugh, but she also didn’t want to keep thinking of a glassy eyed, semi-contentedly smiling, totally tranced out Britney having sex with what she would only assume to be an equally hot mystery woman.

“So,” she uncrossed and then crossed her legs again, and for just a second as her Britney’s fingers slid back down into her cleavage and caught her eye again, Julia thought she smelled sex, and her words trailed off for just a second.

“So,” Julia started again, “hypnosis can do a lot, especially to unsuspecting people, but it’s not really magic or mind control. Depending on how suggestible you are, it can do more or less, but I’m not really and ‘expert’ expert, so, can I ask you, do you think you would have had sex with her otherwise? Do you, I mean, do you identify with being attracted to women?”

“Not really since college.”

It was hard to tell if Britney’s fingertips lingered down in her cleavage intentional or not, but the little laughter in her voice had the implication that meant ‘you know, just like you and all the other girls we knew’.

“But,” Britney bit her lip and it was her turn to trail off.

Wait, bit her lip the way she would when she came? Britney’s nails slid back up the chain, then started to fidget with her hair again.

While her friend was trying to figure out what to say, or how to say it, Julia couldn’t make sense of what was in her head. Why was Julia thinking these things? Why was it so warm in here, why did everything feel so close?

“But,” Britney’s smile was both guilty and delightful, “she was really pretty, and if I were drunk I would have been like sure. But it was like, the way she looked at me, and talked to me, I got sort of lost in her.”

Britney’s hand moved with the same subconscious compulsion, now she was vamping, fanning her fingers in front of her breasts. “Do you know what I mean, is that what it feels like to be hypnotized by someone?”

Britney’s voice had taken on a softness Julia had never heard before. It was delicate, gentle, confessional, and it sounded like if Julia just listened a little closer, Britney would tell her a secret.

“It,” Julia’s words trailed off in her mouth as Britney had leaned in a little closer, and the constant stroke of those nails on the chain pulled Julia’s attention Back to Britney’s breasts again.

“It can. But it’s not really like that, not even when it’s on stage.”

Julia didn’t realize she was biting her lip until she put her thoughts back together. Why was she so flustered? What was it about Britney, and what she was talking about?

“Now, tell me what happened, when did this happen?” These words came more vigorously than she’d intended too, and it sounded to her own professional ears that she was asking for details and dirt, not an accounting so she could be helpful.

  “I was wearing this really sexy purple sexy princess dress that totally showed off my boobs, you know, like the sexy French Maid costume you wore at that one costume party, and I was at this Halloween party cause I wanted to see this guy that was going to be there, and I was being nice and complimented this girl, she was like our age, who was dressed up as this sexy Dracula girl.”

Britney took a deep breath and sighed before she continued, and the sight of her breasts rising up, then falling down suddenly spread this heavy comfort through Julia, that made her do the exact same thing.

She wanted to be closer too; it felt like Britney’s body was inviting her into her orbit, and Julia couldn’t begin to make sense why. All of this was hot, and confusing, and comforting, and overwhelming, and weird, and dreamy all at once.

“It’s weird talking to you like this,” that same, soft, inviting secret voice called out to Julia, “why don’t you come sit next to me. I don’t want to like, be your client, or your patient, we’re friends right?”

Julia shook her head a little. It was so warm in her office, and it smelled like Britney. It felt like her friend was all over her skin, and it was so nice to be with her again. There was a confused and disorienting joy that came from moving closer to her, and it felt like this strange thrill she’d felt when they’d hugged after not seeing each other for so long.

As she sat down on the couch next to Briteny, the soft, reassuring fullness of the blonde’s breasts pressing into her came washing over her again, and it took all of her resolve not to embrace Britney again, not to pull her even closer.

“So,” Julia shook her head, centered herself, decided that her imagination was running away with her in the weirdest ways, and her friend came to her looking for help, so she would help her friend. “Did this Sexy Dracula Girl have a name, and what really makes you think she hypnotized you?”

Now it was Britney fighting back a chuckle, “See, when it gets said out loud

like that, it sounds funny right?”

She was tugging at the chain again, sliding it up and down, and Julia found herself watching it, wondering what was at the end of if, nestled down in the softness of Britney’s creamy, heavy breasts.

“Her name was Tasha, and when I started talking to her, I complimented her on her contacts lenses.”

Britney had shifted herself slightly so they were facing each other, and her fingers tugged at the chain again, revealing a marble sized spherical red ruby that started to swing back and forth as Britney continued to absentmindedly play with the thin gold chain.

 “They were really red, like bright red, glowing red, and then she told me to look into her eyes, and I thought it was funny, but they were so red, and warm, and inviting.”

As Britney spoke, the ruby at the end of her chain seemed to take on a glow, like the blush of Britney’s cheeks had, and as it swung back and forth in front of those large, inviting breasts, Britney’s chest started to become Julia’s world.

“You said it could do a lot of things, what if she was really good at it? Could she have really gotten me to lose myself in her eyes, or tricked me into thinking they were starting to glow…”

Julia had started to lose the train of the conversation, down in Britney’s cleavage as the ruby glowed brighter.

“And the longer she had me staring into the red, the more I wanted to…”

Everything was getting so quiet and it felt like Britney’s voice was touching her, like her words were caressing every inch of Julia’s skin. She was hot, turned on, hot and getting wet.

“Just stare, until everything else was all gone, only the warm, inviting red, and could she have hypnotized me into wanting her to take control, or lose myself inside her voice Julia? Does that sound like hypnosis to you?”

“I…” she was so confused.

It was important to watch someone’s face when they talked to you, to read their body language and their facial expressions, but somehow all she would do was stare at Britney’s breasts as the necklace swung back and forth, it’s red glow flowing into her eyes, making her warmer and hotter, and more turned on with every swing.

Julia’s voice felt like it was coming from far away, and sounded like it belonged to someone else. “I don’t know.”

“Maybe I should tell you more, but it’s like, really racy. Would it help if I told you more?”

Britney’s hand closed around the ruby, then she tossed her hair like she was in a shampoo commercial, and the strange magic of the moment was over, and Julia saw Britney smirking as her eyes made their way up from those breasts.

But now, they were so close, and it felt like Britney’s energy was consuming Julia’s personal space, like there was something magnetic in her now, keeping Julia there.

“Did I tell you that she told me to look into her eyes?” It seemed like Britney was trying to break whatever the tension in the room was, and for just a moment as Julia realized the absurdity of the story again, this time she had to laugh, and it felt like a brush of cool, fresh air.

But when it passed, and Julia realized how wet her panties were, the headiness of the room started to swirl around her again. As it did, Brittney seemed to reach out and swallow her again.

Only this time, under all of the warmth and heat, Julia was feeling a nervous, apprehensive twitch. It was just like she’d realized someone was watching her from the shadows even though she was in a well-lit office in the early afternoon.

“She had this accent too. So when she told me to look into her eyes it was really funny, but when she told me to look deep into her eyes,” Britney’s hand fell away and the ruby sat there in front of her breasts, warm and red and inviting.

“I couldn’t look away, and the more she talked to me, the more her voice kept going on and on, I could feel my inhibitions lowering, making me want her. She was so sexy too, and she got closer to me and closer.”

Julia felt soft fingers brushing down her bare arm, but all she could do was stare into the glowing red ruby, sinking back down between Britney’s demanding, compelling breasts.

“And when she touched me, it felt like she was inside my skin. Do you know what I mean Julia? Does that make sense?”

“Yes,” the world was so warm, so close, and so small, and Britney was all around her, Britney was all of it, and the ruby’s red glow was just a beacon, like a lighthouse in the fog, leading her deeper down into the softness of Britney’s cleavage.

“Maybe, you could just, I don’t know, just like explain to yourself how she could have made me feel this way.” Those fingers brushed Julia’s check, then those words were in her ear as Julia sat still while Britney closed the distance to take her hair down for her. “Make it all make sense to you Julia, you want it to make sense.”

As Britney’s fingers ran through her hair, those words were as heavy and full as the massive breasts that were practically in her face.

The gem glowed, lighting the way through her thoughts and memories, illuminating Julia’s professional memories until the right words came to her.

“She could have used implied suggestions to make you associate what she was doing with the movie Dracula, convincing you almost instantly that you were playing the part too, shooting the suggestion into your mind so fast you couldn’t separate fiction from reality.”

“Ooh,” Britney sighed in her ear, before running her fingers down to the neckline of Julia’s shoulders, where she held her with both hands, “I like that, that makes so much sense to you. It’ so easy for you to imagine that happening too isn’t it? It’s why you figured it out so fast, right? It was like, on the surface of your mind, and you could empathize with me right? You could imagine feeling what I must have felt, couldn’t you? To have all of that happen to you as you stared into the warm, red glow, just like me. Doesn’t that sound right? Doesn’t that sound good to you?”

The ruby had moved upward, making her eyes go up, and start to cross, like when someone moves their finger towards your forehead, and Britney’s pronounced chest was moving closer, like a pillow of softness that was smothering everything else.

“Yes.” The sense of agreement, the acceptance of that conceit, the logic of it all explained everything, and Julia didn’t even realize she’d just told herself she was also being hypnotized.

 “I could tell you about what she did next, but you would understand what happened to me so much better if I showed you, wouldn’t you?” Britney’s jiggling white breasts were smothering everything that wasn’t the ruby.

Julia swallowed, “Yes.”

She was wet, she was soaked, and felt a desire to squirm. But she also felt something else, she felt trapped in softness, not comforted, not hugged or embraced, but trapped, and it was too hard to think. It was too hard to sort anything out, not with the red glow and the insistence of her breasts.

Something was pushing her chin up, a soft fingertip that was lifting her gaze, and like a doll, her body complied.

Julia looked up at the Britney’s s face, and didn’t recognize who she was looking at, not until Britney smiled and her blue eyes flashed to life, loose, relaxed, happy, “Cause, I really want your help understanding, and it would just be so much easier too, like it would just have to be, right? So much easier for you.”

But, as Britney spoke, those delicate fingers had undone the topmost button on the back of Julia’s dress.

“She was just close to me likes this,” another button came down as those breasts came closer and the ruby reclaimed her focus, “and when she touched me everything became silent, and still, and distant. And then, I was naked.”

Julia was standing up in the middle of her office, naked, her arms down by her side, her eyes fixated on the red gem. Time was gone, and Britney’s fingers brushing down Julia’s chest didn’t feel like being touched, it felt like being swallowed.

“And she kissed my breast like this,” Britney’s lips pressed against the top of Julia’s left breast, and moved down to suck on her nipple, before gently releasing to a soft tease of the blonde’s tongue across it.

“But she sucked it for much longer before she,” Britney knelt down and buried her face between Julia’s legs.

It was instantaneous for Julia, and she made a soundless open-mouthed groan of relief as her entire body quaked and quivered while Britney held her hips, and licked and kissed until Julia simply couldn’t stand anymore.

After every sucking kiss and delicate lick, Julia heard Britney moaning into her pussy, “That’s it my sweet thing, give it all to me, give me more.”

After every quaking orgasm, Britney whispered to her slit, “Don’t you have any more for me?”

And Julia’s body wanted to say yes, wanted to answer her, but Britney’s lips spoke for her, kissing and sucking her until Julia quaked to completion again and again and again, until finally, Julia couldn’t stand, and Britney lowered. Her down onto the couch.

“I need my of you Julia, can I have all of you?”

Julia’s deep, dark, brown eyes flickered open to stare not at Britney’s breasts, but two pale, hollow orbs of blue, eyes that were empty but for the smallest fleck of life. “I need you Julia, I need you to feel whole again, help me.”

“Yes Britney, anything for you.”

Those lips kissed between her legs again, but not before they twisted into a smile, “Everything for me.”

And had all of that just been some random fantasy?

“Anyhow,” Julia smiled at her friend who really looked much more relieved, “I think you might have been a little tipsier than you thought, and I think she might have spoken to something you’ve been wanting to let out, because you miss the feeling of being uninhibited and were doubling down on the sort of no rules craziness of Halloween. But also, she probably did hypnotize you a little bit, and that’s either super sexy, or totally inappropriate depending on how you feel about it. Like, Britney, if it were a guy, it would be super gross.”

Julia couldn’t remember taking her hair down, but Britney’s story had been really engaging, and sometimes she did nervous, fidgety things with her hands, just like the way Britney played with her necklace or her own hair.

“Or, could it be like, maybe,” both of Britney’s hands came to rest on the tops of her breasts, “maybe she was just playing with me and I totally played along?”

Julia watched Britney’s hands for some reason, as they slid down her chest then under her breasts to cup them, “Cause, like, who wouldn’t want to find an excuse to suck on my tits Julia. Who wouldn’t want to stop what they were doing and just come over here and suck on my tits.”

There was a dizzying, dreamy pull in Britney’s voice, and then Julia was kneeling there between her legs, staring at the red glowing ruby as her hands slid Britney’s top off, then unclasped her bra before starting to suck on a large creamy tit that it took both hands for her to hold comfortably.

“Julia, stop for just a second my sweet, stop and look into the ruby’s light, see the light and only the light now. You want to please me, you know you do. You need to, you need it so badly that when I let you suck on my tits again you’ll feel better than you’ve ever felt before, and when I let you lick my pussy you’ll be in heaven, you’ll feel even better than when I was tongue fucking your sweetness, you will. But only if you do something for me. You have to listen to me.”

Julia stopped and sat still, dazzled by the red flicker of the ruby’s glow, “Anything for you Britney.”

“I know Julia, I totally know. And when we were younger it was just, you know, you know what I mean. But now, like this woman, this real vampire, she was really a vampire, and she gave me this necklace, after she sucked my blood. And after she did, it was like, she wore off on me, or pulled something out of me, and now, now it’s like I pull people into me, and when I have sex with them, it’s like their energy fills me up, and then after a while it fades, and then I want more. Like, I don’t need it, but people can’t help but throw it at me, I can feel their energy, their sex, and I can like, reach into it and push them, and then, and then with my necklace, it’s just like her eyes. It’s not hypnosis or anything, it’s actually magic, but you’re the only person I could feel comfortable talking to about this, even though you’re not going to remember any of this. And I wish I could say I’m sorry, but I’m not, you’re delicious, and I love you, and this was good for me, I really needed this, and all of you.”

All of those words came and went, flowing easily into and out of Julia’s mind, and as they went, they took all of it away, until they were both full clothed and sitting in their original spots, smiling and laughing, and getting ready to go to lunch.

“Oh god, I’m so tired all of a sudden Britney, I just, I need to get coffee.” It came on like a wave after they walked to the door.

But, it wasn’t just being tired, it felt like something was missing, like how it felt when she left the house without her phone. That feeling stayed with her for a couple days, then when morning after a long night’s sleep Julia felt whole again, whole and complete, and she knew she needed to get together with Britney again as soon as possible.