Story Preview: Roundabout Approach

The Roundabout Approach
A Smuthunter Story

            “You’re thinking about it aren’t you?” Ben shook his head and looked over at the source of those words, “You’re thinking about Sarafina hypnotizing you aren’t you?”

            The person talking to him was his co-worker Andi, and she was talking about the odd discovery that their new co-worker, Sarafina, was a practicing hypnotist. It had come out over lunch, and had been met with the typical candor of people being on break and with even more attention being focused on the new girl. And, Ben could tell Andi was a little jealous.

            “You’re thinking about looking into those mysterious brown eyes of hers, and her telling you how you’re getting so sleepy now aren’t you?” Andi was what anyone would call the pretty one in the office. She was average height, about average size, she had average curly brown hair, deep blue eyes, and above average breasts to go with her above average face. What made her the pretty one was the combination of all of those things, plus her uncanny ability after years of practice, to accentuate every positive quality she had.

            Ben and Andi had never really been a thing, but they’d come close more than once, and by close more than once, it meant that after they’d slept together they’d almost wanted to have made it a habit, but neither one ever did. So, they would occasionally hook up, and then not, usually if they were both on a dry spell, and never really anything more.

            “You’re thinking of those deep dusky eyes of hers looking into yours, and her telling you how you’re feeling soooooo sleepy aren’t you? Looking deeper into her eyes, those soft brown eyes, filling your vision. You’re thinking about her telling you that your eyelids are getting so very sleepy aren’t you Ben? You’ve been thinking about it since lunch haven’t you?” Andi’s tone was a little chiding and playful, and also a little theatrically soothing too.

            Sarafina was the sort of exotic opposite of Andi. She had long straight black hair, honey brown eyes, a dark Mediterranean complexion, and while she wasn’t as curvy as Andi, she still filled out everything she wore just right.

It was hard not to spend a second or a third glance looking at her, just like it was hard not to notice Andi, especially when she was standing in front of him like she was now, leaning in a little to let her boobs fill up his vision just a little more like they were doing now.

            “You want her to hypnotize you don’t you Ben? You want to be hypnotized by her soft, soothing voice, whispering for you to stare deeper, to feel so heavy as you stare deeper and deeper into her eyes, until they’re all you can see don’t you? You can imagine it Ben, imagine the sound of her voice telling you to close your eyes, and sleep, your poor sleepy eyes that are starting to blink now.”

            Andi hadn’t been too far off actually, and now that she was talking about it, he did blink his eyes a couple of times as a soft heavy feeling started to descend across his mind. She had thought she was just fucking with him, teasing him, bus soon enough she would see that there was much more happening than that.

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