Story Preview: Reprieve

A Smuthunter Story

One of Clarke’s first thought on Friday when he got into the office wasn’t ‘Thank god it’s Friday,’ it was:

‘Thank god Ditzy Donna wasn’t wearing her crystal.”

            If you’d asked Clarke on Monday what he thought about Donna Wright, he’d have said, in polite company, that she was a bit of a character and that she seemed a little too in her own world sometimes. In other company he’d say she was a space cadet with great tits, but he’d say that not-in-a-mean-way.

            “Ditzy Donna” was what one of the temps called her a few months back, and in some circles it had stuck.

It wasn’t because the woman was a bimbo, she wasn’t a gum chewing bleach job or anything like it, and she wasn’t dumb in a vapid pretty girl way, she was just always out there somewhere mentally. And despite the fact she always seemed like she was distracted by a math problem, it was hard not to be attracted to her.

            It wasn’t just Clarke either, most of the guys in the office were a little sweet on Donna, Ditzy or not.

She was conventionally pretty, and tall-ish for a girl, and sometimes if she wore heels she was just tall. She was curvy too, her boobs were the most noticeably round part of her, but she had a nice bubble but, and her legs were shapely and long for her frame, but sometimes it was hard to notice all of that.

            Donna didn’t dress for her body, or for work really, she wore loose plain clothing most of the time, sweaters and long skirts that were plain and unflattering, and the only time you could tell she was as built as she was was during the warmer months when you got a better sense of her “too much yoga and too many spiritual voyage weekends” personality in her wardrobe.

            Her hair was always up, and it made her hair look like darker shade of brown than it was. In the right light she was almost honey blonde, but in the office it looked, well, it looked brown, plain and brown like her eyes, and that was it.

            On Monday morning Clarke hadn’t given her much thought save for the occasional uninspired tug to fall asleep at night, and that was mainly because he was a breast man and those were the days when she seemed to accidently show off more of what she had than usual.

            But by Tuesday morning all of that had changed.



“Can I ask you something Clarke? It’s important, and I really need an honest answer. And it’s kind of private so can I shut the door?”

            That’s what she’d said to initiate conversation and Clarke remembered how he shrugged a little when she did, then watched her as she walked over to his desk.

            She’d wanted to know if he’d noticed any changes in her performance, if she seemed more reliable and more attentive lately, and honestly, her asking was kind of a pleasant surprise. He liked the idea that she valued his opinion, and that she was aware of her professional shortcomings.

            He’d thought about it for a moment and realized she had seemed a little more attentive and focused lately, and when he said as much, she smiled and held up a clear crystal ball that hung from a thin golden chain around her neck.

He’d noticed it before, because it was always on the outside of her tops and sat above her breasts, but he didn’t know what it had to do with anything.

            Then, she started telling him about how she’d gotten it to help her mediate and to, in her words, become more focused and attentive, and that sometimes she would hold it up and stare into the center of it and just lose track of time as she visualized her energy being drawn into it, making her more focused and attentive.

            She told him how helpful her crystal had been in making her feel so focused and attentive, and it was so useful now that she could hold it up for a short time and stare into the center of it, and everything else would fade away.

            Donna had gone on like that for a little while, he wasn’t sure how long because sometimes it was easier to let her talk than to really listen, but eventually the chain went back around her neck and the crystal ball dangled down over her breasts again, and he’d gotten so used to looking into it, staring into the center of the crystal, that he’d hadn’t realized he was basically ogling her tits right in front of her.

            She said, “See, it’s really effective, and it’s really relaxing too. You’re so much more relaxed and focused now just hearing about it, you’re so attentive and ready to finish your day, and I know it’s so good, it’s so freeing to feel this way right?”

            Then she smiled at him and left the office, and he disappeared into his work shortly thereafter.

            Until, she came in right before closing time.

            Her sweater was off, and her breasts were on display in a cream colored blouse that clung to her curves and showed off her cleavage. “I just wanted to thank you for early, listening to me talk about working on being so much more focused and attentive, so much more relaxed and keyed in, open to take everything in now you know, and I really appreciate how much you appreciate how helpful my crystal is to stay focused and attentive, and relaxed and open, and everything.”

            Those three words Focused And Attentive had snapped his eyes back to the clear crystal orb despite his attempts to not overtly stare at her deep cleavage. The words, “I know sometimes I’m a little weird and out there for some people, but think about how helpful my crystal is, think about it okay?”

            She left without an answer from him, and that night his time alone was anything but uninspired.


            On Tuesday, Clarke’s imagination had come to life about the day before, but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

All the talk about meditation and energy was so on-brand for Donna that he just took it all in stride. What was the alternative, she’d waved a crystal in front of his face and hypnotized him?

            Even for Ditzy Donna that would have been pretty out there.

            So, he forgot about it and got on with his morning.

She was wearing a white mock turtleneck that day, and when he saw her, she smiled as she passed him by and said, “Another day of being focused and attentive right?” and just kept walking.

He hadn’t really had a chance to have his eyes drop down to her necklace again, but he felt the urge to, in part because her top was a tighter fitting outer layer than it usually was.

Then, after lunch, she was back in his office waiting for him.

This time she started with, “I think you might also really benefit from being more focused and attentive too.”

She was playing with the chain on her crystal and his eyes moved to the little ball again as she spoke, then she said, “Why don’t I show you exactly what I do?”

Without prompting or asking, she closed the door, then sat across from Clarke and took her crystal off again, holding it up between the two of them.

“You felt more focused and attentive yesterday, you were relaxed and time moved faster and was more full, and this was because you were so focused and attentive that you were really in the moment weren’t you?”

He was, he had been, and before he’d started thinking about anything else about what happened yesterday, he’d thought a lot about how pleasant everything was and how good to be as keyed in as he was.

There was also something pleasant about the way Donna was explaining everything. He had never heard her sound as knowing as she did in that moment, she was normally so scatterbrained, but now, being in her world of expertise, he had found himself enjoying her confidence.

“It’s all in my crystal, so I hold it up and I look into the center like this, and I hold my hand as still as possible like this, and I say the words I am focused and attentive to myself and sometimes I say them out loud, and sometimes the crystal swings a little and I follow it with my eyes and then I keep thinking those words over and over, and I start to let go like this, letting go and relaxing like this, until I’m in the moment now, in the moment now.”

Her voice trailed off as she spoke, and it was complimentary to how suddenly rapt Clarke’s attention had become.

He didn’t know how long they were there or when he joined her in repeating the words ‘I am focused and attentive’ under his breath, but when Donna spoke again, when he heard her speak again and not just see her lips moving, he felt great.

“I think you’re feeling very focused and attentive now, and I bet if I told you we could do this together every day it would be so natural for you to start to look forward to it. I bet you like that idea too don’t you?”

He could see the appeal since he was feeling the results, but daily meditation mantras and crystals were a little too out there for him, so he just smiled and nodded, and he put out as much of a polite and affable vibe as possible.

It was, he figured, enough to satisfy her because he really didn’t want to go further down this mystical “woo woo” road.

Donna’s smile was wide and electric and when she left his office she offered up something that felt like a reminder, “My crystal makes you focused and attentive, and it’s all in my crystal.”

Shortly after Donna had left, Clarke had started to think about the crystal again, the way it dangled over those great breasts, and how she seemed so much more engaging and interesting, so much more charismatic and less silly even when she was talking about stuff he thought was really not his thing.

And all told, he blew off the idea of being hypnotized again because there was no way that could have happened. He was hoping, maybe against himself, that she would come back tomorrow for more.


Wednesday came and went in a bit of a blur.

It was usually the busiest day of the week for him., and this week was no exception. It moved so fast he had no idea how he managed to stay on top of everything, but during a couple of slow moments, between calls, and meetings, and everything else, Donna had managed to stop by.

She was wearing knee high leather boots over her jeans, and her black high necked blouse was belted around her waist, and she looked much different than Clarke had ever seen her look at work.

He guessed maybe her increased comfort and ability had inspired her to take things a little differently, but he didn’t have a lot of time to think about it.

Every time she came in, she stopped for a moment before she left to play with the chain on her crystal, reminding Clarke to stay focused and attentive, and those little visits were a boost to his mood and his energy.

Then, the day was over, and Donna was in his office just as he was about to leave.

“How was your day?” With those boots she was dead on eye level with him and her smile, which always seemed a little simple or scattered was brighter now and lit up his office, “You seemed really focused and attentive today.”

His eyes moved to her crystal, and her smile only grew, “It really does help doesn’t it?”

“I guess it does. Anyway, I was getting ready to head out and…” his words trailed off as the crystal started to dance on the chain a little more, her hand playing with the chain, and the fabric of her blouse also seemed tighter.

“It’s very important not to lose all the work you’ve made so far, practicing every day is very important, and I think you’re feeling the relaxing benefits of being so focused and attentive.” The easy flow of her words and their confidence stood out against the pleasant and ever present bubbly roll of her cadence, and as he found himself staring into the center of the little crystal ball, watching is swing back and forth above her breasts.

Agreeing with her felt like second nature.

She took off her necklace and held it up between the two of them again, and as it danced there in front of his eyes, their gazes meeting, she laughed an embarrassed little laugh, “We should sit down for this shouldn’t we?”

All of the momentum Clarke had behind him as he was getting ready to go fell away, and he moved to set up their chairs as they were the day before.

There was a little thrill to her visit now, one that seemed more pronounced than her work visits earlier because she was making time to visit him, making a deliberate choice to be alone with him in his office.

It was flattering.

When she sat down across from him and started to raise the crystal up, his eyes followed, and when she said the words I am focused and attentive, he said them as well.

As the words left his lips he felt a wave of calm wash over his entire body, and as his eyes focused more fully on the center of the crystal, it started to swing slowly back and forth.

“There’s another technique I’ve learned, if you focus on the crystal as it swings, and you focus on its center, just watching, focusing as it moves back and forth, letting the motion relax you, letting your attention become fully drawn into the center, it increases your focus and attention, becoming more focused and attentive with every swing.”

Now, to Clarke who was easily caught up in everything, it did seem like Ditzy Donna was trying to hypnotize him.

But, nothing over the past few days made him think that was a bad thing, and as the crystal did begin to slow its swing, she lowered it back down, down below her eyes, down in front of her chest.

Even though he couldn’t see cleavage the shape of her breasts was obvious under her top that had, as he’d noticed earlier, clung tighter to her than it had in their prior meetings that day.

The crystal ball swung back and forth on its chain a few more times, and she repeated the phrase, “I feel relaxed and open when I am focused and attentive” with every swing.

Clarke, without prompting, understanding from their previous sessions, or maybe being caught up in the moment and knowing intuitively from that experience, started to repeat those words as well, watching the crystal until it came to rest, and she put it back on.

He was staring at it as she spoke again in that same bubbly smooth tone, her voice and her intentions disconnected but harmonious, “It’s all in my crystal, my crystal helps us feel this way, it’s just my crystal that makes helps us to become focused and attentive, so focused and attentive now, and remembering that it’s good to be relaxed and open when you are focused and attentive, it makes everything so much easier to manage and accept in every way.”

She started to play with the chain again as he sat there, staring into its center in rapt attention, then her hand slid down to her breast, and even though Clarke saw the movement he didn’t really watch until she brought her other hand up and cupped both of them. This caused both the crystal and his attention to shit.

She laughed, “That’s not very focused is it? Look into the center of the crystal, you are focused and attentive. You are relaxed and open. Look into the center of my crystal, it’s all in my crystal. Look into the crystal and think about how pleasant this is and how much you enjoy feeling this way.”

All the while as she spoke, Ditzy Donna was playing with her tits, and while Clarke’s eyes had been pulled into the center of the crystal, it was impossible not to notice what she was doing.

Then the moment passed and there was just the crystal.

“Clarke, think about this and look forward to tomorrow. Think about staying late tomorrow after work, think about having more time to practice so you don’t lose what we have. You don’t want to lose what we have, and you want to be focused and attentive all day long. Now that you’ve felt it, you know you need to feel it too, it’s so much better for you.”

With that declaration, she left his office.

And with that, he went home as fast as he could, and he wasn’t thinking about her crystal when he got there.

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