Story Preview: Look Into My Eyes

Look into my Eyes
A Smuthunter Short

            “Excuse me,” she had walked up to his booth at the back of the hotel restaurant and bar, he was alone, “but would you please look into my eyes.”

            She was wearing a plunging black dress that showed off the deep cleavage created by her almost overly full breasts; it was a dress that flattered her every curve and she was a very curvaceous and vivacious woman.

            He looked up at her, and as manners would have it, into her deep green eyes as he did, “I’m sorry?”

            “Oh, you see,” her red hair was piled high on her head, and light brown freckles were dashed here and there across her nose, her cheeks, as well as the tops her breasts, “I’m hypnotizing you, and it’s much easier if you look into my eyes.”

            He shifted in his seat, though he still kept eye contact with her, not out of intention but out of polite habit, “Excuse me, but you’re trying to do what?”

            “I’m not trying, I’m hypnotizing you right now, right now I’m putting you into a trance and I asked you politely to please look deep into my eyes, like you’re already doing, and you’re already staring now, staring deeper and deeper, that’s right deeper and deeper, seeing only my eyes now, only my deep green eyes.”

            He blinked once, and his eyes started to glaze over ever so slightly as his face started to become slack and his shoulders started to slump under the speed of her words and the deliberate confidence and intention in her voice.

            He was staring into her eyes, and as she spoke, his vision had reflexively started to narrow on the beautiful sight of her bright green eyes.

            “It’s very easy to be hypnotized, especially by a master hypnotist like me, in fact it’s so easy to be hypnotized that even people who don’t believe in hypnosis can be hypnotized. Just the word hypnotize can have that effect on people, and the less someone like you, because you don’t seem like you believe in hypnosis at all, the less you believe you can be hypnotized now, the less you believe you are being hypnotized by me right now as you stare deep into my eyes like this, just like this, the more easily you are becoming twice as deeply entranced and twice as deeply enthralled by my mastery of hypnosis and my ability to place you in deep trance.”

            She waved a hand in front of his face and spoke again. Gold bracelets adorned her wrists, and her fingers were likewise decorated with golden rings all fit with precious stones, as she said the words “Deep trance.”

She spoke them again while her hand moved down into front of his eyes, and as she did so, he found himself drifting into a quiet darkness, like a daydream during one of the conference panels he had just sat through.

            “That’s it, very good, you did so well because it was just so easy, so easy you couldn’t help but become hypnotized so quickly, so quickly there was no time to realize you couldn’t stop yourself from falling into deep trance, and as you listen to the sound of my voice, feeling how heavy your eyelids have become, too heavy to open now, heavier and heavier the more you try, just like in a stage show, just like in a hypnotic trick you may have seen, you can realize that as you keep on trying to open your eyes, trying and falling, you are failing to open your eyes and succeeding at falling twice as deep now, twice as deep, and once the last of your conscious mind has realized you are too deeply hypnotized to not keep falling, doubling and doubling, sinking into trance at a quadratic rate now, you can just let go, let go and sink, down into nothing, nothing at all, nothing to do, nothing to think, sink down, let go, and fall away into deep trance. Deep trance, deep trance now.”

            He felt himself sinking, like falling asleep when he was trying to stay awake, like drifting off while watching TV or dozing for a minute at the office, and as he did, the reality if what was happening started to create a feedback look that was occupying his fading brain power and mental agency.

He was being hypnotized because he didn’t believe in hypnosis, and since it was happening so easily it meant he really didn’t believe in it, but the less he believed the more easily he was sinking, and now, after the example with his eyes, he was realizing that he couldn’t stop what was happening, he couldn’t stop what this mysterious, green eyed, buxom, redhead was doing to him.

            “You’re doing so well, and you’re so cooperative, so cooperative and suggestible. You’re so suggestible and so agreeable naturally, you’re naturally so receptive to my mastery of hypnosis that you obliged me in every way, letting me hypnotize you because you want to agree, you want to cooperate, it’s who you are, it’s what you are deep down inside, and since you’re deep down in trance, your most agreeable, most suggestible, and most obedient side is coming to the surface now, it is coming to the surface as you fall twice as deep into trance when it does, fall twice as deep into trance for me now as you open your eyes and feel yourself become a blank slate, a perfectly agreeable and suggestible blank slate. Still in deep trance, twice as deep as you open your eyes now, eyes open and so cooperative now.”

            His eyes opened and the scope of his world became soft around the edges, existing in a dreamlike softness, beholden to the same realties that dream logic imposes; he was a passenger in everything that happened.

            “That’s it, good boy, you like it when I say good boy because good boys are so agreeable, good boys are so helpful and agreeable, good boys are so open to suggestion and so cooperative. Listen to me very closesly, every time I say good boy it will become a hypnotic trigger for you, every time I say good boy you will feel warm, and wonderful, and if I am with you and say good boy, your eyes will drop down to my breasts. You’re a very good boy, so I know you understand don’t you?”

            She watched as his eyes fell to her breasts and remained there.

You think you know where it’s going… but you’re only half right!

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