Story Preview: Lead and Follow

Lead and Follow
A Smuthunter Story

            Joe heard a knock at his door, and was surprised to see his neighbor Karisa smiling at him. She’s in her late 20s, has long curly black hair, olive skin, and deep, golden brown eyes. Her face is round, she has a narrow, pointed nose, full lips, and when she smiles, she smiles with her entire face.

            “Hi, I have a favor to ask you,” she’s wearing pale blue jeans and a loose white sweater that hangs off her shoulders and down off her incredible breasts. The low neckline shows off her beautiful, deep cleavage and Joe catches himself staring down into it. He’d seen her around many times, and always appreciated her curves just as much as he appreciates her warm smile.

            “I’ve been taking dance classes,” her eyes are bright and she’s both cheerful and a little embarrassed, “and I was wondering if you could watch my routine? I’m dancing at my cousin’s restaurant, and I feel like you’ll be able to tell me if it’s any good or not. You’re the perfect guy for it it.”

            Her smile is contagious, and he smiles back as he asks, “What kind of dancing?”

            She reaches out and takes him by the hand, “That’s a yes, come with me, it’ll be like five minutes.”

            She pulls him out the door, and he has to stop her so he can lock up behind them. She lives three doors down in the lower level of a duplex, and her place is small, but comfortable.

            “Here, sit down, thank you so much, I’ll be right out.”

He sits back in a plush, very comfortable armchair, and smiles to himself about how silly this all feels.

            A few minutes later he hears her say, “Play, dance mix one,” and the air is filled with slow drums, and the sound of haunting horns and strings he doesn’t know the names of. The music is strangely soothing and exciting all at once, and there’s something else to it, something in its softness, something more than the rhythm that makes it so compelling.

            As Joe strains his ear to try and pinpoint something mixed in with the notes, his focus changes to something much more important. A bare foot with a gold anklet steps out into the hall, and the smooth, olive skinned leg that follows it commands him to stare… and to wait.

            As the music plays, the leg movies like a snake, hinting at the rest of her body, and as the music hits a low crescendo, Karisa’s leg disappears behind the corner just before she steps fully out into view.

            She is wearing a purple skirt of some shear fabric with slits up to her hips on both sides, darker purple bikini briefs he can see under the skirt, and a very low cut halter of the same deeper purple. The halter is seamed with gold and accented with the same fabric as her skirt.

            Her hair is up in a topknot, with her curls falling down in a cascade, away from her face, and while she isn’t very thin, or particularly muscular, it just makes all that skin that much softer and more appealing to him.

            She is also wearing an anklet around her other foot, and golden bangles and bracelets, as well as thin band of gold around her forehead, and a gold chain around her belly.

            But even as her hips start to slowly gyrate with the haunting music, he doesn’t notice the finer details of her costume; Joe can’t take his eyes off her incredible cleavage. Her, he thinks G cup, breasts are pushed up by the halter, and the liquid grace and smoothness of her shifting hips and rolling shoulders are making them jiggle and bounce in time with the music.

            She crosses her wrists and starts to weave back and forth, rolling her hands slowly, framing her breasts with her arms, and he watches her move a few steps closer to him, giving him a better view of her incredible tits.

She dances for him, slowly and smoothly moving her hands out to her sides, and back in, wrists rolling, fingers spreading, and as she sways in time with the music, her belly dancing becomes the only thing he can focus on. After another minute, her gentle scintillating hand motions and bounce of her breasts narrow his focus even more, and he lets out a deep, low sigh, relaxing down into the chair as he stares at her, only her, fascinated and completely enthralled by her.

Joe smiles, he feels heavy in his seat, and he feels the need to just let the music take him. Her body, her skin, is so warm, so warm to look at, it’s making him feel warm, warm and heavy from head to toe. Her cleavage is so warm, warm and inviting, and as she dances, as she rolls and twists, sometimes she sways back and bends forward, and he seems it even more perfectly.

            Then, the shift of her hips, exposing her thigh distracts him from her cleavage for a long, slow breath, and the slow shift of her torso brings his eyes back to those large, beautiful breasts, and deeper down into her deep, deep cleavage.

            Her arms slowly open wide as the music changes, becoming softer, lulling him into its rhythm completely as he watches Karisa’s breasts jiggle and bounce in her halter. Everything is starting to fade away, everything except for her.

            Joe feels his body starting to sway back and forth with her… with her breasts, and he feels so warm, and so heavy, but it is so easy to follow her, it is so easy to get caught up in her sway.

            The music is soft now, and her breasts are so big. Her skin is so smooth. Her golden brown, honey brown, sweet soft eyes are so clear, and warm, and welcoming. As welcoming as her deep cleavage, getting deeper as her dance slows even more, her body becoming more serpentine, more fluid as her hands start to cross her face, back and forth, back and forth, capturing his eyes, and delivering them down to her breasts over and over again.

            “Listen to the music Joe, listen…” her hips shift and she spreads her fingers wide, circling in front of her breasts in between the slow beats where she shifts her hips and rolls her waist, “closely.”

            He feels himself zoning out, spacing out as he stares at her breasts, but he starts to notice something more in the soft music. It’s easier to hear now, now that everything is softer, everything is quieter, including his own mind. Now that he is enthralled by her breasts, only her breasts, consciously focused only on her dancing breasts, the music just flows into him, into his open mind.

            Relax… listen to the music and just relax…

            He wonders if the soft feminine voice under the music is just his imagination.

            Focus on the dance… only the dance… and just relax…

            Karisa’s swaying body has become smooth and predictable, and Joe feels relax and let the music take you….himself looking breathe deep, be warm and still and just focus on the dance forward to every motion before let your mind lose itself it comes. A twist sleep in the music of an arm leads to let go in the dance a gentle shimmy of her tits relax and be warm, a step back leads to a hip dropping and hands feigning groping her be still and peaceful large breasts, and on and on…

            “Joe, do you like my dance?” She is close to him, a foot away from his chair, and looking down at him. He feels warm and numb, his mind is quiet. “Do you love my dance?”

            Karisa’s voice is so sweet. He wants to make her smile; he wants to be the reason for the smile that lights up her face.

            “I love your dance.” It’s true, he does.

            “Would you like to see my special dance, it’s only for you Joe. There’s different music for it, but there’s something else special… it’s my voice. I talk to you as I dance, do you want to see it?”

            “Yes Karisa, I do.”

            “Play, special dance 36 Double G. Now Joe, really watch me, and really listen to me.”

            The music is soft, soft as a dream, gentle as sleep, and he hears synthesizer music, instruments that are playing music that sounds like words, music that sounds like the last song, but different.

            Listen to me and relax, listen to me and obey. Listen to me and relax, Listen to me and obey

             “Joe,” Karisa’s palms are together over her head, and her breasts are bouncing up and down in a slow, mesmerizing circle while she smiles softly at him, her eyes telling him to keep staring, “I want you to let me become your world now.”

Listen to me and relax, listen to me and obey. Listen to me and relax, Listen to me and obey.

            “I want you to see,” Listen to me and relax, listen to me and obey. Listen to me and relax, Listen to me and obey. “me and only me. And I want to show you something, something special for this dance.”

            Listen to me and relax, listen to me and obey. Listen to me and relax, Listen to me and obey.

            He watches, his mouth open, his jaw loose, his face relaxed as his body sways with her, still heavy, still warm, and so peaceful. Listen to me and relax, listen to me and obey. Listen to me and relax, Listen to me and obey.He watches as she reaches behind her back and unclasps her halter.

            He watches as it falls to the ground just as the music changes, softly, delicately becoming a new rhythmic sound gently massaging his mind. My breasts are everything, my breasts are hypnotic, my breasts control you.

            “Look at them Joe,” her hips shift and her massive breasts bounce more freely, “watch them dance with the music, watch them as they lead, and you follow. This is the dance, my breasts lead, and you follow.”

            Her body moves with liquid grace My breasts are everything, my breasts are hypnotic, my breasts control youfollowing the music, and with one hand she beckons his eyes to her chest, while with the other hand she waves downward, gently encouraging his warm, heaviness, gently keeping him transfixed on her naked tits, gently keeping him in his place.

My breasts are everything, my breasts are hypnotic, my breasts control you.

“You cannot look away, you don’t,” Karisa weaves her hands back and forth as her hips continue to shift slowly, her body undulating as My breasts are everything, my breasts are hypnotic, my breasts control you works deeper into his mind, becoming a song so deeply stuck on his head it will never come out, “want to look away.”

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