Story Preview: JOI

JOI: Jiggling Obedience Indoctrination
A Smuthunter Story

“Have you tried knocking?” Steve stood in the bathroom door, face suddenly flush with embarrassment as he stared at… well, he didn’t know who this young woman at his ex-wife’s house was… “It’s new, but it’s good.”

She had dark brown hair tucked up in a loose bun and close enough to black to be almost indistinguishable, very light brown skin, soft, natural makeup, deep, dark brown eyes, as dark and as near to black as her hair…

And a pair of tits larger than her head.

It took him a moment to register that she was just a little on the heavy side… she’d have to be to have tits like that… tits that were holstered in a truly heavy duty, blue  bra, one that didn’t have individual cups. It  looked like a sports bra, but it wasn’t there to compress them or keep them tight for exercise… no…

Her bra was there to give her any support she could get, because…

“Steve,” he looked up from her chest when she said his name, “you’re staring.”

“Fuck, I’m,” he was going to say sorry, then he realized she knew his name and he had no idea who she was. “Who are you?”

“Rosalita, Rosie,” she smiled at him and put her hand, with her pink and white tipped nails up to one of her enormous breasts, near the strap, “I’m Cindey’s au pair.”

   “Oh, of course, I’m sorry.” He was still staring at her tits, he didn’t mean to, but she’d gently pulled on her bra strap and her incredible bust jiggled. “I forgot she hired you, and I’m supposed to pick up the kids but…”

Rosie pulled on the strap again and as she did she cut him off while he stared at the jiggle. “She took them out of town for the weekend. I heard you knock, I was going to answer the door, but I wanted to cover up first.”

“Well that’s great,” he put his hand over his eyes and shook his head, suddenly, deeply, and habitually annoyed with and antagonized by his ex-wife. “Typical Cindy, typical fucking Cindy…”

“Steve!” The urgency and focus in Rosie’s voice broke him out of his habitual complaining about his ex-wife. Any time he came over to her house, which used to be their house, he felt like he was on short fuse, and now, in front of a partially clothed stranger who was clearly in her early to mid 20s, and who would be spending a great deal of time with and taking care of his kids, he’d almost started ranting.

He looked over at her and sighed, and before he could apologize, she pulled on her bra strap again, causing her massive tits to jiggle as she said, “Just let it go.”

He tried to mentally take a step back from the fact he’d just been staring at her tits… again…  realizing he was shocked by how quickly he’d lost his train of thought.

“I know you were, rightly, looking forward to seeing your kids, and I know you’re used to not giving her the benefit of the doubt,” he was looking into her eyes and she was smiling at him, softly, not wide, but gently, her eyes trying to calm his as much as her voice. “But now you have a free weekend all to yourself. No, it’s not what you had planned, but it was an honest mistake, so you can just…”

There was something in her voice, teh easy, casual, and comforting tone, combined with her energy and her humor, that was quickly disarming him.

“Let it go, and relax, Steve.” Again, she tugged on her bra, but this time it was both straps, and as they jiggled again, he realized there was no way she wasn’t doing it on purpose. “You can’t change the past, and you can’t change her, so just focus…”

Up and down her tits, her tremendous tits bounced, and her calming voice, and her reasonable words, seemed to slip right into his head, like he was only half-hearing them.

“On what’s in front of you.” He felt like he was having a bit of an out of body experience as he stared ahead, watching her tits. “There’s nothing to be angry about, nothing to be stressed about, we all make mistakes, and we’re all too ready to judge other people…”

She had the sweetest voice, and it was so easy to agree with her, so easy he found himself nodding along with her as her tits kept jiggling “I could judge you for staring at my tits…”

Those words struck him differently than the smooth, calming patter of her voice, and instantly became aware, truly aware of what he was doing.

“Earlier, but…”

Instead of pulling up on her straps this time, she pulled down on her bra, showing him more cleavage, and just a little bit more of the great deal more of those enormous breasts that she had to show him, “I just let it go, and you can let it go too. You can let it go for me now Steve. You can let it all go for me now, and for yourself. Let it go, focus on what’s ahead of you, and just relax.”

Something truly weird was happening, and the more he tried to catch up to what this young woman Rosie was saying, and doing, the more he realized he felt like he was one step behind.

More so, she was pulling the top of her bra lower, and lower, “That’s it, Steve, let it all go. Nothing’s wrong, there’s no one to be mad at, and nothing to be frustrated by. You can, and you should, finally, just let it all go. Let your inner voice quiet down, down, down…”

He stared in rapt attention, transfixed by both her enormous breasts that he was seeing more and more of as she repeated the word down over and over, and the elasticity of her bra…

“Until your own thoughts just go quiet, so quiet now that you can’t hear them over the sound of my voice, my reasonable, supportive, calming voice… so calming, and so understanding…”

Steve’s growing erection wasn’t doing him any favors either on the ‘keeping up with what was happening’ front. If anything, the fact he was close to rock hard, staring at Rosie’s tits as she kept cooing to him in that deeply soothing voice.

Soft and soothing like her huge tits that were jiggling in front of him again. Huge, natural tits that steadily bounced up and down in her enormous bra.

“Good Steve, just keep letting it all go for me. Let it all go for yourself, and just keep looking forward at what’s in front of you. See only what’s in front of you, hear only what’s being said to you, and let go of everything else. My voice calms you, my words soothe you, and your own inner voice just antagonizes you. Listen to me, hear only me, and let go of any need you have to focus on that nagging, anxious, critical voice inside your head.”

“Just sink down,” she started to pull her bra down again, “down, down, all the way down…” Her arms were at the sides of her gigantic tits as she pulled down on her bra again, making her cleavage even deeper, “into the sound of my voice, and let my comforting words sooth away all that unnecessary tension, as they smother that anxious, negative, inner voice.”

He felt himself sinking down between her breasts as she arched her back and pulled gently on her elastic bra, making a little space for him to psychically slip down between her tits.

He felt himself sinking, and more so, he felt his mind slowing down as she kept speaking. He wasn’t one step behind her anymore, he was lost somewhere in the last few things she said, even as he lost himself staring at her tit.

And his erection, which had to be visible and very present to her, still wasn’t helping.

The throb between his legs and the activation of his sex drive, his undeniable desire for this woman who was ten years younger than him, was just as overwhelming as her smothering tits, and soothing voice.

“That’s right Steve,” she was unzipping his pants, and he thought he should move to do something, but it was too hard to move quickly, he was too hard to think quickly. HIs pants were down around his knees, and his cock was in her hand as she said, “Let it go.”

She gave him a few short tugs, “Let go of all of your doubts, all of your negativity, let go of your inner voice as you just stare at my tits and let me speak for you,” she started stroking him faster, “as you let me think for you.”

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