Story Preview: Impropriety

A Smuthunter Story

            She wasn’t the kind of woman he’d expected to see at a function like this, but every summit he was always surprised at the kinds of women that were flown in for and as entertainment. He didn’t even pause to consider if she was an escort or not, in part because while she did stand out to his eyes, she was not standing with any of the important men, or the various players that were chatting and drinking throughout the ballroom.

            No, the blonde haired, blue eyes, American women with the large breasts that were in danger of falling out of her laced up blue dress, so short it looked more like some kind of lingerie than a dress, was not here with someone. Her bare arms, covered in intricate tattoos of all kinds, which only helped in catching his eye, were not the only thing that made her stand out. No, of course they weren’t, and anyone that saw her wouldn’t think it was just her tattoos… or even her tattoos… that were unique to any of the other gorgeous women there.

            And there were gorgeous women as far as the eye could see.

            She brushed a long, platinum white strand of hair from her face, and her blue eyes, lighter than the vibrant azure blue dress that was tight enough to be painted on, locked with his. He felt like he was the center of her world as she smiled at him, and walked over to her like he was pulled in by her tractor beam stare.

            “Hello,” she had an accent that was not American, but it was also not one he’d heard before. It sounded like maybe an affectation of speech, or maybe a hybrid less than an actual accent, but from one word he couldn’t tell. Who knows, maybe she was American, after all it was a big country. “What brings you here?”

            She toyed with the thin gold chain of her necklace as she spoke to him. Her voice was lovely, and she spoke with a magnetic confidence. Her necklace was a golden key shaped like an ankh, with a small pearl in the middle of its circular top. It was a small piece maybe an inch and a half long, and less than half an inch wide, but it was strangely familiar, and seeing it up close, though why he fixated on it, compared to her remarkable breasts, was beyond him.

            The pearl in her necklace reminded him of some of the women he’d seen from a delegation from this small island control west of India, but she wasn’t one of them, at least not based on the accent, what little of it he’d heard so far.

            “This is going to sound pretentious, but I’m part of my country’s voting delegation to help select where the next few games will take place.” That was technically true of most of the men here, but his voice actually mattered. He was the personal recipient of the largess of potential host countries, and a man that could introduce other important men to his friends, friends who could make deals about things far greater than where some games, and he could tell she was sharp, would be played.

            But that was the brilliant side of the world’s game, bringing the world together, not just needing to be played in different places, but needing to be decided on. Its governing body would put other forms of organized crime to shame with its flagrant corruption. The love of the game had brought him into this world, but the rampant benefits of being in business with an openly bribable cabal had kept him there.

            Benefits, like her.

            They exchanged names, and he told her where he was from. He could tell she was very sharp, he saw recognition in her eyes, and he laughed when she asked him in that vaguely familiar now, but still indistinct, which way his country was leaning… provided his was out of the running.

            He assured her that as much as he would love to bring the game back home with him, it wasn’t their turn, and that he was still undecided about some of the options for whose turn it might be. He also added that of course he couldn’t tell her, even if he had made up his mind.

            “When I saw you, I thought you were American, you look very American.” He laughed at stating the presumption in English, but the Americans had only continued what the British had started in making their tongue the world’s trade language. As a European, while English wasn’t his first language, it may as well have been. “But you do not sound very American.”

            She smiled, her soft, full lips spread with a laugh, “I am, or I was. I’ve been, and now you’ll have to excuse me for sounding pretentious, become a bit of a citizen of the world.” She toyed with her necklace and then added with a different kind of grin, “Mainly for work.”

            She closed what little distance there was between them and wrapped her arms around his neck. She smelled wonderful, her scent, like her accent, was familiar but he couldn’t quite place it, and like the easy, smooth sound of her voice, it was also intoxicating.

“This must be an incredibly stressful job for you,” she ran her fingers through his hair, and leaned in close to whisper in his ear as he pulled her closer, and felt her breasts press into his chest. “I’m sure you’re enjoying yourself, but I can sense the tension, and would love to help relieve it for you. Somewhere… more private.”

It didn’t take long before they were in his hotel room.

            “I can feel it in you,” she purred into his ear after her lips brushed his neck and her hand reached between his legs as soon as they were through the door. “You’re much more tense than you realize, and you do need to relax.”

            Before he could say he had a few ideas of how she could help him with that, she took more of a hold on his growing cock and said, “And I have the key to unlock all of your tension.” She kissed his neck and bit it gently before she started to undress him.

            His hands reached out to her body, and she let him touch her, briefly. His hands had found her massive breasts, and felt the weight and shape of her implants, and she gave a little moan as he squeezed, then brushed his arms away to finish taking off his shirt.

            “You can touch me as much as you want,” she leaned in close again, “and you can have me any way you want me. But trust me.” She pulled off his belt and he started to step out of his shoes and socks as she said, “You’ll love the way I’m going to have you relax first.”

            He wasn’t an old man, far from it, but she was younger than him, or at least looked it, and her fingertips on his bare chest were electric as she said those words, then gently took him by the hand and walked him into his suit’s bedroom.

            “I want you,” the front of her dress was mostly exposed cleavage and a neckline that plunged to her bellybutton, crisscrossed like a shoelace by a thin blue ribbon that kept the fabric from falling away from her tits. Below the waste, it had a long slit that went almost up to her left hip. “To sit on the bed, take a nice deep breath, and just look at me.”

She reached behind her neck as she spoke, and as she finished her instructions, the top of her dress fell from her breasts, and the rest of it followed, sliding down around her feet. Naked, except for her black stiletto heels, and silk panties that were the same blue as her dress, she stretched her arms up over her head, inhaled deeply, then spread her arms out wide as she let out a long, pleasurable exhale.

His heart beat a little harder, his breath caught just a little, and his cock jumped at the sight of her mostly naked body, and the smile on her face told him she knew exactly what had happened.

She walked over to him, stroked his face and said, “This is why I want you nice and relaxed first, we both want this to last,” she brushed her finger over his lips, “don’t we?”

He agreed, and she smiled, then leaned down and kissed him before she whispered in his ear, “The more relaxed you are, the longer you’ll last, and the better it will be for both of us.” Her hand was around his cock and she gave him a smooth, fluid stroke that made him moan. “And we only have tonight. So, why don’t we make you last all night long?”

With her hand on his cock, stroking him so smoothly it felt like he was doing it himself, he said, “How could I say no to that.”

“Good question,” she sat on the bed next to him, still with his cock in her hand, and kissed his neck. “Would you want to say no to me,” she tugged him up a little faster, “about anything that feels this good?”

His breath caught, “Uhhhhh,” his gasp of pleasure surprised him, “No.”

She leaned in even closer to him and sped up even more, “No you would, or no you wouldn’t?”

“I uh, I… mmmmmm….” The heat of her body, her lips on his neck, and her smooth, faster stroking made him lose this train of thought, “Would?”

“You would say no to something this good?” She switched to just more vigorously working the head of his cock, then after a few seconds of letting her question hang there as her pumping took his breath away, “You must have a very strong will to want to say no to this, don’t you?”

He felt like his cock was sprinting to the edge of cumming, and he couldn’t think clearly.

“No, I uh…” his breath caught and he felt the tensing quiver of his building orgasm, and she slowed her pace and worked his entire, rock hard length, making him stumble allover his words and thoughts all over again.

“No you don’t have a strong will, or, no you wouldn’t say no to this.” She kept working his length, slowly and softly now, keeping him close, but not providing enough stimulation to push him over the edge. “Unless you mean, you would say yes to anything, and not say no to me, is that it?”

“Yuhhh,” oh god it felt good to get his cock worked by a professional, “yes. I… uh…”

Her tongue traced up his neck before she whispered in his ear, “Yes you don’t have a strong will, or yes you want to say yes? Or yes you do have a strong will, and no, you don’t want to say no to me?”

It felt like she was trying to tease the answer out of him with her hand, using lingering, methodical strokes that went along with her teasing, intimate whispers in his hear.

“I…. huuhhh… I don’t…. knohhhhh…..”

She’d started pumping him faster as he tried to answer. “You don’t need to know, not when it feels this good to let me decide. And this does feel good doesn’t it? You can juts nod, since that’s easier.”

He nodded.

“Good, see, it feels good when I decide for you, doesn’t it?”

He nodded again and with her free hand turned his face to look at her She smiled as he stared into her soft, bright blue eyes and started stroking him even faster.

“I’m glad you agree.” Her eyes looked into him, looked though him, and she kept him there, working him right up to the very edge, so close that he knew he was starting to leak.

She let go of his cock, smiled even wider, and spoke in her clear, strong, normal speaking voice, “Now scoot up, put your head on the pillows, take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed.”

He did what she told him, thrilled by how assertive she was, and how aroused he was, unaware that his body moved when she told him to, not when he chose to. All he could really feel was how hard and close he was, and how full and tender his balls were.

“The key to deep relaxation,” he felt her straddle him, his cock upright, brushing against his ass, her wet, slick warmth pressed down on his stomach. “Is focus. Open your eyes for me, follow my instructions, and I promise I’ll make you feel better than you ever imagined.”

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