Story Preview: I Get What I Want

I Get What I Want
A Smuthunter Short

            Everything about Brandy was too much.

Her skin was too golden tanned, her hair was so blonde it was white, her eyes were too clear and too pale blue, she was too friendly, her legs were too long, her hips too wide, her ass too firm, and her tits were too big.

            Just how big medical science had made them, Gabe couldn’t say for sure, but they were porn star big, they were cantaloupe big, and they were wet, naked, and in his face as soon as he walked out to the pool.

            “Oh shit, sorry Brandy, I… fuck…”

            He was only a man it was impossible not to feel a stir in his groin simultaneously with his shock.

            Brandy was Gabe’s friend Andy’s girlfriend. Gabe’s friend Andy had moved out to the coast a few years ago and had done pretty well for himself, and this was the first tome Gabe had made it out to visit. Brandy, the walking embodiment of excess, seemed to be part of that ‘doing well for himself’.

            “Come on silly, don’t be shy. If you Google’d me, you’ve already seen them like a million times. “ She’d been a topless model, and that might have been how she’d caught Andy’s eye.

Or, she could have been walking towards Andy down the street, or across the street, or just been anywhere within sight of him. It would be fair to say that Brandy was hard to miss and impossible to ignore.

            “I’m sorry, I’m not comfortable with… it’s me, it’s not you, it’s just weird for me, I’m sorry.” Gabe turned to go back inside when he felt a wet hand on his shoulder.

            “No you don’t. Stay.” That touch was too soft, her voice was too sweet, and when Gabe turned around, and he didn’t know why he did exactly… probably to not be rude about being rude in the first place and because her voice had also been too forceful to say no to as well… he was looking into those too blue eyes that seemed even bigger and wider than before.

            “You just got here and how are we ever going talk if you go back in now. Just try not to think about my boobs and talk to me. It’s what I really want.”

            She had a too charming smile full of perfect too white teeth, and when she smiled she covered her nipples with her hands, “There, hand bikini, problem solved.”

            It was evident that this plastic princess wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

            “So Andy says,” she stood there and he couldn’t tell if she was giggling because of the look on his face, or because of how awkward the situation was, “that you were the brains, and he was the brawn growing up.”

            She giggled again, “You look pretty brawny for being the brain guy.”

            She also squeezed her tits just a little, and when she noticed that he noticed she giggled again, ‘Sorry, just trying to get the fit right.”

            Anxious to change the subject, yet not so anxious to go back inside, Gabe forced himself to laugh a little too, “Oh man, I’m surprised he’s still saying that. We were both the brains, that’s why he has all this.”

            “Oh, you’re sweet,” she turned and started walking towards the pool furniture, “come on, I want you to sit with me, we ‘really’ need to talk.”

            The way she said ‘really’ was almost like a gunshot of emphasis, and as she sat on one of the padded chairs and looked his way, her hands stayed covering her very full, and very eye catching breasts.

            Gabe knew he shouldn’t feel bad about staring.

Brandy didn’t care and he knew Andy well enough that he wouldn’t either, but just because he knew he shouldn’t, it didn’t change the fact that for himself it felt like he was crossing a line.

            Still, his manners dictated he stay and oblige his hostess. Or maybe that was just the excuse he was telling himself.

            “Like,” She covered both breasts with a forearm as she pulled her wet hair back and stared deep into his eyes with her own crystal clear pale blue gaze, “He’s not dumb or anything, but the way he talks about it, you’re this super smart guy. Like, he says you’re the smartest person he knew.”

            Gabe blushed, because there was something to the way Brandy was talking to him, something superficial, not because she was shallow, but because looking into her eyes he could tell she just wasn’t very deep.

And, because despite everything about her seeming to be too much for his own taste, Brandy was still a beautiful woman that was flattering him by quoting one of his best friends.

“So,” she brought her hand back down and once again cupper her melon sized breasts in both hands, “are you, you know, really smart? Because there’s this thing I’ve noticed about really smart guys.”

When he laughed this time, it was out of an almost condescending and purely accidental humor, because the way she said she ‘knew something about smart guys’ was clearly going to be an innuendo.

“Really, what’s that?” He made eye contact with her as he asked, but her own gaze dropped and Gabe found himself looking down for a moment, just to see her pressing her boobs together.

“Sorry, I kind of want to play with them when I hold them, and I always get what I want, and I don’t want to tell you yet, I want you to tell me more about you and Andy.”

“Oops,” Brandy’s palms pressed into her breasts, pushing them into her chest just a little bit, “I just told you a little secret about me, and you’re supposed to be telling me about you.”

As the press of her palms loosened and her tits returned to their normal shape, Gabe discovered that he was having a hard time looking away from her almost magnetic chest. They were huge, they were beautiful, and she was actively playing with them right in front of him, they may as well have been tractor beams for his gaze at that point.

His only hope was to not pop wood, though he’d doubted she’d mind and maybe that was what she was even going for. But, in spite of that fear he still felt obligated to talk to her, and now he was also intrigued.

“Pay attention smart guy,” once again she was gently kneading her own flesh, her fingers pressing into the softness of her breasts in what had become an almost rhythmic motion, “I told you I always get what I want, and I really shouldn’t have. Because now, you’ll have that in the back of your mind, because I’m pretty sure you’re totally smart enough to see that it’s true.”

She paused then, and pinched her nipples with a habitual and sort of absent minded motion, all while she looked up like she was thinking some sort of deep thought.

Gabe didn’t know how to process the sudden and clearly erotic act of self touch he just saw, “Oops, that’s not what my hands are supposed to be doing is it? I’m sorry.”

She giggled as she stopped tweaking her nipples and pressed her palms flat against her chest again, and once again the compression made her massive tits press out sideways. It was somehow no less sexual, maybe more so because she was pretending to be so innocent about it.

“But I was thinking, I think maybe you’re not as smart as Andy says you are, after all, you didn’t really pick up what I was saying, and you’re staring at my boobs even though you said you didn’t want to. So, it’s like, maybe you don’t know what you want, or maybe you’re not smart enough to know what you want, or maybe you’re not smart enough to follow a conversation when you see boobs? I don’t know, but I don’t think I remember what you were talking about, do you? I want you to tell me what we were talking about okay?”

“We were talking about…” his voice trailed off as her hands fell away from her chest, exposing her melons, nipples and all.

“My boobs?” She adjusted her hair again and looked directly into his eyes.

“No, we…” He couldn’t remember what she’d said a minute ago because he was desperate in his attempt to keep eye contact with her sparkling, soft, almost vacant crystal blue eyes.

“Oh no, silly, we were just talking about my boobs, and how you’re distracted by them, and I think it would be better for you to see them, and you can decide, smarty pants, if you wanna talk to me, or talk to my boobs, or forget about what you were going to say and stare at my boobs, and I want one of those things, and I always get what I want, so do you want to talk about my boobs for a minute? They’re a big topic but you’re smart enough, I’m sure you have opinions.”

Gabe finally stood up, determined to be done with this, “I’m sorry, I get that you’re cool with this, but it’s not really comfortable for me so I’m going in.”

“No you’re not,” she giggled as she said it, and those eyes, so blue, so pale, and so vacant were almost haunting, and once again, with the slightest shift of her gaze he found himself looking back down at her surgically enlarged chest.

“I don’t want you to, and I think you’re just confused about what you want. I think what you really like is looking at my boobs, and I think you’re thinking about sitting back down right now, but you’re overthinking everything. You’re so used to being so smart that you don’t know what to do when it’s hard to think, and it’s getting so hard to think now isn’t it? You’re so confused, you don’t even know why you’re still standing here, talking to me.”

She was massaging her tits just like a she was giving a lap dance again, and as Gabe patiently waited for her to respond, he realized he really had no idea why he was humoring her.

“People say I’m like, this bimbo or this ditzy girl, because I have these big boobs and I’m pretty, and I’m kind of super bubbly, but I don’t think I’m like an airhead, because people say I’m dense too, so like, which is it, but it’s hard, because the longer people are around me, it’s like they drop to my level or something, which makes sense because I always get what I want, but it’s also confusing, just like you’re confused, because they’ll end up staring at my boobs, and I don’t know, getting sort of hypnotized by them, and they stare and nod, and then it’s like they’re smart, but they’re agreeing with me, and sometimes it’s like, you know it, you’re not really that smart, uh-huh?”

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