Story Preview: Helping Hand(ful)

Helping Hand(ful)
A Smuthunter Story

            “Hi Mr. Franklin, I know you’re busy but,” Walter Franklin looked up from his desk to see the newest intern, Sara Ishii, standing in his office, “but I thought it was really important to talk to you today.”

            She had no reason to be in his office, “I don’t know what you…”

            Sara, who was bilingual and spoke fluent English and Japanese, who had amazing recommendations from her university professors and previous employers, was a remarkably attractive young woman. She had rich, thick, long, brown hair, wide, large, deep brown eyes, a small, narrow, slightly upturned nose that complimented her round high cheek bones, and rounded, ever so slightly protruding chin.

            Her narrow waist and cantaloupe sized breasts seemed like too much of a good thing for any one woman to have. Today it wasn’t helped by her leather pants, which were against company dress code, and a sleeveless, cream-colored button down blouse that was so tight it was also against the spirit of the company dress code. She looked a little taller than usual, so Walter rightly assumed she was wearing heels.

            “You just seem so tired, and a little stressed out, and I know how to help you,” she stood there in his office with the door shut, with her hands clasped behind her back and bright smile on her face.

None of this overt presentation of her body was all that surprising since she turned out to be more than a little ditzy for a young woman of her education and qualifications… at least according to what he’d heard from her immediate supervisors during the first few days. He didn’t think that way about her to shame her or look down on her, only that she seemed to have the rare combination of being oblivious and confident in equal and overwhelming measures.

“And I know you probably don’t think I know what I’m talking about, but I really do, and I can really see how mentally exhausted and pent up you are. I mean, your eyes look so tired, it looks like your eyelids are getting so heavy right now, and it’s like you’re already at a complete and total loss for words because you’re just so worn out. I know you have so much stress, and I know that you’re really, like really, tired and you feel so exhausted now. It’s like the more I talk about it, the more you notice it, and the more you notice just how tired you are, it’s like your eyelids, your heavy, tire eyelids are fluttering and you’re trying so hard not to yawn right now Mr. Franklin, sir, but it’s okay. It’s okay to just feel it all wash over you now, I’m here to help you.”

Walt was suddenly and acuity aware of just how heavy his eyelids were, and he was also suddenly aware that his tired eyes, his suddenly tired eyes, had drifted down to Sara’s protruding, large, heaving breasts. They were rising and falling with her own deep, slow breathing, and with her hands behind her back, her bosom was thrust directly towards him and it was a very soft and welcoming sight.

He had fallen into staring at them while she spoke, and when he did realize he was blinking, his eyelids fluttering, staring at her melon sized breasts and unable to keep his eyes open, for a second, just a second he wished he could let his eyes just stay closed….

Or stay open and focused on the sight before him.

But he couldn’t do that, his eyelids were just so heavy, “That’s right sir, you’re just feeling so tired and sleepy now, it’s okay. That’s it Mr. Franklin, it’s okay, you’re just so exhausted, and you’re just getting so sleepy now, so very sleepy now. Listen to me sir, I’m here to help you.”

His eyes did close, and they stayed close for a long moment as she kept talking, and for one long second as darkness washed over him he realized he did have to yawn. It took a minor act of will to pull himself away from the darkness, then to pull himself away from Sara’s welcoming cleavage, and then when he yawned, it took more effort not to let his eyes close again, or fall back down to her large, perfect tits.

Sara was allegedly a ditz, and she was striking him as more than a bit of a scatterbrain, but strangely enough though, after the first week her supervisors and coworkers all had nothing but good things to say about her. “Sara is such a delightful and pleasant hard worker. Everything is so much better when Sara’s around. We’re really lucky to have her on the team.”

Whatever it was about her, and Mr. Franklin knew it wasn’t just the fact she was a beautiful young woman with heaving, compelling, very large and prominent breasts, she had something else to her and it had won over just about everyone else in the office. Whatever her special charms were, it seemed like it had gotten in the water, and… she was unbuttoning the top button of her blouse. Not the top most button, or the second, or third, those were already unbuttoned, and he doubted they could be closed without bursting.

“I’m here to give you a much needed helping hand, and you know it would be so nice, you know it’s so nice and so considerate of me to notice how sleepy you are, that’s right, just notice how much sleepier and sleepier you’re feeling, and remember I’m here to help you. So just sit back, and like, take a nice deep breath, I’m sure you’ve heard before that a nice calming breath just… well,” she giggled a little at her own choice of words, “calms you down. So let me help you calm dooooooown, and take a deep breath for me so I can calm you dooooooown, that’s right, down into that nice, comfy chair now, because you’re so tired and so stressed out, but the more you listen to me, the more relaxed you’re feeling, and it feels so good to listen and relax and let me help you.”

No, she was undoing the one half way down her cleavage, and her deep cleavage that was already spilling out for days.  When she unfastened that button, her tits half spilled out and he found himself staring at her very large breasts in a very frilly, very pink bra.

But as tired as he was, and as relaxing and disarming as her sweet, confident voice was, Walter Franklin couldn’t let whatever was happening continue to happen. It wasn’t because he wasn’t enthralled with the sight before him, no, it was absolutely because he was completely enthralled by the show she was putting on, and by the undeniably compelling and gentle sound of her voice.

He stood up, maybe too fast and felt strangely disoriented, then he noticed it felt strange to try and move, to try and rise out of his comfortable chair in the first place. He wanted to just sit back down, to just sink back down into his warm relaxing chair, and his breathing was slowing down again, matching the rise and fall of her chest but this was… it was too important to stop her from whatever she was planning. “What are you…”

“Ssshhhh Mr. Franklin, sir, you don’t have to pretend anymore, not when you’re feeling so tired and so very sleepy now. Remember, I’m here to give you a helping hand, I’m here to help you and you know I am. That’s it sir, you know I’m only here to help you relax and unwind because you’re just soooooo tired and just soooo sleeeepy, aren’t you. So just sit back down and relax sir, you feel so much better when you just sink all the way dooooooown and just relax. Every deep breath is making your body so heavy, and your eyes are so tired, so heavy and sleepy and tired. And every time you blink, you just feel the need to sink right back down, all the way back doooooooown into that big comfy chair, don’t you?”

Walt blinked and felt his legs getting heavy, and his whole body sinking down. He blinked again and tried not to watch as the next button came undone, but as her tight blouse sprung open just a little bit more and he found himself taking a deep, but surprised breath, and his eyes blinked again, slowly and softly, he couldn’t resist just sitting back down and listening to Sara’s, confident, gentle voice.

“See isn’t that so much better, especially since you just took that nice big breath, and you didn’t even realize it.” Her voice was smooth as silk, and unflinchingly certain, like she couldn’t imagine anything she said not being true. And it was true, he’d found himself struck by her confidence and poise, and the warm, steady tone of her voice, and then despite himself he took a deep breath in when she did, watching her tits rise, and then fall, following her breath with his own as his eyelids gently fluttered shut again.

“Your eyelids really are so heavy because you’re just soooooo sleepy, so very sleepy, and you do need to rest Mr. Franklin, you need to rest, relax, and stop fighting yourself. But that’s why you need to open your eyes and just look at me, look at my breasts, it’s okay. You’ve been thinking about them since the first time you saw me, and it’s okay sir, I’m here to help you by telling you it’s okay, and that’s so nice to know. It’s such a big relief knowing you can just stare at my tits sir. After all, they’re too big for you not to think about, they’re too big for you to ignore, and ever since I started interning here, you’ve been wearing yourself out trying not to stare at them. You’re so tired, you’re more tired than you realize, and you can realize that my big, soft breasts are making you even sleepier now, they’re making you so sleepy. It’s almost like they’ve been hypnotizing you sir., and you’ve been wearing yourself out resisting their warm, sleepy, hypnotic spell…”

She slowly opened the second to last button on her blouse and pulled it open, showing off her all of her incredible, soft, hypnotic breasts being held up in her beautiful, soft pink bra. Sara stood in front of Walt for a second, her chest thrust out and her shoulders back, then she held her arms out wide to either side and started to shift her shoulders and her hips back and forth is a soft, gentle flowing motion that moved through her arms and into her neck.

Sara’s gentle, fluid belly dancing made her incredible breasts sway back and forth, and as they swayed from side to side, Walt felt his head swaying in time with her breasts.

As she slowly and delicately danced her way closer to his desk, she kept speaking. “Ever since I walked in here my breasts have been draining the last little bit of energy you have, because you’re been resting the urge to stare at them. You’ve been draining your own energy by fighting with yourself, and you feel it now, you feel so drained you are, all from my breasts. They drain your focus and they drain your will, and they confuse your mind, but you don’t have to be confused anymore, just stare at them. That’s right sir, just watch them sway back and forth, just watch me dance for you, let my dance help make everything so simple. It’s so simple and easy, and it’s so natural for you to stare at my breasts sir, staring it my hypnotic breasts is the only thing your should be doing now, and it’s already making you feel so much more relaxed.”

Sara was getting closer and closer to his desk, but slowly and smoothly, waiting for him to relax more and more and sway back and forth more and more with her before she moved closer.

 “You work so hard and you do so much, and my tits are just too hypnotic and too compelling for you to resist, especially when you’re already so drained by them, and by everything else. Just let them drain you sir, let them take the rest of your energy away, it’s so much simpler this way, and so much more relaxing. Let them drain your energy, let them drain you completely, you can’t be tense or stressed out if you don’t have any energy for tension or stress., and you need to relax so badly because you’re just too tired and sleepy now, and you’re just getting sleepier and more relaxed as you keep staring at my hypnotically relaxing breasts. That’s right sir, just watch my dance, and watch my breasts sway back and forth with my body, let my dance make my breasts even more hypnotic now.”

There was still an airiness to the way she spoke, a ditzy softness that mingled with her gentle confidence and made every word she spoke sound and feel like golden warm sunlight and the absolute truth.

He was losing himself in her, and it felt wonderful.

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