Story Preview: GILF

GILF: Guided Into Lost Freedom
A Smuthunter Story

“Hypnotism is the art of inducing a highly suggestible, hyper focused, and deeply relaxed trance state in the patient, or the subject, depending on your uses and practices.” 

The woman addressing the room was older, old enough to be Nick’s mom, which meant she was old enough to be someone’s grandma, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t attractive. “It’s not magic, but sometimes it can be so powerful that it can feel like it. And honestly, as long as I’ve been doing this, sometimes it still feels like casting a spell.”

She was wearing a gray skirt suit, a white blouse, black high heels, black stockings, and she had her black hair piled up in a practical bouffant, with a gray strand dangling down her cheek. There were other gray streaks in her hair, and she carried a little extra weight that, combined with her smile, gave her a very warm energy. She was also, Nick noticed, not just a little heavy, but very curvy.

Age gave her a curvaceous, mature, body, and her poise and posture made her as alluring as she was inviting. 

The audience in the conference room smiled and laughed along with her as she laughed at her own little exaggeration, and she continued. “I have been practicing and teaching the art of hypnosis for over 30 years, and I continue to practice, not just because I’m good at it, and I assure you that I am very good at it, but because I believe in and have seen its value. And that’s why I start by saying that it isn’t magic, because we all know what we think hypnosis is, but ultimately it’s much simpler, and much more complex all at once. And sometimes, the most powerful and profound trance experiences hardly feel like hypnosis at all.”

“In fact,” she nodded as she made her point, and Nick watched some of his co-workers nod along with her, and he smiled. He’d worked in retail and sales for a while, he saw the trick and he knew it. This woman, Shirley Gladstone CHT, as she’d written on the whiteboard in smooth, perfect cursive, was an easy public speaker, and she radiated a kind of confidence and charm that made sitting through the presentation a lot easier than some of the other wellness resources presentations the office had in the past. “You could all be hypnotized right now and not even know it.”

He watched the audience nod along with her, then stop for a second, and he felt a hum of tension as everyone realized what they were nodding along to, then nervously laugh as she flashed a wide smile, “Don’t worry everyone, instant hypnosis is real, but that wasn’t it. I can’t just start waving my pocket watch back and forth and tell you all to sign up for sessions with me, because as I said, it’s not magic.”

She paused and waited for the group to catch up, before winking and saying, “I do have a pocket watch with me though, so we could try.”

Now that the room recognized her sense of humor, which felt strangely flirty to Nick, they all laughed… but he watched her a little more closely now, though he didn’t know why. 

Part of it, he felt more than thought, was that, aside from the yoga instructor, Shirely Gladstone was the most attractive presenter they’d had so far. Nick wasn’t really into older women, well he was into older women, but like a few years, maybe a decade, he wasn’t into women with twenty plus years on him that Shirley had. But then again, most women didn’t have the kind of tits she obviously did.

She caught him out of the corner of one of her blue eyes, an icy blue-gray eye that was as warm as she was and just as sharp, and it felt like they were sharing a joke as she laughed along with the room. 

“I’m sure some of you would like a demonstration, but while I can entertain you, my work isn’t the same as stage hypnosis, which you’re probably all much more familiar with. and I’m sure some of you have questions, so we’ll see if we can’t do both at once.” 

It felt like she was talking directly to him, but she broke her subtle eye contact with him as she put her hand on one of the admin assistants in the front of the room’s shoulder and said, “How would you like to help me.”

The woman Shirely selected, Judy, was a little older than Nick, pretty in a very practiced and sort of plain way, and always had a smile for him, and everyone. He liked her. Everyone liked her.

Judy was also so used to being accommodating that Nick couldn’t imagine her turning Shirley down. So, the brown haired, brown eyed administrative assistant sat down in a chair, turned out ever so slightly, and Nick watched as Shirely stood in front of her, waving a bright silver pocket watch in front of her face.

“Anyone in the audience, if you’d like to be hypnotized too, you can also just focus on the watch and listen to the sound of my voice. You may find your eyes closing at any time you’re curious enough to fall into trance with us, and if you feel that starting to happen, you can just sink down into your chair, focused on the sound of my voice, just like…”

Nick smiled as Shirely looked at Judy and waited for her to say, “Judy.”

“That’s right, just like Judy is now. And you may find your eyes closing before, I’m sorry, what’s your name?”


“That’s right, right before Judy falls into a deep trance in 3, 2…”

Nick felt like a voyeur watching the watch, and watching Judy smoothly, and effortlessly turning into mush in her chair. He watched her eyes fluttering, and her shin starting to dip, and then he saw Shirely give him a little wink as she said, “1, sleep when you’re ready.”

Nick felt a curious pull to close his eyes, but instead he just looked around the room and watched as some of his coworkers slumped into their chairs just like Judy.

“I picked the strongest subject, it’s a stage hypnosis trick. And I’m half-surprised you didn’t go into trance too.” She had come up behind him in the break room, and he smelled the subtle, flowery  touch of her perfume before she spoke. “The most skeptical ones either go all the way under, or don’t respond at all. You’re a real outlier, I saw you almost go for it.”

Her blazer was nowhere in sight, and the sleeves of her button down blouse were rolled up to her mid arm, but more noticeable than that, it looked like a button or two had come undone, and now her breasts, which had been subtly prominent before, were now simply prominent.

“You probably think you’re the kind of guy who’s too strong willed to be hypnotized, or,” she was absentmindedly stirring her coffee and watching as she spoke. “You’re shy, and didn’t want to go up on stage as it were, maybe even too shy to admit to yourself that you could get drawn into something you didn’t think you were agreeing to. But the thing is…”

She tapped the spoon she was using on the inside of the mug, then started to stir again. She held the mug in front of her chest like anyone would, and the stirring kept catching his eye, which meant her very nice, very well framed, and very large breasts kept catching his eye too.

“You can hypnotize someone that doesn’t think they want to be hypnotized, and you can hypnotize someone who doesn’t know they’re being hypnotized, but the subject always has to go along with it. It’s like I was saying earlier, it’s a cooperative experience, not like…”

She tapped the spoon on the mug again, took a drink, and smiled, “Why don’t you make your coffee, I didn’t mean to talk your ear off on your break.”

Nick realized that he really should make his coffee, and he set to it. Then he realized he was being rude, or barring that, cagey. “You’re not talking my ear off, it’s okay. You’re giving me something to think about.”

“Oh,” she gave his arm a soft little pat, “you’re just being polite. After all, there’s no way you were going to get something out of the fridge, and now you’re just making coffee because I told you to.”

Nick felt his spine straighten, “How did you do that?”

“You probably wanted some coffee already, but I just distracted you, and then slid the idea right in between your other thoughts while you were distracted. It’s like accidentally typing a word you hear, it really only happens at certain mental intervals, and hypnotists can recognize those moments to put ideas in your head. But as I was saying, you have to agree with the idea. if you weren’t a coffee drinker, it wouldn’t have worked.”

She was holding her mug and smiled at him with a very self-satisfied smirk, “It’s another form of instant hypnosis I was telling the group about. But I think the more relevant technique for what you would be the beach induction. Hypnosis is something you have to either actively or passively go along with or it won’t work, but you can frame it as an inevitability. If I told you to imagine yourself on a warm sunny beach, watching the waves now, just relaxing and breathing, enjoying being on vacation from everything else…”

He was listening while waiting for the machine to finish, and sort of reflectivity following along with what she was saying, even though he knew he should be paying more attention to her after her last trick.

“It sounds nice, and most people see the beach as a pretty recreational destination. It’s a place we long t g to, where we strive to go to as a symbol, an icon of relaxation really, and it’s powerful. So when you settle in, listening to the sound of my voice now, seeing the beach, I would have you focus on the waves. I would have you notice, as you breathe deeper, and slower, relaxing more and more, that the tide is coming in, and every time the waves wash up on the beach, the pull away a little bit more of the sand, and get closer and closer to you.”

“You’re coffee is ready, and you can wait a second, because you know you’re safe as the tide inevitably comes in. You know nothing can stop time or tide, it waits for no man, and it’s just inevitable that when the waves start to gently wash over you, they’re going to gently pull you deeper into trance. And it feels so inevitable now, it really does, that you’re just bound to be pulled under by the steady waves of my voice, washing over you, and it’s just us talking, no one else is here, no one to see you, no one to listen to what we say, just you and me, and that inevitable feeling of deep, deep…”

Nick’s eyes were closed and the warm ocean water was lapping over his body as he laid down on the soft white sandy beach, being pulled…

“Open your eyes, get your coffee, and get what you wanted out of the fridge. I’ve really taken up so much of your time.”

“Wow.” He had to struggle to open his eyes at first, and he felt relaxed from head to toe, and in his mind too. “That was, that was really surprising. Is it really that easy for you to just hypnotize people?”

He smiled at her, blew on his coffee, and his eyes wandered down to her cleavage again. He didn’t mean to, it just felt like he couldn’t help it, and tried to cover it up by taking another sip.

“Yes and no. Once someone is hypnotized, most of the time they can go back into trance pretty easily after the first induction. So you sinking down a bit earlier at the presentation made you more susceptible to it now. Over time the more you go into trance the better you get at it, but on the same day, in the same short amount of time, it’s just really easy for you to sink back into trance. And since I pulled that little suggestibility trick on you earlier, I convinced you that I could put the whammy on you. Plus, you were distracted by trying to be polite and not really engaging, because this is a strange occurrence in general, and because it’s something you’re not wholly comfortable with, so just like with the coffee trick, I just needed to wait for the right moment, or to create the right moment to slip inside.”

He was looking into her eyes as she explained that to him, and her self-satisfied smirk was still very present. It was amusing to him too, and then she tapped her spoon on the inside of her mug again, and he realized he’d been staring at her tits as she’d started stirring her coffee at some point in the explanation. “Any other questions so far?”

“So if you can read someone right, you can just slip them into trance, and hypnotize them into…”

It was a genuine, curious question, but she held up a hand to stop him. “This is where people get misconceptions about hypnosis. It’s like I said, we can make it seem inevitable, but that’s only to help people have permission to go into trance, or in your case, for you to give yourself permission. And it really only works when it’s something someone wants to do. Of course, what we want can be manipulated, and you can use hypnosis to make people want to be hypnotized into wanting other things. But the thing is, and I’m sure you;ll agree when you think about it, you’d have to want to go back into trance, twice as deep now, the next time you hear me tap my spoon on my mug.”

She started stirring again, and he’d started staring down at her breasts again, and he was following what she was saying, but when her voice softened like that, it made his thoughts soft and hazy too.

“And when you hear that sound very soon, as I count down from 3 to 1 before I do it, I’m going to want you to try and keep your eyes open as long as you can. You’re going to want to close your eyes so much as the numbers get smaller, but I want you to try as hard as you can to keep them open, knowing that when you hear the sound, your eyes will close, but you’ll stay standing up with your mug still in your hand. And since we both know you understand, 3, 2…”

He was struggling to keep his eyes open, staring at her tits and her spoon as she just kept stirring, and he didn’t know if she actually said one, but when she tapped her mug, his eyes closed.

“See, you did that because you wanted to go back into trance, now, 1, 2, 3, eyes open, wide awake, and back to normal. They gave me an office to use for the day, if you want to come with me now and we can do an actual session. I think this would be good for you, and I think you have a lot to gain from it.”

She reached out and squeezed his arm as she said that, and looked deep into his eyes. It felt like she was flirting with him, and self pitch or not, he was charmed by her. He also wondered if she was just snaking the idea into his head and he stopped to center himself and take an inventory of what he might actually want.

He wanted an excuse to stare at her tits a little more, he knew that, and this was all pretty interesting… Plus it was company policy on wellness days to allow employees to have on the clock sessions with the visiting guests.

“Okay, yeah, I’ll tell my manager.”

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