Free Story: Entrancing Encounters

Entrancing Encounters
A Smuthunter Story

            “The answer is yes.”

            Mitch blinked as he stared into deep green eyes that were sparkling with life, “Yes you can carry my groceries out to my car.”

            She was smiling as she held her two bags out towards him, “You’ve got a good eye, recognizing me out in the civilian world. No makeup, big sunglass, boring ponytail, and boring soccer mom starter clothes, you must be a great fan.”

            Mitch blushed, Cassandra Angel shopped at the same grocery store he did.

            Pro domme, internet fetish personality, and all around gorgeous Cassandra Angel was basically his neighbor.

            “I’m sorry if I was staring or being weird, I didn’t really know it was you.” Mitch felt pretty good about that answer. He wasn’t weird, or awkward with women, or one to get star struck, but wow, the charisma she exuded through the screen was nothing compared to her in person.

            “What’s your name?” She asked as they walked through the automatic doors at the front of the store.

            “I’m uh, Mitch Cl…”

            “Oh, you’re Mitchell Clarke right? “

            He flushed, and she laughed a little bit.

            “I just moved to town a few months ago, and I sort of looked at my client list to see if any of my regulars lived around me. It’s a professional and a personal precaution. I’m sure you can understand.”

            Her car wasn’t anything fancy, a medium sized four door, maybe last year’s model, maybe a little older.

            ‘That’s got to be rough.” She popped her trunk and there wasn’t much in there, just typical trunk stuff. “Aren’t you afraid I’m going to memorize your plates and stalk you?”

            He was hoping the joke would land.

            “Well, I was going to invite you over to see my studio setup, but if you’re planning on wearing my skin like a coat, maybe I shouldn’t.”

            He stopped for a second as she smiled at him, her sunglasses were back down.

            “Really?” He was, well his imagination was, very excited.

            “Yeah. You’ve never sent me any stalker-y emails or followed my social media with multiple accounts, or tried to find me in real life, should I not trust you?”

            “I mean, I, you know, no, I’m cool. I mean, this is so cool.” They got in the car and started to drive. He’d only walked down to the store for a snack so it wasn’t like he was leaving his vehicle unattended…

…while he rode off with a stranger he had masturbated to more times than eh could count.
“My name’s Serena, my real name I mean.” Her hair was long and dyed a dark coppery red, but when it was up it looked more natural. She was wearing a very light jacket that was sky blue, it looked like something people wore for a late springtime hike, and she had black calf length tights, or maybe yoga pants, he didn’t know. She looked to be about his age, maybe a little older, late 20s or early 30s, but it was hard to tell in part because she was in really good shape.

            “It’s really cool to meet you Serena, you’re really good at what you do.” He was smiling, and so was she, the car stopped after a little less than a mile outside of plain white story house with a small front yard and a blooming holly tree on the sidewalk.

            “Thanks. Also, I’m only doing this so you can take my bags inside.” She turned her smile to a smirk and he laughed a little.

            They went inside, him with the two bags of groceries, her opening the front door. It wasn’t a big or a small house, but it felt spacious and it felt normal. The kitchen was new, the floors were hardwood, and everything felt neat.

            “So, what are you favorites?” She still had her sunglasses on, and even thought he had seen enough of her body in various stages of near complete undress, she never went nude, even though she was wearing tights, he couldn’t help but appreciate how much her wardrobe hid her figure. Because, if you had asked him before, he would have said that was impossible.

            “My favorite?” He was leaning on a counter, trying not to stare more than he already had.

            “Videos. What you’re favorite stuff that I do? I feel like I should know this since I already pre-stalked you, but the purchase histories tend to blur together.”

            And in that moment, Mitch started to feel a little awkward.

            She stopped and smiled at him, “You know you’re in the house of the woman you probably habitually jerk off to, and you know I’ve made and sold all that material you spanked to that you bought from me, there’s no reason to be shy.”

            It was hard to argue with that logic.

            Also, she was fun, she was the kind of fun he imagined her to be, maybe even more fun. You could tell her screen presence and her tweets and everything that she was fun, but just like everything else, she seemed to be better in person.

            “And if anyone should be embraced it should be me. I look like I just fell out of bed.” She started putting things away again, or at least had gotten around to the last couple of items.

            “No, you’re, you look great.” It seemed like the right answer. It was at least the thing he would have said to a girlfriend.

            He was young and in good shape, worked a good job, and wasn’t really unlucky in love, and for a moment he wondered if that was what made actually answering what she was asking that much weirder or harder.

            Mitch was a fetishist, but he didn’t talk about it, and it was a pretty low impact part of his sex life and his identity. It wasn’t something he identified as.

            “So, what are your favorites?” She was leaning on an opposite counter and he was imaging the curves under her zipped up jacket.

            “I, “ he paused and blushed and she smiled when he did, “I like your trances a lot. They’re really… different.”

            “You know, “ she started walking out of the kitchen towards the basement stairs, “that’s what a lot of people say. Some guys find me just because I practice a little bit of hypnosis, but the people that buy those videos because they like my other stuff, that’s the way they describe it. Calming and different. Are you a hypno-fetishist?”

            Before he could answer, she turned on the lights for the stairs, and they were nice. It wasn’t like a dark and creepy basement, it was as well kept and neat as the upstairs. “My dungeon is in the basement, you know, because where else would it be?”

            He laughed, “I don’t know, I don’t think I am. I haven’t really explored anyone else’s videos, the other girls that do these sorts of videos aren’t as good as you.”

            She was half way down when she stopped and looked back at him. He was still in the doorway. “I appreciate that, I just try not to think like that because it’s not fair to them and it makes me kind of a bitch if I do. This scene is too hard without the women being shitty to each other. But, thank you, I pride myself on doing everything I can to be believable and effective.”

            He followed her down the stairs, then into the main basement room. It didn’t have a closet so it didn’t count as a bedroom technically. And there, inside this room, he saw a lot of familiar sights.

            She had table that looked like a repurposed massage table dipped in black leather, a wardrobe that had been in the background of a lot of videos, various backdrops for lighting, and the lights themselves, a tripod and a corner table with plenty of other odds and ends for filming, as well as a plain wooden arm chair and a wooden four legged stool he’d seen countless times as well.

            “So, this is where the magic happens. I tried to recreate everything as best I could from my old place, and the room across the hall is a guest bedroom and the set for my more intimate shoots, when I want things less strict and more warm. You’ve seen those, the soft lighting ones where I’m on a bed.”

            She’d taken her sunglasses off and put them on the corner table then walked back over to him, and to his surprise took him by the hand to lead him into the studio.

            ‘The wardrobe has a bunch of stuff you probably don’t care about, strap-on’s and toys and everything, and there’s the squeak beast,” she gave the leather table thing a pat, “I stopped using it for solo videos because every time I moved you’d just hear more leather than me. I used to lower it down and change the shooting angle to make it look like a bench but now I don’t bother. I used to have a shooting couch too but I didn’t feel like moving it with me.”

            It was surreal being in the room, it was he realized, like being on a movie set because that was what it was.

            “So I’m guessing you started with some of my other videos then made your way to my Trances series right?”

            She was standing in front of him, smiling at his smile.

            “What was the first video you got? Tits? Ass? Blackmail fantasy?”

            Now he felt more awkward than before because the woman had always been a sex symbol, something he objectified in the best possible way, and now he was about to tell the person in front of him what he objectified about her the most.

            “It was a tit worship video.” He didn’t make eye contact when he said it.

            “Well, they are pretty great. I always think they’re so popular because I know how to wear a bra, or bras, and because I don’t show nipple. I think once you see a naked tit it loses some of its magic.”

            She laughed again, it was melodic and good natured.

            “I believe, as a dominant woman, what men come to me for is to be titillated and dominated, and that means playing by my rules, engaging in what they believe I think is sexy, and what I actually do think is sexy. Plenty of girls go nude, and they’re awesome, but beside the fact I don’t want to do it, it’s not my brand.”

            She smiled again and had established firm eye contact with him.

            “I started doing hypnosis themed videos before I knew what I was doing. I’d gotten requests from fans and they sent me some videos to look at, and I was like ‘Oh, I can do this, or at least fake it’ and I made a few that I called role-play stuff. You might have seen them, they’re old. But then I got feedback from guys and they were all about the same, the old ‘I didn’t think you could actually hypnotize me” line, and they sold well too.”

            She had pulled up the stool and had angled him towards the armchair. When she sat down, he followed suit.

            “And that made me do a little research, you know, Wikipedia 101 stuff, and it was like, ‘No, I didn’t hypnotize you, you did it yourself’ and that got me thinking about what I could and couldn’t do with those kinds of videos, since, and you know this, you know what I mean when I say this, what guys liked about it was feeling relaxed and given permission to disengage, and to really feel focused on right? That’s what you like about it on an emotional level isn’t it?”

            Mitch hadn’t thought about it in those terms before, but it was true, he did like that part of it a lot. He nodded.

            “So, I started to think about it more, and it made a lot more sense to me. Hypnosis is supposed to be self-hypnosis, but I think when a woman focuses all of her attention on a man, when a dominant woman knows how to use her charms and her sensuality to draw a man into her orbit, to lure him into her world, she is entrancing him, when she seduces him, she is hypnotizing him, and he plays his part because he is a man, and he wants to be seduced, he wants to be enthralled and flattered by an attractive woman who knows how to keep him captivated.”

            Mitch felt a stirring between his legs, the intimacy of her voice, the energy of her words and her body language, the sexual charisma she demonstrated in her videos was pouring out of her right now even though she was just talking in the most matter of fact, regular sort of way.

            “I have a friend who is a psychologist and a very accomplished hypnotist, and I spoke to her about this and asked her to teach me. She explained a lot of principles to me, and being a gorgeous woman and an assertive and dominant woman herself, she agreed about how naturally hypnotic a woman’s sensuality can be, how easy it can be for a woman like her, or like myself, who knows what they’re doing, to completely entrance and enthrall a man. She agreed that any man who was being deliberately seduced could be just as easily enthralled and mesmerized.”

            “Any man who I turned my attention on, who I brought into my aura, who I could turn my seductive charms on, who was close to me and focused on me, who was only thinking of me and who was only hearing my voice, any man who would so easily lose himself in me, because I know how to be irresistible, would find himself on the edge of being deeply entranced, and would find himself hypnotized by me, deeply hypnotized by me now, sleep.”

            Mitch’s eyes closed and he sunk back into the chair, feeling warm and loose and lost in what was happening.

            “Wake up Mitch. Wake up, time to wake up now, wake up.” Her voice was a little louder than it had been and as his eyes opened she was grinning at him.

            “Gotcha. Now you’ve got a story that’s going to sit on top of your spank bank forever.” She was right about that, and his erection was glaringly obvious.

            He blinked and shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

            “Ethically I should have asked you first, but I knew you wanted it and I wouldn’t have wanted to ruin the surprise. But, do you see what I mean about the way a woman’s power can be so overwhelming. It’s why I think hypnosis came easily to me. I’m not as good as some people, but I think I understand it, and I understand how to perform on camera and how to communicate it through the medium, so I think that matters a lot. And clearly, I know how to do it in person, but you might have been an easy subject since you’re used to going into trance for me.”

            “I, uh, like I said, I’m not like a hypno-fetishist, I know there’s mp3s and stuff for people that are, but that seemed really good, like really easy for you too,” She was still looking deep into his eyes and her gaze did seem to hold him, plus his body felt a little heavy from what just happened, and all of that really made him feel like he needed to say something.

            “Well I know you’re biased, but I appreciate it anyway. And I appreciate you buying my work by the way, it is really nice to always meet fans, especially ones that aren’t creeps. It’s also nice to meet fans like you who I know really appreciate what I do, who really understand the work I put it. I like that. I like that you’re so acclimated to my work, so used to having me in your life that if I wanted to, I could drop you back down into a deep hypnotic trance just by counting down from ten to one couldn’t I?”

            Mitch knew he was blushing, and the rod between his legs, that he caught her look down and smirk at in satisfaction, was making all of this even more surreal than it already was. “I uh, I mean Serena I think, I mean…”

            ‘Ten, nine, eight,“ she started to move her hand in front of his face slowly with the numbers, “seven, six five, feel those eyes getting heavy Mitch, heavy and sleep”, her voice had taken on that intimate tone again “four”, the tone he heard in all of her videos, a playful and sensual cadence that made him feel like she was only talking to him and now she was, “three, two, one”, her hands moved in a downward motion in front of his eyes, “sleep Mitch, deep sleep now.”

            The she snapped her fingers, ‘Wake up Mitch, wake up, come on back”, and her voice was back to its normal conversational tone.

            “Do you ever respond to any of the suggestions in my trance videos or do you just like how it feels?” His balls were throbbing and he felt like a pent up high-schooler, but he was also strangely relaxed, still feeling the lingering effects of having been put into a trance and then immediately woken.

            “I don’t know. I do that stuff and sometimes I feel like I’m still in a trance when I do and sometimes I feel like I’m just playing along.”

            “You’re answering my questions a little easier now, I think you’re feeling more relaxed open with me aren’t you?” She looked down between his legs for just a second, selling that she was aware of how certain parts of him weren’t as at ease. “Do you respond well to my masturbation instructions, do you cum on command? I don’t think a lot of guys do, I think it’s just part of the fantasy, part of the image, but it’s fun to include.”

            “Yeah, I uh, I kind of feel like masturbating brings me out of trance and I have to be pretty deliberate and intentional to line up my climax. And sometimes I’ll just watch the second half of a video and rub one out.”

            He was kind of surprised he was being so straightforward, but she just nodded and laughed, “That’s what the videos are there for. I have real life real time slaves, and it’s not the same as making a Femdom themed video. That’s too bad about the suggestions though, for some people that’s their favorite part. Like, can you imagine if my words were steering you to do something or think something the same way they led you down into trance? I feel like you’d enjoy that.”

            “Yeah, I don’t know, I uh…”

            She unzipped her jacket and he could see that she was wearing two tank-tops based on the shoulder straps. One was white and had thin straps and the other was a light pink and that was the outer layer. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

            “You’re looking at my chest right now aren’t you? Your eyes have gone down to my cleavage and you’re looking at my tanned skin and the tops of my breasts right now because I want you to. When I unzipped my jacket I gave you a suggestion and you followed it, now isn’t that hot? Or don’t you like my tits?”

            Mitch was staring at those nipples under her top, and those tits were even bigger in person. He didn’t understand how that jacket had covered up so much when it wasn’t even that big.

            “So,” Her voice was playful but it was also a little impatient “are you going to answer me?”

            “Yes.” He laughed when he said it.

            “Yes you don’t like my tits, or yes it’s hot that I made you look at them?” She was needling him a little, a d it felt like she was laying the charm on extra thick and he liked it.

            “Yes, it’s hot, and I love your tits. I’ve always loved your tits.”

            She laughed and took her jacket all the way off, showing off her shoulders and her arms, letting him drink in more of her smooth tanned skin.

            “Listen, a suggestion isn’t just having your hands stuck together, or forgetting the number seven, it’s when I ask you to imagine something or relax. Hypno-fetishists really get off on when I want them to have amnesia, but guys like you who discover my hypnosis videos also tend to enjoy losing a little bit of control. I mean, you do like to be dominated don’t you?”

            He nodded, “Yeah, I mean, when I watch your stuff I feel it, I feel like it feels right to be controlled. And not just in trances you know.”

            “Lots of guys really enjoy a dominant woman in their lives, and that’s what makes hypnosis such a natural extension for me. I think, if I wanted to, I could put you in a trance again and give you a suggestion or two that would dominate you completely. And I think you want me to.”

            She waved her hand in front of his face in a sort of snake like motion and brought his eyes right back to her cleavage

            She didn’t let him answer this time.

            “You’re fascinated with my cleavage, you worship my tits, and I know you think about them when you masturbate even if you aren’t watching one of my videos. I know you’ve dreamed of them, and I know if I was flat chested you never would have watched any of my videos. My tits are the reason you’re here right now, my tits are the reason you’re so enchanted with me.”

            She was right.

            “You’ve never even seen my nipples but these tits get you hard, and these tits make you weak. You know I know how to use my charms to entrance you, you know how easy it is for me to hypnotize you, and you’re already hypnotized by my tits aren’t you? You see them and you feel so compliant don’t you? Just looking at my huge tits makes you want to do whatever I want you to, just looking at my chest makes you feel so submissive doesn’t it? Big tits, these big tits bring it out of you, and I know how to use that to wrap you right around my finger don’t I?”

            She was still just talking to him in that same sort of playful and matter of fact tone. She wasn’t using her hypno-voice from the videos and she wasn’t even as measured as she was earlier when her tone was almost clinical. Now she was playing with him.

            Again, she didn’t need an answer.

            “Right now, right this moment, as you stare at my chest rising and falling, watching my tits, finding it harder and harder to even try and look away, not that you would even want to try, you’re being hypnotized by me again. You’re being seduced and dominated by the rise and fall of my chest, and you’re starting to sink into the spell I’m weaving around you, and all I have to do it talk to you and let you stare.”

            Mitch was starting to feel himself sinking. It was more like what he felt in the videos than the tricks she had pulled before. It didn’t come out of nowhere and swallow him, she wasn’t ambushing him, he knew what she was doing this time, and that made it even more irresistible.

            “Watch them rise and fall, and feel yourself surrendering to me now. Feel it from the inside out. Your cock’s already hard and you know you want me, you know you need me, and now as you see these tits right here in front of your face, so close to you, these breasts you dream of, this breasts that have shown you how truly submissive you are deep down inside, and as your mind and body sink down into the chair, your submissive self is rising up to the surface.”

            His body slumped down a little deeper, his arms were flat on the chair’s arm rests and he sighed a little. His eyes were a little glassy and his vision had narrowed.

            “Just keep watching my tits and as they rise and fall your eyes are going to get heavier and heavier until they close all on their own. When they close you will know in a very deep and powerful way that you are falling into a very deep and very suggestible trance because you would never stop staring at these mesmerizing tits for any other reason.”

            He blinked and felt the heavy sleepy weight of her words starting to pull gently at his eyelids. Her cleavage was all he could see, the soft glow of her tanned skin stood out from the pale pink of her top. He felt like he was sinking down into her cleavage.

            “When you eyes close you will fall down into trance for me, down into the hypnotic sway of my voice and my tits, it will feel like you are falling down into my cleavage, down into the warmth and softness of my skin, like you’re shrinking down, all the way down under my control now.”

            His eyes closed despite himself and he dropped deeper and faster than he’d ever fallen before.

            “Drift for me now and sink deeper and deeper down now. I’m going to leave you here for just a moment, and when I’m gone the image of my tits is going to fill your mind’s eye and lead you deeper and deeper until that eye also closes and falls into deep sleep, sleep inside sleep for me now, and surrender to me the way you’ve always dreamed you could.”

            Time lapsed into nothingness until he felt soft fabric on his wrists and his eyes slowly opened.

            She was sitting across from him again, her hair was still up, she was still wearing the same clothes, and he had no idea how much time had or hadn’t passed. He also realized his eyes were drawn right back to her cleavage.

            “You cannot look away from my tits Mitch, your eyes are entranced by them and they’re hypnotizing you all over again just like they always do. Whenever you see my tits you fall into a light and very suggestible trance for me, and the longer you stare the deeper down into submission you fall for me. Those eyes are getting heavier and heavier all over again and you’re sinking right back down into my cleavage now.”

            He was falling again, sinking down into the warmth between her breasts, and he wanted to.

            “The only thing that would feel better than falling deeper into them would be to touch them now. Touch them for me, reach out and squeeze these tits, these tits you’ve craved since the first time you saw them.”

            In the fog of trance that she had him floating in, Mitch tried to lift his hands, but he couldn’t. They were tied to the arm rests by silk.

            He heard her voice echoing around him, playful and teasing, “What’s the matter Mitch? All tied up?”

            He tried again, and felt his bonds keeping him in place.

            “Open your eyes, now, open your eyes and wake up, wake up for me Mitch, wake up and come all the way out of trance now, all the way out of trance.” She was more forceful with her words, even and steady, and as his eyes opened he made a point to look into her eyes and not down at her chest.

            “Look at your wrists, I want to show you how you’re tired up.” She had adopted her video-domme voice for this and when Mitch looked down he saw two multi-colored silk scarves draped over his wrists.

            He saw them, he saw that he wasn’t tied up, but he still couldn’t move his arms until she snapped her fingers and said, “untied and released.”

            His hands flew up and the scarves fell away.

            “Fun isn’t it?” She laughed at the bewildered look on his face.

            “That’s part of what hypno-fetishists love, that kind of influence a powerful woman can exert over a submissive male. I love the idea of tying you up with nothing more that a touch and a word. I love binding you with my beauty and having you hanging on the sound of my voice, lost and powerless, down into the kind of subspace that’s usually only reached in more intense and invasive experiences.”

            She was standing up no, closer to him, looking down at him and deep into his eyes.

            “This feels so natural for you, to submit to me like this, to fall for me, to be led down into obedience by nothing more that my natural charms. Just feeling this attention from me and staring at my tits, “ she leaned in very close to him and he was looking down into her cleavage again at a different angle than before and he could almost see her bare nipples.

            “Look at my tits and feel my aura, my energy overwhelming you. It’s so natural and so easy to slip into trance for me as my cleavage hypnotizes you all over again. Surrender and fall deeper for me, sink for me, down into that wonderfully suggestible state where anything I want becomes your reality. You want to be there again, to be that powerless again. This is what you are, this is who you are, my submissive, my subject, lose yourself between my breasts.”

            His eyes closed again.

            “Listen to me Mitch, listen to the sound of my voice. No one gets to see my bare breasts, you will never get to see them, Mitch will never get to see them. But a slave could, because a slave belongs to me, a slave is my property and there’s no reason why I wouldn’t’ show my bare breasts to my slave. There’s no reason why I wouldn’t use my slave’s cock, because I own my slaves so really it would just be my cock, like a warm wonderful toy. But Mitch’s cock will never be inside me, Mitch will never see my tits, but a slave could, and wouldn’t that be wonderful? Now open your eyes and sink deeper into trance, open your eyes and stare at my tits.”

            His eyes opened and he was swimming in her warm tanned skin.

            “Now, answer me, wouldn’t that be nice?” She’d become her video persona, she was using her hypno-voice and her pro-domme tone.

            He said yes.

            “You could be my fuck toy and you could watch my beautiful bare breasts bouncing up and down as I ride you, all you would have to do is be my slave, all you would need to do or want to do is give up your identity, and I will make it very easy for Mitch to fall into a very deep sleep and let my Slave take over. Isn’t that what you want?”

            His eyes were glassy and his mind was a fog of cleavage and promises of things he could never dream of.

Deep down inside a part of him understood that she could and she would wipe away every part of his identity, after all she’d tied him up without a single knot or lock.

He knew that she would be able to pierce the deepest parts of his mind and identity, and he knew that this was what he had always dreamed of.

But now that it wasn’t just a fantasy, now that he was not in control, now that it had become real that part of him didn’t know for sure anymore.

It was a good thing that she’d made sure that part of him didn’t have a say in the decision.


She chuckled, “You mean Yes Mistress don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

            “Very good slave, that is a wonderful start, but it will take more than that for Mitch to disappear and for this body to become my slave body. Mitch is still inside, Mitch is still thinking and speaking, Mitch is still under my control, but it is still Mitch isn’t it slave?”

            “Yes Mistress.”

            “Say it for me now, tell me what I just told you.”

            “I am still Mitch Mistress.”

            “Yes you are, but there is a very easy way for Mitch to go away, Mitch has his own desires, Mitch has his own needs, Mitch’s cock is his cock, Mitch’s dreams are his dreams, and when Mitch cums for his Mistress, when you cum for me, there will be nothing here for you, nothing here for Mitch, and he can just cum and cum and cum then fall into the deepest sleep. Mitch can cum to sleep and then this body can be my slave. And that is also what you want, that is what Mitch wants, you want to cum to sleep and lose all of yourself completely to become my slave.”

            “Yes Mistress.” The words felt better every time he said them.

            “Listen to me now Mitch, your mind, your essence and identity are being led by my voice, down between your legs, down into your balls. Your identity has always been in your cock, and when I drain you, you will leave your body and lose yourself in the moment you cum to sleep.”

            “Look at my tits now, look at my tits and feel my words filling your mind. Stare at my tits and listen to me. You can feel my tits wrapping around your cock right now, you can feel your cock sliding between them, and you can look into my eyes now, look into my eyes for just moment and see how dark and pretty they are, how powerful my eyes truly are.”

            “When a woman gives you a tit job, like I am now, like you are feeling now, she is in complete control of you. When she blows you and you look into her eyes the way you look into mine, she is in complete control. She is giving you all of her focus and ensnaring you, and you know that when a dominant woman decided to enthrall you and captivate you, when I decide to control you, you surrender so easily, and your cum is your surrender now.”

            “Look at my tits Mitch, fall into my cleavage and feel your cock between my breasts. Now cum to sleep, cum and surrender.”

            He did, and he came hard, then he came over and over again, and then he was nothing, just her slave.

            That was only the beginning.