Story Preview: Enthralled and Engulfed

Enthralled and Engulfed
A Smuthunter Story

“So, how do you know Joyce?” Evan King hadn’t known what to expect when his neighbor Joyce wrangled him into a blind date with a friend of hers. He had no idea what kind of young woman Joyce would have known, given the age difference between her and Evan, and he couldn’t imagine being more surprised by the woman sitting across from him.

            “Oh, Joyce used to be one of my clients. I know she won’t mind me telling you, I helped her with her fear of flying.” Olivia, the woman Evan had been set up with was also in her early 30s, also obviously a serious professional by her manner and her taste in restaurants, and was strikingly beautiful.

            She had wavy, reddish brown hair that she wore down over one shoulder, narrow sea green eyes, lightly freckled olive skin, and an angular, statuesque face that would have seemed cold if not for her bright smile. She was wearing a black, sleeveless dress that hung loose off her shoulders and bunched down around her breasts because there was a great deal of chest for the dress to cover. She wore a thin gold pendant that dropped in a straight line from her neck, ending in a small emerald that sat just in her cleavage, and several small golden hoops in her left ear, but only one in her right.

            Evan realized he was staring and hadn’t said anything in response to that. “So are you a therapist?”

            Olivia laughed, it was a short, amused chuckle, “Joyce didn’t tell you anything about me did she?”

            Evan’s neighbor, the sixty-year-old woman who had made this blind date happen, had not. She had simply talked to him, presented the idea, and then played matchmaker, including finding out where Olivia had wanted to go, which was a place he was familiar with and enjoyed. Evan, in all honesty, had really just been along for the ride.

            “No,” he chuckled too, “not really. She mainly just begged and battered me into it. Did she tell you anything about me?”

            Olivia picked up her wine and stared into his eyes across the table. They were off in their own little world, in the back of the restaurant, deep in its moody shadows. “She did. I think it’s a woman’s prerogative to be a little more choosy, and I made her tell me everything she knew about you…”

            Her eyes caught the flame from the candle on the table and her bright smile came to life again, “…after she badgered me about how great you are. She’s really taken with you, you know.”

            He took a sip of wine too and laughed, “I just try and be a good neighbor when I can.”

            “I admit,” she looked down at her glass and he thought maybe she was blushing a little, “I’m only here because… well I don’t get to date very often. You understand, Joyce told me how busy you are with work, and… in my experience the kinds of men I tend to date always end up… I don’t know, intimidated by me, or my job…” She looked  up and into his eyes and left something else there, something deep and unsaid, “But Joyce swore you were a genuinely good guy, and I’m glad she did.”

            It was his turn to look down and try not to blush.

Evan, who was a project manager on a UI development team for an up and coming software company knew what it was like to not really have time to date. He also knew what it was like constantly meeting the wrong kind of woman, and the times he’d tried internet dating had all been deeply shallow and unsatisfying.

“So,” he drank and returned eye contact with her, “you didn’t say what you did.”

“I’m a hypnotherapist.” She said the words like she was expecting him to roll his eyes, but he just nodded and smiled a little. Not because it was funny, but because she had made deep and meaningful eye contact with him as she said it, and he could almost hear her saying Looooook into my eyes, I am a hypnotherapist in a cheesy Dracula impression.

“How’d you get into that?” It didn’t seem like that intimidating of a job, unless you thought hypnotism was some kind of mystical mind control.

She smirked at him, “How’d you get into middle management at a tech company?”

Evan had been surprised by her answer, because it wasn’t exactly a common job, but he hadn’t… “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by asking,” maybe it had been something in his tone, “I genuinely want to know. But to answer your question, I just kind of failed up from programmer.”

She laughed at his self-deprecating joke, a full, solid laugh, not just a chuckle, “I always thought hypnotism was fascinating, and I’ve always enjoyed psychology and the mind, but I ran out of motivation mid way through perusing a masters degree and just pivoted over to hypnotherapy instead.”

“Do you not need a license or…” he gave a little shrug and remembered her sharp response to his earlier question, “I don’t know anything about this. I mean, I guess I should be in therapy because I think everyone should but…” he shrugged again as she smiled.

 That led to Olivia explaining the nuances of having a hypnotherapy practice, the ways it wasn’t regulated, and how in her words, ‘Hypnosis is a very real and powerful tool, but it’s a phenomenon and an art. It’s an individual experience that’s a partnership, not something that I do to people. And it’s not really mysterious, and it’s not mind control, but it’s…”

Olivia took another sip of wine and chewed on her lip, “Normally I have a better, boring explanation for it that I use with my clients, but that’s part of the set up for how I hypnotize them.”

Now it was Evan’s turn to take a flirty jab, “So you’re not planning on hypnotizing me?”

“Well,” she fixed him with her narrow eyes, eyes that he noticed caught the candle flame again as she slightly tilted her head, “do you want me to?”

The way she said it, it was more like Do you want me to crawl under this table and suck your cock before the waiter comes back?

That was the heat that washed over him, and this time he didn’t try hiding his blushing, nor could he keep eye contact.

“Evan,” she whispered his name an brushed a finger down the chain of her necklace, the little golden line that led down to the emerald and her breasts he’d done and admirable job not drooling over, “do you want me to hypnotize you right now?”

“I…  um…”  he watched her fingers trace as the chain, up and down, and up and  a little further down towards the emerald… towards… “Could?” He looked up into her eyes, “Is that really how it works?”

“Yes it is,” she was purring the words out to him and still caressing the chain, “but our food’s about to get here, so you’ll have to ask me to do it later…” her finger tugged softly at her dress and revealed just a hint more of her freckled breasts to him “…if you want me to.”

God, that had escalated quickly, and he was glad he could stay sitting down for a bit. Not because his arousal would have been obvious, but because it wouldn’t have been not-obvious, and he was a grown man, not a horny teenager in math class.

“So,” she gave him a little pat on his hand to get his attention, had he been daydreaming, how long had he been staring back at her emerald and that gentle up and down stroke of her fingers… and also to get him to move his wine glass to make space, “what did you used to do for fun before work swallowed your life?”

The food came, and they ate, and talked about their lives, the sillier details of their jobs, life in the city, movies, and generally found they enjoyed each other’s company. Then, they shared a dessert and then Olivia, in mid sentence about something else raised a finger and stopped her train of thought.

“The best way to explain hypnosis, and not as a permission structure that prepares your mind to accept it, because I think later when you ask me to hypnotize you, you’ll be ready to accept it already, since you are now, is…” she gave him a little smirk as she spoke, then tilted her head back and looked up towards the ceiling a little, “…I could say hypnosis is a programming language, but that’s inelegant and pandering. That kind of mirroring is an effective tool with synching up through processes and forming communication  bonds but… hypnosis is introducing complimentary, external logic to a suggestible and open mind in such a way that it bypasses the critical, internal logic of the subject. And that has to happen, because that grounded and self-justified internal logic already knows what it wants and has made up its mind.”

She was smiling as she spoke, and she had the enthusiastic glee and passion of Evan or any one of his nerdy friends explaining their dorky loves.

“So with Joyce, naturally her fear of flying is founded in well… crashing and dying, or getting sucked out of the plane from a hole in the cabin, or… well, I think that’s about it for fear of flying, or falling for that matter but… As I was saying, she has her internal reasons for being afraid of flying, but she has an internal desire to not be afraid, so in trance, when she is more suggestible and receptive, I impose the logic of how she can manage that fear, and why. And if I can put it in deep enough in her subconscious then it… just imagine I used a computer analogy here.”

His brain did fill it in, and he laughed… then he realized he was staring at her necklace again, watching her fingertip trace the chain.

“Hypnosis is, in many ways,” her voice was soft and smooth again, teasing at him to just listen, “focus and relaxation working in unison to quiet the mind. If you ask me to hypnotize you right now Evan, I can have you in a very deep trance before the waiter comes with the check. You’re ready, that is…” he heat was back in her voice, the alluring, erotic allusion to what, he didn’t know, was right there waiting for him to say yes, “…if you’re ready, and you want me to give you something else that you obviously want.”

“Well,” he looked up into her eyes, “what’s that?”

“You’ll have to ask me to hypnotize you if you want to find out,” she had turned down the heat and tuned up the charm with that one.

“Can you,” Evan had never been hypnotized before, but it was just a phenomenon like she ‘d said , “hypnotize me?”

She raised an eyebrow and pressed her fingers to the base of her neck, “If you’re going to ask me,” her next words sounded like a kiss felt, “ask me. And don’t worry, it will be so fast and so smooth no one will notice.” Her fingers started to trace her chain again and he found himself watching “Just look into my eyes and ask ne nicely.”

Even had never thought of himself as being into dominant women, or bondage or anything, and he didn’t think he was, well… not into it either, especially with how it felt to hear her boss him around a little, and maybe that was it… maybe it was a little Mistress-y, and that was… well, that was kind of hot.


“Yeeeeeeeessss?” She looks deep into his eyes and smirked at him, and it was very hard to take her seriously in that moment, “will you please hypnotize me right now?”

“Thank you for asking, and I would love to, but first, there’s one more thing,” she gently opened her dress just a little more, not enough to show bra, but enough to give him more of her deep cleavage, “Tell me, do you like my tits?”

The words were soft as mist and swirled around him as he found himself in a surreal cascade of events he never in a million years would have predicted.

He glanced down at the display, then back into her eyes, “I do.”

“Good, because no matter what anyone else says, I’ve discovered that my tits are the most hypnotizing and powerful tools I have for putting anyone into deep trance. They’re naturally enthralling, and as you look at them now, just take a deep breath, just breathe slowly and deeply, now that I’ve finally given you permission to stare, I want you to notice how hard you’ve been trying not to stare at them all night.”

Her words came at him in a steady, unyielding pace, but her voice sounded like honey being dripped into his ear and coating his mind one word at a time.

“That’s it, just notice how much your eyes have wanted to stare, and now that they can, notice how you cannot look away from them. You’re just like my emerald, you’re right there, stuck between my tits, and the more you try and look away now, the more enthralled you become. And it’s natural Evan, it’s so natural to just feel their enthralling, hypnotizing power make everything else disappear, as you focus on my breasts and only my breasts. Even the emerald, even you, because you’re my emerald now and you feel it, disappear out of your own mind, out of your own awareness. Just look at my enthralling, hypnotizing tits, and as I count down from three to one, just feel yourself falling irresistibly down into my cleavage, warm and soft, and close to me, completely blank, even with your eyes open, just staring, just blank, completely enthralled now with…”

Olivia’s voice was soaking and smothering his brain with it’s soft stickiness. Her warm, sweet, honey words were dripping over every inch of his brain and just to test what was happing, Evan had tried to look away from her breasts and up into his eyes. At first it was curiosity and pride, and then it was because it felt good to fail, and finally, when he couldn’t even see the emerald anymore, there was nothing just…

“3, completely enthralled by my tits now…”

“I thought a 50% tip might be a little high, but our subconscious mind obviously disagreed with that.”

Evan was standing outside of the restaurant, Olivia’s hand in his, both of them wearing their coats.

“What the fuck?” He exclaimed, but not loudly, “how’d I… wait, did you… did you make me… what?”

She squeezed his hand, but didn’t look at him, she pointedly didn’t make eye contact with him. “I suggested you give the waiter the best possible tip you thought he earned, and then I told you about pooling tips with the bussers, and you said you wanted to be fair to everyone.”

Well… that did sound like him, and it wasn’t like he couldn’t have afforded to tip 100% if he’d really wanted to.

“And I told you once we walked out of the restaurant you would wake up and come out of trance completely. You’re a natural subject,” she turned to face him and touched his cheek before she kissed him, “for me at least, and this has been a wonderful first date so far.”

She leaned in closer and whispered in his ear, “Will you be a gentleman and come home with me for a nightcap?”

“Can I say no?” Evan had his pluck back, and wanted to have fun with her.

“You can always say no, and I expect you to always say no with me when you want to, and when you feel like you should,” her lips were still right next to his ear, “but do you want to?”

He turned into her and kissed her back, “I would love to have a nightcap with you,” it was his turn to play games as he whispered in her ear, “and those enthralling tits.”

She laughed and looked deep into his eyes, “Maybe if you’re good, and maybe if you ask nicely again.”

You can guess what happens next… but you may be surprised how it all happens and what the little wrinkles are this time around.

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