Story Preview: Entanglements

A Smuthunter Story

Part 1

“So,” the black haired, green eyed woman in the black tights and the red and black stretchy, wide strapped tank top smiled at her, “they just can’t be contained can they?”

The woman’s hair was short, just past her chin, her eyes were strikingly warm and friendly, and her tits, well, her tits were as big as Jess’s own, maybe, possibly a little smaller, and she had to laugåh.

“You seemå like you have yours under control.” Jess laughed as she found herself staring down at those tits that were ‘safely’ constrained by a sports bra under the tank top. Jess knew you were never really entirely safe from tits the size of hers, or this other woman’s, popping out unless they were fully covered, and that was just life.

“It’s okay,” her eyes went from bright and friendly, to knowing and conspiratorial, “We all look, I’m looking at your right now.”

The woman, who was a few inches shorter than Jess, and whose tits were dramatically constrained in her top in a way you could only understand if you had them yourself, dramatically dropped her eyes to Jess’s chest, looked back up into her eyes, and the bright smile in those eyes came back. She had very pretty eyes, strikingly green, and pupils that were equally as dramatically black.

“I think you’re bigger than me,” there was a camaraderie and warmth in her voice, “and I love your top.”

Jess, who had her dyed to be naturally toned reddish brown hair, which reached her middle back when it was down, piled up in a loose bun, and was wearing a new, fuschia workout top that was cuter than it was practical, which she found out the hard way, even with her own sports bra, had felt, had actually felt the admiring heat of this woman’s gaze down at her tits.

It was hotter and more intense than any man’s, and it was flattering, and a little thrilling in its own way. There was an energy radiating off the green eyed woman, something both forceful and inviting, the kind of energy Jess tried for in her personal and professional life.

‘Thank you, I really like it too, it just…”

“It does just what you need it to, but not what you want it to do here.” The dark haired woman took a step closer, and her green eyes seemed to bore into Jess. “I’m guessing you didn’t work out a lot until recently, and I’m guessing you never really needed to or thought about it when you were younger, and that you never learned how to manage ‘those’ in an athletic situation, and now…”

Her voice was soft, comforting and understanding, and she was in Jess’s personal space, her hand closing on the back of Jess’s arm, a too intimate, too friendly, too familiar, and also too gentle and assuring a touch. It sent a spark through Jess, scrambling something in her brain as the other woman’s voice started swirling around her.

“Now you’re insecure, and you’re in a situation where your tits, that you’ve always loved, and always hated, aren’t…”

Her fingers were stroking the inside of Jess’s bicep, up and down slowly, and it was disorienting and this woman was speaking softer, making Jess have to lean in a little closer, all while holding her gaze, keeping Jess fixated on those bright, welcoming, understanding green eyes, and those deep, dark, pitch black pupils.

Green eyes the color of lust, the color of desire, the welcoming, seductive color of…

“Sure what to do with the man you’re involved with, and aren’t sure about what to do next, and who you are, if your incredible tits can’t keep him focused on you. And that should tell you what you need to know about him, because really, I can’t stop staring at them, they’re wonderful, and that top is incredible.”

Jess saw the other woman’s eyes drop down to her tits again and felt the heat of her gaze again. She also felt her own eyes falling do to the other woman’s tits, wondering what they’d look like in a more flattering top, wondering…

The gentle caress of those fingertips on her arm, and the soft rise and fall of those breasts, and her own breathing starting to match the other woman’s. She blinked, and the other woman said, “That’s right.”

Jess felt… not tired… but… woozy… lightheaded?

“All the other men in your life can’t think straight when they see your tits. All the other men in your life can’t say no to you when they see your tits.” Those green eyes were looking into hers again.

“It’s so easy to make people do what you want when you have tits like yours, like ours, but now, if your tits can’t just wrap him around your finger and keep him there, you don’t even know who you are anymore.”

Jess couldn’t focus.

Those bright green eyes and deep dark pupils were calling out to her, but the woman’s tits, even contained, were just right there.

“That’s right.”

The woman’s voice was so soft, and she was speaking so smoothly, saying things that Jess had thought before, things she couldn’t imagine anyone knowing or guessing about her, and also saying them so sweetly, that it was impossible to know where this woman was going. But more confusing was the woman’s touch on her arm. Those fingertips, so soft and as soft and smooth as her voice, kept stroking and touching.

“But I know who you are now. You’re a nice girl, you can’t think of a way to make this one be who you want him to be. You don’t think you’re a nice girl on the inside, you think what you do makes you bad, and naughty, but you’re a nice girl, so nice, and so sweet…”

The dark haired woman put her hand on Jess’s chest, her palm flat, resting on the tops of her breasts, just below her collarbone.

“You’re nice and sweet, deep down inside. And you can feel me talking to you, talking to who you are deep down inside, and you can see it in my eyes when I look deep into your eyes. Look deep into my eyes and you can see that I can see that you’re a sweet girl. A nice girl, a good girl. And yes, you’re nice, and sometimes you feel sexy, especially when you do what you do to these men, but you don’t always want the attention your tits give you, and you don’t know how to utilize them, or that attention the way a really bad girl would, and you feel so lost sometimes…”

Jess felt a strange elation and buzzing confusion as she stood there, completely focused on and disoriented by what the other woman was saying, but not being able to understand or focus on just why she was so enthralled by this stranger who she was… for some reason… letting her touch her, letting her even grope her now as right there, in the middle of the gym, the dark haired woman’s hand slid down to gently squeeze one of Jess’s massive tits, then slide back up.

“Relax.” The word came with the grope and Jess blinked as a wave of… not vertigo… and not exhaustion… something else she didn’t have a word for, traveled through her body, leaving her even more off balance, and more entranced by the other woman.

“That’s right,” the woman groped her again, “just relax and listen to me.”

As Jess just stood there, frozen by that brazen touch, blinking as her mind spun faster and faster, she couldn’t get away from the woman’s bright green eyes and found herself getting lost in her pitch black pupils.

She was trying to think about how she could possible relax when a stranger’s hand was groping her in the middle of a gym, but as she stared, frozen, getting lost on those deep black pupils, when she said, “That’s right,” and groped her again, Jess felt her body responding to “just listen, breathe deep, and relax now.”

Jess felt her shoulders slump and her chin start to dip while her eyes started to flutter,

“And now you’re so tired, because working out is hard work. And you’re used to carrying around those amazing, heavy tits of yours, but I know how that feels.” The hand slid down again, and groped her, and Jess continued to disassociate.

“That’s right,” the other woman cupped her tit, and the more Jess wanted to speak, or look away from those eyes, or move her to stop, the more she just stood there, sluggishly trying to think of why she was letting this happen.

“Relax,” she squeezed again,” it’s okay to suddenly realize just how tired you are.”

The wave came again, and so did a deep heat from between Jess’s legs. The way the woman was talking to her, looking at her, touching her…

Jess felt exhaustion move through her this time, and it made the sexual energy in the woman’s aura that much more seductive and tantalizing. Fingertips traced up the top of Jess’s breast, then up her neck, to her cheek, and back down. “You’re so tired of carrying so much around inside and out. Just listen to me and relax.”

The hand cupped and squeezed again, “That’s right,” Jess let out a little moan of relaxation and desire. “Just listen to me and let everything else fade away.”

Jess felt herself swaying on her feet and felt the other’s hand on her arm holding her steady.

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