Story Preview: Double Bound

Double Bound
A Smuthunter Story

            The beginning of Fall Quarter was always the same for Janelle.

A handful of freshmen would wander into her shop, look around, then wander out and pay too much for their text books at the campus bookstore. This would happen over and over for the first week of the quarter, and even though she would have the editions the students needed for English or Philosophy, or any class that didn’t have a new edition text book every year, it ended up not really mattering in the end.

A little bit of money, a lot of missed opportunities, and a few repeat customers

            They got to campus, they got moved in, then they got their books for classes, or their downloaded them for the Kindles and the Nooks, or pirated PDFs for their lap tops or their phones or tablets. It was just the way it was, but Janelle hadn’t been out of school all that long herself and just couldn’t figure out why or how anyone would want a digital book for classes.

You couldn’t line up the pages to share accurate quote locations, the highlighting feature wasn’t as functional as a highlighter and…

            The door swung inward, clipped the bell above the frame. Janelle smiled at her potential customer and said, “Welcome to Double Bind Books.”

            She smiled.

He had a syllabus in his hand and was staring at it with the same desperate freshman anxiety that everyone had the first time they went to buy books.

            “Hi, um, I’m looking for some books for school.” He was cute and had that vigorous glow that all 18-year-old guys had.

She felt herself smile a charming self-conscious smile as she saw his brown eyes widen slightly as he looked at her.

            He’d noticed her chest.

            That also always happened around this time of year, or anytime she met someone for the first time, or if she was being honest with herself, it just happened most of the time. It was the life of a girl who wore a 368 G bra, and she was pretty used to it.

            “What are you taking?” She leaned forward on the counter cupping her chin in her hands, not to display her ample cleavage that was hidden under a thin black sweater, but to hide it.

            He ran his free hand through this black hair and had to look down at the paper in his hand, “Uh, Intro to Psyche, Math, and Contemporary American Fiction.”

            “Oh, “ she looked over her glasses at him, “You must have been a running start kid.” In some lights her own brown eyes had a hint of a dark violet to them, and her long red hair (which she dyed to make a little more vibrant) tended to accentuate her eyes in just that kind of light as well.

            He took a few more steps into the store and walked around to the front of the counter, “How’d you know?”

            Janelle smiled, “You need English 101 and 102 for most of the fun English classes. Now let me see what you’re looking for.“

He put the syllabus on the counter and she looked down at it, “I have most of these on the shelf, and I think I have the rest in the back somewhere.” She took out a small pad of paper and a pen and started copying the titles down.

“You know, I won’t be able to help you with your psychology text book, but if you have additional readings for that class I probably have what you’re looking for here too.” She was still scribing down the list so she didn’t see his anxious smile, but she heard it in his voice.

“I didn’t bring that syllabus with me, I guess I’ll have to come back with that one too.” She chuckled a little bit, not because his anxiety was funny, but because she knew exactly where he was coming from.

Meeting new people, making good impressions, doing things right, making sure she had everything she needed, it was all a psychological weight she’d learned how to juggle and manage over the years, and Janelle saw the same hesitant traits in him.

“Well, it won’t be an extra trip, like I said, some of these are in back so I’ll have to dig them out for you after I close.” She handed the list back to him and smiled.

“After?” He took a step back as she stepped around the counter, keeping a prescribed sense of personal space. She watched as his eyes dropped to her chest again, and she didn’t blame him. She lived with those breasts, she saw them naked every day, she understood.

“Yup, after. I’m the only one that works here, owner, manager, and sole employee. Hi, I’m Janelle.” She reached her hand out to him the same time she pushed up on the thick black bridge of her glasses.

“Alex. It’s nice to meet you.”

She led him over to the fiction section.

“So, did you get a single bedroom dorm? Or are you stuck with a roommate?” They were going to the beginning of the alphabet

“Hah, no, I, I don’t live on campus.” She could feel his eyes on her, and it was flattering. Her sweater was just baggy enough and her skirt, which was also black, was neither short not tight, but he was still staring. Lots of guys, especially guys his age were boob guys.

She stopped, took a book off the shelf and turned to face him, “But you’re not a local are you? Do you drive in?”

She handed him the book, “No, no, I have my own apartment.”

Janelle bit her tongue for just a second. She’d graduated from college seven years ago, owned her own business, and she still had to live with a roommate. That was when she noticed his watch, his shoes, and then took a closer look at his clothes.

“How’d you swing that?” She didn’t let her surprise get the best of her as they kept walking down the isle.

“Well, this is embarrassing, my parents didn’t really see the point of paying for me to live on campus when they thought I’d take more away from living like an adult.” He was, not some much ashamed by admitting this, but cautious about it.

“No, that makes sense. You can’t learn to cook living of the cafeteria meal plan can you Alex?” She found another book on his list and handed it to him as she spoke.

“No, you can’t.” He’d made eye contact with her when she turned, and there was something in his tone when he agreed that sounded a little soft.

Then she watched him blink, and the seeds of an idea started to take root in her mind.

“Alex, you know, one thing that you may find very helpful with school is not getting too bogged down in just reading for classes. I think you’d probably like to read this book too wouldn’t you, since it’ll help you to let go when you want to relax and take a break won’t you?”

She’d taken a paperback detective thriller off the shelf and put it in his hand as she spoke. It was a favorite of hers, so if her plan worked it wouldn’t be a waste for either of them.

He took it without a word, and his easy acceptance was enough to make that idea start to blossom.

There were only two more books on his list, both that were probably on the shelf, but she led him back to the front instead of exploring further.

“Listen, come back tomorrow and I’ll have those other two available for you too. And don’t forget your other syllabus too. And please tell your classmates about me, tell them that the campus book store is a rip-off.”

He paid with cash.

Alex left with a funny sort of feeling, and when he got back to his place he wondered why he’d also gotten something that wasn’t on his list at all.

It took him a minute to realize she’d given it to him, then he put it down and started on his homework and tried not to think about Janelle the cute bookstore girl.

“Oh good, you’re here before lunch!”

Janelle had started to move around the counter as soon as he walked in. She also unbuttoned her cardigan as she spoke, so by the time they were face to face his eyes were already being pulled down to her considerable cleavage.

She was wearing another long black skirt today, but she was wearing a plunging white V-neck under her dark blue sweater.

She’d only fastened the top buttons to preserve some modesty, but now she needed to test her plan.

“I’m so glad you came in, have you eaten yet? I haven’t had lunch yet, can I ask you something?” She had moved in a little too close to him and had pulled her shoulders back.

“Could you go and pick up my lunch?” She put her hand around his wrist and started to shake while her other hand started to move back and forth in front of his face, or more accurately in front of her breasts. “It would be so helpful, I’m sorry to ask, but you wouldn’t mind helping. It’s across the street, tell the guy at the counter you want Janelle’s sandwich, he’ll take care of you, and thank you. Thank you so much. And get something too since you’re probably hungry.”

Alex walked back in about ten minutes later with two brown bags of food and a puzzled look on his face.

She had buttoned her sweater back up and had moved back behind the counter. “Alex, I’m so sorry, I forgot to give you any money. What do I owe you?”

He smiled, and it was as guileless a smile as she had ever seen. “Don’t worry about it, it wouldn’t have been polite not to.”

“That’s so nice, is it easy for you to be so sweet or does it happen automatically?” She watched him blush, and in a way she could relate. It was taking a lot of personal energy for Janelle to be this extraverted, but it was what her idea required.

“I close the store for half an hour every day right around now so I can eat and have some privacy. Have lunch with me.” She’d lowered her energy and wasn’t trying to shock him anymore. It had worked, two approaches had worked very well, now she was just going to get to know him and see what else she could scout out.

“Well, sure. Yeah, that sounds good.” Alex smiled again and she noticed the way he was trying for eye contact, but if it was held for any length of time she could palpably feel his nerves.

Janelle knew how he felt, and she felt her empathy was part of why things had started to work so well. But, it was too early to be confident, and it was too early for her to even have a clear picture of what she was wanted or what she was really working with.

So, they ate, and they talked, and they had a lot in common. She’d locked the door and led him to the office in back.

“No, I was always a psych major. I knew that was what I wanted to study since I first heard about it. I wanted to know why people are the way they are.”

He was still undecided.

“And it’s true, everyone in upper division psych, and most everyone in the lower divisions is really trying to solve their own mystery. No one really wants to be a therapist, they just want to find a magic bullet for why they’re the way they are.”

She ate between words, and smiled when he laughed at her jokes.

It was hard for Janelle to get a joke to land a lot of the time, she was either too literal or not literal enough and no one every seemed to get it.

“But, I minored in Lit, inherited some money, and then I bought this place because I love books and I needed something I wasn’t going to hate.”

She could read his face, or at least she knew what she would ask if she were him.

“It doesn’t make enough for me to hire someone, and it’s not like I have a boyfriend to help me out.” She made sure to take another bite after that statement so she could also have a moment to gauge his reaction to hearing she was single.

He blushed just a little, and she liked what she saw.

“So most nights when I get home I’m too tired to do anything, so I play some WOW and go to bed.”

“I play too, but I don’t think I’m going to play during the week. I don’t want to… well, you know how it sucks your time. I have too much homework already.”

Janelle laughed to herself in part because she saw his eyes light up when she mentioned the game, and because he was so earnest. They talked gaming as they finished eating, and while he was distracted with the gathering up their garbage she undid the buttons on her sweater again.

“I never asked,” she let her words hang as she waited for Alex to turn around, “do you like reading?”

He looked up from the garbage and she saw his eyes widen just a little, “I…”

She fidgeted slightly with the hemline of her top as he started to speak, just to see how he would respond.

 “I do, “ he managed to finish. “Fantasy novels mostly, some sci-fi, but I like swords more than space ships.”

As she spoke she moved to run a hand through her hair and kept eye contact with him. She could feel the way her focus on him was making him feel off balance, and it was just what she was looking for.

She related to that feeling too.

“Me too,” it was true, “there’s something so captivating about those kinds of adventures. I love knights and armor and mysterious witches and quests. I always get so drawn into those books when I read. I just get lost between the pages.”

As she spoke, she pressed her arms in slightly, accentuating the word ‘between’ by pushing her breasts together. Alex’s eyes were shifting from her own down to her chest and back up again.

“Anyway,“ she stretched her arms over her head and arched her back to stretch, and in so doing, thrust her chest out towards him, “don’t you just love getting lost in a good book?”

“I mean,“ she leaned towards him as thought she were reaching for something on the desk and not just giving him the best view of her breasts so far, “you do let yourself get lost sometimes don’t you? Like playing a video game and the time starts to disappear, just like you were saying earlier, focused on the moment, forgetting about everything else, and you know that feeling, it’s so relaxing when you can get lost in something, like the pages of a book, lost between two pages, not realizing you’re turning the pages over, floating in the curves of the pages, waiting for the next word to come, going and on and on, back and forth until your eyes have to close, falling asleep between the pages, falling asleep now.”

She watched him as his eyes grew glassy and soft.

She watched him as he stared down into her cleavage, transfixed by it, enthralled by the gentle allusions to her chest that she hid in her choice of words.

She saw him take the bait without even realizing he was being lured, and she watched as his eyes drifted closed as he started to sway back and forth on his feet.

“It’s good to get lost in things isn’t Alex?” She moved over to take his hand in hers. She brought it up to her chest and held it there as she spoke to him in the softest most seductive voice she knew he had ever or could ever hear.

“It’s good to let go and lose yourself, especially when there’s so much in your life that needs your strength, especially when you have to use your will power for so much else.”

She slide his hand down slightly and held it with both of her hands, squeezing it, simulating the act of him grabbing her breast himself. “You’re so free here, so relaxed, and so lost in the moment, sleeping with me, trusting me enough to sleep with me already, and it feels wonderful to spend time with me, feeling so trusting and open, so wonderfully close to me that you can already sleep with me, deep sleep. And I like you so much, I like watching you sleep, I like how much close we are already, you’re so wonderful and I see it in you, I wish there was a way you could spend more time with me.”

She knew he was more dazed and disoriented than wholly enthralled, and that was part of her plan. Using the word sleep, disguising what she was doing in the folds of him taking a nap, was all part of a very practical system, one that worked clinically, and was working now.

She let the question, or plea, whatever his mind would take it as, hang there for just a moment before she continued.

“You’re so busy with school, and I’m so busy with work, but you’ll need something to do to take your mind off of classes, and you’d like to spend that time the best way you can, and you can spend it with me here, and it’s such a wonderful idea, like something that’s coming to you in a dream. It’s a wonderful idea and you can come to help me because you like me too, you can come and help me here at the store because you want to help me and you know I would really appreciate that. You can come here tomorrow and I’ll show you how you can help me, doesn’t that sound good?”

She’d moved his hand under one of her breasts so he could feel the heft of one of them, and she’d trapped his hand there until her final question. Then she just let it drop as he nodded.

“Alex, “ she snapped her fingers and took on a faux concerned tone, “Alex, hey.”

He opened his eyes.

She wasn’t anywhere close to him and her sweater was buttoned up again.

“You look beat. We were just talking and you fell asleep on your feet.”

Janelle suppressed her desire to smile when she watched him blink and shake his head as he tried to figure out what had just happened.

“I’m sorry. I, wow, I… what were we talking about?”

He leaned up against the wall to keep his balance and regain his bearings.

“You were saying you’d like to help me out here at the shop a couple days a week. I told you it would be volunteer only, but…”

He laughed a little, he felt strangely more disoriented with every passing moment and he tried to figure out why he would say that.

“Well, yeah. I, well, uh…” She smiled as he looked into her eyes. ‘That makes sense since I can get credits for it… I think, or I’m supposed to do a certain number of hours or something?”

Things at the college hadn’t changed since she went there, and she’d chosen her words carefully to prompt his mind to reach that conclusion, burying the suggestion she’d given him.

They walked to the front and she unlocked the store’s entrance and took down the ‘out to lunch sign’. They talked for another hour or so, sharing favorite books and movies, and slowly easing into the comfort of shared tastes and interests.

Finally, when Alex realized he had to get going, Janelle had mentioned homework, he almost left without the books he’d come for.

“I know you’ll be back tomorrow,” she’d ducked out from behind the counter to pull out one of the two she’d stored up there, and when she was out of sight she unbuttoned her sweater again, “but you shouldn’t leave without this.”

He turned, and again his eyes were drawn to her chest, his laugh was small and self effacing as he walked back away from the entrance, “Hah, yeah, you’re right.”

“I’ll have to get your help to dig the other one out of the back, “ she leaned forward again in just the right manner to fill his vision with the swell of her breasts, “but we can look forward to that can’t we?”

He nodded.

“Also, if you liked any of those books I was talking about, you can find them in the sci-fi/fantasy section now, if you’d like to get lost in something tonight.”

He froze up just a little, imperceptibly straightening his back like a flash of inspiration or memory, or arousal had just coursed though his body.

“That’s a good idea.”

She smiled, “I know.”

He walked back onto the floor and came back shortly with a small armful of suggested titles, his head full of a handful of suggestions he didn’t realize he was following.

“Do you take cards here?”

She’d buttoned up again while he was gone. “We do, with an ID.”

He handed her an American Express Platinum and his ID. The card was in his name, and she was pretty sure his watch was worth several months of her rent.

“See you tomorrow Alex, and thanks again!”

“Bye Janelle.”

She was pretty certain he’d be seeing her in his dreams tonight, or in his imagination before he went to sleep.

When he was gone she let out a sigh.

Being the dominant one, the outgoing and extroverted one was exhausting.

But again, she knew she had to be that way for this to work. She knew she had to fill in the spaces in his personality just as much as she had to appeal to his young and hungry sexual desires, all while gauging and playing on the particulars of his suggestibility and his susceptibility to different approaches to hypnotic trance.

Her senior thesis had been on hypnosis and it had been a life-long fascination of hers, but this was the first time she’d ever tried to use her knowledge and her abilities in a less than scrupulous way.

Alex came in to the store the next day at the rare and precise moment that Janelle actually had another customer.

Business wasn’t ‘that’ slow but it felt like that most of the time.

It also prevented her from seizing the initiative with him the same way she had before, or the way she’d had planned for today.

It was her fault for not setting a time for Alex to show up, but it wasn’t the end of the world. It was her fault for not setting as solid of a plan as she’d liked to, and when he walked in she felt a burst of anxiety in the small of her back. It was just how her brain worked, and based on their limited conversations she could tell it was how his worked as well.

He lingered around the front of the floor, not too close to the counter, and he’d waved when he entered.

She’d worn another long black skirt and another thin, loose hanging long sleeved black blouse. Under it, she wore another V-necked t-shirt, but this one was much tighter. She’d also piled her hair up instead of letting it down, and she’d chosen her thickest most bookish looking glasses to wear, all as part of her master plan.

She finished ringing up her customer, a middle-aged woman, a semi-regular who read a lot of romantic mysteries, and when the woman was gone, she waved over to him.

“You’re here earlier than I thought.” She smiled, and it was easy to smile because she’d realized she liked him. She liked Alex for what he was.

It was true that he was about ten years younger than her, someone innocent and open, someone she could wrap around her finger and who could make her life a lot easier if she played her cards right, but she liked his energy and he was cute. She liked the idea of enjoying everything he had to offer, and if she did everything right then their difference in age wouldn’t matter at all, at least not past enhancing her ego and her self-esteem.

“I came over after classes, I thought it would be better than going home.” His nervous smile while he tried to play it cool made her smile too.

It was flattering.

She walked out form the counter and again moved in just enough to actively invade his personal space, “No, this is perfect. We can hang out and I can show you where everything is and goes before lunch.”

She had angled her approach to pin him back against a table just enough that he couldn’t move away from her unless it was an awkward sideways step. And besides that, she knew he didn’t really want to, it was just a natural physical response.

He blushed a little being that close to her, and that made her blush a little too, but his own awkward anxieties came to the surface before hers could derail anything, ‘That sandwich place was really good.”

She found herself taking a step backward subconsciously, one of her hands moving to push the bridge of her glasses back up her nose even though they hadn’t really moved. “I like them a lot. There’s a Pho place that’s close too, and a few other good places that are a little too far away for me to get to on my break.”

“Why don’t you take longer breaks? I mean, it’s your store” He’d leaned back a little on the table as she moved back towards him, course correcting her own nervous energy.

“I think,” and she had a moment of inspiration, “and you might think this too, I don’t know. I think that when you agree with yourself to do something a certain way, when you accept something, an idea that you agree with in theory, then you need to hold to it, not just for integrity but for balance. It’s hard when your mind and your body are following different directions sometimes.”

As she spoke, she moved a hand behind her back to gently pull at her sweater, giving her breasts just a little bit more visibility and definition.

She saw him nod.

“I think it’s important to be in charge of yourself, and sometimes that means accepting your own authority the way you would accept someone else’s rules. Sometimes the mind and the body feel so separate that it’s almost easier to accept someone else’s control, or someone else’s directions isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I get that. I think that’s true.”

“It is true. It’s why this is such a good idea for both of us. So much of your success in school is going to be about your will power, about your ability to control yourself and focus yourself, to be disciplined and dedicated, and that’s a lot of mental energy. It can be nice, and you might like this idea, to be able to do something meaningful without deciding to do all of it all by yourself. Like, if I asked you to…”

She moved to stretch her back with both of her hands down at her sides, “…sorry, where were we?”

She knew where his eyes were, they’d dropped down to the full and inviting jut of her chest.

“I, uh…”

“No, that’s right. When you lose track of what you were saying does it come back to you or does it float away? It doesn’t matter. Sorry, what I was saying was that we already talked about this, but it’s just like this. Your mind is the boss, and your body and your actions are the employees, and sometimes they do what the boss wants, and sometimes they don’t do they?”

He laughed a little, and she could see he was a little off balance again.

Everything she’d done to him thus far had essentially been high intensity flirting, and even though she’d employed a lot of hypnotic language and technique, she hadn’t properly hypnotized him the way she wanted to.

Yes, he’d gone into a light trance yesterday, but she needed to take him deeper for her plan to fully come into play.

“It’s just a matter of following through, and I know you’re good at sticking with what you agree to. You’re here early, you’re focused, you want to help, everything is lined up perfectly in your mind and your body isn’t it?”

She made the motion of her hands look like she was trying to flick lint off of her sweater, but she was really smoothing down the front, causing the fabric to grow taut around her large breasts.

It worked.

“You’re a hard worker, you’re a good student, you already know how to focus and you do follow instructions, you understand order and responsibility and your will is so strong all the time that it’ll be nice to come in and just help out won’t it? Yes?”

She’d ended up tracing the shape of her breasts with her fingers and appeared to reflexively or subconsciously cup them as she said ‘yes’.

She wondered if, to him, it looked like she was squeezing her boobs to get his attention, or if she just appeared to be a little oblivious and was accidently giving him a giddy thrill.

The ambiguity was important, she needed him to be emotional, physically, and intellectually off-balance. It created a constant state for him, one where she would always have this effect on him, making it feel normal to feel this overwhelmed.

But the truth was that the latter of the two was her intention, she wanted him to feel like he was getting a little gift, an accidental and arousing little present just for him, and by the look on his face it seemed like she’d been succeeding.

He looked guilty, and when she made eye contact with him again, doing her best to will him into perfect stillness with the force of her gaze, she saw him blush a little more and fidget.

Janelle wanted to let her own eyes drop down, but she knew he’d see her looking to see if he had a bugle, he did, but seeing her seeing it would giver her away, and she couldn’t do that.

“Now, let me show you how the register works.”

They spent the next hour going over the basics of the store, and Alex even had a chance to ring up a couple of customers. They talked more, they laughed and Janelle kept the sexual energy, the tension she was deliberately creating in him, at a progressive yet innocent level.

A touch here, and adjustment of her top there, and more conversation about their shared interests kept him wholly enthralled with her in the most mundane way.

That would change at lunch.

“Oh jeez, I forgot to give you money again.” She believed in her sincerity, she believed in the message and its intent of her words, and it was easy because she knew that he’d wanted to buy her lunch.

“It’s okay.” He had gone to the Pho place. “It smells so good.”

She’d gotten him out the door, dazzled and enthusiastic, by talking about lunch the day before and how fun it was to have company in back, to be able to share and be open, and to just relax.

It hadn’t taken any wardrobe adjusting to frame her words in such a way to evoke memories of her cleavage, she just compared lunch yesterday to getting lost between the pages, to see the curve of the page rise and fall and to lose track of time, and she could almost see the images of her cleavage rolling across his eyes like a movie projector.

He’d never had Pho, and when she said it was basically chicken noodle soup he’d been skeptical, but had gone along with it anyway. He’d agreed to try it in part to make her happy, but also because he seemed genuinely interested.

They locked up the store, ate in the office, and Janelle continued to enjoy his company. He was low-key like her; he was modest too and didn’t know how cute he was either. And despite being reserved he could still have a conversation and he could carry his weight in to too. They talked and they ate, and they ate and they talked, and she didn’t press him about his family or his money.

She let him volunteer that his family was very well to do, and that he’d already started making his own money as well.

“There’s one thing I wanted to talk to you about Alex, about helping out here.” She took off her sweater, and the fabric of her black undershirt was stretched so tight over her chest that the pattern of her bra was showing through it.

“I want to know that when you’re here you can be focused on here.”

She let her hair down.

“I want to know that you won’t be distracted by anything else, that this is a place you can come to lose yourself in the moment, free from worrying about anything else in your life, focused on me, focused on just being right here, right now, in this moment.”

She took off her glasses. She’d be fine without them for what she was going to do.

“Are you focused on me Alex?”

She ran her fingers through her hair.

He was speechless.

She pulled her shoulders back, and the tone of her voice was just as conversational and just as natural as when they were talking a moment before.

“I want you to have this place where you can come and you can forget about classes, and you can forget about projects, a place where your mind can have an easier time of things, where you can be free to follow, instead of forced to decide. It’s what you want from me isn’t it?”

She moved closer to him.

“Nothing else now, just me, just these, just me.”

She said ‘these’ as her hand moved to her chest, but said it so quickly that it could have been another ‘me’.

“You’re here to help me, and help me.” She started to move her hand back and forth in front of her breasts, “help me sleep. Help me. Sleep.”

She watched him blink once, then twice, then she waved her hand in front of his face and said, “Sleep” once more.

He fell into her arms and she guided him down into a chair.

She put her hands on either side of his head and held him still.

Janelle thought about what she was doing and if it was right or wrong, and she decided she didn’t care.

She didn’t care because she knew he wanted it too, even though he didn’t know what was happening. All the suggestibility tests, all the gentle lead-ins and opportunities for him to be generous, all of the flirting, it had all been to set up this moment.

If it hadn’t have all come together it wouldn’t have come together at all.

But it did, so she was going to go through with it.

He blinked his eyes open and she leaned in closer to him, so close that her breasts were almost pressing against his face, the fabric of her t-shirt was almost brushing the tip of his nose.

Before he could say anything, she pulled his head forward gently and said “sleep”, cradling his head against her chest as she repeated the word to him several more times.

She was surprised, he wasn’t supposed to have done that.

Once he had become still again, she let go of him and took off her top. Her bra was red and plain, unadorned with lace or fringe, it’s cups almost overflowing with flesh.

“Alex, Alex open your eyes and wake up.”

She’d leaned in close to him again, making sure his gaze would only be filled with the sight of her cleavage. She was rapidly putting him into and taking him out of trance to increase his depth and suggestibility.

“You’re focused on me aren’t you, only on these, and you’ve been getting lost in them, lost between them every time we talk, lost in their curves like a warrior falling under a witch’s spell, losing yourself in them, your mind becoming blank like the space between words, waiting for the next part of the story now, losing yourself until you sleep between the curves, sleep Alex, deep sleep.”

Janelle leaned in closer as she said sleep, smothering him with her breasts and waiting to feel his body go limp again, waiting to feel the power of her words pull the plug on his conscious mind.

“Good boy Alex, good boy. You’re in my story now, my words are the story, listen to me and wake up. Wake up Alex.”

He opened his eyes again, only seeing her cleavage.

“You have so much will power Alex, you have so much mental discipline and focus, and you’re focused on me, focused on these and only me.” She knew he wasn’t as deeply hypnotized as he was probably feeling, and that was also part of her plan.

It was why she was saying two separate things ‘me’ and ‘these”, doing her best to make them sound the same, just to keep his desire to consciously engaged, off balance, and confused.

“You have so much mental strength and focus, you have such a strong character, and I appreciate that. I value you, I love how focused you are, how your will is keeping you focused on me, how you’re only looking at these, only thinking about these.” She leaned in closer again, brushing her breasts across his face, still doing her best to blend me and these as she spoke.

Janelle was also counting on him being an 18-year-old boy, and being someone who she understood to be easily overwhelmed, someone who would become passive if pushed the right way.

Her breasts had been hypnotizing him, but not nearly as much as her inherent understanding of him.

She pulled back and knelt down between his legs, her breasts resting on the tops of his thighs, her hands on his hips.

His bulge was pronounced and she could see Alex’s glassy and disoriented eyes. Janelle wanted him like this, to be cognizant of her logic and reasoning about why what she was about to do was what he needed and wanted.

“I know you want to only be in this moment, but I know your mind will wander and I know your willpower will pull your mind to other places when you need to be here with me. You want to be lost in these, lost in me between these curves, and I’m going to help you.”

Her hands slid to his belt and Alex gasped as she unbuckled it.

“Stand up Alex.”

“Janelle, I don’t…”

She stood and leaned forward again, once again filling his vision with only her cleavage, “You don’t need to worry because you’re here with me, where you want to be, and you want to lost in me, focused only on these.”

She started rubbing the back of his head, pulling his face in closer. “Sleep for me, Alex.”

He gasped again, letting out a sigh as she felt him sink into a deeper state of trance.

“Stand up Alex, you will stand up for me because you need to do what you’re told. It’s why you’re here, you’re here to help me, and you can only help me by doing what you’re told.”

She put her finger under his chin, and with his eyes still closed, he stood.

Janelle didn’t know how long he’d stay in this state though. Despite the strength of her approach he wasn’t bending to her suggestions as much as his initial susceptibility would have promised.

There was a mental block somewhere that was preventing him from being fully immersed in her induction.

“Tell me Alex,“ she slid his pants down, “are you a virgin?”

He lurched slightly and his eyes opened again.

“It takes so much will power to stay a virgin, and it makes me so happy to know you’ve saved your willpower for so long.”

She’d guessed right.

“What are you doing Janelle?”

She stood up, and with a single deft motion her hands moved behind her back to unclasp her bra. “I’m showing you what you want to see.”

She started to massage her breasts.

“Don’t you remember getting lost in my words Alex? Don’t you remember losing yourself in me, waiting for the next word, as you try not to sleep? Look at me Alex, you want to see these don’t you? You want to see them so you know you won’t want to sleep, but it’s just happening isn’t it.”

He was still in an increased state of suggestibility, still floating on the edges of trance and wakefulness, and everything she was saying, the ways she was rolling her breasts around was deliberately and perfectly keeping him enthralled.

“Your willpower is so strong, and it’s keeping you from doing what I want you to, it’s keeping you from doing what you want to. You don’t want to be this way, you’re here to take your mind off of everything, just focus on the only things that matter, me and these, and sleep now Alex, time to sleep.” She started to roll her nipples between her fingers.

He watched her for a moment, his eyes full of her and his mouth half open like there was something he was going to say, but then his eyelids closed down and with her help he was sitting back in the chair with his pants and underwear down around his ankles.

Janelle knelt back down between his legs again and put his cock between the massive softness of her breasts. She pressed them together and slowly started to rub them up and down.

“Alex, your willpower is in your mind, but it can move down, deeper down now, wake up and see. Wake up and watch.”

His eyes opened again and it looked like Janelle’s efforts were taking root.

“Your will is so strong when you use it, it’s so strong you use it with without realizing it, and you need a place where you can let go and turn off, you need to get lost between these, “ she smothered his cock completely and made it disappear between her breasts, “and in me.”

“Let go of your will, let me drain it all out of you, you can lose a little bit of your willpower, you can spend with me, feeling me draining it out of you. Let it happen, let go, don’t force it, or force me to take it. It’s already happening.”

She went back to rubbing her breasts up and down, making sure that every time she slid up she made sure to fully consume and cover the head of his cock.

“You’ve never felt this before because it’s your first time. Why do you think it’s so easy to sleep when you’ve done it by yourself.”

She smiled as she spoke, and felt more than a little proud of her ingenuity. It was all supposed to be a little bit easier than this and Janelle was having to think on her feet as it were.

“Let it go, surrender your will so I don’t have to force it out. Enjoy the drain, enjoy the pleasure of doing what you’re told, of giving in and submitting. Feel it surging down out of your mind and into your cock Alex, feel your will physically being pulled deeper down.”

It happened without warning, and it happened when is cock was completely swallowed. She felt his whole body pulse with his climax and watched as his face went slack and his eyes closed down.

“That’s it Alex, doesn’t it feel so good, don’t you feel so relaxed and free. You can just listen to me now, just listen and obey so you can help me, listen and obey so you can do what you’re here for. You’re here to help, and having your will drained by me is the best way you can help, having your will drained like this makes it so much easier for you to do whatever I want you to doesn’t it? Just agree Alex, just keep on resting and relaxing with me and agree.”

She started to wipe off the mess between her breasts with a wet wipe from her desk, “It’s something special you can only have with me, and it’s important that you only let me drain your will since you only want to me tell you what to do. It’s important that you stop draining yourself as well, now that you’ll have me draining you it’s going to be so important that you keep as much of your will power as you can. Even when you think about me it’s important not to drain yourself, and if you ever feel like it, you can remember…”

She took a wet wipe to his shrinking shaft, “…I’m telling you not to, and you know you’ll do what I tell you to. You know you will because that’s why you’re here with me, and it’s especially true now because I’ve drained your will, I’ve drained your desire and your ability to argue or resist me and only me.”

His face was placid, relieved from the release, and as she started to clean him up, she gave him another little stroke, “It’s also very important that you don’t tell anyone about this, it’s private and you respect my privacy just like I respect yours. You respect it so much that you’ll start to forget about it now, you’ll let it drift away into the back of your mind, and it will feel so good to forget about it. You can remember later, but you can forget now.”

She saw his face become even more content, even more placid and relaxed, and she knew that everything had worked, for now at least.

Janelle cleaned him up, sat him upright then did her best to pretend nothing had just happened.

“That enough of a nap Alex, we’ve got a book to find and a store to run.” She gently put a hand on his shoulder and smiled at him as he opened his eyes. She could see something there now, an adoration that was stronger than before, and it made her smile.

The next hour went by as planned. They did a little work, they did a lot more talking, and then when she rang him up for the book he came for and few more that “he decided he wanted”, she said it would be great if he could come by for lunch the next day.

He didn’t have to say anything, she just smiled at him as he left and said, “See you tomorrow.”

‘Hi Janelle.”

When Alex walked in, she noticed that his body language was a little more closed off than before. It was something she’d expected, and it was one of the reasons she’d wanted him to come back the next day.

“Hi Alex, are you hungry?”

Janelle walked around from the counter and made a b-line for the door, locking it, and locking them both inside. It was a power move, but she hid it under a big smile. “I cooked last night, I owe you for those lunches.”

She was wearing another long skirt, blue this time instead of black, and a thin pale green turtleneck with her sleeves rolled up. Her glasses were her more casual and contemporary frames, not the bookish ones from the day before, and her hair was down.

Her entire vibe, her modality had to be different today.

“Really? That sounds… good.”

Janelle watched his body language shift slightly, she could see him responding to her kindness, to her deliberate and honest friendship, and it made her happy. There was something stressful about deliberately manipulating someone, someone you really liked. But there was a thing she hadn’t admitted to herself initially, a thing that had propelled all of this forward.

The idea of hypnotizing and wrapping a rich young man around her finger was really fucking hot.

It had taken yesterday’s activity to make her realize it. It wasn’t until she was at home in the shower that she let herself enjoy it, and it took no time at all before she was gasping in total bliss just imagining the placid look on his face and the way he spent the next hour oblivious to what she’d done.

They walked into the back, and she smiled at him as she sat on the edge of her desk.

“Before we eat,” she peeled off her turtleneck to reveal a white tank top that was more than thin enough for Alex to see her black bra, “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“You’ve been falling asleep back here the last couple days, are you getting enough rest?” She pulled her hair back to put it up and used it as an excuse to push out her chest.

“I think so? I mean, it’s a lot to get a handle on, classes, homework, new people, new town. It’s… it’s really nice to be able to come here, it makes me feel grounded.”

She didn’t smile, she just nodded, making sure to look as understanding as she felt.

“Well,” she mover her hand to her shoulder to seemingly absentmindedly scratch under her tank top strap, “I’d hate to cause any problems, especially since this should be a place where you can relax and turn off.”

The strap shifted, and Janelle moved her hand just enough to pull her neckline down, “And I wanted to make sure you’d be able to focus, even though you’re always a little distracted.”

She watched him shift a little, and she could tell he was starting to close off.

“I just mean, “ she hooked her thumbs under both shirt straps and used her wrists to push her cleavage together in the same motion. “Your mind’s always going other places because there’s so much to think about. You’re thinking about a lot of stuff right now aren’t you?”

“Well, I um, there was something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Really?” She pulled her top down enough for him to see a good amount of bra. “Because you shouldn’t need to think when you’re here. You shouldn’t want to think when you’re here.”

Janelle watched him, she watched his eyes as they started to become a little distant, then he shook his head.

“That… that wasn’t a dream.” He said those words as much to himself as to her, and Janelle knew she had to adjust her plan yet again.

“No, it wasn’t a dream, but it felt dreamy when I drained your will. It felt soft and dreamy when you got lost in me,” she took off her tank top, “when you got lost in these. You can’t help but lose yourself between them, you’re the kind of person that just keeps going until they can’t help but sleep, page after page, word after word, lost between the curves until your will to stay awake is completely drained and you close those heavy eyes.”

She moved towards him, and her bra fell to the ground before he could speak, “Those heavy sleepy eyes are getting so heavy now, feeling your will moving out of your head, and down between your legs. No one has ever made you feel like this before, no one has ever given you what I gave you. I took your will, and I took something else didn’t I?”

She was being deliberately sweet and understanding, she was bringing her sense of friendship and fondness for him to the surface so it didn’t sound like a mockery. She wasn’t teasing him either, she was trying to encourage him and work him up to an emotionally tenuous place where she could push a little deeper and send him into a more powerful and suggestible trance state than before.

He was trying to find his words as she put her hands around his neck, pulling gently, leading his eyes down to her massive breasts. “Come sit down, you’re feeling so sleepy, so sleepy and agreeable aren’t you Alex? Sleepy and agreeable and so overwhelmed, let me make it all make sense.”

She had him back in the chair in no time, and this time she straddled him like she was going to give him a lap dance.

“I like you Alex, I can see a sweetness in you, you’re nice and you’re smart.” Janelle ran her fingers through his hair and started to rub his temples. “And you’re a very motivated worker, you work so hard, and I can feel the press of your will power.”

As she said those last words she rolled her hips against him, grinding just slightly enough to feel and encourage his swollen erection.

“You’re mind’s always so focused on so many things,  so many things are always filling your mind, but not when you’re here with me, not when you here…” she moved her hands down form his head to cup her breasts “…with these.”

“You’re so distracted by them, and that’s good, it’s good to be so distracted that you become focused, focused on my breasts, losing yourself in the curves, between the curves, that’s right, relaxing and sinking now, feeling so sleepy and heavy as you stare at them, waiting for my next word, feeling my voice leading you, and it’s good to be led when you’re here, you’re here to be led, to be told what to do, because that’s how you help me, you help me by staring at these, and doing exactly what you’re told.”

Janelle wasn’t being forceful or condescending, she was imagining saying the words “I love you” to him over and over, trying to capture that tone and that connection.

She remembered and put herself into the mindset she would have had at his age, the sense of excitement and openness, the emotional vulnerability and enthusiasm of early adulthood, and she saw in Alex’s face that her tone was soothing him in ways her words and her breasts had yet to.

“You’re such a hard worker,” Janelle’s hands cupped and massaged her chest in front of his glassy eyes, “it’s no wonder no one else could have drained you. You’re too strong willed for anyone else, no one understands how powerful and focused your mind is, no one appreciates how strong your will is.”

She leaned in closer to him, smothering him with her breasts, pulling his face into her chest, her hands massaging the back of his neck as she continued. “I understand you, it’s why we’ve bonded so quickly, it’s why you’re safe with me, this is your destiny Alex. You’ve come so far to find me, only I can drain your will away, only I can quiet your thoughts between my breasts.”

She could feel him swelling even more, could feel his hips pressing up and his back arching, and she knew he was close already.

Janelle believed everything she said as she spoke, and let her own words affect her. Later, she would have to try some self-hypnosis on herself as she enthralled him, just to further cement her mindset and to help herself to understand and feel the bond she was building with him.

But there wasn’t enough time now.

His body was untrained, it was hungry for release, and she didn’t want to lose the hold her breasts had given her in his mind, lest his cock push him out of the fog of trance and into the realm of pure physical satisfaction.

“Feel your will power draining down now, dropping slowly down from your mind, down your spine and down between your legs. Feel my breasts massaging your will out of your mind, and into your body, swelling more, drawing it down, leading you into the freedom to follow, into the openness of simple acceptance. Feel my breasts draining your will down, all the way down until I can draw it all the way out again.”

Alex’s body had become tense with arousal and was quivering with excitement, but she felt something give in him, like a psychic wave that moved through his body, and she knew she had him at the perfect point to push her advantage over him.

She slid between his legs and undid his pants, and looked up over the head of his cock and into his glassy eyes. He was awestruck by her and she could see the depths of his desire and his emotional hunger for her. She could see how deeply her charms had woven into his subconscious and how quickly she had seduced away any resistance in his emotional life as well.

With a tenderness that surprised even her, she swallowed him up between her cleavage and started to slide her breasts up and down. “Feel your will draining away now, out from your mind and down between my breasts, feel me draining it out of you, consuming it, consuming you, watch your will power disappear, and lose yourself between my words, lose yourself in my commands, disappear in my control now Alex, disappear and let go.”

She made sure to cover his cock completely, taking the load between her breasts after a few more steady strokes of the fully consumed head. As he came, his eyes closed and his body became profoundly limp, drained of everything, and it was easy for her to clean herself and himself up as he sat there in the deepest sleep, mindless and oblivious to everything.

When Janelle finished cleaning up and ensuring they were both fully dressed, she whispered in his ear, “Alex, you can hear me and you can stay fast asleep, listen to my voice and remember everything now, it’s just a dream, the last few days have been a dream, every time I drain you it’s just a dream, and it’s easier to remember that way, and you want to remember, so you can remember that it’s just a dream. And when you realize this, when you accept this, you can wake up and feel completely focused on me, completely focused on doing whatever you are told, because your will is drained now, your will is my will, and I’ve drained out every through in your head except the need to be here with me, in this moment and ready to obey me no matter what.”

She kissed him on the cheek, their only kiss so far, and his eyes slowly opened. “I’m sorry, I guess I was just beat.”

Janelle smiled, “That’s okay.” She felt a strange sense of anticipation as she watched him, “How do you feel?”

He stared out into nothingness for a split second, someone no one else would have noticed if they weren’t watching him closely, “Good. I can’t wait to work for you. What do you want me to do?”

The flush in her cheeks was almost as intense as the one between her legs. She had him, now she would just have to figure out the best way not just to use him, but to give them both exactly what they really needed. She liked him, she really did, and as she excused herself to go to the bathroom, where she deftly and quietly finished herself off, it was to thoughts that were just as romantic as they were predatory.

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