Story Preview: Do You Want To…

Do You Want to…
A Smuthunter Story

It was raining. Hard.

The world was gray and dark outside, the sun lost behind hard, dark clouds that were pouring rain in large, heavy drops.

Not really ideal for hiking… not really ideal for what they’d all gone out to the mountain for. Of course they weren’t really in the mountains, nestled down in a nice hotel, designed to feel like a rustic lodge in the foothills, but it was close enough.

“Would you like to…”  Yulia’s voice came over him like her shadow, and he looked up from his book, first to get a tremendous eyeful of her enormous breasts, then up to her face,  and smiled at her as she said “Go for a walk with me Carl?”

“In this?” he laughed.

She wasn’t dressed for a walk or a hike, not in this weather. She was wearing outdoor grade black athleisure leggings, the kind with the the wide hexagon patterns, and a very tight, white top that looked like some kind of combination tank-top and sports bra, which with her chest, made her massive tits look like they were both about to spill out, and like they were pushed in and compressed.

It was hard not to stare, not because he was leering at her, but because her tits were just there, and they commanded attention.

“No,” Yulia’s accent was strong, but she was easy to understand. “I can take you on a guided journey from inside of here, since I know you are sad about the weather.”

She was studying abroad in America, and Carl’s younger sister had brought her along on the trip. Carl was only a couple years out of college, and the long weekend getaway was supposed to include his girlfriend, his sister who like Yulia was in her third year at college, and a few of other friends, including Yulia, but his girlfriend and his buddies were all running a day late.

So now he was alone with his sister and her incredibly buxom friend, rained in.

Sure, they could have braved it, they had rain gear, but….

“It would be a guided meditation exercise.” Yulia had bright brown eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and very soft, round features. “I cannot do this with your sister, as I cannot do it with someone from my class, and I do need to do this assignment for my program, so it would be,” she shifted a little and her tits commanded his focus  “a big help for me.”

Her big tits couldn’t help but command his focus.

Before he could say anything, she pulled a chair up to sit across from him and sat down. The motion made her jiggle, and he was doing his level best not to stare. “We can even do this here, the common room is empty except for you, it is quiet enough now. And it will only take a few minutes, and I would not ask you if I did not think it would be something you enjoy.”

“In fact, it is so simple, all you must do is take a deep breast in,”


Had she just said breast?

Carl assumed it was probably just how he heard  her accent. It was Central, or Eastern European, or Russian, he didn’t know and hadn’t asked.

 As he pondered if he’d heard her say ‘breast’ she just kept talking at him. When she’d said ‘take a deep breast’, he had watched, accidentally transfixed by her tits as she took a very deep breath in, thrusting her chest out, before exhaling.

“Then breeze it all out, and focus, softly, letting your eyes become soft and warm, as you focus on me for just a few moments. It is quite relaxing and easy, this exercise makes the mind very warm, and heavy, very relaxed, like the eyes. You are already focused on me, so just take a deep breast now.”

He heard it again, and laughed a little. He also laughed at her saying breeze instead of breathe, but not in any mocking way, just amusement. It was enough to put his mind at ease. He also assumed that Yulia, being as well endowed as she was, had also simply put her tits on his mind, and that was on him, not on her.

“It is silly, I know, but let yourself have a little laugh, and let your laughter release the business in your feelings before you focus more fully, so present and fully on me.”

Carl put his book down, and feeling both cornered by her, and bullied by her demanding and encouraging tone, took a deep breath with her, once again watching Yulia as she stuck her tits out with her inhale.

“Yes, Carl, take a big, deep breast in, filling your lungs fully as you feel the large heavy weight of this breast.” She stared deeply into his eyes, focused, and sincere. He knew this was just a question of how he was hearing her accent, the TH became an S, like she was saying “bres” which he heard as “breast”.

That was the same thing with breathe and breeze, and he also watched her hand rise and fall with her breath, the slow movement happening in front of her large breasts. It really just was her accent.

“Now hold the big, heavy breast for 3, yes, staying focused on me, 2, you are already ready to simply relax, and 1, close your eyes as you breeze  out.” He followed her instructions, and as she told him to close his eyes, she moved her hand down.

His eyes felt like they had closed on their own.

“You are focused on me, and feeling comfortable. Your mind is clear and open, and take one moment to open your eyes again Carl. It is easy for you to do now, to open your eyes and focus on me.”

He blinked his eyes open and noticed how his body felt suddenly warmer and heavier.

“Your mind is very ready for this, and needs to very much, you are responding so quickly and easily. You have a busy mind, one full of all of the planning for this trip, and waiting for others, and missing your girlfriend, and it needs this rest and this journey, so simply keep focused on me now.”

As she talked at him, she spoke as much with her hands as her words, continuously gesturing in front of her breasts, and Carl felt a little bad about continuing to stare at her massive tits, tits that were unmistakably on display.

But that wasn’t really fair of him to think, she had huge breasts, there was no way for them not to be on display.

Sure yes,he thought about how she had then “out”, but there was also something naive about her whole vibe, something innocent about the way she presented herself to him and talked at him. He also just assumed, rightly, that between fashion standards and their plans for what was supposed to be a sunny weakened, and just the size of her breasts, she was just wearing a top that she felt looked good on her.

He was better than that, better than making assumptions about her based on how she dressed. He also wasn’t quite good enough to stop himself from staring on and off.

He had those thoughts as she talked at him, gesturing, and as he looked into her eyes, the motion of her hands caught his gaze, and he found himself peeking down at her voluminous breasts again… and so soon after he’d managed to stop himself from staring.

“You are a natural at doing this exercise Carl, and on top of truly needing this moment of mental decompression. You are taking to what I am saying so easily now. It is easy and natural for you to take one more deep breast with me…”

He watched her chest rise as she stuck it out at him while breathing in, “Yes, just one more, big breast, heavy and full as you breeze it in, all the way to your center, to your core, making this one big breast the center of all of your focus now.”

He breathed in deep with her, his eyes moving to her eyes, and then down to her jutting tits as she moved her hands with her breathing. “Now hold the breast, hold it in your mind, and put all of your mental energy in between the breast now, in between you and the breast, and breeze out everything.”

It looked like she was pointing down into her cleavage, and he felt a weight lifting as he exhaled.

“Yes, that is it, feel the heavy weight as you let go of the breast and let go of your busy mind and busy thoughts, carried away by the breast, letting the big, heavy breast empty your mind… feeling the heavy weight of the breast… and close your eyes again Carl, close your eyes again and let go of everything, everything except the sound of my voice and the next breast you take… only focusing on the next breast, as you hear my words.”

His eyes closed and he felt his mind and body shifting, sinking down into the chair as a sense of peace and quiet, a deep relaxation, moved through him. Then he felt himself inhale, deep and slow, thinking of Yulia’s breasts as he did, and laughed to himself.

They were just so big, he was trying not to stare, he really was, but he couldn’t help it. He tried not to, he did, but they were just there… and his eyes kept going there too.

“Laughter is good, it is the mind relaxing and opening up, which will make the visualization continue to come naturally to you. Just focus your body on the next deep, full breast you feel filling your focus, and soon, the big breasts will quietly fade from your awareness, and you will begin to visualize what I describe. But until then, breasts will come and go through the focus of your physical mind, and you will open up more and more to immersion in my words as you feel the breeze out emptying you of any distractions or outside thoughts. Focus on big, relaxing breasts, and notice how when you feel the breeze out, it is like it blows away all other thoughts.”

Carl felt himself continuing to sink down into the chair, and the deeper he sank into it, the more he found himself accidentally thinking of Yulia’s tits, but as she started talking about a warm sunny day, and a bright blue sky, his mind started to wander. She described a single cloud on the wind, on the breeze, floating along across the warm, relaxing, blue sky, and as it floated along, he started to float with it…

Into a dreamy nature hike on a perfect day, just like the kind of days he imagined the weekend would be full of. She described trees, and hills, and a lake in a valley, and as she described everything, he found himself walking after her, following her down towards the water, down into the cool, quiet shade, feeling his body warm from the sun… and the longer she led him, the easier it was to follow her all the way down.



Until he was staring at his own reflection in the water, seeing how peaceful and relaxed his face was. His mind was quiet, the world was quiet.

“And now, take a deep breast in, remembering these feelings, and as you breeze out, watch the ripples in the water, like throwing a rock into it, and as the ripples spread out to the edges, you can feel your awareness moving out to the edges of your body now. And when you are ready to be back into your body, and back into your mind, into the chair, in the room, in the lodge, you can open your eyes… open your eyes…”

He was blinking and yawning, “Yes, open your eyes and have a stretch as you feel yourself moving all the way back into the here and now.”

Carl stretched and yawned, and felt a deep sense of peace and calm. “Wow, that was… wow.”

The second wow came when he saw what time it was, “That was an hour?”

“Yes, time distortion is quite natural with hypnotic trance. So are the feelings you have of calm, and relaxation in body and mind you are feeling. Very deep hypnosis is powerfully refreshing, and can duplicate sleep recovery, so it is like you have just had a very good nap, yes?”

“Yeah, I do feel,” he did feel rested, and refreshed. He did feel… his eyes fell back down to her breasts as she put her fingers on her chest and nodded as he answered. “Wait a second,” Carl had to push through a deep and calming layer of relaxation to force himself to sit forward in his chair, “you didn’t tell me you were going to hypnotize me.”

He didn’t know if he was angry at her or not, but he did feel a little deceived.

It was also hard to hold on to his feelings as everything seemed so quiet and peaceful in his mind. It would have been so much easier to just sit back, relax, and listen to her explain, but… but… he was going say something else, except her tits kept distracting him.

“I am sorry, that is what guided visualization is, it is a kind of hypnosis, and it is sometimes what people say instead of hypnosis, because as you are showing now, hypnosis has such a loaded meaning. But you can relax Carl, it was only an exercise for me to practice certain tools to guide you into trance, and to help me learn how to use focus. It is focus, and relaxation, and then it is suggestibility. The more focused and relaxed you become, the deeper into trance you go, and the more you visualize things more clearly. That was the only suggestions I gave you, to relax and focus more, and to visualize more.”

As she said the words relax and focus, he found himself relaxing and focusing on what she was saying… and on her breasts. That came from the fact she was still sitting across from him, leaning forward enough to give him an even better view of her tits than before. He hadn’t been looking at her to look down her top, but it was unavoidable.

Unavoidable, and welcoming.

He sat back in his chair without thinking about it.

“Yes Carl, I promise, it was just to help you focus, and relax, which was easy for you to do Carl as you are a natural at this. You did not need my help to focus…” his eyelids were starting to flutter and his body was sinking back down, deeper down into the chair just like his focus was sinking deeper down into her cleavage, and he tried to look away from her breasts, to more fully pull his gaze away from their enormity, but…

“And relax. You were very good, it was good practice for me, easy practice. But you look like you are still maybe not as awake as you felt a moment ago, so I think you should follow me, and I will take you back to your room, okay.”

He couldn’t do it.

Follow me.

Her cleavage was pulling him in.

Follow me.

His mind was slowing down, relaxing into the flow of her words, into the sound of her voice, and into her cleavage.

Follow me.

Those words pulled at him, causing him to stand up from his chair as she stood up.

Follow me.

Those two words were the words she’d said to him over and over on their “walk”. He followed her along the trails, up the hills, down to the lake, everywhere.

Follow me.

Those were the words, but Carl didn’t recognize them or put that connection together in his head.

Instead, he followed Yulia as she led him up the stairs back to their rooms.

“Yulia,” they walked past his room, “that was my room.”

“Follow me, Carl,” he’d tried not to eye bang his sister’s friend, but Yulia didn’t just have, great, huge tits, she had curves everywhere, and even in his mind’s eye as he followed her through the visualized hike, he’d found himself thinking about what her ass would look like… hazy, dreamy, but vivid memories of watching her walk up an incline, watching her ass swaying… “Just follow me Carl, I know where to take you.”

The ‘where’ was down the hall to her room.

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