Story Preview: Controlling Interests

Controlling Interests
A Smuthunter Story

            “This way please Mr. Moreno.”

            The woman that greeted him was a tall, long legged brunette with a short skirt and a pretty face. Her smile lit up the foyer of Omni Tower, and she led him to an elevator where she swiped a security card before placing it in his hand. “I was told to give this to you, swipe it again inside, your meeting is on the top floor.”

            She smiled at him again as the doors closed, and said “Congratulations sir” just before she vanished from sight.

            Omni Operations Capital had been the center of a bureaucratic spider web of interlinking, vertically integrated companies, corporations, and holdings that were all woven together with nothing but loopholes and the unstoppable momentum of profit.  Every year they expanded just a little more, and to his eye, they were more like the tide coming in than a company that was growing.

            However, no one else in his circles of wealth and power seemed to give Omni any mind. Omni couldn’t be bought out; everyone had tried at some point. The mysterious corporation was resistant to mergers, and none of Omni’s moves were bold enough to rock the boat, so everyone else simply moved on after their brief flirtation with trying to own a piece.

            That was what made him different, he hadn’t move on.

Omni had been an impregnable behemoth, but then, a year ago, cracks started to form. The actual Omni and not its satellites and external assets was the beating heart of the empire. It was a privately traded equity firm, so there were shares to be had, but no outsider had been able to acquire any of those shares in thirty years, and every publicly traded company that served as a satellite for Omni had kept their class A shares, the ones with voting weight and leverage, under strict control…

…until they didn’t.

If it was possible to be largely invisible to the outside in the world of high finance, that was Omni. It was only ever mentioned in passing, with the occasionally article written about its vast, under the radar portfolio. But nothing ever came from those articles, because every big player knew there was no reason to try and do anything about it. People who profited off of investing in those satellite operations made some money, but not real money, and it was hardly worth putting money into them as opposed to keeping it in other low risk endeavors.

As mundane as it all seemed, he had always been fascinated by Omni, and while his peers had all long given up on trying to slay the beast, he’d endured, and more so, he’d discovered the outer most edges of Omni’s reach.

A year ago, a thread came loose and he pulled on it.

He bought out a self-sufficient tech startup at the edge, and then a small but growing wealth management firm one step up the ladder. From there he saw the cracks, well his team did.

Board members and large volume share holders were shedding their investments, and piece by piece, buy by buy, his company was acquiring majority class A shares in the inner most circles of the Omni empire.

Of course the consolidation would mean that all the loopholes wouldn’t work anymore, but that wasn’t the point for him. It was about getting to the center, it was about dismantling Omni and buying them out to take them off the board. His company had already restructured, or sold of a great deal of what he’d acquired.

The elevator doors opened, and he stepped out into the kind of waiting room he had outside his own top floor office. The woman waiting for him there was a blonde, a strawberry blonde with long straight hair that was down in a thick cascade, strikingly fair skin, and she was dressed in knee high black boots, a grey flannel skirt, and a white short sleeved button up blouse that must have been for his benefit, because it was doing an admirable job of failing to contain this woman’s massive breasts.

In truth, nothing much would have done a good job to contain them, they were huge. They were compellingly, distractingly, pornographically big. He didn’t know for certain, but they must have been close to the size of her head.

“This way please Mr. Moreno,” her pale blue eyes were soft, and they seemed sweet and dull, like there was not a lot of curiosity in her head. He smiled, he knew the type, and had employed more than a few of them over the years.

Well, the type he’d employed didn’t have tits like that… not a lot of women had tits like that, but that wasn’t what he was here for.

He thanked her, and followed her down a short hallway into a sunlit conference room. “Please have a seat, would you like anything to drink before we get started?”

Her nails were red, her makeup was modest but flattering, and she didn’t wear any jewelry that he saw. When he said no, she smiled, and did something wholly unexpected, she sat down across the table from him and said, “So, you’re the one that’s so interested in all my assets,” her left hand moved to her chest and she smiled, “it’s really nice to meet you.”

The way she sat told him that while maybe her eyes weren’t curious, her posture was unshakably confident. It also, and he couldn’t help but notice, gave her massive chest a considerable amount of poise that seemed to defy gravity or common sense.

“I’m terribly sorry, are you saying you’re the CEO of…” He was polite and well mannered, he was a tycoon, a man of business and industry, and he was a man who could handle surprises. This was a bit of a shock, the size of her breasts was a bit of a shock, but it made more sense to him than it would anyone else.

Of course the pieces were falling apart, there’d been a secret leadership change, and now this young woman, this buxom and vapid blonde girl had inherited the business, and that had ruined the confidence of her partners.

She smiled a bright white perfect smile, “I am, but I guess I won’t be for long. After all, that’s why you’re here right? You’re the one that’s taken advantage of everyone else’s” she paused as she looked for the right way to hide her scorn for them, “recklessness.”

He appreciated that. She seemed, while not curious, confident and at least partially engaged with what had been happening around her business. She was engaged, but she probably didn’t fully grasp it.

“I’m sorry, while I do appreciate your candor, I don’t know your name.” He smiled at her and assed her again. She was poised, well mannered, and well put together, and it all made her enormous breasts stand out even more.

It was going to be easy, easy, and possibly cheaper than he’d expected. Buying out a rival was an investment, and like the saying went, it takes money to take away other people’s money. “Who are you?”

She shifted slightly in her seat and it was enough to make her breasts sway ever so slightly, and just the slight shift of tits that size was enough to draw his eye, if only for a moment.

“I’m J. Alex May, like my uncle, but he was Joseph Alexander May, I’m Jessica Alexis May, and you’re the one and only Mr. Moreno. You’re kind of a legend, my uncle’s friends said you were a shark, and I can kind of see it in your eyes.”

The flattery, the fact he was a known commodity put an added genuine curve to his smile.

She’d put her left hand to her left breast as she’d introduced herself, and now she looked into his eyes with her soft, dreamy blue eyes, and it seemed to him that yes, she might have an idea of the scope of what was going on here, but not necessarily its long-term impact for her and her family.

Or, maybe she didn’t care.

He laughed, just a small chuckle of a laugh, but a laugh all the same.

The similarities in the name of the former and current CEO would have been enough to slide under most people’s radars, and in this case, somehow it had. He’d missed it, and if he missed it, everyone else would have too. It felt absurd, like she’d just inherited the mantel of the man as well as his business.

“Well, it is a pleasure to meet you. I have to say I never met him, but I was an admirer of your uncle. I’m sorry to ask, but did he pass?”

As he spoke, she toyed with her hair with her right hand, and that hand dropped down to her collar, then absentmindedly dropped to touch the top of her right breast before it came to rest on the table. Her left hand brushed the top of her left breast, where it had come to rest, and she took a long, slow breath that made her chest rise and fall.

It was impossible not to notice them, impossible not to see them, but as he was a serious man, one who was in control, it wasn’t impossible for him to not stare at them and look her in the eye.

Her eyes never left his, and he did make a point of meeting her gaze, but he found himself distracted by the small motions of her hands, and despite himself, her massive breasts were there to keep his gaze a second longer than he’d have wanted.

He didn’t get the sense that she was flirting with him, but sensed that she was prone to charming and disarming the people in her life, and having tits like that, she had to be aware of how they affected some men. He really had known and employed more than a few women just like her, well just like her sans the fortune and the company, and the bowling ball sized tits.

“Oh you’re sweet,” her left hand had stayed on her chest, but as she spoke she waved her right hand at him and smiled again. It was a slow wave and her fingers fanned out in a dismissive arc,  “No he’s not dead, he just wanted to retire. He was tired of all of it and just wanted to rest.”

Her soft eyes met his, and there was a surprisingly sympathetic softness in her voice as she continued. “I’m sure you know how that goes don’t you? It’s like, one day you feel like you can go on forever, and it’s the thrill of the hunt and the business is all you think about and then…”

She put her right hand back to her chest, and tilted her head and looked up, causing her breasts to jut out a little more, “You get distracted by something else, and you know how that goes don’t you?”

Her question had a pleading softness to it, and it evoked a thought in him. He could relate to that; her breasts were pulling his gaze, and with it, his attention from her soft voice and what she was actually saying.

They were so large they had a gravity to them, they were pulling at his thoughts and had become impossible to ignore in a very short amount of time.

He wasn’t a vulgar man, but her breasts had to be fake. They seemed too bog to be natural on her otherwise petite frame. They were surreal and were starting to become fascinating, fascinating and titillating.

 Her cleavage seemed to call out to his eye, the thin valley of space there surrounded by the fullness of her breasts was picturesque; it was all as soft as her voice, and more alluring that he would have thought. Though, it might have also had to do with the soft, breathy tone of her voice, which took on a soothing lilt, as full of confidence as it was devoid of curiosity.

Her right hand continued to move in the same soft, dismissive wave as she spoke. “You just go from being so focused and motivated, then something comes along and your mind starts to wander before you realize what’s distracted you. It comes into your mind and it just gets bigger and bigger until it’s all you can see in your mind’s eye, and all you can think about.”

He noticed that she didn’t ask questions, and that anything she posed as a hypothetical was a statement of fact, just one that was couched in her sweet, soft voice and framed by her magnificent, tremendous chest.

Her left hand brushed down across her blouse, brushed at the covered part of her breasts with the backs of her fingers as she brushed her right hand back through her hair to the back of her neck, “And you feel this relief that you didn’t know you wanted, because sometimes your mind needs a break, sometimes your focus works against you, and you start focusing on your distractions, and you just can’t help it.”

Her chest rose and fell in the silence, a slow and steady heaving as she took a deep breath as looked deeper into his eyes with her own soft, almost empty blues.

 His gaze fell from hers, down into her cleavage, and he felt a tangled sense of relief at staring at her chest. I started to feel like it was natural to be so drawn to her breasts with the same focus he had for everything else in his life, but he knew he was doing well hiding it.

He knew it, because he was keeping eye contact with her in a meaningful way, at least when he was keeping eye contact with her.

Her eyes were so soft, like her voice, like her breasts looked, and her pretty smile stayed on her face as those hollow, dreamy blue eyes reached out to him and pulled him into their softness.

“Or,” there was something in her delicate voice and those words that were starting to seem so distant, that made it sound like she really understood that kind of distraction. It sounded like she was about to share some great conspiratorial insight,  “you realize there’s something else you want for yourself, and all those hours and years just start to weigh on you…”

Her voice grew even softer, and as she spoke, his mind wandered along with her voice as his eyes fell back to her chest. Was it another little gesture of her hand, a shift in her seat, or his own wandering eyes, he didn’t know, but he was staring down into her cleavage as she spoke.

She was speaking in barely more than a whisper, and she let out a sigh that made her breasts jiggle, “And you realize there was something else you wanted for yourself all along. You realize you’re tired of thinking about it, well all get tired of thinking and you can relate can’t you? You can relate to your mind getting tired, and wanting to wander. Wanting to let yourself just focus on other things for once?”

His mind was wandering, and he felt a sense of heaviness flowing though his body. He felt understood by her, and he smiled. It was over now, he could hear her out, they could speak, and then he could make his offer that she couldn’t refuse, or probably wouldn’t, because this was all but settled.

He found himself lost in thought, and found himself staring vacantly, his eyes unfocused but still directed at her chest as it rose and feel, and rose in fell with her deep breaths, deep slow breaths like the ones he had started to take. He rubbed his eyes and looked back into hers, feeling a deep sense of warmth and relaxation inside himself. It was over, it was just a matter of time, he knew he could relax and just wrap up the formalities, “It’s tiring doing this work, it’s exhausting, and I think you’ll be happier not having to…”

He shrugged and gestured out at the office and everything else, and she smiled, he voice was still soft, but not as soft as before, “You’re probably used to all of this kind of stuff. It would probably be better for everyone if I did sell to you. I mean, we both know it’s going to happen, so I should say when I sell to you, right?”

Her hands were behind her head now, with her elbows out, and it caused her breasts to thrust forward yet again as she played with her hair. The slight heave to her chest as she moved, as she pulled her shoulders back made it impossible not to look down again, and he did for another moment, then looked back into her eyes.

Her soft, dreamy gaze shifting down ever so slightly and when he followed it, he realized one of the buttons had come undone. Before, it had only been the top three, with the third being the one that would have been more risqué on another woman, but due to the size of her breasts, sat considerably higher. Now, with the fourth button open, there was much more to see.

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