Story Preview: CFNM

CFNM: Cleavage Fractionated No Memory

A Smuthunter Story

“You can stare if you want,” Amber didn’t look up from her phone as she reached up with her free hand and undid a button on her tight, blue, silk blouse. “But the longer you stare into my cleavage, the deeper you’ll sink.”

Amber was a little younger than Chris, but some of the age differences really stood out sometimes. She was tanned, brown eyed, had dark brown iron straight hair, a toned, muscular body, sharp facial features including a narrow nose, and tits that were simply undeniable.

There was no escaping them, especially on her frame. She wasn’t curvaceous anywhere else, though she did have a tight, well rounded ass she’d obviously forged in the gym  and that was also almost as hard to ignore, but she didn’t look like she had a curvy frame, figure, or disposition, so she was either blessed  or her tits were fake. But fake and real were all about the same from afar… and they were probably fake.

Chris laughed, “Sink?”

She undid another button and didn’t even look his way, she was obviously busy, “Yes, sink. They’ll hypnotize you.”

He snorted a laugh this time, “I’m sorry… what now?”

A nice, deep valley of her tanned cleavage, a view he was more than passingly familiar with based on some of what he’d seen her wear other days, spilled out from those undone buttons.

“My tits will hypnotize you,” she used both hands to open her blouse more to give him an even better view of the tops of her large, still probably fake, tits and her deep cleavage. “And you’ll sink deeper into trance the longer you stare.”

“Are you serious?” He was staring over at her, and she wasn’t even making eye contact with him. More so, her tone hadn’t changed at all, it was her usual, matter of fact, if not occasionally bossy and dismissive tone, and she was practically ignoring him.

“Completely,” she’d picked up her phone again. “You’re getting hypnotized by my tits right now, and the more you keep staring deeper down into my  cleavage, the deeper you’ll sink.”

Chris laughed, “Do you like, really know hypnosis or something?”

“It doesn’t matter if ‘I’ know hypnosis or not,” she didn’t look up and the only change in her tone was the emphasis on I. “My tits do, and they’re hypnotizing you into staring deeper into my cleavage. You’re going to look away in a second, and you’ll try not to look back at them, but you will.”

He was going to roll his eyes, but he realized he was staring right into her cleavage, and he’d, dismissively, started half ignoring what she’d been saying. As he stared at her tits, and she stopped talking, he thought maybe he should say something else, but he didn’t know what, so he just looked away… which took a second because those were nice tits… really nice tits… and tried to get back to work.  

“And every time you look away,” it was like she knew he was right about to start working again “you’ll feel the difference, you’ll feel their hypnotic pull, bringing you back, and it’s like I said, the longer you stare, the deeper you’ll sink.”

Her voice had called his attention back to her, and that attention went right back to Amber’s tits.

He planned on moving his eyes up, or over, just shifting his gaze a little bit, but there was something captivating and subversive… something truly compelling about his coworker letting him stare at, not her naked tits… far from it… just more of her great tits than usual.

“Pretty soon you won’t be able to look away from them at all, and when that happens, you won’t really be able to remember what’s happening, because you’ll be so deeply hypnotized by my  tits, and you’ll have sunk so deep into my cleavage you’ll be too lost to think for yourself.”

Since she’d started going on about her hypno-tits again he started to half listen again while he stared.

He looked away, typed a  few words on his screen, then found himself looking at her tits again, staring into her deep cleavage as he felt the need to, if not argue with her, then at least challenge her, or not let her get the last word, or… at least just respond to her nonsense.

“And until you realize you can’t look away and you just keep staring, every time you feel their pull on you, pulling you deeper into my cleavage, and deeper into hypnosis,” she ran a finger up dna down between that deep cleavage3, obviously accentuated by her bra, “you’ll feel more and more foggy, and confused, as you start forgetting about everything else, except staring at my tits.”  

“Come on Amber…” his mind trailed off for a second as she traced her finger up and down again.

“Trust me,” she brushed her finger across the tops of her breasts, then brought that hand back to her phone.

He looked back as his screen for a second, then, feeling a soft, warm, distracting sensation in the back of his mind, making it hard for him to focus, until he could at least convince her she was wrong, or again, not let her get the last word, he found himself look back at those large, welcoming breasts and that deep, deep cleavage. 

 Her tanned, smooth skin looked warm and soft to the touch, and the swell of her tits, their curve, made them stand out even more the longer he stared. They looked fake; they looked sexy as hell, and he’d been staring for a minute before he spoke again. “You don’t think I’ll get hypnotized just staring at your tits right now. I mean they’re really nice, but… “

He caught himself, realizing just what he was saying out loud, and what he was doing, then looked away in embarrassment.

“No, you won’t get hypnotized by my tits ‘right now’, Chris.” She traced a nail down her breast, still speaking in her regular voice but with a hint more dismissiveness in her tone, “I know you’ll keep sinking deeper into hypnotized trance staring at them, because you’re already hypnotized. And Chris, your mind’s already starting to get fuzzy, and foggy, so you better look away now, okay?”

He blinked and stared at those amazing, big, perfect tits that just seemed to hold his vision while her words, whatever she was saying about hypnotizing him with her boobs, seemed to fade away as soon as she started talking.

He didn’t realize just when he’d looked back at them; he’d tried to keep his eyes on his screen after he realized he’d gotten caught up staring at them, but…

“Look away from my tits Chris, you haven’t sunk deep enough where you can’t do it,” the dismissiveness was gone as she was back to idle banter “yet.”

It was weird, he looked back at his screen and sat there for a minute, and he didn’t remember what he was working on or at least what he was supposed to be working on.

Everything on the screen was blurry, his mind was foggy, soft, everything in front of his eyes, and in his own mind was out of focus.

Her tits were the only thing he could really see clearly, her deep cleavage was pulling his focus in more and more.

“Every time you stare at them, you sink deeper.”

Amber’s voice carried through the small office they shared, and he realized he’d zoned out and ended up staring at her tits again, instead of his screen.

He’d meant to try and extract himself from the conversation, or at least stop feeding into her nonsense, but again, he couldn’t remember when he looked back at her tits this last time.

“That’s it Chris, just keep sinking deeper. You’re almost completely under, but I know you won’t believe me, so why don’t you get back to work again, and really try not to look at my tits again.” She was upbeat, and normal, and she undid another button, showing him even more cleavage, and a hint of a pale, pastel blue bra.

Amber’s big,  probably fake, beautiful, tanned tits were right there, and he felt something in her voice pushing him to look away. He also wanted to stop this, whatever it was, because Amber was being so weird about it..


But as soon as her tits were out of his view, as soon as that deep cleavage was out of sight, Chris felt how strangely distracted, unfocused, and softly confused he wa agains. He couldn’t think straight, and it felt impossible not to just stare back at Amber’s tits.

“Oh god,” his eyelids were fluttering and his shoulders started to slump down, “it’s…”

He was going to say “working”, but she cut him off.   

“Now just try and look away, and you’ll see what I mean. about sinking deeper, and forgetting what’s happening.”

He stared, and blinked, telling himself he would look away in just another second… just another second… 

“It’s okay Chris,” his eyelids were getting heavier, he was blinking slowly and feeling strangely distant, focused and unfocused all at once, “it’s not up to you. You don’t have a choice, it’s just what happens. You can’t resist them, you can’t even look away from them now, can you?”

There was nothing special about what she said or how she said it, she just spoke to him the same way she always did, and that casual and familiar speech pattern made the words hit harder and harder as his mind started to fog over, while his thoughts drifted into nothing at the edges.

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