Story Preview: Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware
A Smuthunter Story

“Wow!” the word slid from between his lips with an equally surprised exhale. Luckily it wasn’t very loud, and luckily this woman was obviously used to it. She was wearing a silver, sequined dress held up with full shoulder straps, straps that led down to a low neckline and a pair of tits that, in the dress, looked like massive disco balls. 

Her tits were about all he could see.

She had light brown skin, straight black hair, a plain, but pretty face that didn’t really register with him, and just…

Just fucking massive tits.

It was hard to tell how tall she was, she might have been eye level with him in her boots, or shoes, or sandals, he didn’t know, because he couldn’t see past those tits.

Did she have brown eyes?

“Hi there honey,” her voice was soft and she didn’t have an accent, not one he could recognize at least, and she carried a mid sized black leather bag over her shoulder and a tan trench coat folded over her arm. “Can I come in?”

“I um,” her tits were already moving through the door of his hotel room, imposing on him, pushing him out of the way as she took a short step towards him. “Uh, yes, please.”

He was wearing a comfortable pair of slacks, the same ones he’d worn for the first day of the convention, and had put them back on after his shower, and thrown on a fresh white tee and socks and shoes.

She touched his elbow, “I know I’m a gift, I just hope you like what you see so far.”

Her touch was electric, and he was still staring at those basketball sized tits.

“It’s okay to be nervous, or excited, or a little confused, and we can also just talk,” she smiled at him and he barely noticed. From behind she had a nice figure, nice hips, nice enough ass, nice enough legs, and as she hung up her coat on the hotel room’s door hanger, he waited for her to turn around again. “You have me for the whole night, or as much of it as you want, and your friends either really want you to like them, or they really want you for a partner, or a client…”

She turned around and those huge tits jutted out towards him, “I can tell you that.”

She said it with confidence and with a smile, but he barely saw it. Her dress was dazzling, and they made her tits so spectacular they became spellbinding.

Just two, huge, dark, breasts covered in soft, sparkling, silvery, shimmering fabric, with cleavage so deep he felt like he was drowning in it as he stared at her.

“Um,” he realized she’d said something nice, and that he hadn’t responded. “Yeah, thank you. I’m excited about… um…”

She brushed her hair back and thrust her chest out more, and he forgot what he was talking about.

“So I should tell you,” she took a step towards him and put her hand on his face, “I’ve got a nice enough pussy, but it’s just a pussy, and I don’t do anal, so we can fuck as long as you want, and as much as you want, and I’ll suck your cock, but you’re a grown man, so I know that’ll just feel nice for a minute but…”

Her fingertips brushed down his face, gently, but with enough tension to guide his eyes down to her tits, which they’d barely left, only to try and politely make eye contact, Brown eyes, she did have brown eyes. And the way she talked about things, the way she told him what they could do, that it was all real, was making him hard, and nervous, and profoundly excited.

This escort was all his, all night.

“We both know you’ll need more than a blowjob. And we can fuck baby, but I have a special talent, with my special girls,” her hand was on the back of his head, massaging the base of his skull as he stared deep into her cleavage. “And it makes guys cum so hard, and fucks them so good, all they can remember about me are my tits.”

He could imagine that, after all, he’d barely looked at her face… and he tried to look up again to make eye contact with her, to…

Her fingers gently pressed into his neck muscles, and she kept his head tilted down, “Doesn’t that sound good?”

They were so big, and her voice was so sexy, it seemed like the easiest thing to agree with her. “Yuh…” her fingers teased the back of his neck, softly, “yeah, yeah it does.”

“You know,” she took a step back from him and pushed her tits together, making them bounce in her dress, making the dress catch the light, and making her deep cleavage all the deeper and darker. “Some guys would just want to fuck me, and you can fuck me baby, because we have all night, and you don’t have to want to have this experience. But I’ll be honest with you, I might be a good fuck, but I have an average pussy, and the sex is just kind of forgettable.”

He couldn’t believe that any sex with her would be forgettable, but he was so caught up in watcher her pushing her tits together, and up and down, captivating him with the way their overwhelming size moved, and the way the dress caught the light, that he also couldn’t bring himself to think too much about what she was saying or disagree with her.

“Which is different,” she reached behind her back and unzipped her dress, thrusting her tits forward as she arched her back ever so slightly to do so, “than my special talent that makes my tits so unforgettable they have a hard time remembering anything else. Help me, please?”

She turned around and when her tits were out of sight, he stared at her ass in the dress, nice enough, probably great, like her back, where he saw the definition in her muscles, the wide shoulder straps of her jet black bra, and saw how narrow her waist was, but all he could think about was seeing those tits again.

He reached out with an unsteady hand to pull the zipper down further, and as it came down, her voice, which had gotten softer, and smoother, silken soft, silky smooth, caressed him again, “Thank you honey. You won’t forget how good I make you feel, but these tits, they’ve made men forget my face, forget my voice, and make the night, and me, one, huge tittied blur…”

She had stepped out of her dress, and out of her shoes, he never saw what they were, then turned around, “But you’ll never forget how good they felt.”

Her bra was huge, her tits were massive basketballs, and they stood out that much more on her lithe, muscular frame. The thing was, he had no idea if she had a six-pack or not, and he only barely recognized that her panties were also black, and as elegant and unadorned as her bra was.

She ran a finger down her cleavage, “I know it’s not your money, honey, but you’re the customer, and I’d hate to satisfy you the wrong way.”

“Those,” he gulped as he stared, and felt his shoulders slump and his chin tilt a little as he watched her finger tracing up and down between her tits, sinking into her cleavage and disappearing for a moment then reappearing on the way back up. “Those are huge.”

“And unforgettable too,”  she started to cup them again, and now the mass of them as she pushed them together slowly, pushing and lifting, then dropping, over and over, slowly, as she let her silken voice hang, her next words dangling, just like the next time she pushed her tits up and together, “don’t, you, think… so?”

He blinked, he didn’t think.

“Who…” he watched her tits, unaware of the smile on her face, or the confident sparkle in her eyes, twinkling like her dress had. “Who could ever forget you?”

“Everyone thinks that baby,” she was speaking more softly so he found himself leaning in just a little more, listening as her words came slower, keeping time with those tits he was utterly entranced by. “But when I see my clients out int he world sometimes, and if it’s polite to say hi, I always have to remind them of who I am, and when they remember, they kind of shut down a little bit. And I know that sounds ridiculous, but just look at my tits, look at how big they are, and tell me, can you even remember my eye color? Can you remember if I’m wearing earrings? Did you even see what shoes I was wearing?”

Her voice was wrapping around his brain, cocooning him in the slow, irresistible softness of her words, just like the heavy, undeniable weight of her bouncing, heaving, tits in her hands had wrapped around his focus.

He couldn’t answer, and while he tried to answer, she just kept massaging her breasts in the same hypnotic pattern.

“It’s alright honey, I know what I’m doing, and I know what I can do to men. Why don’t you just reeee-laaaaaaaaaaaax…”

The word rolled over him like her massive tits rolled in her hands, and he felt dizzy for a second, and his eyes fluttered.

Her hands were on his belt know, “That’s right, just relax”

His pants were coming down, “Step out of your shoes honey.”

He did, then his pants and underwear were around his ankles, while her hands were running up his ribs, under his shirt, “That’s right, just relax and I’ll take care of you.”

His shirt was off, and her finger slid down his chest, then she took his cock in her hand, “I like this, 

Her hand glided up and down his cock slowly, and smoothly, as silky soft as her voice, “I really want to give you what you want baby, but it really can mess with your head, so…”

Her thumb brushed the head of his cock, and his soft, fluttering eyes blinked at the touch, “I’m just going to ask you one more time if this is what you want baby.”

He was ready to say yes but another brush of her thumb on the most sensitive part of his cock made him stop.

“Do you want to have good, normal, and ultimately forgettable sex with me, a woman with massive tits, where you’ll just remember I had huge tits, or do you want me to give you a sexual experience that’ll fuck you so good you’ll never forget it, even if it’s all you can remember.”

She’d started stroking him as her voice dropped into a warmer, even sexier timbre, and he thought maybe, just maybe, with her smooth touch and the overwhelming sight of her massive tits, he was going to cum right there.

“Can’t we…” he moaned as she stroked with one hand and traced her finger between her tits again, guiding his eyes, making him blink more and more as he watched the simple, enthralling, motion, “do… both? Since we have all night?”

“Baby,” she took her hand off his cock, and took both his hands in hers, “I could fuck you after, but no man I’ve ever been with has been able to get enough of what I do, or want anything else. But you might be special, and I’m always ready for a surprise.”

His hands were on her tits, she’d put them there so easily as she talked to him that he didn’t realize it was happening until he felt their soft skin. They were just huge, he couldn’t grope them, all he could do was feel them, and they felt wonderful.

“So,” she put her hands over his and pushed them into her tits a little more, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

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