Story Preview: Boob Zombie

Boob Zombie
A Smuthunter Story

As Joe West reached into his pocket and felt nothing, he knew exactly what had happened. He’d left his keys on the table when he ran out the front door. It didn’t seem like something an adult was supposed to do, but it had happened and that was that. It was going to gnaw at him all day, but his neighbor Roslyn had a spare key so it wasn’t the end of the world.

            Work passed uneventfully, his commute home was mercifully short, and even though Joe felt all the possible tension of every possible miserable outcome of having locked himself out of his condo, he knew it would all be over soon and he could call it a day.

            Roslyn was a pleasant woman, a bit older than him, divorced, active, sweet, she was a good neighbor. When he knocked on his neighbor’s door, that was not who opened it.

            “Yes, can I help you?” It was an African American woman with an accent he didn’t quite recognize, and absolutely huge breasts that looked like they were about to fall out of her blouse.

            “I…uh…hi… I’m Joe, I live across the hall, is Roslyn… here?’ He knew he shouldn’t be stuttering and pausing like a nervous teenager calling a girl for the first time, but something about her, no not something, her massive breasts threw him for a loop.

            “Hi Joe, no, she’s on vacation this week. I’m Viola, she asked me to housesit for her.” Her top was a pale yellow peasant blouse that actively enhanced her massive chest.

            “Well, this is dumb but I…”

She was giving him a patient smile as his eyes roved over the sight of her cleavage then she cut him off, “Locked yourself out of your place didn’t you?’

            “How, how did you know that?’ He was staring at those tits, trying his best to look at her face, but at the same time, feeling incredibly embraced and unable to commit to eye contact.

            “I’m a psychic Joe, and I know Roslyn has a spare key doesn’t she?’

            “Uh, yeah… yeah she does.” He was looking down now, she had black strappy leather sandals on and tight fitting dark blue jeans.

            “Come inside and we’ll find them.” She turned and headed back into the unit, and he felt relieved to not have her chest pleasantly assaulting him for a moment.

            “So you’re a psychic?” He walked in after her and shut the door.

            “Yes,” she’d moved into the living room, “it’s a family business.”

            He couldn’t tell if her accent was Haitian, or Jamaican, or some sort of African.

            “But I’m not a fortune teller you know, and I don’t read minds, not really. You were patting your pocket when you walked up, no mystery there.” She was sitting on the couch, decidedly not looking for the keys.

            “I’m more of a professional listener, and I pay attention to details. Like a key ring with the name Joe on it hanging by the wall there to your left.”

            And there it was, his spare key.

            “Well thanks, I think I’m going to…” Her manner was so strangely matter of fact, he felt more than a little intimated, and not just by the size of her breasts.

            “Nonsense Joe, why don’t you come in here and talk with me. It would be so nice to have a friendly talk after such a long day wouldn’t it? Besides, I know it’s what you want isn’t it? I am a psychic Joe, I know what I’m talking about here.”

            She was slightly bossy and kind of right and that was hard to argue with, plus, he hated to admit to himself that he really did want to get another look at those tits. All told, he found himself sitting across from her in a straight backed and kind of comfortable upholstered chair.

            He also found himself staring at her massive breasts.

            “How um, how do you know Roslyn?” He looked up into her eyes again, almost begging to be forgiven for staring, and noticed that they were a very light golden brown.

            “She was my client for a while, but we became friends and I had to tell her I couldn’t take her money anymore. You know, when you’re friends with someone you don’t want to do business with them.”

            She had her fingers laced behind her head and was leaning back on the couch. Her hair was shoulder length and curly and framed her face. It was pleasant and round. She wasn’t a thin woman, but she wasn’t fat either. The only thing disproportionate about her was the heft of her chest, and no matter how hard he tried, Joe’s eyes kept wandering back to the sight of so much dark creamy skin.

            “I um, I understand. So, what do you do as a psychic? Do um, do your clients know you don’t see the future or anything?” It was lucky she had such an interesting job otherwise he wouldn’t be able to come up with anything to say.

            Also, she’d just told him how observant she was, so there was no way she couldn’t tell he was insensately staring at her chest.

            “But I do tell the future honey. You think you need powers to see how things will go? No, you need to know what is happening to know what will happen, that’s all there is to it. A person comes to me and tells me things, and they leave things out ,and once you hear stories from enough people you know what they aren’t telling you, and you piece them together but you never tell them you know. That way, when you tell them what will happen based on the parts they leave out, they think you have the power, but really they’re just not as good at keeping secrets as they think. After all, there are only so many secrets aren’t there if you think about it.”

            As she spoke, as she asked her question she gave him a little smiled and nodded, and he found himself saying “Yeah, I guess there are only so many secretes aren’t there?”

            Her smile widened and he felt strangely open and vulnerable as he realized she was making hard eye contact with him. “Yes, exactly, there are only so many secrets. Most often I find that people downplay their own failings and weaknesses of character don’t you?’

            Joe didn’t quite know if it was harder to keep eye contact or to stare at those gorgeous heavy breasts, and he tried to do both at once as he answered, “I uh, yes, I suppose people don’t come forward with their faults do they?”

            “No Joe, you’re absolutely right,“ she was still smiling as she looked him dead in the eyes, “and in my line of work I need to feel out a person’s weaknesses as they talk to me so I can sense the truth of their situation, otherwise I can’t tell them anything can I?”

            “No,” it sounded to him like she was maybe half a con artist and that was almost as fascinating as her endless cleavage, “I suppose you couldn’t could you?”

            She was smiling at him with her eyes now, and every time he agreed with her she nodded slightly. “You say ‘suppose’ a lot Joe, did you know that?”

            “I… uh… I guess I do, I mean I don’t usually, I don’t think.” Even though he was the one who was gawking at her massive breasts, it felt very much like she was undressing him with her eyes.

            “I suppose, ” and she laughed at little, “it may be because you’re nervous. But you’re also quite a good listener so I’ll teach you another trick of my work. Nervousness, it is an emotion you know, you feel nervous you know, and when you feel emotional you are, a person is I should say, emotionally suggestible if you know what it is you are saying or doing. You could stop feeling nervous at any time now if you wanted, we’re friends, at least we’re talking like friends in a mutual friend’s home aren’t we? Don’t you agree, and no saying I suppose, make a statement.”

            She nodded as she asked the question, it was a small shake of the head, like the gentle little bounce of her breasts as she moved.

            “We are.” It felt weird to have this conversation, everything about it was slightly off-center, he felt off-balance. He also felt the tingle of a half-chub in his pants. Something about her tone was more suggestive than he initially thought.

            Of course, those breasts were at the forefront of his mind and they were sort of sexualizing everything that was happening.

            “Yes, we are, and friend shouldn’t be nervous with each other should they? Remember, no supposing, make a statement.” Joe hadn’t noticed on any real level her little head nods, but he followed along with them.

            He would look at her breasts, then her eyes and her face, then her breasts, up and down over and over. “No they shouldn’t.”

            “Now honey, I’ll tell you a secret. If you tell me why you’re nervous,” she nodded slightly, “you won’t be nervous anymore,” she shook her head as she said the last part.

            “Now honey, I’ll tell you another secret, I already know why you’re nervous but you won’t stop feeling nervous until you tell me why.” She was still leaning back with her hands behind her head.

            “Well, I uh… I’m…” He was trying to look at her without looking at her and it wasn’t working.”

            “You can tell me, I think you’d rather not be nervous, I think you’d like to tell me wouldn’t you?” Again she nodded slightly.

            “I guess I do.” He was looking down at the ground now, at her toes, they were not painted, just varnished.

            “Don’t guess, make a declaration, tell me.” She shook her head as she said don’t and nodded as she said the rest. The motions were very slight.

            He looked up and found himself starting at her breasts as he spoke, “You’re cleavage is a little distracting.”

            His eyes rose to hers and he finished his statement. She was smiling.

            Suddenly, as she nodded, he didn’t feel nervous anymore.

            “You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll tell you a secret, it’s only a secret because I haven’t said it even though you already know it. It’s okay to stare at them, you don’t have to worry. You can just stare, just stare at them if you’d like, stare at them all you’d like.”

            Now, she leaned forward and her hands fell down to frame her breasts as she spoke. She touched the top of her cleavage as she continued.

            “And you don’t feel nervous anymore, and now that you know you’re allowed to stare, that I do like it when you stare honey, you’re not nervous anymore are you?”

            He nodded along with her as she spoke, “No, I guess I’m not.”

            She held the fingertip that had been resting on her breast up in the air, “You guess, or you know? Tell me now.”

            “I know.” Her voice had become more fixed, more certain as she asked him to be certain and as he responded she flashed him a wider and more encouraging smile.

            “And that is what it feels like to respond to emotional suggestions.” Her voice was warm and encouraging as she spoke, “and don’t be shy honey, keep staring at these as long as you’d like to. Keep staring until you’re nice and comfortable, they aren’t going anywhere.”

            She even pushed them up from below as she said the last bit, “And now that we’re getting to know each other, you aren’t either are you?’

            “Well I uh… guess I um… could stay and talk a little longer.” The half formed erection his pants were hiding was getting a little more pressing and a little more full the longer he was treated to her deep dark cleavage. The swell of her massive breasts was overwhelming him more than her words.

            “You guess?” she subtly pressed her breasts together with her upper arms as she leaned slightly closer to him and gave her head an almost imperceptible shake.

            “I know.” Joe found himself almost automatically responding that way as soon as she asked the question, which was also at the same time he realized he had wanted to say yes.

            “It feel good to be certain and decisive when you speak doesn’t it?” The sight of those two dark creamy tits pressed together was even more spellbinding than before.

            “It does,” he nodded along.

            “When you are certain and decisive you say what you feel don’t you?” her voice was still very warm, and very inviting, just like the shape of swell of those massive pushed together breasts.

            “I do.’ He felt proud of himself for not saying he guessed he did, or he supposed, and he looked up at her smile.

            “You like staring at my breasts don’t you Joey?’ There was something so wonderfully playful and informal about the way she said Joey that it almost hid her own certain and decisive tone.

            “I do, “ as he said it, he felt his cock stiffen to a nice full throbbing state and as soon as he did, he made a self-conscious shift in his seat.

            “I’ll tell you a secret Joey, and you like it when I say Joes don’t you?” Now, she had leaned back again and was using her finger to trance up and down between her voluminous cleavage.

            “I do.” He blushed a little and shifted again, but something had rolled over in his mind, something about the pattern of answering things in a direct and decisive manner, saying yes, feeling good about what he was saying and feeling, seeing her smile, feeling himself nod along with her, watching her breasts with her encouragement and her permission, he felt like everything he was saying and doing and feeling was perfectly natural and intentional.

            It was refreshing.

            It was deeply and profoundly refreshing to follow her lead.

            It was invigorating and before she could say what she was going to say, Joe felt a need to add something. “You’re very charismatic, you’re very engaging, did you know that?’

            He watched her eyes light up, ‘Thank you Joey, I’m glad you know, but it would be a little arrogant for me to say so myself wouldn’t it?”

            He saw a sparkle in her eyes as he paused for a second to try and figure out what to say. There was something inherently off about agreeing that she would be arrogant, something didn’t sit right about saying anything that felt negative.

            “Don’t you worry about it honey,” she laughed and it was golden warm and honey sweet sound, “you just keep on staring and I’ll tell you my secret about secrets.’

            He felt relieved to not have to come down on one side or the other of that question and did in fact go right back to staring with rapt attention at her chest.

            “You see,” her fingertips moved up towards her neck, “a secret is just a fact that hasn’t been shared. A secret is powerful because it’s always the truth isn’t it? That’s why people keep secrets isn’t it?”

            “That makes sense”, her finger traced her collar bone, and then lead his eyes back down into her cleavage.

            “So if I tell you a secret, it just means I’m telling you the truth aren’t I? Like when I told you the truth about being a psychic and how I read people.”

            He nodded along with her and she smiled with her eyes at him.

            “If I tell you something is a secret, and I tell it to you, it means I telling you the truth doesn’t it? Everything secret I’ve shared with you has been true hasn’t it? And the reason why people keeps secrets is to keep the truth isn’t it?” Her cadence was so smooth and steady that when he answered he fell into the beat of her voice.

            “Yes, it’s the truth, that’s all true.” It felt right, like she wanted him to add that part and not just agree. He watched as her fingers pulled down the low collar of her already low cut top and gazed at the heavy delicious treat she gave him.

            It felt good to see more, even if it was just a little more, and he hadn’t gotten used to them, he just didn’t want to stop staring at them now.

            “You keep staring at my breasts Joey while I tell you my secret okay?” Her voice, which had seemed to become musical and warm and neutral become more lively and her accent which had faded from his notice seemed to get stronger.

            “Okay.” He felt the throb in his pants pushing and twitch harder as she kept teasing him with more and more skin.

            “I learned all of my secrets when I was a child honey. I learned them from my Auntie, she wasn’t my real aunt, she was a friend of my mothers, but she was a lot like me, but more so. Back home, she was a wise woman and she had powers. I told you I couldn’t tell the future, and I can’t dearie, but my Auntie taught me some of her powers. You see, she knew secrets, deeper secrets than just knowing a person’s mind by the way they talk, or sit, she knew deep secrets, old secrets Joey.”

            As she said deep, she pushed her breasts together and rolled them softly.

            “You see, my Auntie, she had the power. She knew how to use a man’s power, to take a man’s power and hold him. She had the power that all well endowed women have, but most women they don’t know how to use the power. The breasts, they hold a men, they capture him. A man sees a pair of full beautiful breasts, he knows the woman is strong, she is strong and ready to have him, that is what a man thinks. A woman’s large breasts, they make him think of fertility, they excite him. A woman’s large breasts, they make emotional suggestions to the man when he sees them, and you understand emotional suggestions don’t you?”

            As she spoke, he realized he was feeling wholly consumed by her breasts, so much so that everything she said was coming and going in one ear and out there other. As he watched the bounce and jiggle of her creamy dark breasts he nodded, along with her because everything she was saying was true.

            Not just because it was a secret and all secrets were true, but because he felt it and he knew it.

            “My Auntie,” she brought a finger to her lips, “I remember she had taken men, strong and handsome men, she had taken them from their wives for a time and had them however she wanted. They would work for her, support her, serve her, all because she knew the secret of her breasts. She would turn them into zombies with her breasts, and the wives and girlfriend, she would sway them, teach them to understand that it was a gift to lose their men to her for a time. She knew the ways to talk, to tangle up a thought and swallow it between her breasts, and the women, she would turn a part of them, a small part of them into a zombie too.”

            The finger dropper from her lips back down to her collar and he felt a dizzying sort of calm descending from the top of his head down through his brain and into his spine.

            “I know you hear zombie and you think of the living dead, and in some of the old ways there were easy ways to kill a mind and leave the body, but that is done with drugs, there’s more than one way to make a zombie. The way my Auntie would, she could take from them then give back to them, they would be a zombie then they would slowly come back to themselves when she returned them. The drugs, you cannot come back, and it is a weak and wrong way. A zombie is no good if they have nothing inside don’t you think? Keep staring at my breasts don’t you think?”

            He did, and it was hard to answer, and right as he was about to say yes, she kept on pulling her collar down, and her words continued the constant and all consuming rhythm that was intoxicating him more and more.

            “When I was just becoming a woman, when I had just become a woman in every way and at the age to be an adult, my Auntie taught me the secrets. She said to me Viola, the things I could do with a chest like yours. You see, my breasts are larger than my Auntie’s and she knows that makes me more powerful. The larger the breasts, the easier it is to make a zombie out of a man, the easier it is to turn a man into a boy when you want him to be one and so much easier to make him the zombie out of the man. It makes sense yes, the larger the breasts the easier it is to make a zombie?”

            She nodded slightly more vigorously, and like a reflection he followed her motions just like his mind reflected her words.

            “She taught me the words, the ways to weave one idea into the next, and how to lead the eye, how to hold the eye to keep the mind, and how to use the mind to hold the body. You see, there are three kinds of men. A man who becomes wild when he becomes aroused, and he can only be made into a certain kind of zombie and it takes from him more, and is much harder. Then there is the man who simply becomes aroused, he is even, he is not hungry, he is not obsessed until his flesh sinks into hers, it is harder to make him wholly of one mind, but he can be taken, he can be made into a zombie by the breasts, a breast zombie. Last, there is the man who becomes aroused and his mind becomes a ripe thing to be taken, easily taken.”

            With the word ripe she squeezed both of her breasts.

            “This man, his mind becomes enchanted by the sight of heavy breasts. He sees them and he becomes like wet clay, he wants to be like this, to be molded, it is his natural way. He is the purest of men, the best of men, because all men should feel this way. A woman’s breasts are a symbol of the power she has. The larger the breasts the more powerful she is, and a powerful woman’s place is to have and take a man, no matter how powerful he is. A truly powerful man feels the need to give himself to a woman with large breasts, and a woman with huge breasts like mine, she cannot be resisted by a real man can she? You are a real man aren’t you?”

            The dizzying calm had become a delirious sense of peacefulness and Joey felt completely passive and sedated by the sight of Viola’s massive breasts and her all consuming voice.

            “Answer me Joey my dear, are you a real man? I know you are .”

            The fog was so thick it was hard for him to say “Yes, I am a real man” but as the worlds left his lips he realized he couldn’t resist her, and he didn’t want to try.

            A real man wanted to feel this way, it made him truly powerful, and that was what Joey needed.

            Every day at work felt like it was taking something from him. His job paid well, but it felt dishonest, like he lost a little bit of purpose and a little bit of himself every time he went into the office. This was making him feel real, this was what power was, the freedom to be like wet clay.

            He watched her with a broad simple smile as she started to massage those massive breasts.

            “I know you are. You are much more of a real man than the young man I learned to practice my power with. He was young and weaker than you, he struggled because he was afraid, and being afraid of what is natural is wrong isn’t it? Yes, it is, I know you understand. A real man craves these feelings just like he craves these breasts, and you crave these breasts don’t you? I want to hear you say it.”

She was still massaging them through her shirt and his cock was pulsing harder and harder. He felt another surge of deep calm and deeper mind numbing pleasure as he said, ‘I crave your breasts.”

“I know you do, you’re a real man and a very powerful man. The weak man I learned to use the power with, her was on vacation and he was very well to do. My Auntie lead him away from his friends with the greatest of ease, she brought him to me and watched as I guided his eyes to my breasts, kept him, and slowly took from him. I took his thoughts, and I took his desires, and I wrapped him around my finger. He spent his vacation serving me in a mindless dream, my massive breasts made him a zombie, my breast zombie, and when I was done with him, when it was time for him to return home, I took more from him. His wealth, his memories, I had them all. He went home with less than he came with, but he went home in a dream. I used him to move to this country. I married him, then I set him free. He is gone from my life now, and he has no real memories of me, so much was he my breast zombie, so much did my breasts captivate him and bend him. He is so much weaker than you, you know there is no limit to what my breasts can do to you, no limit to what a real man can give me to by my breast zombie. You want to be my breast zombie don’t you Joey?”

She was pressing her breast together and up and around in circles under her breasts, and every time the flesh pressed, he felt an eclectic tingle through his cock. He was leaking little drops of pre-cum and breathing heavier, but somehow she had taught him in some way that he was supposed to breath slower. Her own breaths were deep and steady, he had started to mimic even her breathing.

“Say it my sweet Joey. Tell me you want to be my breast zombie.”

The world was spongy and warm, and he felt like he was floating in a sea of passive and docile acceptance.

“I want to be your breast zombie.” It was the most right and most honest thing he had ever said.

            “Ask me now, say please.”

Her breasts were bouncing up and down in her hands, and the thin yellow fabric of her top only made them more captivating. His mind was so tranquil as his cock throbbed and throbbed on the edge of erupting, but he had no idea how close he really was.

“Please make me your breast zombie.” He never wanted anything more in his life than to be turned into her breast zombie. Everything she had described, the power, the hold, what it meant, what it proved, it all felt right.

Then a small voice in the back of his mind, a tiny voice whispered to him, “she’s using emotional suggestions on me, she’s hypnotized me with her breasts.”

Then he felt a jolt erupt down his spine as he twitched awake and out of the dream he had been floating in.

“You’re hypnotizing me,” he blurted the words out and wanted to stand up but he felt a little too heavy and a little too, the only way he could describe it to himself was, diminished, compromised maybe.

“That’s one way you could put it.” All trace of her accent was gone, he voice was even, sympathetic, a little amused.

Then, she pulled her blouse over her head, and Joe’s eyes were locked on the massive purple and black cups of her bra, “Or maybe you could say my breasts are hypnotizing you, my boob zombie.”

“I uh… I don’t think…” She cut him off before he could finish, and his eyes were locked on the sight before him. She had unclasped the back of her bra and as he said the word think, he found himself staring at her huge bare breasts, his eyes transfixed by her large dark nipples.

“You don’t think, zombies don’t think. I’ll tell you a secret Joey, you’ve been my boob zombie ever since you started to stare at them. You can’t help it, they’ve been hypnotizing you all night. They’re still hypnotizing you, making you my mindless man, my walking, talking toy, look at them, keep staring, you cannot look away from them now zombie, I’ve taken too much from you. That little voice that woke you up, look at my nipples, that little voice is going back to sleep.”

“I… uh… um… “ he was trying to look away from those creamy dark breasts, but she had cupped one breast and was tracing little circles around her nipple.

‘Watch the nipple little voice, watch my finger going around and round. You’re just the little boy inside the real man, the scared little boy that doesn’t want to surrender, too scared to get what the man wants, just a boy, come here boy, come to me, I have something for you. You keep watching little voice, you keep watching until you can’t stay away, you keep watching the finger going around and round, hypnotizing you with my nipple little boy, you come to me now, you cannot stay away little voice, I know how to keep you quiet.”

Joe found himself standing and walking slowly across the five feet or so that separated them.

“You get down to your own size, you get down to your real size and get on your knees now.”

He did and was eye level with those breasts. Viola, cupped his head in her hands and guided his mouth to the nipple she had been tracing.

“Suck it little boy, suck it and keep your mouth shut. You don’t have anything to say, you need to suck, you need to surrender, sleep little boy, let yourself be hypnotized, this is what you are my boob zombie.”

His hands moved up to her chest and he started to squeeze and play with her breasts as he sucked and worshiped her nipple. His tongue was tracing circles around it just like her finger had and he felt her hand on the back of his head in an almost nurturing and supportive way.

“You listen to me now, your mind is mine now, I’ve taken it. There are three things to take to make you a zombie through and through. Your mind is hypnotized by my breasts, it is a zombie mind, an empty mind. I have taken one of the three things, and if I choose to take all three you will belong to me for as long as I keep what I take.”

She guided his mouth to her other breast, to suck on her other nipple.

“I have your mind, your zombie mind, thinking without thought, obeying with being, your mind is mindless. Next, I will take your body. My breasts will take your body the way they have taken your mind. When they take your body you will be locked inside the warm prison of mindless obedience, the zombie mind, the zombie body, the puppet the soul watches. If I take the soul, give you the zombie soul, if my breasts hypnotize the soul and take it from you, then you will be fully and completely my zombie, and I can return bit of you, pieces of you, the mind and body I can give back to you, but the soul will belong to my breasts and you will be empty.”

She had him stop sucking, and put her fingers under her chin. She leaned in very close to his face and kissed him very softly. It was a slow and deep kiss, a tender sucking kiss.

“There you are, your mind is all gone, I’ve taken it. The little voice was too small, and these breasts were too big for it to handle, too big for your fears, too big for your worries, too big for all of your resistance. You see them and you become my wet clay, you see them and you are under my power, under the power of my breasts, they hypnotize your mind when you see them, they do it automatically from now until you regain your mind, and even then, your memory will always be theirs, easy to entrance, easy to turn into the zombie mind, the boob zombie mind.”

She shifted slightly and tucked one of her legs up and under herself, her fingers under his chin again.

“Stand up now Joey and take off your pants.” She nodded to him as she spoke, the little voice was gone, smothered by tit flesh, he thought his head was empty, accepting every suggestion, lost in deep hypnotic amnesia, following her every command.

As his pants dropped, she reached out and pulled him closer by the sides of his underwear, then she pulled them down.

His cock was on the edge, sticky with pre-cum, bulging out of its skin.

“Now, now I take the body.” She rose just enough to swallow his cock completely in her cleavage and pressed her breasts together. It didn’t take more than a moment of soft tit fucking before he gasped and exploded between her breasts, the head of his cock lost in her flesh.

She lowered herself back down after a few more massaging rolls to make sure he was dry, then she ran a finger between the valley of her cum splattered cleavage.

“Look at me my Joey, look at me my boob zombie, ” she delicately drew a glob of his cum onto her fingertip.

“Now I take your body,” she sucked it off her finger like it was the most elegant delicacy she could imagine, and she made a show of savoring it as she swallowed it down.

“Mmm, you taste perfect, now take off your shirt and give it to me.”

He did, and he stood there in the mindless and motionless state the way he knew her breast zombie was supposed to stand. She wiped the rest of his mess off of her chest with his shirt and threw it to the ground.

Then, she slid her pants and her purple panties down, and had him spend the next hour worshiping every inch of her with his tongue and having him fuck her until she was exhausted from cumming.

His cock, or as she called it, his little zombie didn’t erupt again until she once again smothered it between her breasts and commanded it to.

In the deepest parts of himself he was aware of all of this happening and he would come into himself on and off over that long hot hour of erotic domination, and every time he felt like a passenger in a car someone else was driving. He was a voyeur inside his own body, and as soon as he caught a glimpse of those massive breasts he would get lost again.

“You won’t feel it at first, but I’ve let go of your mind and your body. You’ve just had a little taste, and I wouldn’t take your soul before you were beginning me for it, begging for it like you’ve never wanted anything before.” Her voice was even, still warm with sympathy, and devoid of any trace of an accent.

“Your mind will come back a bit faster at first. When you wake up you’ll be filled with dreams of me, craving me, and you’ll feel the need to touch yourself. You’ll want to cum for me over and over again, but this is very important. Your mind and your body, they’re still linked to me and if you cum with thoughts of me in your mind too soon, you’ll be giving me back what I’ve returned to you.”

Joe blinked and saw the world starting to come into focus.

“You’ll need to save it all up. It’ll be hard, it’ll be very hard, but you cum in the next few days, when your mind is still travelling back and your body is still bound by my strings, you’ll be right back to where you were and you’ll never get free. You should also know, you see my breasts, you see a hint of my cleavage, and you’ll feel that pull, that need swallow you up. These breasts, they’re still holding you in my power, you’re still half a zombie mind and half a zombie body until you have it all back, and don’t accidently give it all back to me.”

She was sitting on the couch, a cushion pressed to her chest, hiding her breasts. “You’ll want to come back to me tomorrow, me being this close to you, just across the hall, you’ll feel the pull and you’ll think you can’t resist, but I’ve given back what I took, you’ll just be miserable for a few days.”

His pants were pulled back up. His shirt was in one hand and the spare key was in the other. His mouth tasted like pussy and his balls ached. Everything in his head was noise.

“Now, if you do come back, if you do knock on this door and you beg me, I’ll take you and give you another taste, and this time I’ll be more forceful and you’ll lose yourself deeper in my spell. Every time you become my boob zombie, in body, or mind, or both, it gets more and more progressive and you’ll start to forget how to take back what I return to you. Then, I’ll have you and your soul will slip right into my ownership and you’ll be done.”

He felt like he understood was she was saying, and he felt a flicker of disbelief in the back of his disoriented mind.

“But that’s not what I want. If I make you my breast zombie, my horny enslaved and mindless boob zombie, I want it to be because you need it, because you realize your life is less without it. Just think about that when you’re standing outside this door tomorrow.”

Joe walked out into the hall, unlocked the door to his apartment and took a shower. He was paralyzed with thoughts of those massive breasts smothering every inch of himself and he felt his cock half come to life and trickle a little milky stream of cum just from the feel of the water on his head.

He bit his lip and moaned. He needed more, he needed it so much.

The next day after work he knocked, and Roslyn opened the door. He never noticed how nice her tits were before.

“Oh, hi, I um… I thought…”

Roslyn put a finger up to his lips, and his eyes were drawn to her pale white cleavage. “Viola told me I’m not to tell you where she is or how to reach her for at least three days. She told me what happened, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to disappoint her would you?”

He felt off-kilter, ‘I thought you were on vacation?”

“No honey, I was…” he saw her eyes get a little glassy, “… on a different kind of vacation. I think I was in the bedroom all last night, I don’t remember what Viola did to help me but it was wonderful.”

To be Continued…