Story Preview: Around and Round

Around and Round
A Smuthunter Short

            “Kenny? Do you have a second?”

            Kenny turned around as he heard his sister-in-law Bea say his name, “Yeah?”

            His wife Brie, Bea’s younger sister, was out with her mother. They were visiting old friends, running errands, and spending time bonding as Kenny made time to work. While it may have been a vacation from the office (and mostly from the job) he was not entirely ‘on vacation’.

“Look at me Kenny,” Bea’s voice had lowered, and so had her pale violet robe, “look at my breasts.”

He laughed, he actually laughed as Bea stood there in the living room, her large naked breasts on display. She looked like his wife, only rounder, and darker. Darker brown hair, darker brown eyes, darker tanned skin, and darker freckles on her much larger breasts.

“I’m not joking Kenny, look at my breasts, you need to look at my breasts,” Bea’s hands had moved to her chest and she’d started rolling them in her hands, her French tipped nails periodically brushing against her large nipples, “watch my breasts as they go around and round, just like spirals Kenny, just like the spirals you love so much.”

Suddenly this awkward situation wasn’t as funny anymore, “Bea, stop, put your robe back on, let’s pretend this never happened.”

Brie, his wife, was lithe and pale, they lived further north and neither he nor she got as much sun as they should. Bea was tanned and smooth and curvy everywhere, and almost from the first moment Kenny had met her, he was sure she’d hated him.

“Oh, don’t worry Kenny when I’m done with you it will be like this never happened, you should know that. You should know after all those videos of your mistress you watch, that you’re only going to remember what I want you to remember. Now stop fighting it and watch these big bouncy spirals, watch my tits as they go around and round. You know what’s already happening.”

She was being so stern with him, but still added the smooth lilt of a practiced hypnotist, “Watch my tits Kenny, watch them go around and round, there’s no escape for your sleepy mind, watch my tits as they go around and round, spiraling down, deep into trance now.”

“How did you find out about,” he didn’t know what to say to finish it.

How did you find out about me?

How did you find out about my fetish? It was all too complicated and he also felt the too familiar feeling of being hooked by a hypnotic induction.

Kenny never really thought of himself as a good subject, or all that receptive, and most of what he experienced he assumed he’d been playing along with. But now, with what Bea was doing to him, he realized he may have been underestimating the reality and intensity of his previous experiences.

“Last Christmas I looked through your laptop. I work in information security Kenny, it took me three tries to guess your horrible password. Now stop thinking, and don’t worry”, her voice shifted from giving him a stern and bitchy lecture back to a more deliberately smothering and silky if not dismissive tone.

“I didn’t tell my sister, your secret is safe with me, but you’re not safe with me having it are you? You’re not safe now that we both know the harder you fight it, the faster you fall.”

Light danced off the large amethyst crystal on Bea’s ring as she continued to roll her breasts round in jiggling circles, “It’s like your mistress says, the spirals spin around and round, as you watch them you sink deeper down.”

Kenny felt himself falling into the pattern of knowing he was being hypnotized, but he bit his lip and exhaled hard, “Stop it Bea, I’m not letting you do this.”

She laughed, she laughed in his face, “No, you’re not letting me do anything. You have to have power to give permission, and you don’t have the power here. You don’t have any power at all, the spiral spins as the will drains away, leaving you with only the urge to obey.”

Gee, that’s not too long of a sample, but I think you get the idea on this one!


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