Story Preview: Anything For Me

Anything For Me
A Smuthunter Story

Summer was in the air, and all over campus.

Everyone was itchy to be done with the school year. It wasn’t just the students either, even the professors were anxious to be done, even if it was just for a few weeks before summer classes began.

            It had been a long year for Ed, and like all freshman it had been one of ups and downs. He’d learned a lot about himself, life, and even picked up some of what his professors had tried to instill in him. But, what he hadn’t managed to learn despite his best efforts, was how to talk to girls.

            “Hi Ed, I’m so excited we get to be project partners,” more so, he hadn’t learned how to talk to one girl in particular.

            “Hi Kelly,” Ed always felt like he was blushing any time he said a single word to Kelly Okada.

Honestly, he felt like he was blushing any time he even looked at her for more than a second, and by some twist of fate the two of them had at least one class together all year. His crush on her had been almost instantaneous, and it had managed to distract him from every other girl on campus.

It was too bad too, because he had no idea how handsome he was, or how over the last year he’d really grown into himself. Instead of seeing the opportunities around him, he only had eyes for Kelly…

…and Kelly’s breasts.

She smiled her big broad smile at him while her large brown eyes twinkled, “Come in, please. I told you my roommate dropped out right, so we can work as late as we want to tonight.”

Kelly had high round cheekbones, and had reddish brown hair that was up in a high ponytail. She was wearing tight white shorts that ended two inches above her knees and a very tight, very plunging aqua blue V-neck tee. It was much less than she wore in class, and she looked so different without her glasses or her more formal and serious sort of look.

“Yeah, um…” Ed almost choked on the idea of being in her dorm room long into the night, and his eyes felt like they were seconds away from bulging out of his head like a cartoon character. “Sure, I can do whatever.”

“Okay, cool.” She led him out of the hall and into her room, then pulled out her desk chair for him while she sat on the edge of the empty bed on the vacant side of the room. “I can’t tell you how glad I am that we’re partners on this, like really. I hate group projects and everything, you can’t count on people, but I know I can count on your right?”

In class or out on the quad it was easy to tell that Kelly was what some judgmental people would call overdeveloped, but it wasn’t flagrant. Even when she would wear tops with a lower neckline or tighter fitting layers it wasn’t obscene, or even that showy despite being irresistible to him.

It was hard to tell how big they were, but they were huge.

He’d wondered about it privately, and even tried to look up cup sizes, but nothing made sense. He couldn’t figure out why a 36DD looked bigger than a 34G, so he had no clue, but to him they looked like cantaloupes.

And now her cleavage was like a black hole.

“So, with this project,” he knew she’d just seen him staring, and he knew he was blushing as he made eye contact with her, so he tried to change the subject in his head from her incredible chest to the reason he was here.

Kelly’s big bright smile and dark eyes didn’t seem to say she knew he’d just been staring so hard at her breasts that he was practically swimming in cleavage, they just looked happy.

“It’s so dumb right? You can tell the professor doesn’t care, he’s so done with this year just like everyone else. And it’s like it’s not even that much work, so I guess it’s cool we can do it together, but aren’t you just done with this year?”

She sighed, and when she did her tits rose up on the inhale then, bounced on the exhale. When she talked about the end of the year, it felt like she was saying what he’d been feeling for a while.

“I feel like I can trust you Ed, you know. It’s like we haven’t talked a lot, but you’re so sweet, and you’re so thoughtful and you really listen and pay attention. I just feel like all year I could always count on you, I could always depend on you, and that means a lot to me. It means so much that I can just feel this way with you. I know I said we haven’t talked a lot, but a lot of the time, all year long we’ve talked a little, and maybe we have spent a lot of time together after all haven’t we?”

Ed had become glamoured by her breasts, just their sheer size and shape, to say nothing of the way they just sat there with their deep cleavage continuing to invite him to stare.

There was some trick to her posture, or the way she would shift as she sat and talked, that felt like she was leaning into him, or that her breasts were shrinking the distance between them the more she spoke and the more he stared.

There was something about her cadence too, and the words all adding up on themselves, causing the little contradictions to change into a sort of logical harmony for him, something that made him feel close to her, and really noticed and seen by her too.

“I know you’ll work hard on this stupid project, you’re so smart it’ll be easy for you to do your part, and I’m glad I have you. I’m glad I know you’ll do your part in this, and I will too. I’ll do whatever you want me to do for my half, as long as it’s fair. And I think you and I are thinking of the same things, we have the same ideas about what’s going to work the best right, we’re thinking the same way right now right?”

Kelly had shifted and pulled her shoulders back a little, causing her bust to stick out even further, and she was so confident and so nice as she talked to him that Ed felt a real connection to her. He was doing his best pretending not to stare, but the truth was, what he was really doing was pretending to listen, because her tits were taking up even more space in his mind than they were just a moment ago.

“Yeah Kelly, I think so too,” those words sounded like the right responses, and he was wondering a little why she was going on and on about nothing at all really, at least it seemed like something that wasn’t a big deal, but she was just talking and he wasn’t complaining about getting any kind of attention from her.

“So I was thinking, is there anything I could do for you to help us get started? Is there anything,” her voice had been one constant flow of pleasant sounds and delicate sentiments that once it got going just seemed to carry on, so her trailing off mid sentence was very surprising.

His vision shifted up from the enthralling sight that was right down her shirt and right there for him to stare at, up into her deep brown eyes and her wide bright smile. He blushed, and knew his nerves and his shame were spelled out across his face.

“I was just thinking that sometimes it seems like you don’t really relax, it seems like you’re not always comfortable, just at all, all the time, and I was wondering if maybe I could help you relax a little bit. Maybe help you take your mind off whatever’s always going on back there, whatever’s always at work there that makes you so, I don’t know, not relaxed I guess?”

Her voice had gotten softer, slower, like each word was a delicate bubble she was blowing, something ethereal that could pop if it didn’t just float away, and as she spoke her fingers started playing with the neck line of her top. “I want you to know that I’d be happy to do anything for you to help relax, to really just relax and be comfortable with me. I want us to really work well together, and I think if there was something I could do that would take your mind off all that noise that’s there, if I could help you just slow everything down, just slow down and relax, then maybe I could even just ask you to focus on me and forget about everything else right now, that might help wouldn’t it?”

“Just focus on the moment Ed,” her tits were right there, her cleavage pressed together by her elbows on either side of her chest, and her voice had become sticky, like bubblegum.

“Can you focus and listen Ed, focus on me, and just listen, and forget about everything else? I hope you can, because I could do that for you if it would help you.”

She was silent for a moment, and still. Ed’s eyes were locked on her chest, staring at the shape of her breasts under her top just as much as the tops of her breasts. He sat there in the silence she created, and felt a peaceful wave of calm washing over him.

“I wouldn’t mind doing anything to help you relax, I really wouldn’t. And I want you to really focus, so if you’d let me, I think I know what will make sure you’re not distracted at all, so you can stay in the same head space that I’m in. I want you to really think the same way as me Ed, and you know you can do that, you know me, so just trust me okay.”

Ed felt like he was on the edge of something, like there was a door inside him that was about to open, and all he wanted was for her to open it.

Kelly slipped her top off so smoothly and so suddenly that Ed couldn’t really believe what he was seeing, and he couldn’t describe the sensation that it caused, like he was falling backwards through himself.

Her breasts were being held up by a simple white bra with no decorations and wide shoulder straps.

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