Story Preview: An Idol’s Hands

“Hello there, you must be Sam right?”

Sam Dawson felt like an ass, “Yeah, hey, and you’re…” he trailed off, too busy thinking of how much of this woman he’d already seen without even knowing her name to remember what his parents had mentioned about her.

“Nari, Nari Kim, it’s nice to meet you. Your parents have told me all about you.” This woman, his neighbor, was gorgeous. He’d gotten in late the night before, home for the summer and surprisingly, to a house that would be empty until late July. His parents traveled for work, and it just worked out that way.

When was unpacking this morning, he’d looked out his widow and caught a glance over at what used to be the Winstons’ back yard. But they’d moved to a retirement community earlier in the year, and what he saw sunbathing back there on the grass was a beautiful, toned, naked, and tanned Asian women, who much to his surprise, was languidly masturbating on a wide pink blanket.

“Oh, cool, okay, yeah. Hi.” The old Winston yard had these really big trees, and thick hedges, so you couldn’t see into it from any angles really, at least, any angles beside the one from his upstairs bedroom window. And as he’ watching this woman, who happened to have breasts that seemed far too large for her petite frame, breasts that were two handfuls each and not wasted at all, delicately please herself, his hand had moved to do the same, and somehow he’d finished when she had.

When they both did, it seemed like she was looking up at him, directly into his eyes, but that had to have been his imagination.

“So,” they were both in their front yards, him on his way out, her on her way in, “you’re back for the summer then?”

She didn’t sound American, but her English was perfect, and her pale brown eyes were a shade lighter than her long dark hair.

“Yeah, for a couple weeks, then I have a camp, then I’ll be back till I go back to school.” Sam felt himself blushing, and he felt transparent, like he knew she knew what he’d done.

“Camp?” She pulled her large black sunglasses down, as the sun was out in full force.

“Yeah, baseball. I have to go to a uh…” she was wearing a simple blue, and white sleeveless sun dress with a scooping neck line that was adding to his guilt and making him trip over his word. “I play baseball for my school, er… my university, and we have a camp that’s like, half for us, and half to like help little leaguers and stuff.”

She smiled, ‘That’s great, it’s so important to help and give back.”

Obviously that sincerity just made him feel even more guilty, “But, I might not go. My shoulder’s been a little off and I might need to rest it.”

“Oh that’s too bad.” Like her smile, her frown felt so real and so honest, so genuine that it made the corners of his mouth twitch into a frown of his own. “Is it anything serious?”

“No, well not really. I had an MRI to make sure, and it’s just some minor tendon irritation I guess. Doctor said I’d be fine, just ice it and stuff. But if it’s bugging me, I’d rather skip camp. Like, how many more summers off am I going to have anyway?” He felt a little childish saying that, but she nodded.

“Listen,” her voice went from sincere and understanding to enthusiastic in just that one word, “your parents have been so nice to me, letting me use their pool,” the Dawsons had a pool in their back yard that they used through the winter thanks to a covered inflatable dome, “I’ve been trying to think of a way to return the favor for them. I studied sports medicine, and a massage therapy for quite a while, and I think I could help you with your shoulder.”

The only thing more active than his guilt when she said that was his cock.

‘That would be great,” he pretended to pat himself down like he just realized

he was missing something, “but I think I’ve…”

“I’m sorry, no you were going somewhere. We can talk later of course.” She opened her own door, “But Sam, you won’t mind me using the pool will you?”

The way she was standing, her lips parted into a very soft, delicately coy smile made the words “Yes, of course” jump out of his mouth faster than he’d intended.

He also went back inside, only until the throb between his legs died down along with his sense of shame.

Later that day, after he’d come home from running a few errands, there was a knock on the front door. When Sam answered it, the sight that greeted him promptly returned all of the embracement and shame he’d managed to push down in the hours since the last time he saw her.

Nari, who was standing there with her large sunglass, in a pink bikini with a pale blue wrap around her waist, a towel in hand, and a thin unbuttoned white blouse hanging off her shoulders, smiled up at him, and he couldn’t help but look down past her face and at her massive breasts.

“I was going to have a swim, and I didn’t want to surprise or disturb you, and I thought, if you were free when I was done, we could work on your shoulder a bit.”

Sam had just finished his sophomore year of college, getting by in class and excelling on the baseball field, and never feeling like any girl he met was out of his reach; the truth was, he wasn’t too far off on that.

Being tall, handsome, muscular, and generally a likable guy in every regard, Sam wasn’t intimidated by the fairer sex regardless of attractiveness. But between his neighbor’s poise, and the awkward secret of that morning, he felt perpetually off-balance around her.

“Okay. Cool, yeah.” He knew he sounded like an idiot too, and while he didn’t try too hard in class he wasn’t as dumb as he was sounding, not by any stretch. “Did you want to cut through the house or…”

“It’s okay, I just use the side gate.” And with that, she walked around the side of his house, and then after thirty minutes of desperately trying not to stare out into his backyard, there was a knock at his back door.

Now she was standing there, soaking wet, hair piled up on her head, her sunglasses still on, and her nipples pressing up against the wet fabric of her suit.

Despite having seen her naked, albeit from afar, the very sight of her was almost overwhelmingly sexual.

“You should come out in the sun with me, the energy will help. Plus, I’m all wet and you wouldn’t want me dripping all over your floors.” The way she spoke, with her accent that didn’t sound like an accent, or maybe sounded like a lack of an accent, might have been slightly touched by wherever she was from.

The way she said “all wet”, so free of any possible implication, didn’t make it any less titillating for him.

“Sure.” Again, these one word answers were the best he could manage, and as Sam stepped out into the late afternoon sun, watching her walk towards his patio furniture like she owned the place, he became distinctly aware of how awkward a massage from her might truly be.

“So, you’re a, um, do you do rehab and stuff?” Knowing nothing much about her past that, he was trying to create a buffer of conversation as she patted the back of one of the seats, a reclining pool chair you could lie flat on, indicating he should sit there.

“Not professionally, but I studied it, and I’ve practiced a lot of sports massage.” She didn’t start rubbing his neck immediately, instead, she sat across from him in one of the other chairs and crossed her legs. Aside from her breasts, she had a swimmers body, and moved with a dancer’s grace.

Sam shifted in his seat slightly, feeling the ridiculous anxiety between his legs that someone a few years younger than him would feel. “What, uh, what do you do then?”

“Oh,“ she laughed and seemed to luxuriate in the sun as she did, “I’m retired.”

“Really?” He wasn’t great with guessing ages, but there was no way she was all that much older than him.

“Yes, really.” She smiled, and again he felt the warmth of her personality and the focus of her attention. “Now I just study whatever interests me.”

It felt like she should have tilted her sunglasses down and looked over the lenses at him when she said that, but she didn’t, then she laughed a little. “I’ve become a bit of a renaissance woman, but before this part of my life, I was, and some people out here don’t know what this means, but I was a pop idol in a girl group in South Korea.”

He had no idea what that meant.

“You don’t know what I’m talking about do you?” She laughed when he shook his head. “Have you heard of K-Pop? Korean Pop Music? Our system for making pop stars is different than yours, it is even more of a system than say, your reality shows are. My family is from Busan, and I was lucky that the group I was in got very famous for a short time, then I made a lot of money off of my earnings from the music and the endorsements, and I’ve been mostly living off the interest ever since.”

That kind of explained a lot; she was a celebrity, that was why she was so good at being so personable. It was like the times he’d met some genuinely famous pro ball players, they were people who’d been coached on how to be good with people.

“How’d you end up out here?” He was so interested all of a sudden that he’d stopped ogling her tits and stopped noticing the dull throb in his balls.

“I grew up a pop star out there, and I grew up as a young woman there. It was odd to live as a celebrity that was known for being a certain age, for acting a certain way, and I wanted to escape it all. Out here, some people like K-Pop, but even they wouldn’t know who I was at a glance, not like back home.” She smirked at him then, “I made some changes for myself too, so I wouldn’t look like a little girl.”

That explained the boobs, and just like that, he was staring at them again, or glancing repeatedly.

“Now, I take classes in whatever interests me, and I live out here where I can be a normal person.” With that, she took off her sunglasses and smiled at him again. “Now why don’t you recline the chair back, take off your shirt, and roll over on your stomach for me, okay?”

He did all of those things, and was thankful to be face down. he was especially thankful when she started to rub his back.

“I don’t want to aggravate your shoulder, in case it’s more than just sore or tense, so I’m going to help relieve some of the pressure around it okay. I can feel a lot of stress and pressure in your muscles, and I can at least help with that okay.” Her fingers were strong and persistent, and he could tell she was just easing into the process with him.

“It will help if you focus on your breathing as I do, deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth, like you’re breathing in the sunlight and the warmth, and breathing out all of your stress when you do, okay.” She leaned forward to tell him that, and he felt her breasts press against his back.

You know you want to see what happens next…

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