Free Story: A Skeptical Mind

The Skeptical Mind
A Smuthunter Story

“You know, if you are skeptical, I can give you a hypnosis now to show you it is real, and you will like it if you try it.”

He’d been at the party for a few hours, lots of small talk, lots of sort of familiar faces, lots of wine, it was a nice night, but it was boring. He’d made his way around the various rooms of the house talking to some people, listening to others, and he found himself on the edge of something that actually held attention.

This woman, Elisa, was talking about psychology with a few other people, more so, they were talking about hypnosis, and what made it so interesting was her dedication and certainty to it being very effective.

She was animated and charismatic, and when other people spoke she gave them her full attention. She listened with the same vigor she spoke with.

Of course, the other people in the conversation seemed more agreeable than him, or it may have just been an example of the way that when someone is passionate, they become more emotionally convincing or easy to empathize with.

He didn’t know.

He hadn’t added anything, he’d just listened, and he’d also admired her with something more than a passing interest.

She was pretty, that was obvious, but her looks didn’t hit you over the head, and that was also why he’d stuck around. She was, he didn’t know what, but English wasn’t her first language and she was darker skinned than your average white person. She might have been Hispanic or Portuguese, or maybe Italian, he didn’t really know; he wasn’t as worldly as he’d like to be.

Now, staring into her pale blue eyes, eyes so light they were almost gray, he thought he might have been wrong about just how attractive she was. Maybe she was obviously gorgeous and he just didn’t realize it at first. That was his own fault though, as she’d explained her fascination with and belief in hypnosis, he’d spent

most of that time inadvertently staring at her chest.

When people talked about large breasts, it was sometimes hard to gauge what they were talking about. Was a full C big, or was a Double D big? Being a breast man, anything from C on up had a powerful effect on his focus, and her very flattering white and black stripped long sleeved shirt had done its job in drawing his


It didn’t matter precisely how big they were, they were big enough for him.

His silence as he looked into those pale eyes, looking at her, looking at the round smooth features of her face, her lips that looked so very soft, her smile that was inviting and good natured, and then back to those sparkling blue eyes, took him by surprise.

He wasn’t really a witty guy, but he usually had something to say. Whatever that something was in this moment, he didn’t know, and he didn’t even know where to start looking for it. What did you say when we beautiful, busty, charismatic woman said she wanted to hypnotize you?

She laughed in the smallest way, and in most joyous and encouraging way he had ever heard.

“You are already doing your part now, it will be very easy for you to experience some of my hypnosis if you want to.” She hadn’t even asked him his name, and he guessed that she’d seen his quizzical looks and picked up on his doubts, but there was a magnetism to her that sidelined all of that.

Her hair was a darker shade of brown, with subtle lighter brown highlights, and was pulled back into a lazy ponytail, like she hadn’t bothered to think about this party past simply showing up. She was also wearing leather boots that went up to below the knee with her pale faded blue jeans tucked into them. There was a

casual energy to her, but the way she spoke made everything feel a little more formal in some ways.

“I thought you couldn’t hypnotize someone that didn’t want to be hypnotized?” He’d heard that somewhere, and given that he thought it was all generally more, not so much an act of play, but a kind of cathartic performance, that idea had always made sense to him. He was also glad to have finally found an

answer or a response to her, so he didn’t just stand there like a grinning idiot.

“But that is only if you do not want to feel hypnosis. The skeptical mind, you know, your mind, it does not think ‘no I do not want to be hypnotized, I do not want Elisa to give me her hypnosis right now’, no, it thinks, ‘I do not know if I believe in her hypnosis, and I do not know what her hypnosis is because I have never been hypnotized’, so that means it is interested not dismissing.”

Her eyes sparkled more as she spoke, the enthusiasm he’d witnessed that was about as compelling as her breasts, really made her eyes come to life.

“You have the mind that is very strong and very intelligent, because you are asking questions about all of this, all of the things I have said early, you have an inquisitive mind, not a stubborn mind. I see it in you, you are smart, you like to learn, you are a very focused person, but can you be relaxed and focused? If you can, I believe you can, I can give you some hypnosis right now, very easily too.”

She’d moved a little closer, and he’d moved a little further back, and this had happened so naturally and so easily that he didn’t realize he was almost leaning against a wall in one of the quieter corners of the party.

“You are skeptical?” There was a mischievous air to her smile now, like she knew she had him metaphorically cornered as well as physically. It wasn’t so bad though, because he liked her, her liked her energy and she seemed fun, and the closer she got to him, the more acutely aware he was of just how pretty she really was.

“I’d say so.” He shrugged a little.

“Well you are still very good to be a skeptical person, and you can stay this way now because being skeptical is a way of being inquisitive, all you must do is look into my eyes as you are now, and this is very easy for you to look into my eyes, look into my eyes and see the sparkle in my eyes, all eyes have a sparkle to

them, look into my eyes and see the sparkles, tell me yes, when you see them, yes?”

“Yes.” He laughed a little, mainly at himself.

“That is very good, it is good to laugh now, because now you are staring deep into my eyes, for me to give you hypnosis, just like in movies, and in television, and you are thinking, ‘wow, I do not believe in hypnosis, but Elisa is going to hypnotize me now’, so look into my eyes and focus only on the sparkle of my eyes.”

He did, and as he did, it was easy to get lost in them. Her gaze was unflinching and magnetic, and it was inviting. Her pale blue eyes were becoming warmer, and he understood what she meant when she said sparkle.

It wasn’t light reflecting, it was, or it seemed to him to be, a warmth and a life in her eyes.

“I can see your eyes sparkling too, I see your bright eyes becoming dim as you stare, the sparkle is fading in your eyes easily, becoming sleepy, fading, bright eyes becoming heavy, feeling heaviness now, tired eyes, eyelids that want to blink and close as you stare deep into my eyes, watching my sparkle.”

It took more mental energy to really focus on and follow what she was saying because of the way she spoke. Her command of the language was obviously excellent, but it was unique, it wasn’t intuitive, and he did have to work a little more to keep up with her.

“I see your eyes beginning to flutter, yes, you know this, flutter, flutter and shut, blinking for a very long time now, closing your eyes to blink now, looking into my eyes blinking now, closing your eyes, yes?”

He’d started to feel it, and his eyes were closing down, and it was harder to open them.

“I am going to give you a very easy proof of my hypnosis now, and you will not believe it, until I show you, but your eyes are closed even when they are open now, sleepiness is inside your mind, your eyes are asleep with you, you are like a dreamer now, distracted by keeping those heavy eyes open, looking into my

sparkling eyes, soft eyes for sleep now, and you are forgetful when this happens, forgetful because you are not awake to remember, and you are forgetful because things slip away, they come and go and slip away, like your name, like your name has slipped away because you are asleep and you are trying to keep your eyes open so you do not sleep, but you do sleep now, and your name is gone, so you can wake up.”

She snapped her fingers, and the noisy confusing sense of disorientation that had crept up on him was gone.

“I am sorry, I did not introduce myself, my name is Elisa and you are?”

She held her hand out to him and he took it, “I’m… I’m…”

The worst part was that he knew his name, it was right there on the tip of his tongue, he had a clear concept of it, he knew it’s shape, he knew it was in there, but there was a strange sort of divider, a paper thin wall in his mind that was keeping it from him, or at least from saying it.

“You are not so much the skeptical mind now with my hypnosis yes?”

She was smiling at him, and he had to laugh.

“I guess not.”

“You are saying you have been hypnotized then, so it is real then yes?”

“I never thought it wasn’t real, I just thought it was…”

“No, I know. I understand you very well. And do you realize how relaxed you are? How it was easier than you thought to be relaxed like this with me?”

He took a second to run a mental inventory, and he did feel loose, he also felt disoriented still, but not in a bad way, he felt it in a suddenly loose and relaxed way.

“Yes, I do.”

“This is just a very little bit of my hypnosis now remember.” She snapped her fingers in his face,

“Remember what you were saying.”

“Craig, my name is Craig, it’s nice to meet you.” He blurted it out, then looked and felt very self-conscious.

She smiled, “It is nice to meet you too Craig.” Then, she walked away to talk with some other people, and he was left feeling straggly compelled by what had just happened.

The party went on.

People and came and went, and all through the evening Craig found himself drawn to her, but in keeping with a very sensible and respectful approach that if she wanted to talk to him more, she would, and also feeling a sense of… not some shame, shame was too strong of a word, it was more like good natured embarrassment, he did everything he could to keep from crowding her.

Then, after about an hour, she’d managed to corner him again. This time she was wearing her coat and had her purse. Both were leather, and black, and elegant in their simplicity. “I am leaving now,” her eyes were sparkling like she had a secret, “and I want to speak to you about something. I forgot to ask you, I have a question and I forgot to ask you, did you watch any movies last week?”

He stopped for a second to try and think of if he had, when suddenly she poked him in the middle of the forehead and said, “Sleep.”

He felt a real urge to close his eyes, and they were shut before he knew it, then he felt her all around him, holding him steady as his head sunk forward on to her should. “You are going to sleep now, yes, sleep. Sleep now, let go, lean on me, I support you, sleep.”

He felt himself falling into a heavy darkness, like his own awareness had been led away from his body, outside of himself, and there was a quiet filling the empty space inside him. “

You are not skeptical now, you are not a skeptical mind about being hypnotized and having me give you my hypnosis, now you are only skeptical about how far you can sink, yes you are, how powerful my hypnosis is for you now, and this is good to be curious about, you are good to want to know the answers about how powerful my hypnosis is for you now.”

Suddenly, she snaked a hand to his ear and snapped it very loudly, “Sleep.”

The noise shook him out of his reprieve, but that one word sent him back down under the thick dark surface of awareness, back into the dazed and sleepy warmth of her words and her voice.

“I will show you now, my skeptical mind that is not so skeptical anymore, tell me, do you want to kiss me, yes?”

He mumbled a yes that was more effort than annunciation.

“Please say it again, say it to me clearly now.”

The word came more easily this time, inspired by the deliberate patience in her voice, and a sweetness that was woven into her forceful request.

She kissed him then, him in his enthralled and disoriented stupor, he felt her lips on his and there was just a hint of tongue. “I will tell you a secret, when I kiss you, you feel like a good boy, yes, you do feel like a good boy who is good as his skeptical mind learns and is less skeptical when he is good.”

It was a strange sentence that worked its way through his mind and body, and she kissed him again as the words continued to work their way out. It was a knot of words, a tangle, a puzzle of sounds that he felt more than he grasped.

Then she kissed him once more, and he felt accomplished in that moment, like her kiss was the same as him having done something, as though he’d completed some nebulous task.

His eyes were still closed when she whispered in his ear, “Tell me, what do you like best about me? You like me.”

Craig felt a tinge of caution in his desire to say “your breasts”, so in a slower than usual manner he worked his way through what he really liked out her, and it was her energy.

He heard a little amused laugh come from deep inside her, then she kissed him again, “No, tell me what you like best about my body.”

Again he wanted to say “your breasts”, but even though those words were on the tip of his tongue and those words were trying to fly from between his teeth, again he took a slow and puzzlingly foggy inventory of her and said, “you pretty eyes.”

The same laugh swept through her and into his ear again.

“You are very sweet, and you are opening your eyes now to look into my pretty eyes. You are looking now, looking into my pretty eyes.”

He found himself staring, the weaving and rolling darkness that had scooped him up and carried him away had parted, and he was looking into those pale blue sparkling orbs. In doing so, in opening his eyes, he felt the strange ephemeral distance between himself and the world shrink, but being so close to her still had a

dizzying effect on him.

            “Now as you look into my eyes, looking into my eyes and seeing my sparkle, see my sparkling eyes. Now, yes, now you will not think or ask, you will not question your answers, no, you will answer with your first answer.”

He wanted her to slow down, or use different words, but instead she kissed him again, and that was what he really wanted after all, and those lips pressed against his with a soft determination he felt in his heart.

It was a determination now to answer immediately and honestly, and it made those word not matter at all.

“What is the part of my body you like the best?’ her eyes were so bright that the pale blue gray was like a sunlit ocean that stretched forever.

“Your breasts.”

She snapped her fingers in front of his face again, “Sleep.”

His head fell to her shoulder again, and she help him close, “You like my hypnosis, and you are still only in a very light trance state, you have only had a very little bit of my hypnosis. Your skeptical mind is compelled now, it wants to see more, and know more, and feel more of my trance. You know you can come with me, leave

with me, where we can go somewhere quiet and private where you will be more open to my trance, and I can give you more of my hypnosis that you want.”

She kissed him on his neck, then whispered for him to wake up, before returning her voice to its same normal volume, “Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Of course it did, whatever it was.

            “Do you need to get your coat, did you bring anything? No one will miss us when we go.”

Craig looked around and caught his bearings, “I’ll go get my coat.”

Somewhere between the getting his outer layer from the closet and the front door, he realized he’d agreed to go home with her. He also realized that he enjoyed whatever it was she’d done to him.

Elisa had come up behind him and taken his hand in hers.

“You know Craig you are a very handsome man, and you are very kind, I see it in your eyes.”

She was close to him again, her fingers holding his hand tight, her body next to his with no separation.

“And your smart mind wants to learn, your skeptical and curious mind needs to learn, needs to be taught, and every step will take you now, every step will take you closer to deeper trance.”

She started to lead him by the hand, and he followed.

And as they walked, he started to lose track of where they were, or what she was saying, or how long it had been, until finally, they were in her car.

He was puzzled for a second once he realized he’d automatically gotten into the passenger seat and put on his seatbelt, but she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, and said, “It is so good to have met you, you are so interesting, and interested, and we’ll be at my home in no time, and it can sometimes feel like no time has passed at all when you know where you are going, and you’re going with me on this trip now, so why not close your eyes, heavy eyes, sleep.”

It was slower than before when she poked him in the head, but it was no less persistent. She had started speaking so rapidly that with her slight accent, and the way she put her words together, he was once again trying to untie the meaning of her words, but ended up just feeling her voice rolling over him until she said sleep.

            Then, he felt her kiss him on the cheek again, and next thing he knew, she was shaking him awake and they were in the parking garage of an apartment complex or a condo. He looked at his watch, it had been maybe fifteen minutes since they’d left the party, and here remembered next to none of it.

She took him by the hand again, and he felt limp inside, almost like there were no bones in his body, or there was at least no sense of his muscles. It was strange, but everything since he’d met Elisa has been strange.

Now it was strange that he seemed to follow with no hesitation at all.

“You know, I tell your mind, I told your mind that when you slept you would wake up in a very adventurous way. I told you as you slept, you were hypnotized again, because I know you enjoy my hypnosis and I want you to be very practiced for the special hypnosis I will give you. I told your mind that you would, if you wanted to, because you cannot do what you don’t want to, nothing can make you do that, not with hypnosis, even my best hypnosis, well, what was I saying, I told your mind that you would be ready to follow me, to go where I went, and it worked very well, because here we are, and you do not know what floor we are on, you do not know what my unit number is, look around, you will see.”

Craig almost jumped backwards as he looked around. He had no idea how they’d gotten inside. ‘How did you do that?”

He was beginning to wonder if he was out of his depth, but something about her smile and her energy, something about her closeness to him was reassuring. It didn’t feel like some sort of dreamy hangover of good energy, or some misty sense of wanting to like her, all of this seemed like it was just a game and they were having fun.

“I will tell you this,” she’d put down her purse and hung up her coat. Her apartment, or condo, was nice. It was a one bedroom, simply decorated, in a plain and elegant style, just like her, and everything seemed well used, but well kept. It was just as inviting and warm as her.

“I gave you some small hypnosis after you thought you were not in trance any longer, suggestions that were hidden to hide from you some things that were happening, just tricks like forgetting your name, and I use many tricks to help with my hypnosis. Before we left the party, I fooled you by whispering wake up, so you did not hear it fully and did not wake up fully. Then, when we left the party, I confused your mind, and hid your ability to remember, so you got to the car but did not know how. Come help me with my boots please?”

She sat down on the couch. It was white and rectangular, and Craig went over to help her. It didn’t seem pressing, or compulsive, there were no snaps, or theatrical waves of her hands or fingers, she was just asking, and he was just being nice.

“Then in the car was a test to see how well you were responding, and what you really wanted, because it is still very hard to put someone into my hypnosis if they have doubts, even if they have been in my hypnosis already. You see, once you go down and you come back up, the mind, it wants to go back down for a time, because it is relaxing, and you know this because you felt it.”

After one boot was off, she held up her other leg, and it dawned on him that he was kneeling down in front of her to help. It felt like a loaded action now with the second boot. Also, she was right, he had felt it and it had felt good. It was still there too, dangling in the back of his senses like a spider web, or a loose thread.

“It is also why my kisses are helpful to you, and to me, and not just because we want to kiss each other. A kiss to me, it can mean something, and with my hypnosis, I like to have my kisses mean as much as they can, so I gave you a special feeling to my kisses to make you feel like a good boy.”

It was strange for Craig, who was pretty vanilla in his sex life, to be called a good boy while he helped a woman who had just hypnotized him with her knee high leather boots.

All of a sudden he was starting to maybe see a different side of Elisa.

            “And this is my last explanation for you, and it is about my words. I pick my words very carefully. I pick the way I say them, which is how I think them when I think in English, and I say them this way because to hear them now, you have to think like me, and not like yourself. I have been living here long enough to talk

like a proper American, and sometimes I do, but this is still more natural for me to talk this way.”

Craig got off his knees and sat next to her on the couch.

“Where are you from?” There was something that was delightfully devious about this woman, or charmingly cunning.

            “My family is from Buenos Aires, but I have been here for seven years. And yes, I could say, Craig, I am going to use a special technique to hypnotize you very soon, but as I say, it is not how I think. I think that I will give you special hypnosis, because maybe if we were at a business meeting I would still use these tricks, but

probably no. Talking this way, it makes your mind somewhat tense, so the hypnosis is more soothing when it comes. Do you see?”

He nodded along, and it made sense. When she briefly changed her speaking patters she put an a very believable American accent, a non-regional flat way of speaking English, more like a new caster almost. It was all really interesting.

“Now you, you sit here, you sit back and relax, and when I come back I will try a very special hypnosis on you I have never tried before, and we will see what your curious mind, your skeptical mind can learn about my hypnosis then.”

She walked into her bedroom, shut the door, then a few minutes later shouted out for him to close his eyes.

He did, and he heard the sound of a door opening and closing, then he felt her getting closer to him.

“You stay where you are and keep your eyes closed, okay?”

He said yeah, and then felt her straddle him.

She kissed his forehead and said “Open your eyes now Craig.”

He saw two large lovely breasts in a very decorative pale pink bra.

She was also wearing matching panties, and nothing else.

“You remember looking into my eyes, you remember how you looked into my eyes, this technique will be like that, but not like that. Look at my breasts, look into the center of my breasts, into my cleavage, my bra does a very good job of helping with this. Let your eyes follow the lines and curves of my bra and of my breasts, and find the center, and stare.”

She was perfectly still and her breasts were inches from his face. Her voice had also taken on a softer tone. It was no longer as flashy and as performative as it had been all night, it wasn’t trying to distract him or instill enthusiasm into him, it was soft. It was soft and round, it curved around him.

“This is a very special hypnosis, as I told you, and it will feel very different than before, and it will feel like the first time, but not like the first time, and your eyes, they will not close. You will be blinking them like normal, they will stare into the center of my cleavage as you would watch a movie, and you are seeing nothing

else already.”

            The light in the room was dim and warm, and the pale pink of her bra seemed to enhanced the warmth of her skin and the inviting fullness of her cleavage, making the sight before him even more inviting. He sat there and stared, feeling the slight discomfort of his erection pressing into his pants.

“Breathe now, slowly and with easy deep breaths. Make you breath deep, and put your mind into it as you stare into my breasts, seeing them simply here, rising and falling with my breath. You are exhaling your stress now, and exhaling your mental anxieties, feeling the calmness of my energy moving into you, seeing in

my breasts, in the center of my cleavage, a perfect place that your mind can go.”

Craig hadn’t realized how much shallower his breathing had become than usual. He wasn’t panting, but at Elisa’s instruction, he found himself breathing deeper, fighting the natural excitement of the moment, and it instantly calmed him down. By slowing his breathing he was putting a hush on his anticipation of what he

hoped would come next, and it reinforced his focus on those two beautiful breasts.

“As you are staring into my breasts, they are going to give you a very special hypnosis. As I have said, they are like my eyes, but different, they are more powerful now than my eyes were then, and as you look into the center of my cleavage, you focus, and you see all of them, only my breasts now.”

He did, and it was easy to stare. He wondered what they looked like without the bra, but her voice pulled him away from his thoughts and back into her words. It was funny, aside from feeling very calm and very horny, he didn’t really feel like anything was happening.

“Soon, as you stare, and keep staring now, seeing only my beautifully full and soft breasts, seeing only my hypnotizing breasts as they give you this special hypnosis and continue entrancing you into trance, the sparkle in your mind will begin to fade. You remember the sparkle in my eyes, the feeling you were given from

my eyes, and you felt it fade when I spoke of it in your eyes, this is also a sparkle in your mind, and now you see no sparkle, just softness and warmth, just curves and smoothness, and it is softening your mind, and maybe making other things hard, this is okay, this is natural, my beautiful breasts are hypnotizing you into

special hypnosis as your mind’s sparkle will fade no matter what your body does.”

Her cadence had changed too, now some words were longer and others were shorter. Some felt like questions and other felt like answers, and all the while he stared, slowly realizing that he didn’t realize he wasn’t thinking about anything anymore.

            “Your sparkle of thought, of wonder, of awareness, this sparkle is fading, and if I could see your eyes they would become glassy in my eyes, your own sparkle would be dull and dim, and quiet, so quiet as my breasts continue to give you a hypnosis more powerful than my eyes now. Now that you see them like this,

they are more hypnotizing than my words are too, to you they are perfectly hypnotic.”

He blinked, and the small action made him wonder if he was dozing off or if what she was doing was working, but as quickly as the question came, his eyes moved to the center of her cleavage, drinking in the way they seemed to jiggle ever so slightly, and the way her chest moved just enough when she took a breath, that it

felt liker her breasts were leading his own lungs.

They rose and he inhaled, they sank and he exhaled.

“The sparkle is fading now, quiet in my breasts, quieting your body now too, soothing the body and spreading their hypnotizing heaviness, a heaviness that touched your muscles but not your eyelids, a hypnosis that keeps your eyes open and your body still now. Looking into my hypnotizing breasts, more powerfully

hypnotic than my eyes, is entrancing your body and captivating your muscles now, and now you are still, and soon you will feel the forgetfulness move into all of your body, and it will not remember to move even if you were to try and remember how.”

The fact that she had seemed to remain like a statue in front of him, with only the sway and bounce of her breasts moving at all, helping to keep his already fascinated eyes fixed to the center of her cleavage, added an extra weight and promise to what she had said. With everything that had happened so far this evening, from the moment he met her, if Craig was able to zoom on his thoughts to something so precise, he would have realized he believed it wasn’t just possible but it was already happening.

She told him to breathe and stare, and be still and forgetful several times, and every time she did, he felt a wave of heaviness wash over him, followed by a sense of sinking into his own body, like his skin was somehow further away, and that the distance was filling with a palpable warmth.

Then he would hear the word stare, and his awareness would become wholly consumer by her breasts again. Every time this happened, the periphery of his world shrank down until it was only what he saw and heard.

There was no inner voice when she was silent, there was only her breasts, and they were hypnotizing him. They were hypnotizing him and he knew it not because he could think, but because he was purely thoughtless as he stared at them.

“If you want to, you can touch my breasts now Craig.”

He wanted to, he really wanted to, but he couldn’t remember how to do that, and before he could say anything, she kissed him on the forehead and he knew everything was as it should be.

            It felt like being this forgetful and this heavy and paralyzed was some kind of personal victory, and that spread a profound happiness through him.

Then, he watched her breasts, and the more he watched, with her saying nothing to him, the better it felt.

They started to move closer to him, then further away, then closer, and with every motion he felt an indescribable warmth, and softness all around him.

He didn’t know how long it went on but in his enthralled and mentally silent state, his most base desire was that it would never end.

Then, she snapped her fingers and said wake up and remember, and the sudden explosion of sensation in his cock made him see stars.

Her kiss consumed him as his wholly body quivered with release, and it went on and on for what felt like minutes.

He was holding her now, kissing her back, exploring her body with his hands, cupping her breasts, squeezing her ass, running his fingers through her hair, even as the stupefying waves of pleasure dissipated.

She moved ever so slightly and he was no longer inside her and no longer hard. It felt like he’d cum for the first time in his life, like he’d finally cum the way people always described orgasms, only better.

Elisa was snuggled up to him, still on top of him, whispering in his ear and kissing his neck,

“Tell me what do you remember?”

He held her and he was never going to let her go, “I remember you telling me to stare, and breathe and relax, and forget, or something like that. And then you kissed me on the forehead, and nothing, nothing until you snapped your fingers.”

He felt her quiver in his arms and press herself closer to him, “Nothing?”

Then, before he could respond, she pushed herself away and cupper her naked breasts in her hands,

“Not even these?”

At some point she’d stripped out of her bra and panties, and he had no recollection of it. There was just this indecipherable fog of her cleavage, and even now he wasn’t staring at her pert nipples or her areolas, he was looking into the center of her chest, into the center of her cleavage.

He was staring, and he was not thinking, he was not aware of anything anymore, just her chest, just her incredibly hypnotic hypnotizing breasts.

“Very good Craig, you will remember what I say and you will stay as you are now. You were under my hypnosis for over an hour. Your body was unable to climax because it was made to forget how, just like it had forgotten how to move, and I told you this when you were very gone into my hypnosis. You were filled up and

pent up from so much sex with me that when I told you to wake up and remember, and you will do this only when I snap my fingers and say those words, your body’s memory caught up to what we had done.”

            She pressed her breasts together and started to play with them, pinching her nipples and squeezing them, then stopped she stopped, waved a hand in front of his glassy eyes, saw no movement in them, then snuggled back up to him.

“Wake up and remember, “ the snap of her fingers was so familiar and so powerful that he thought maybe he’d dreamed of the last time he woke.

She kissed him on the lips, and snuggled her face into his neck before whispering, “Remember” again.

“You said an hour? How do I remember you saying an hour.”

Elisa’s hand had snaked down between his legs and was gently fondling him, “Because my hypnosis is very powerful, and my special hypnosis that I gave to you was for your skeptical mind to have all its old curiosities answered. And now that it has, there are new ones for it to ask about my hypnosis.”

Nothing she said sounded manipulative or unbelievable, and it didn’t feel like it weighed more than anything else. It just sort of made sense to him.

“I will tell you always the things that I do to you, if you want to know them, or we can have fun with secrets, but now it is time for another little game, because you are good for me, I will be good for you and your hands, and my voice, and my words, and your mind, and my breasts, and your hands and my breast, and your

hands and your mind is words like my voice, and my voice is your words like your mind, is your hands on my breasts and my breasts in your hands and my breasts in your mind in my words like my voice.”

He’d enjoyed holding her, he’d wanted to keep her in his arms forever, but his hands had started to move up her side and to her chest, and he was fondling her.

The stream of words that had started to bind up his thoughts had made it impossible for him to sort out or make sense of why he was touching her, but he was, and it felt right, because she told him to.

“Look into my eyes and feel my breasts, the sparkle of your body and the shine of your mind is fading again, and when your sparkle fades it is when my sparkles is brightest, see the sparkle in my eyes and feel the sparkle in my body. The more you touch my breasts now, the more my breasts will give your body a new and

different hypnosis for this moment, and this moment only.”

At first Craig just wanted to bask in the blissful afterglow, but looking into those blue grey eyes, seeing

their pale beauty and the way they sparkled, it became impossible to deny her. And, as he massaged her

breasts more and more, he felt his body becoming distant again, separate from his own fading sense of self and

self awareness.

“Your body is hypnotized by touching my breasts, and your hypnotized body is becoming very aroused

again, because my breasts are hypnotizing you into my special deep hypnosis, and your mind is skeptical of if

this can be done, so it wants to know how easily you will become full and hard when you are hypnotizing by

my hypnotic breasts now.”

In a dreamy state of acceptance, staring into her eyes as he fondled those two large, and perfectly

entrancing breasts, his erection sprung up full and thick almost instantly.

He didn’t need to know that this was another trick, that there was no way one orgasm, even one as

powerful as his had been, was enough to drain an hour of sex. But it couldn’t have crossed his mind, because

Elisa had already answered all of his questions, even the ones he didn’t know he had.

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