Free Story: Travis and The Halloween Party

Travis and the Halloween Party
A Smuthunter Story

 “Oh no, I don’t really dress up for Samhain, it isn’t really my thing.”

It was funny because Travis could have sworn she was supposed to be a witch. She had a long black skirt, one of those thin black tops with the long sleeves that got wider at the ends and a plunging neck line that didn’t show anything off because they wasn’t really all that much to show off there, just a lot of pale skin and a little bit of cleavage.

He tried out a little sympathy laugh, and instead of trying to change the subject he got awkward and doubled down, “I thought you were a witch.”

The wisp of a woman chuckled a little bit, “Well I am a witch, and I guess I did dress up a little bit but I don’t really wear costumes. You know, on nights like tonight what you are can change in ways you can’t imagine, it’s why people like costumes.”

She was drinking red wine out of a proper wine glass while everyone else was drinking out of mason jars, or bottles, or red solo cups.

“Halloween is a powerful night, like New Years, or St. Paddy’s day. Any time there’s this much alcohol and sexual energy, you never know what’s going to happen.” She played it off like a joke, but there was a sparkle in her deep brown eyes that said maybe she wasn’t really joking.

“Hey Travis, I see you’ve met Colleen.” Betty Graham was a sweet girl. She was a fun girl, the kind of pretty blond that automatically added “sexy” to whatever costume she was wearing without a lot of effort.

Tonight she was a sexy nurse and her boyfriend Travis, who she had wrapped her arms around, was a “sexy” doctor. Well, he was wearing short-sleeved scrubs, a lab coat with no sleeves, and a stethoscope. It was her idea, most of their relationship was her idea.

He didn’t want to say anything but his girlfriend’s nurse outfit looked like a the stripper version of a milkman from the 50s with a couple of red crosses on her hat and her top.

Travis didn’t usually say a lot, and he was sort of wishing he hadn’t said anything to that weird goth girl when he saw her. He knew he was going to catch some shit from Betty about it later, but right now she was just marking her territory and pushing her much larger breasts into his back while she did so.

Travis had heard about Connie Dent, he’d even kind of figured this was her, but he also knew how Betty was with other girls. This time, it turned out Betty was right. Connie was a weirdo, and he really did wonder what she was doing here. But then again, it was also her house, so why shouldn’t she stay for the party.

Still, there was something about her.

But whatever it was, Travis couldn’t quite figure it out.

She was thin, almost invisible really, with what looked like an aggressive lesbian haircut. It might have been a pixie cut he guessed, but the short-ish black spikes that stuck up reminded him of a corny 90s teen movie more than a something cute and spunky. In fact, Connie’s entire thing reminded him of something that would have been cool twenty years ago when people still listened to Nirvana.

She was not his type at all.

But, even past the out of date style and boyish basically flat chest, there was something kind of sexy there.

That was probably what really bothered Betty, that ineffable sex appeal.

Even as Betty led him away, even as he thought about how weird she was, because he could tell she was playing off her spiritual weirdness with a couple jokes, he couldn’t help but look back at her.

The thing was, he couldn’t tell if he was smiling to be polite or because he secretly liked what he saw.

When he realized he was actively staring into those deep dark brown eyes, when he was staring a little too long, he looked away as fast as he could.

He didn’t see the smirk stretching across Connie’s face, and he didn’t see her pale fingers toying with the delicate crystal that hung off a sliver chain around her neck.


“Do you remember when Halloween was fun?” Jessica Rivers, the other woman that lived in the house, had saddled up to Travis while he was getting a glass of water. Jessica was the wild brunette gym rat version of his girlfriend.

It had been a few hours and he was a few stiff drinks in, and Betty was off talking to some co-worker.

“Like, “ she was dressed as a sexy girl? he guessed, “I mean I love dressing up and getting lit,” in her case it was dressing way down, “but it was soooo much more fun when we were kids.”

Jessica liked to drink.

She was one of those binge party girls, super alpha and in charge most of the time then as soon as Friday hit, it was all fruity drinks and yelling “Whooooo Ladies Night!!!!”

Maybe she was supposed to be cat woman. She was wearing a black body suit that was unzipped enough to basically be pants, and it looked like she had some goggles on top of her head, and her hair was up in little buns.

Jessica and Betty worked together and went to the same gym.

This was Jessica’s party.

Travis got the sense that she was just talking at him and trying to be friendly because he was the closest person that was not already talking to someone else. The house had filled up and there were a lot of couples and groups, and he was more of an introvert than anything else.

He was the perfect target for the too drunk party girl.

Come to think of it, he kind of hated parties.

“Yeah I think lots of stuff is more fun when you’re younger.” But it was too late, Jessica wasn’t paying attention to him, well not really. She was yelling.

“Connie! Connie you bitch, I love you, come here! Connie! CONNIE!”

Jessica’s breath smelled like rum.

“I know, right. I mean. Like Halloween’s supposed to be spooky and magical and not it’s like just like hooking up and… Connie, hey, hey, can you like do some magic and make things like, fun?”

Travis found himself looking into the pale girl’s eyes once again, this time it was like they were both sharing a joke.

“Jess, what are you talking about?” Then she smiled a little wider, “what is she talking about?”

Travis kind of shook his head, he was about to say something when Jess chimed in, a lot louder than she needed to, “We don’t think Halloween’s fun anymore.”

“Honey, you, look like you’re having tons of fun.” Connie was on the edge of cracking up.

“I am, but like, you know, why don’t we have séances to tell spooky stories, or do anything fun like that now. It’s all just drink, drink, blah blah, like why can’t I dress up in a different costume, why do I always have to be sexy?’

Travis shook his head, “Can I leave her with you? I’ve got to go find Becky.”

“No,” it was a slurred no that lasted longer than it should, “NO! You have to stay here and help me and Connie do something magical. You’re always burning candles and stuff bitch, do some magic. I love you, your room smells so nice.”

He watched the little pale goth shake her head, “Jess, you’re really drunk.”

She was, “I am.”

“And magic,” Travis watched as she said this, “isn’t just for fun. It can do things on nights like tonight.”

She was smiling at him a little as she spoke. “If your mind is open, you can let spirits in and they can show you things. On nights like tonight Jess, special night when your inhibitions are lower and the veil between the known and unknown is thinner, magic can be very real.”

Travis watched as Connie looked dead into Jess’ slightly bloodshot eyes, “You believe me don’t you Jess? It would be so nice to believe in magic again wouldn’t it?”

There was a manic exuberance in Jessica as she smiled back, “Magic me!”

“Ok, go out in the living room and I’ll be right there to magic you.”

Once Jess left, Connie leaned in towards him and whispered, “She’s having boy trouble. Come on, I’ll need your help.”

She took him by the hand in a move that felt way too forward and invasive, but there was a flow to her voice and her motions, a certainty to what she was saying and doing that had struck him suddenly.

He hadn’t really noticed the way she had moved her hands slightly while they were talking, or the way she made eye contact constantly, or the little twists and turns she gave her crystal necklace, but he did notice that she let go of his hand as they walked out into the living room.

Connie’s touch had left a lingering warmth and her skin was very soft.


“Hey. HEY! Everyone shut up. You bitches… whoooo I love you guys, but you bitches shut up. Connie’s gonna do some magic and make Halloween spooky and fun again. Shut up!”

Jess’s drunken slurs and yelling did quiet the room down.

“So, do we like need candles or like, what do we need?”

Jessica was the kind of girl that attracted the kinds of guys that liked to party like her, and the kind of guys that were just as vain and just as self-involved as her. She was a sweet girl deep down, but she was also used to being pretty and used to being treated like a pretty girl.

It was hard for her to reconcile that the kinds of guys she went out with were the kind of guys that tended to stop treating her like a pretty girl once they got what they wanted. It wasn’t that she was vapid or boring, she just didn’t have a middle ground between wild party girl and young urban professional.

So, she spent her time working out harder and harder to try and make herself more fit and prettier. She just doubled down on what hadn’t been working instead of trying something new, and there was something innocent and sad about how drunk she was and how much she just wanted to have fun.

Travis wasn’t much of a student of human character, so he didn’t think about his girlfriend’s hot friend’s drunken ridiculousness, he just knew he had somehow been pulled into this nonsense.

“We don’t need anything special, just sit in this chair and we’ll do a personal séance. But to be safe, we need everyone to hold hands in a circle around us to keep the spirits in.”

Connie had started talking to the room as much as she talking to Jess, giving everyone a slightly theatrical display that was equal parts drama and equal parts, “Just go along with it because we all know how Jess gets”.

Luckily, Betty had been drawn in by the noise and made a b-line over to Travis. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, Jess is drunk and sad and wants Halloween magic so Connie’s going to do something.” He felt ridiculous saying it, and was happy to have Betty hopefully save him from whatever he was feeling about Connie.

He also kind of laughed when he caught Betty rolling her eyes and making a face.

“Alright everyone, form a circle and hold hands with the person next to you. It’s very important that you stay holding hands while the ritual goes on, so if you need to use the bathroom, or refill your drink, you can step out of the circle and just watch. And make sure you take it seriously, we want this to work for Jess don’t we?”

Connie was nodding slightly as she addressed the room.

“Let’s go baby, this is going to be silly.” Betty was leading him out towards the front porch when Jess’s voice cut through the room.

“No bitch! You’re staying. You’re going to have a turn too.” Travis watched his girlfriend roll her eyes again. She knew it wasn’t worth arguing about.

“Ok Jessie, we’ll stay.” Betty sighed those words out What she didn’t say, what her boyfriend knew she was thinking was, “but I’m not playing along with your weird roommate, why are you friends with her anyway.”

Travis found himself holding hands with Betty on his right, and some girl dressed up as mummy. He didn’t know her name, but he’d talked to her boyfriend about sports for a while earlier in the party. The boyfriend was dressed up like a leather daddy, they were a Mummy-and-Daddy, it was fun and clever.


“I’m going to tell all of you a secret about magic and séances.” Connie’s voice was much larger than you think would come out of such a slender and ghostlike body. “Sorry Jess, I’m going to have to ruin the illusion before I can perform the trick.”

Jess’s “It’s ok girl, “ came out more like izokiegurl.

“The spirits from the other side cannot enter our minds and we cannot see them without either being gifted, or unless we use the power of suggestions. A true séance uses the power of hypnotism. It isn’t to implant the ideas of ghosts or suggestions of spirits, it’s because our minds cannot communicate with the other side when we are fully conscious. Our minds are too full of our own cares, and our own world to see and feel the other. So Jess, honey?”

“Yes baby girl.” Again, the drunk girl’s words came together in a rush.

“Are you ready to be hypnotized so you can feel a ghost?” Connie was looking right into her friend’s eyes.

“Yes! Let’s. Do. This.” Jess had realized she’d been slurring apparently, because she’d decided to make every word its own sentence.

Travis was impressed with how easily Connie had managed to hold the room; he even caught Betty getting pulled into the act a little.

“Alright everyone, this is very serious,” he watched her pause and for a moment she was looking directly into his eyes before playing out to the circle of maybe 20 people in the room. “Since we all love Jessica and we all want her to have some spooky fun, take a moment to conjure up some happy thoughts and love. Our circle will only allow good things and good feelings, and of course, good and benevolent spirits in.”

These last words she said directly to Jessica, who was sort of nodding along, but also looked a little impatient. She was operating on drunk speed, where everything was too fast or not fast enough.

“Jessica, honey, this is very important.” Connie knelt down a little to make eye contact with her on her level, “only good thoughts and feelings exist in this circle, this is wonderful magic that will fill you with joy and happiness. The spirits that will reach out to you want to share in your joy. You have to accept this before we start okay?”

The tone of Connie’s voice had changed so many times while she talked, sometimes she was a showman, sometimes like now she was genuine and serious. She was also playing out to the room, and pulling Jessica out to play to them too. It had really become a show.

Jessica nodded.

“Say the words ‘I accept that only good things will happen here’ okay Jess?”

She nodded again.

“Alright, now everyone please think those words to yourselves now too, that way we can create a full circle of love and goodness. It might even bring us a little bit closer too.” She took a moment and surveyed everyone sort of mouthing the words to themselves before she continued.

“Perfect. Thank you everyone. Jess, say thank you to everyone.”

Jess smiles and big bright smile and said thank you.

“Now Sleep Jess, time to sleep.” As she said the word sleep Connie snapped her fingers loudly right in front of the girl’s face, and just like that, Jess’s eyes closed and she half melted into her chair.

“Jess honey, you’re really drunk. You’re too drunk for magic, it wouldn’t be responsible of me. But you’re starting to feel so happy now, knowing that everyone here cares so much about you. You can feel the love in the circle washing over you, filling you up with that special kind of joy and happiness you’ve wanted to feel all night now can’t you?”

Jessica nodded a little.

“And I have good news for you Jess, you’re still going to get to see some magic tonight, we’re going to do magic together and you’re going to help me. In just a moment your eyes are going to open and you’re going to know, you’ll just know exactly who the spirits want to connect with. You’re going to help them guide me to the best person to look into the other side.”

Travis watched in awe as the stick thin pale girl seemed to fill up the room, and become someone else entirely as she spoke.

“As soon as you open your eyes you’re going to look around the room and see the perfect person, and the best part is, since that person is perfect they will come into the circle and help us show you some spooky fun and mysterious magic. The person that you pic, the person that you see and feel will be the absolute perfect person to help us. Now, let this all sink in, let it all become very real, and come back to us Jessica, eyes open, wide awake, come back to us.”

Betty and Travis were standing just in front and to the left of Jess, and they saw her eyes flutter open as a much more genuine and subdued smile spread across her lips. They watched as Connie knelt down beside her, almost right in front of them, “Feel the room Jessica, who is going to be our perfect helper?”

Jessica blinked once or twice as Connie stood up and took a step back, and Travis found himself making eye contact with Jess. But Jess wasn’t really looking at him, she was looking at the Mummy Girl.

What happened next happened very quickly.

The Mummy Girl laughed and went over to have a seat, and then Jess was standing next to Travis holding his hand. Betty was whispering over him, “So?”

Jess was still sort of blissfully tranquil, “Betty, be quiet.”

Connie had taken off her crystal pendant and was holding it up above just above the Mummy Girl’s eyes. “You’re Erin right?”

Mummy Girl smiles, “His Connie, this is fun.”

The pale waif smiles, “Good, I’m glad. Now Erin, you know you are the perfect person to help us, you know this is true because jess picked you and your heart and your mind is full of good thoughts right now. You know you can accept and do anything, you know this is very real, and all you have to do right now is stare into the crystal.”

As Connie spoke, Travis found himself staring into the crystal as well, and out of the corner of his eye he saw Jess and Betty also staring.

“As you stare into the center of the crystal, focus on the way the light splits and separates. Focus on the way your vision and the way the world is starting to separate and spread out in front of you. Everything is separated, drifting, look at the colors and follow them, follow the colors away from yourself, away from this world, and let all of the energy and all of the goodness in the circle fill you.”

Connie’s voice continued on at a fairly rapid pace, and he found himself watching Betty’s eyes starting to fog over slightly. Travis had become more interested in what was happening to his girlfriend at that moment than anything else. He always saw the way Connie kept her focus locked completely on Erin.

“In just a moment your mind is going to be fully open to the good spirits and ghosts that want to share our joy. You are the perfect person to help them, and when they manifest in you, you will be filled with the desire to let them act through you in a fun and ridiculous way. I can feel it happening Erin, open yourself to the spirits now.”

For the next five minutes, Erin who was Chinese, started speaking in an almost perfect British accent. She was, in those couple of minutes, a proper British lady and told stories about Victorian England. Then, Connie drew Lady Nora, the ghost that Eris was “channeling”, out her host and as soon as Connie said the words, Erin couldn’t remember anything that happened.

She also said she couldn’t do any accents or impression.

Then, like clockwork people were stepping in and signing, and dancing, and living past lives for the next forty-five minutes. All the while everyone stayed holding hands, and after the first couple of people, everyone slipped into the moment almost instantly.

Finally, Jess pushed Betty forward, and Travis watched as Connie took her by the hand and lead her to the chair. Betty had slipped in and out of trance over and over again, and by the time his girlfriend was out in the middle of the circle, Travis had also been so caught up in the process that he was only vaguely aware of what was happening.


“Hi Betty, you’re going to be our very last medium tonight, and even though I know you’ve been skeptical in the past, I know you’re the absolutely perfect person to end the night. I’m so happy you’re opening yourself up to this experience.”

As she spoke, she started to swing the pendant gently back and forth before Betty’s eyes. It was different than what she had done for everyone else.

“Right now your mind is swinging back and forth, that’s right back and forth, just like the crystal. Follow the crystal, back and forth, your mind is swinging gently from skeptical to accepting, Since you want to be accepting, since you are perfect and your mind and heart are filled with love, when the crystal stops your mind will be fully open and fully accepting. And you know this is true don’t you Betty?”

This time, as Connie spoke, she was also talking to Travis. Even though he wasn’t fully aware of what was happening, he could still feel her voice, that strangely powerful and full voice, but he was still pretty far removed from everything that was happening.

Slowly, gradually, the crystal did stop swinging and as it did Connie’s voice continued at its same powerful and soft steady pace. “You’re doing so well, your mind is so powerful, so able to accept, so creative, so imaginative and so open. You’ve let your mind come to rest in perfect agreement with itself; you’ve stopped the crystal and you are ready now, perfectly and completely ready.”

Then, through his own foggy mind, Travis saw that everyone had become still and quiet. He shook himself out of the moment and re-focused with fresh eyes on what was happening.

Connie was very close to Betty, still dangling the pendant right in front of his girlfriend’s eyes. He watched as the mysteriously sexy goth girl had taken a woman that genuinely didn’t like her, and had both subdued and wholly had her hanging on every word. Something had changed in her tone too, something subtle, she sounded seductive now, alluring.

“There is something very pure, and very innocent in the ether Betty, something wonderful that only you could feel, a loving an loyal spirit, a best friend with a noble heart. Can you feel it, can you feel the simple joys of loyalty and love all around you?” Connie was almost whispering in Betty’s ear, and she had slid the pendant back around her neck as she spoke.

“Open yourself, feel it.” As the spikey haired witch continued to speak, she brushed Betty’s blond hair back, the soft touch, and the aura of sensuality that she was exuding was causing Travis’s already confused and intrigued desires to catch aflame. Watching the pretty pale girl speaking softly and gently touching his entranced girlfriend was giving him a bit of a physical reaction.

“That’s it, feel the pure simple goodness, the warmth and loyalty, find it, let the spirit in now. Let it in now, that’s it Betty.” For just a moment it looked to Travis like Connie was petting his girlfriend, and then Betty was on her hands and knees barking.

Everyone started to laugh, the spell was broken by the barking, and Betty walked around on all fours sniffing other girls and then Connie ended the show.

Meanwhile, Travis had found himself fully erect watching Connie encourage his pushy girlfriend to be a little dog.

When Betty came to, she didn’t remember what happened, but Jessica told her she was the best, and strangely enough, it seemed like she was really okay with everything.


“Did I really act like a dog?” She was drinking some kind of vodka drink out of a mason jar, and he had managed to get his arousal situation under control.

“Yeah, it was weird, lots of people did lots of crazy stuff. It didn’t seem spooky at the time, but it kind of does now.” He had also grabbed a bottle of bear and was trying not to think about Connie making his girlfriend do other things.

“I don’t really remember a lot of it, but jess had fun and it did all feel like a big happy fog. “ They drank and talked a little more, and everyone what was in the room shared what they had just seen.

After a little while, after it had worn off a little more, Betty asked the question Travis had sort of guessed was coming.

“Why do you think I acted like a dog?” Her eyes had narrowed a little bit. “Do you think Connie was trying to embarrass me?”

He shook his head, he didn’t know, but he figured he should try and say something. Besides, Connie hadn’t told anybody to really do anything. “I don’t think so, I guess it was probably just whatever people had in their subconscious or something. Everyone was doing crazy stuff.”

“I guess you’re right. I just, sometimes I don’t really trust her, she’s so weird.”

He gave her a little kiss, then told her he had to go to the bathroom.


After Travis washed his hands, he opened the bathroom door and ran right into Connie.

“Hi.” She was standing right in his path, looking deep into his eyes.

“Let the spirit in Travis.”

He felt himself faltering, like it felt when you feel asleep at work or in class.

“Let my sprit into your mind Travis, let me in and sleep.”

As his eyes glazed over, she took him gently by the hand and led him into her bedroom.

“Travis, stay here for me and take off your costume. Take it all off and wait for me on my bed. Feel my voice inside your mind, feel my spirit surround your soul. Listen to me Travis, I’m inside of you, I’m in control now. You’re under my spell, you’re under my power. You have no choice Travis.”

As she spoke, Connie straddled him and started to grind her hips against his.

“Let my spirit in, let me possess you just like I possessed Betty, just like I possessed everyone tonight.” She pushed him onto his back and slithered up to straddle his chest.

“Take it all off and wait for me. Take it all off and fall into a very deep sleep for me. That’s it, sleep so deep that you will only awaken when you hear me or Betty say time to wake up Travis. Now sleep, deep sleep.”


When Betty said his name, Travis woke from the daze he had been floating in.

He had no idea what was happening.

“What are you doing in here?” His girlfriend didn’t sound angry, it was more like she asked like it was a big joke and he didn’t quite know how to answer. He hemmed and hawed and um’ed as sat up in a near panic looking for his clothes.

He also had a throbbing erecting.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what’s happening.” He saw Connie’s deep dark eyes in his memory. “I think Connie… Connie hypnotized me.”

“I know she did.” Betty walked over to him and knelt down between his legs. “Connie told me she did. She said you liked seeing me bark like a dog.”

Betty’s hands were around his cock, stroking him up, then she licked her, hand and said “Mmmm, this is tasty” then grabbed him by the base of the shaft.

“Did you like it baby?” She was speaking into his cock like a microphone.

“I uh…” Before he could answer, Betty’s lips were around his cock.


Travis felt his body start to tense as his girlfriend licked his cock like an ice cream cone. She even sounded like she was having dessert and he loved it. He was right on the edge when he heard Connie’s voice in his ear.

“Sleep Travis, let my spirit in and sleep for me now.” As his eyes drifted shut and he felt back into her arms. He wondered how long Connie had been there, how long had she been behind him? But before he could ask her anything, he was already out like a light again.


He woke up in a strange sort of walking dream.

Everyone was naked now, not just him.

Connie was on the bed playing with her clit while Betty was licking the skinny little goth girl’s fingers clean, and presenting herself. Softly and rhythmically Connie was saying “Closer and closer, it tastes so good.”

As Travis watched his girlfriend’s head slip between Connie’s legs, the spiky haired waif pushed down on the buxom blonde’s head and said “It’s even sweeter from the source.”

Travis was paralyzed, physically and mentally ensnared in Connie’s control. He stood there, thoughtless, emotionless as his girlfriend tongue fucked another girl right in front of him. He watched without opinion as his perfectly hetero girlfriend was lezing out on a girl she didn’t even like as a friend.

Then, the pieces fell into place.

Connie had hypnotized her into this somehow. Connie had hypnotized him too. Then, he was watching the crystal necklace that was hanging down between the pale girl’s tiny breasts and everything was gone.

He stood there in a placid catatonic state, his eyes glazed over as he tacitly watched the crystal dangle. Connie’s white naked body writhed in ecstasy as she moaned.

He didn’t see the way she grabbed Betty by the hair and pulled her up to look deep into her eyes and whisper more commands.

He didn’t consciously recognize the blue tribal snake tattoos that ran up Connie’s arms or the Celtic knots that made up their scales. He didn’t see pentagram on her stomach or the phases of the moon tattooed in an arcs around the five points of the star.

“Travis, listen to my voice Travis, my spirit in inside you now, my spirit is in control. You hear me don’t you Travis?”

“Yes.” His answer was not slow, but his voice was heavy.

“Betty has something to say to you Travis. Listen to her and obey her, her voice has power over you now.” Connie’s voice filled him up and he understood perfectly.

Betty looked over her shoulder and Travis looked into eyes just as glassy and dreamy as his. “Fuck me Travis. Join us and fuck me. Fuck me now.”

Connie’s hands were on the sides of his girlfriend’s head again, guiding the blonde back to what she had been doing.

“You heard her Travis, come and fuck Betty.” As Connie spoke, her hand toyed with the crystal around her neck.

Travis found himself moving forward, stiff and hard, and sliding his cock deep into his girlfriend’s pussy in one steady motion. His hands were on her hips and he was thrusting mindlessly, fluidly, acting on a perfect sense of how to do and what to do.

“Watch the crystal Travis, you will stare into the center for me, stare deep into the center.” She had taken it off and was dangling it in a gentle swinging motion.

“You liked to watch her bark didn’t you?” As Connie asked him this, his cock throbbed at the invoked memory and he let out a grunted yes as he nodded.

“But you’re the dog now Travis. You’re panting like a dog, you’re fucking like a dog, and you’re obeying like a good little doggie aren’t you?”

He didn’t know she was watching his face as he felt a dull confused thought run through his mind and across his face. But before he could hold on to it, she kept on talking.

“Yes you are, you’re a good little doggie, be a good little doggie and bark. Bark doggie.” Strangely enough he felt a rush of pleasure as she spoke this words and he did what he was told until she held up her hand for him to stop.

“Listen to me Travis, this is very important for you to accept and understand. You liked to see her controlled, you liked to see such a strong woman dominated. You like to see the control I have over her.” Connie’s voice was breathless with desire and pleasure, but Travis only heard words, he only heard truth.

“But what you really liked was my power. Listen to me Travis, you’re deeply drawn to power. You love Betty for her power, and you’re aroused by my power. You know that since I’ve controlled our sweet little Betty, then I am even more powerful than her don’t you? Look at us Travis, you love what you see.”

He didn’t think what he was hearing was true, but he couldn’t think enough to argue with her. Her logic flushed his feelings away, and Travis was swimming in the pleasure of Betty’s tight wet slit.

“Betty controls you, and I control her. Betty’s pussy controls your cock, and I control Betty’s pussy. I control your cock now Travis, I control you don’t I?” She was chocking back screams of orgasmic pleasure, but as he pumped away, Travis heard Connie’s voice the way he would a stern and matter of fact teacher. His eyes were still transfixed on the crystal.

“Your cock can’t cum without Betty’s permission, your cock can’t cum without my permission. I bound it to me when I fucked you Travis. Remember now.”

His mind flooded with Images of Connie, still dressed, but with her panties pulled to the side, riding his cock while Betty stood in a daze and watched. He saw his girlfriend’s tranquil and subdued face watch without any sign of recognition as a girl she generally couldn’t stand fucked her boyfriend in front of her.

In the cloudy haze of the memory he saw Betty’s hands move between her legs like a zombie, lift up her own skirt, and start to rub herself over her panties.

“Cum Travis.” It was Betty’s voice.

“Cum Travis.” It was Connie’s voice.

“Cum Travis.” It was both of them over and over again.

He grunted and groaned and thrust as spasm after spasm of pleasure rocked him. He exploded at their command.


“Hi Travis, it’s Connie. Are you alone right now?” He thought it was weird that his girlfriend’s frenemy was in his phone, and that she was calling him. It was even weirder that he felt very inclined to take the call.

“Yeah, why?” He answered truthfully without a second thought.

“Good. Travis, let the spirit in, let my spirit in.”

He felt a warm blanket of sleep fall over his body and mind.

“There’s something I want you to do for me Travis, I want you to open the door.”

Connie was on his front porch waiting for him.

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