Free Story: Saundra Klaus

Saundra Klaus
A Smuthunter Story

            “Well Allen, what’s on your mind,” Mrs. Klaus, Saundra smiled at him and brushed her long, white-blonde hair back over her shoulder. She was ten years older than him, and eye level with him in her black knee high boots, but Allen always had a problem looking into her deep, dark, crystal blue, ice blue eyes.

            Saundra was wearing a long flared sleeved, knee length red velvet dress, with white fur trim on its hem and its flattering and plunging neckline that was belted at the waist with a wide black belt. That neckline, the belt that synched the waist, and that fur only made it harder for Allen to meet his co-worker’s eyes, because it showed off the snow white skin of her ample bosom.

            Allen tried not to look at her breasts, not just because she was married, but because he wanted to be a mature, professional adult. The thing was, being in his mid twenties, and being around this women who obviously prided herself on showing off her incredible, big tits, made it… and even him sometimes… hard.

            “I was wondering… I heard…” the office Christmas party, hence her getup, was going to start in an hour and the to of them, as well as a few others, were helping to set up and coordinate at the event location. Allen had volunteered to help in hopes of having some time to talk to Saundra. “I heard you used to be a uh… a hypnotist?  A hypnotherapist?”

            They were in a back room that stored extra chairs and tables, but it was empty. Saundra’s eyes sparkled as she smiled, “I was a hypnotherapist, yes. Are you interested in hypnosis or…” she batted her eyes at him, “…is there something you wanted me to do for you?’

            “Well, I…” Allen felt like Saundra knew he was attracted to her, and it always felt like she was flirting with him just to fluster him. “…the thing is, I don’t really like the holidays and I was wondering, could you…” it was so hard not to look at her cleavage as she brushed at the firm trim on her dress, “…I don’t know, can you hypnotize me into liking them, or at least, not hating them? It seems like you’re the ring leader of all the holiday cheer in the office, and you and some of the other…”

            Saundra’s lips curled into a wider smile, “Yes, and we can do it right now. I’d be thrilled to have you be one of my Christmas Elves, or at least… not hate this time of year so much.”

            The enthusiasm and vigor of her answer surprised him, “Really? Now?”

            “Yes really, and yes right now, Christmas Eves belong at the party.” Her sweet voice was softer than her first answer. “Wait here, I’m going to tell the others not to bother us while we do this. It’s going to work since you want it to, and we’re going to have some fun with it too. Relax for a minute, I’ll be right back.”

            Allen watched Saundra smile at him from the doorway after she turned in a twirl of red velvet, and felt like he was holding his breath until she came back a few minutes later with a folding chair, a bottle of water, and a green elf’s hat with a bell on it. “The party starts in an hour, so we have about 45 minutes. Take the chair, set it up in the middle of the room, and sit down on it, okay?”

            Allen set the chair up, and sat down facing her.

            “You know I’m kidding a out the elf thing right? It’s a little inside joke because of my name, but… Oh…” she walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder as he sat eye level with her breasts, “I think it would be better if you faced the other wall.”

            “Okay,” Allen stood up and started to turn the chair, but he felt Saundra’s hand on his shoulder again.

            “Fold the chair back up and start it over again, okay Allen?”

            “Uh…” he folded the chair, “…sure.”

            He unfolded the chair as he spoke, but Saundra put her hand on his, “Let’s try it again, and this time don’t say sure, say yes okay? I want you to be certain and committed, does that make sense?”

            “Su… Yes,“ he folded the chair back up, then unfolded it and sat down facing the direction she wanted.

            “Good,” Saundra stepped around the chair to stand in front of him and took half a step back. “Hypnosis can only help you find and explore the things you want to do and agree with doing. Sometimes hypnosis can play on people’s weaknesses, but trance is a tool for truth, and I believe in using it to help people find and explore the truth. You just told me you want me to help you change the way you think about the holidays, and that means changing the way you feel about this time of year. Since you want it, we can make it happen, but sometimes what we say we want isn’t what we really want or need. So, can I ask you something?”

            Saundra held her left hand out palm down in front of Allen’s face and gently started to weave her hand back and forth, “Why do you always look at my wedding ring?”

            “It’s uh… it’s a big rock, it’s kind of hard to miss,” he found himself watching the ring, the bright dig diamond moving back and forth, and back and forth in front of his eyes. He saw the ring glimmer as it caught the light.

            “It is,” her voice was softer than before, “and I wear it for a reason, because you see it and you know it means something. And right now, since you know I’m a hypnotist, and you’re watching my sparkling, pretty diamond ring that you’re completely focused on because I’m moving it back and forth and you think you’re supposed to watch my ring move back and forth…” her voice became even softer, “baaaaaack and forth. What does my wedding ring mean?”

            The question was as soft and fluttering as mist and it felt like he should say the obvious thing, and maybe because she was a hypnotist waving her ring back and forth, and he was staring at it, and feeling kind of warm and relaxed that maybe he had to tell the truth.

            “It means that you’re married.” Allen felt like he was supposed to be a little monotone, or maybe a little direct and quiet, so he was.

            “It does.” Saundra was using her normal speaking voice again. “But it also means I want people to know I’m married, or to think I’m married. My ring is a statement, and a suggestion with implications, kind of like me being a hypnotists means that if I wave something back and forth in front of your eyes is hypnotizing you. But…” she snapped her fingers, “snap out of it Allen, at least for now.”

            The jolt of the snap shot through him and he blinked, “Wait, are you saying you’re not married?”

            “The ring isn’t a real diamond, but it’s big and flashy and it keeps a certain kind of guy away, at least most of the time. But do you see how powerful the suggestion is? You saw it and you assumed. I never said I was married, you never asked me about my husband, and I assume you were waiting for me to bring it up because we don’t really talk about our lives that much, and that’s okay, but the ring is a suggestion by itself and that’s its power. And, did you feel how you started assuming what you were supposed to do when I implied you should focus on my ring and follow it with your eyes…”

            She started to move her ring back and forth again, “Back and forth, it’s okay Allen, back and forth. Do you see what I mean?”

            He felt the strange, focusing calm start to wash over him again, “I do.”

            “Good,” Saundra snapped her fingers “and did you see how you weren’t even staring at my breasts while you were watching my ring?”

            Allen blushed, “I, shit, I’m…”

            Saundra laughed, “They’re big and fake just like my ring. It’s okay, you’re cute, and I started showing them off a little more when I realized you had a little crush on me. But this is all connected to suggestion and hypnosis, and that’s what’s important right now. My ring says I’m married, and you can say you don’t want to hate the holidays, but what we say isn’t always what we mean. So, we use trance to find truth, and use our truth to change.”

            Her steady cadence fell in time with her hand moving back and forth, and then up and down as he watched the ring despite himself, and felt his eyes follow it up to her breasts as she started to gently raise and lower her hand in between swaying it back and forth.

            By the time she was done speaking, Allen’s eyes were locked on it, and he followed it up and up as she kept raising it until he stood up staring at it in front of his eyes. “Do you see how ready you are to follow my suggestions and the emotional implications to get to the truth?”

            Saundra’s hand fell down and she poked him in the forehead with her other hand and said, “sleep” before he could answer.

            Allen’s knees went out and he sank back down into the chair.

            “Very good Allen, in just a moment we’re going to really begin, but since you want me to spread some Christmas cheer, to make things more festive I want you to refer to me by my last name, do you understand Allen?”

            When she said “sleep” Allen felt something curl up from the base of his spine up into his brain and he just sort of slumped down into the chair again. His thoughts stumbled in his head for a breath before he let himself say, “Yes Mrs. Klaus.”

            Saundra laughed, “You’re in a very light trance right now so your inhibitions are lower so you think a little faster in some ways and it shows you that you really, and rightly, internalized the idea of me being married even though I just told you I’m not. But for this little session, you were exactly right to call me Mrs. Klaus. Now, take a deep breath, open your eyes, stand up and shake it out a little bit. You’re a naturally talented subject and you’ve been very responsive to our warm ups and our tests. So just stand up, relax, and focus on me.”

            Allen felt a thin layer of distance between himself and the rest of the world, and Mrs. Klaus’s voice was a swirl of confident softness that was leading him.

            “The holidays are supposed to be a time of cheer and togetherness but,” Allen looked deep into Mrs. Klaus’s ice blue eyes as she spoke, but he couldn’t help watching as she reached down into her cleavage and tugged on a thin white gold chain, “but it’s cold and dark, and it’s full of ice and snow. Your truth is that this is a cold time of year, but your truth can be warmed up.”

            Her diamond necklace, that he’d seen before because she wore it over her higher necked tops, came undone as she unfastened it and held it up in front of her eyes. “This diamond, and this one is real, has always reminded me of a snowflake. It’s cold, crystal brilliance, when you look at it from afar it just looks like a little flickering speck, but when you look closely at it…”

            Mrs. Klaus held the end of the chain so the diamond hung just above her eyes, “…you can see just how flawless, brilliant, and perfect it is. Every snowflake is perfect because it is what it is, and this perfect little diamond is too. Just watch it now. Look at the little perfect crystal snowflake, and you can look deep into my icy blue eyes too, they stand out against my snow-white skin. You can see the resemblance, don’t you Allen?”

            “I…” he looked at the teardrop shaped diamond, which was even larger than the fake one on her ring, then looked deep into her eyes, and then back at the diamond, and he remembered images of a snowflake under a microscope, and tried to find the connection with the gem to see what she meant and see what she saw.

            He saw it slowly come to him, it was an abstraction, a comparison of crystal to crystal, and he saw the brilliant light and sparkle reflecting on the diamond, and its lines reminded him of the branching arms of a snowflake. “…I do.”

            “Did you forget something Allen? Did you forget my name?” Her voice was soft and teasing and she gave the chain a twist that causes the diamond to spin a little.”

            “Sorry Mrs. Klaus,” he blushed and stared as the diamond spun, it was just above her eyes now, like a third eye.

            “It’s okay Allen, it’s not about you doing something wrong, it’s just about following instructions, because the more you cooperate with the process and all its steps, the more powerful and affecting this experience will be, that’s how we will find, make, and define your truth. It’s why I yanked you around with the folding chair earlier. So, let’s try it again. Keep looking at the crystal, and my eyes, and my skin,” her free hand brushed the fur on her neckline and he followed the motion seeing her breasts heave with a deep breath, then stared back into her eyes and then the crystal. “You can see the resemblance even more clearly now, don’t you Allen?”

            “Yes,” he felt himself make a meaningful and present choice to participate and agree, “Mrs. Klaus, I do.”

            “Very,” her voice was soft and encouraging, “good.”

            Her hand brushed against the fur that only accentuated her breasts and her eyes sparkled. She knew he had a crush on her. She knew he liked her tits. She…

            “It looks like your eyes are wandering with your mind Allen, that’s okay, but look back into my eyes and focus back on my little snowflake now.”

            The pull of her voice was irresistible and as he started deep into her icy blue eyes she started to swing the diamond back and forth. Allen watched it as it as she lowered her hand slowly, still swinging the crystal.

            “That’s it, just watch the snowflake as it falls down, like all snowflakes. Watch it floating on the wind, floating down, towards the soft… white…” she lowered the chain until the diamond barely swung back and forth just above her breasts, “…ground. Watch the snowflake floating and drifting, but no matter how long it might swaying on the wind, it still sinks down to the snow covered ground and disappears, or…”

            The diamond slid down between her fur lined cleavage as she said “melt” and tapped Allen on the forehead again. His knees buckled and he sank down into the chair again, his body melted and his mind lost in her soft voice.

            “You’re in a deep trance now Allen, and you are feeling very suggestible and open. It’s easier for you to feel this way with me because you’re attracted to me, and you want me to like you. It’s natural for you, or anyone to want to please someone they’re attracted to, and that makes them, you in this case, already inherently more suggestible and agreeable. But I could be wrong about you, so if you aren’t attracted to me, you can tell me now.”

            “I…” Allen’s eyes opened on their own and he blushed. He looked up into Mrs. Klaus’s eyes, and felt far away, but not as distant or lost as he did with his eyes closed, “I am attracted to you and I think you’re very pretty.”

            “Well I’m glad I was right about that, but I’m surprised you brought yourself up and out of trance enough to tell me that and to not stay under and admit that I was right. So, let’s see…”

            She reached down into her cleavage and slowly pulled the necklace out of it, “Just watch the snowflake as it rises back up just like you did…” She leaned forward so her cleavage was squarely in his face and let her diamond stay visible just at the top of her breasts. “…and then drift back down to melt.”

            This time as the crystal disappeared between her breasts just the sight of it disappearing made his eyes closes and his body melt along with her words.

            “Our experiences frame and inform our feelings. Bad holiday memories can give you negative disposition to the holidays. Our memories and our minds aren’t always a one to one experience, and one good memory doesn’t cancel one bad one, but I can help you notice all of the good things you enjoy about this time of year, and I’m going to give you a special memory and experience to anchor that. But first, just listen to my words and follow the sound of my voice. Follow the sound of my voice to the truth you’re looking for and the truth you want.”

            The following cascade of Mrs. Klaus’s strong, soft words filled Allen’s mind with gentle and pointed instructions on noticing good things, framing the holidays as a welcome time of year, and not a point of stress or isolation. She asked him a few questions, and he answered directly and easily, enjoying the way her voice sounded, and sweet, encouraging words she gave him. He started to feel a general warmth and happiness washing over him and radiating out from inside him as his mood changed on a deeper level.

            He drifted away.

            Slowly, Allen opened his eyes after ten minutes of time he could not wholly explain, remember, or account for, and Saundra smiled at him. “Now, since your subconscious mind is ready to have a positive relationship with the holidays, it’s time to anchor your feelings. This is supposed to be a time of coming together, where we share the warmth of being together in the dark. And I think I know how you’d like to spend the holidays with me.”

            Slowly she reached behind her back and unzipped her dress, “Try and give me a hand won’t you Allen?”

            He tried to stand up but discovered that he couldn’t move, and in the swirling mist of her words over the last ten minutes Allen realized she’d gently suggested the more relaxed and happy he felt the heavier and more still his body became. Now he couldn’t move, not really, or at least I felt easier not to try, and it felt good to just sit still and watch her dress come down off her shoulders.

            Her bra was the same shade of red as her dress, and her necklace was back on, the diamond sitting down in her cleavage.

            “I… I can’t…” he could barely talk, “…move.”

            “That’s a very good sign Allen, you’re doing so well. And now that I know your body responds so well to my suggestions, because you are both hypnotized and because you’re attracted to me, I can give you your gift. Look at them, look at what you’ve always wanted to see and let Mrs. Klaus give you your present.”

            Allen stared at her large, pale white, naked breasts as she took off her bra and stood in front of him. “The more you stare, the harder it gets to look away, and the harder it gets to look away, the more you stare. And when you try to see if you can look away, even though all you want is to stare at my tits, you feel it getting even harder and harder to even try. But it feels good to try, because it feels good to feel my breasts holding you like this, capturing you like this, just like they do when you try not to stare in the office.”

            Allen felt a rush of blood from his head down into his cock as she leaned in closer, “Look at the snowflake between my warm, soft, snow-white tits, and just watch it disappear and melt away.”

            She pressed her breasts together and the diamond was swallowed up by her breasts as the word “melt” made Allen close his eyes and fall away again.

            “Open your eyes and stare at my tits Allen, it’s a Christmas Miracle that you get to see Mrs. Klaus’s big, beautiful breasts.”

            Allen felt like he was caught up in an avalanche of snow, warm, welcoming snow that overwhelmed him and turned his mind to mush as easily as it turned his cock to stone.

            “Do you like my tits Allen?” Her voice was soft mist swirling around him.

            “Yes Mrs. Klaus.” He spoke with robotic steadiness, and overwhelmed softness now, neither assumed nor put on.

            “Then why are your eyes closed?” She put her hands on his head as she asked, and her hands were soft, smooth, and as delicate as her voice. “Open your eyes and sink deeper into trance for me the longer you stare at them. Just open your eyes and feel them need to stay open and focused, staring at my tits as you sink deeper and deeper into waking, hypnotized sleep.”

            Allen responded to the words but didn’t understand them, his mushy brain was pumping down into his cock. He opened his eyes and lost himself in the softness before him. He didn’t see her long white-blonde hair, or her ice blue eyes, he only saw her breasts, her beautiful, entrancing breasts.

            “Good boy, you’re responding so well, and you’re so deeply hypnotized now. I’ve given you a gift, and I have another one for you, but first you want to give me a gift. It’s the season of giving and you really want to give me something to make me feel as good as you feel now, but I’m going to sit on your lap and tell you what I want.”

            She straddled him and pulled his head into her breasts, “Allen, you’re going to give me a very special treat, you’re going to eat my cookie. You’re going to become my little helper, my little elf, and you’re going to stand up when I get off of you, put the elf hat on, and then you’re going to eat my cookie… you’re going to eat me out and make Mrs. Klaus cum for Christmas. Would you do that for me, please?”

            “Yes…” he sound the word into her tits, and she tilted his head back, but he couldn’t look into her eyes or look away form her big, pale breasts. “Yes Mrs. Klaus.”

            “Good boy,” she whispered the words in his ear, stood up, and as Allen started to follow the suggestions he just agreed to, Saundra sat down on the edge of the folding chair.

Allen was aware of her moving, and he felt silly as he put the hat on, but he also felt good. The self-awareness was a sparkle and then it faded, and he walked back over to kneel down in front of Mrs. Klaus, who pulled her red panties to the side and fingered herself with a few slow circular motions.

He followed her “come to me” gesture and she stuck her finger in his mouth, slid it out, then pulled his head close between her legs, and he started to kiss her and lick her gently and enthusiastically. He felt her legs close tight around him, and time disappeared. All he could do was please her and taste her as the little bell on his elf hat jangled and dinged.

The sound of her voice became a force of nature, easing him into doing more, telling him to keep going, demanding he keep going, and going, and slowly… easily, she pulled him even closer and he listened to her tight, breathless moans of pure pleasure, then she told him to, “Stop, pull down your pants and lie down on your bacl.”

The ground was a thin layer of carpet over concrete, and as Mrs. Klaus descended on his hard cock, swallowing him in her warmth, she said, “Watch my tits bounce, stay still, be quiet and only speak when spoken to, and don’t cum until it’s time. Don’t cum until Mrs. Klaus makes you love the holidays with her hypnotizing tits.”

“Yes,” she was so wet and slick and warm, she was so perfect and tight and… “Mrs. Klaus.”

“ My tits are hypnotizing you into loving Christmas now. Just watch them bounce and fall under their holiday sway and answer my questions. Are you my helper now, are you my good little Christmas Elf?” She raised herself up off of him, leaving his tip barely inside her, and slowly bobbed on it, teasing it, teasing sliding all the way off.

“Yes,” he gasped out the words and wished he could reach out to pull her back down, to swallow him up in her wet warmth again, but all he could do was stare at her breasts and answer her questions, “…Mrs. Klaus.”

“That’s my good little helper, that’s my good little elf. Mrs. Klaus’s helpers love the holidays just as much as they love her tits don’t they?”

She didn’t change her position, but she did slide down in him just a little more as she bobbed. He answered her, he said the only words he’d been saying for quite a while as he stared, rapt and enthralled by her breasts and the teasing, warmth of her pussy, “Yes Mrs. Klaus.”

She repeated the last question over and over, and faster and faster as she kept lowering herself more and more, fucking him harder and faster, but with the same dominating, undeniable control of the moment, and every time he said, “Yes Mrs. Klaus.”

Finally, she lowered herself on to him completely, bent forward and whispered in his ear, “if you love the holidays then you can cum now.”

He did.

His hips shot up and his back arched but the rest of his body was still, frozen solid by her suggestions, and as he erupted into her, Saundra kissed him on the lips, then said, “Wake from trance now, wake up for me and feel all my control over your body fading away. Wake into the truth we found, the truth you want, and the truth we’ve made together.”

His hands moved slowly as he kissed her back, gently touching her body, slowly making their way to her tits. “I… I think you could have changed my mind without hypnosis.”

“That’s true,” she separated herself from him, helped him up to his feet, then snapped her fingers and said, “Christmas Elf.”

Allen felt a sheen of fuzzy white snow cascade in front of his eyes and his mind fill with carols and thoughts of candy canes. “True, but this way I have another elf to add to the collection.”

A few minutes later Allen walked out to the party area after helping Mrs. Klaus with her bra and her dress. He saw several other men and women, all people from the people from the office that had offered to help set up, all with green elf hats on, smile at him. Their eyes, like his, were vacant and bright, and their dreamy smiles just made Saundra Klaus’s newest elf feel that much happier.

He had a sense too that being one of her helpers wasn’t just a seasonal position, but he also knew that he could quit if he wanted to. The blizzard of her voice that filled his mind swirled with details and half remembered suggestions, and even though he felt her touch on him, he still knew he was in control, and still actively agreeing to everything she put into his head…

After all, Mrs. Klaus had told him so, and she always told the truth.