Free Story: Ruby Red

Ruby Red
A Smuthunter Story

            “Oh my, look at you, you’re a beautiful princess aren’t you?” Britney smiled, and she felt this tug inside herself when she did. The young woman complimenting her was ‘also’ gorgeous.

‘Also’, because Britney knew she looked good tonight, she knew she was killing it with her sexy-princess costume.




            Her blonde hair was up, held in place with sparkling pins and a tiara, with one lock down in a delicate swirl. Her dress was a light purple with a darker purple corseted waist that enhanced her already remarkable cleavage, and she knew if anyone noticed her fabulous heels then the rest of her costume wasn’t doing its job.

            She waved out a white elbow length gloved hand to the other girl, well they were both women but it was Halloween and so it was girl’s night no matter how old they were, and she returned the compliment, “And you’re stunning, I love your Girl Dracula, super sexy.”

            Britney was going to say more, but as she looked at the other girl, something caught her eye. “Those contacts are intense.”

            The other girl, who was ghostly white with long black hair that was pulled and slicked back tight, smiled and two pointed fans protruded over her lower lip. Talk about commitment, Britney loved it, she loved Halloween.

            Sexy-Dracula-Girl was wearing a very tight ruffled white blouse with an equally tight and thin black vest, and everything was unbuttoned, hoisted, and accentuated to also bring out her cleavage, and a medallion with a red gem in its center sat just below her chin on a wide red ribbon. Black riding boots covered red velvet clad legs, and she also wore a black velvet cape with a red lining.

            “Thank you darling,” the dark haired girl spoke with a thick Eastern European accent, and at first Britney thought the girl was just putting it on, but hearing it now, it seemed like maybe it wasn’t a put on. “Do you truly like them?”

            Britney blinked once then felt the strangest sensation again as she stared into those bright red eyes. As she looked into them, everything else seemed to grow further and further away, even her own thoughts felt like they were drifting out to the edges of her mind. She stood there and stared, looking deep into their inviting depths.

            “I do, they’re so pretty.” They really were too, they were like bright shimmering rubies, and the darker edges of the woman’s irises seemed to twist with the lighter red centers swirling the other direction. As Britney looked into them, she was feeling the same sensation of happiness she first felt when the girl complimented her, but now it was stronger, and now all the gorgeous blonde wanted to do was make this dark haired girl feel as good as she did.

            “Yes my darling, look into my pretty red eyes, look deep into eyes.” The dark haired woman moved closer to Britney, and the sexy princess had a vague realization that ‘look into my eyes’ was also a vampire cliché just like the accent was.

            When she first saw the sexy Dracula girl, her eyes had looked brown, almost like golden honey, but they had started to flicker to life slowly, and the sight of them, their color changing as she stared deeper, growing more vibrant the longer Britney looked, had fascinated and enthralled the pretty blonde.

“My name is Tasha my sweet beautiful girl, tell me what is your name.”

Britney was floating in the sea of spiraling red in Tasha’s eyes, and it was

hard to think. It was hard to decide what to say or what was being asked, but as she looked into those eyes her lips moved and the voice that came out, the quiet voice, the dreamy voice spoke for her and gave her first name.

            “What a lovely name for a lovely girl, and you like the way I say your name Britney, it sounds as though I have known you for ever, the sound of my voice speaking your name is like a trust inside of your head and your heart. Look deeper into my eyes and feel this now.”

            For a long moment neither one of them spoke, and as Britney continued to stare into those eyes, seeing red, the color of love and of lust, the color of intimacy and heat, it was easy to understand everything that Tasha said on a primal and emotional level.

“Britney, “ hearing her name spoken by this woman made her feel precious and treasured, it made her feel just like a princess, “you are such a lovely young woman in such a loud and distracting place. Come with me my Britney.”

Again, the name was like an explosion of light and heat, and this time the busty damsel took a step towards Tasha, feeling a magnetic desire to be close to someone she trusted so much.

“Let us find a quieter place where we can become more appropriately acquainted. You want this, you want to please me Britney, it is all you want.” The sexy vampire stood directly in front of the girl and spoke with authority now, all while keeping intense eye contact.

            Somewhere behind the warmth of that vision of endless swirling red, the pretty little princess knew most of her friends hadn’t made it to the party yet, and she wanted to show off and make those other hot bitches jealous. She knew the guy she was hoping to see, or seduce, or just get too drunk with was still here somewhere, but she wanted to please Tasha too.

            Oh god, she wanted to please Tasha. It was all so confusing.

            “Come along now, my princess.” Tasha’s words were like a glowing fire in her mind, pushing her, but they were only as warm as Britney’s other desires, those to stay here and have fun, to see people and show off.

So, the sexy princess did not move. Instead, she stood still, her breasts rising and falling with every breath, and her wide blue eyes stared forward, confused by the shallow desires, just like the mind behind them.

“Pretty girl, my lovely Britney,“ the name flashed a sense of openness and warmth through her body that made her feel confused about why she was confused, but luckily for her Tasha didn’t let that moment last, “look deep into my pretty eyes, you do love them, look into them now, deeper now and see how sleepy you have become.”

She yawned almost instantly, and as she looked into the endless spiral of red the colors began to darken like a sudden sunset, moving from red, to purple then blue, and finally black, and the princess found herself staring into the endless night in those eyes, looking for stars that glittered in those depths, following little flickers of ruby red light sparkling like gems in the endless darkness, feeling the heavy weight of exhaustion washing over her.

“You are feeling so tired and sleepy my princess, my Britney is too tired to argue with her Tasha, isn’t she? She would rather follow her Tasha to bed, to please her Tasha by going to sleep so very soon.”

Britney didn’t just suddenly feel sleepy, she felt a wonderful vulnerability welling up inside of her. The thought of this gorgeous girl being hers, her what she didn’t know, this sweet girl with her soft and forceful voice that she felt an incredibly deep trust and connection to had become the most important thing in the world to the pretty blonde.

Everything else was far away, even those desires that had reasserted themselves so suddenly or at least equally to Tasha’s own desires, and now she just wanted to make her new friend happy. She was too tired to do anything else, and sleeping for Tasha would make her happy, so yes Britney would follow her, and she did.

“You’re ready to sleep aren’t you Britney?”

The girl’s accent had taken on a magical quality, her words had become insistent and ethereal all at once, like words that were being formed inside Britney’s mind and not just from Tasha’s lips.

“Yes Tasha.” Like before, the words came on their own, free from any decision the sexy busty princess would have made.

“Yes you are my good girl, my sleepy girl, come with me now Britney, come to your Tasha.” As the sexy girl in the Dracula costume spoke, keeping her eyes fixed on the blonde, she took a step backward and moved her hands up and down, fingers pointed towards the entranced blonde, and Britney followed her, step by step until they were out the door and under the night sky.

“You are very sleepy my Britney, your mind is exhausted and too tired to think, too tired to decide, or remember now. Soon you will sleep, but now you are empty my princess, walking in a waking dream. Be still my dear, be still my darling and gaze into my eyes.”

A car pulled up and the princess was led into the back seat, and for a moment, as Tasha addressed the driver in a language she didn’t know, the girl found herself thinking, or experiencing the shadow of a thought.

“Where are we going?” It wasn’t that she’d come into herself or woken up, but the lack of eye contact and focus on those beautiful ruby red eyes had made some space in her mind.

She didn’t see Tasha’s surprised smirk, but felt a sudden and profound chill as Tasha’s fingertips caressed her cheek. “My Britney, my sweet gorgeous girl, what were you saying?”

That gentle touch had brought the blonde’s eyes back into Tasha’s.

“I was… your eyes are so pretty…” The chill of Tasha’s touch sent a shiver down her spine, but those eyes flickered for her again, once more going from their deceptively light brown back to the warm and compelling red on red that again started to twist and swirl.

“Yes my Britney, they are pretty. They are only pretty for you my sweetness, they are only pretty when you see them and no one else, only you can see them my sleepy girl, sleep my Britney.”

She yawned again, as the eyes once more moved from red to purple to blue, and finally black, and the princess found herself falling into those eyes, trying to hold on to those ruby red stars, but failing and sinking into the deepest and most irresistible sleep of her life.

Slowly, Britney found herself waking, but not into the world of thought and consciousness, but into a world of dreamlike softness. The world of impenetrable darkness and dreamless sleep had fallen away and now she was in a world of sleepless dreams.

“Come to me, look into my eyes and come to me.” Without a second thought Britney looked into those eyes. She’d never wanted anything more. During the drive Tasha had whispered in her busty companion’s ear, offering up sweet and tantalizing encouragement, priming the blonde to wake into a world of ecstasy, free of any doubt or inhibition, and it worked.

Britney, Tasha had realized almost instantly, was not very smart and she was also very weak willed. The question in the car wasn’t a feat of resistance, it was an accidental moment of free will that came from not understanding what was happening enough to simply surrender to her seductive captor.

Now, the princess was led by the hand through a parking garage and into the basement of a modest two bedroom suburban home. She didn’t see the plain and perfectly manufactured signs of a normal home passing around her, she only moved with Tasha, focused on her as the world around her was dark and undefined.

Then, the two women were in a windowless bedroom, standing before a four post bed adorned with thick black curtains.

“Look into my eyes, deep into my eyes, and be still.” Tasha moved her hands again in the same pantomiming motions, and Britney stood up perfectly straight, her body ridged.

“You like it when I tell you I am yours my Britney, your Tasha was something you were always missing in your life but you never knew until now. I make you happy don’t I my dear.”

Still as a mannequin and paralyzed now by the uncanny power of her captor, Britney moaned out a yes, feeling the heat and the pleasure of realizing and recognizing the truth of Tasha’s words as she did so.

“You want to please me don’t you my beautiful girl?” Once again Tasha ran a finger down her cheek, and once again her body quivered from the chill of that touch.

By some unspoken command Britney’s head tilted to the side, mirroring Tasha as she did the same. Slowly, the dark haired temptress leaned in close, her breath on the warm white flesh of Britney’s neck.

The busty blonde felt a heat inside of her, an anticipation that she hadn’t felt since the first time she’d had sex. She couldn’t move, couldn’t find the words to speak, to beg or to say ‘Yes, yes please, whatever this is, yes this is what I want’, instead she stood perfectly still.

“You’re so beautiful, such a gorgeous creature.” Tasha had pressed her body up against Britney’s and her hands moved around the pretty blonde’s back. Slowly, the princess’ dress was unzipped then fell to the ground.

The dream that wove its way around her continued on, and with ever muscle in her body Britney tried to reach out, maybe to pull Tasha closer, maybe to push her away, or to kiss her, or strip away the other girl’s clothes to see all of her, the rest of her. But she couldn’t move, and she couldn’t understand why she wanted these things, or didn’t want them, or even why Tasha’s words had become her world.

Britney was wearing her bright pink fuck me bra and panties. The panties were soaked through, and she’d never even thought of kissing another girl before.

Cold hands cupped her warm full breasts, and her paralyzed body shivered.

“Look deep into my eyes Britney, stare deep and tell me you want to please your Tasha, your precious Tasha.”

The relief Britney felt as she looked into those eyes again was matched by the near orgasmic release of saying “I want to please you.”

Those eyes sparkled with a softness that was new, the deep red had faded into a softer lighter hue, a pinkish red that was reaching into Britney’s core

Tasha’s fingernails teased the tops of Britney’s breasts. “I know you do, and I want to please you. Do you like it when I touch you?”

One of her hands moved to Britney’s flat stomach then slid lower and started to play with the top of her panties

“Feels good, cold.” The words, the simple honesty came out in another gasp.

“Yes my touch is cold,” her fingers slid under the blonde’s pretty pink panties and inside her warm welcoming slit. “Let me warm us both.”

Stock still, Britney felt the cold move up her spine, then felt her own warmth spreading out in a wave of bliss. She came hard, and as she did Tasha pulled down one of the cups of the paralyzed girl’s bra and started to suck on her nipple.

Britney felt a dizzying wave of emptiness flow through her as she looked down into Tasha’s eyes, and now they were bright red again, crimson red.

As Tasha’s fingers continued to work their own magic between Britney’s legs, she felt everything inside of herself erupting, desperate to escape.

The pretty princess moaned as Tasha’s sucking kiss continued to drain her, pulling out her deepest desires and her sweetest memories of sexual pleasure.

There was a tingle of pain in her breast, as Tasha’s sucking kiss grew harder, it was a sweet pain that ushered in another wave of orgasmic relief that made her feel like her soul was cumming.

As Tasha’s lips drew back from Britney’s full breast, the girl suddenly felt weak and empty, and her knees started to buckle. Whatever force was holding her still faded away, and she collapsed into the cold and impossibly strong embrace of the other girl.

“You’re so very sweet my Britney, such a sweet and tired girl. Come to bed with me now so I can see how sweet you truly are.” The words echoed with command, they were no longer questioning, no longer teasing, there was only force in them and it was undeniable now in a way that it had once been compelling.

Britney found herself naked on that massive bed surrounded by those thick black curtains, and as she found herself lying there, a spark of true awareness came to her. She placed her fingers on her breast and touched the tender spot where Tasha had kissed her. It was sore, but it sent a tantalizing shock between her legs.

The curtains parted and she looked up at Tasha, who stood before her, pale, naked, and irresistible. The women crawled on to the bed, and the curtains shut behind her as if by some unseen force.

In the darkness, those eyes burned with their beguiling ruby red radiance, but now they illuminated the curtained darkness with a ghosty luminous red light. Britney watched is powerless and beguiled fascination as Tasha’s alabaster white body, pink in the unnatural glow of her eyes, moved closer to her.

“What are you?” The spell was broken again, once more by the simple curiosity of a mind that could not imagine what was happening, and so could not surrender to it.

“I am,” Tasha moved between Britney’s legs and ran her hands up the blonde’s huge and pillow soft chest, “your Tasha.”

Those eyes looked into Britney’s, and unlike before when the princess looked into them with a willing and wanting curiosity, she felt a force pushing into her, dominating her, bending her, and with a weak gasp she started to float away on that merciless force.

Then there was an explosion of sensation between her legs as Tasha’s lips sucked with gentle persistence on Britney’s clit. She wanted to grab the woman’s head, to press it down, or push up with her hips, but she was too weak to move. As another orgasm quaked through her she felt that same tender soreness, this time between her legs.

Tasha’s glowing eyes, like crimson tinted lanterns bathed Britney in more red light, and the blonde girl could only watch as the other woman kissed up her stomach. She’d also kissed her slit too pressing in and satisfying her the way no man, or even she herself ever could.

“You want to please me don’t you my Britney, please your Tasha, please your Mistress.” Those eyes forced their will into her empty head and she giggled for a moment. Her physical weakness became somehow less, not that she grew stronger, but her urge to agree and obey had superseded all else.

“Yes Mistress.” The words she spoke were not her words, they were not her choice, but they were the desire of the moment. Tasha flowed through Britney now, from her touch to her voice, and especially through her eyes.

Those eyes might have cast a ruby glow, but they were full of a deep dark crimson now, and as Britney stared into them, she felt like she was looking into a part of herself, and the pleasure that was coursing through her as she did was just as entrancing. It was like she didn’t exist inside of herself anymore, like she could watch what was befalling her.

Tasha laughed, and it sounded rich and musical to her, but it would have been frightening to any other who heard it. The dark haired woman cupped Britney’s full breasts again, and this time Tasha closed her eyes and kissed the underside of Britney’s other breast.

Once more a hand slid between the blonde’s legs, but this time it was her own. In the darkness, Britney could still see herself from her out-of-body state, and she was amazed and thrilled as Tasha massaged and squeezed the breast she was kissing and sucking on, then, slowly, reluctantly, Tasha stopped and started kissing back up her chest and her neck, then finally her lips.

With that kiss Britney moved through time and space, back into herself. The new soreness and tenderness on the underside of her breast replaced the same sensations from her other breast and between her legs. The blonde felt the impossible cool and soft skin of Tasha’s body pressed up against hers, and as the glow of Tasha’s eyes faded, the dark haired creature spoke again, “Sleep well my sweet, delicious Britney.”

She did as she was told.

Pale autumn sunlight came through the bedroom window, and as Britney opened her eyes she realized she was incredibly thirsty. The room was simple, a bed a dresser, a closet and oh thank god a big bottle of water on the nightstand.

She drank with a breathless urgency and as she set the empty bottle down on the nightstand, Britney noticed one other feature of the room. There was a portrait of a pale skinned, black haired beauty with light brown eyes. Eyes that looked back at Britney and seemed to glow red in the dull yellow light.

As though they were on strings, the busty blonde’s hands started to mover to her chest, massaging her bare breasts, before one hand moved between her legs. She gasped as the sudden and powerful force of her orgasm came and went.

There was a knock at the door shortly after.

A quiet voice, a man’s voice spoke to her, “The lady of the house is will be sleeping until the evening. You are welcome to stay, or you may help yourself to the clothes in your chamber. Your things are in a garment bag with your purse. The lady instructed me to tell you that she greatly enjoyed your company and looks forward to seeing you again, no matter where you may go.”

Then, he was silent, and so was the world.

Britney’s fingers began to dance over her body again as she continued to stare into those eyes.

Later that night, when the soft-spoken man who looked like ever butler she’d ever seen anywhere drove her home, she sat alone on her couch and slowly tried to piece together what had happened to her at that Halloween party.

            But her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her apartment door.

            The woman standing in the doorway was dressed like any other woman. Her long dark hair was back in a loose ponytail, her jeans were tight, a thin sweater hugged her curvy chest, a mid-sized bag hung from her shoulder, and large sunglasses that were on top of her head. Britney looked into that pale girl’s light brown eyes.

            “Hello my sweet Britney, won’t you invite me in?” She spoke with a noticeable Eastern European accent, and her words were just words.

            “Oh hi… Tasha? Tasha! Come in.” Nothing was at work inside her, nothing was pressing her to say those words, but as soon as she said them, those light brown eyes started to shift into the most inviting and enchanting shade of red.

            “Are you happy to see me my delicious girl?” The cold fingers that caressed Britney’s cheek were welcome and soothing.

            “Yes my Mistress, I want to please you.”

The End.

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