Free Story: Liz’s Long Day

Liz’s Long Day
A Smuthunter Story

It had been a very long day for Liz.

            It was raining, work was long and stressful, and she’d broken a heel. Of course, she had no idea why she even bothered with heels in the first place but the answer was even simpler than the reason not to.

Sometimes she liked to look a little nicer than usual.

            She’d never been a girl or a woman you’d notice first in a crowd, but she was the type you would end up staring at a little too long once you saw her. Stylish dark brown hair that went down just past her jaw framed high cheekbones, a thin sharp nose, full lips, and deep dark blue eyes.

            Her body, like her face, was something you had to see for a second to truly appreciate. Everything about her was even, round, and smooth. She wasn’t tall, unless she was wearing heels, but her legs were shapely and looked longer than they were. Her ass wasn’t big or small, but it was shapely, and the same could be said for her chest.

            The fact she had a bit of an hourglass frame was lost because everything about her was lithe. Her walk was graceful, her manner was smooth, and even her voice was deceptively elegant. It shouldn’t have been a surprise though, she was a professional woman that took excellent care of herself, and Liz had always been interested in fashion.

If anything, she was so plainly attractive that it had somehow become easy to miss or to take her beauty for granted.

But, her looks and her wits hadn’t made today any easier, and she was beyond happy to be out of the office and on a bar stool. It was the same old place, mostly the same old crowd, and it was the same old skinny martinis to take the edge off and help her transition into the weekend.

Liz didn’t bother looking up at whoever it was saddling up next to her at the bar. There was no come on line, no excuse me miss, whoever it was, they weren’t sitting down to be next to her. It was, she thought, a small blessing.

“ Jim,” it was a woman’s voice and she had to be a regular to know the bar tender’s name, “skinny martini, no olives.”

Liz didn’t look up, or over, the voice wasn’t familiar and it was a common drink around a lot of basic girls like herself. She didn’t think about being “basic” as a bad thing, who didn’t like wearing black tights and boots? Liz had been a middle of the road regular popular girl in high school and college, and she liked the things girls like herself liked, basic to her just meant you didn’t need a lot of extra. But, she also knew that being as pretty as she was made it a lot easier to be that kind of girl.

“Long day, huh?” The woman to her left had a sweet voice, she smelled nice too, and Liz politely if not somewhat begrudgingly looked her way.

The woman looked familiar. She was about Liz’s age, had long full blonde hair, round cheeks, light blue eyes, and a sweet shallow smile.

“Ugh.” Liz finally placed the face, “You work on the 14th floor don’t you?”

The familiar looking blonde smiled, “Yeah, in reception. I’m Joan. You’re, I think I know you.”

“Liz, I’m on 16.” The firm they worked for ‘Cole, Kean, & Crupp’, was a large operation that took up 5 floors of a skyscraper. “I don’t know about you guys, but it was a shit show for us today.”

Joan took a long drink of her beverage as soon as it arrived, “It was a shit show everywhere. I’m surprised more of us aren’t here.”

Liz pulled a long drink herself, “I’m glad they’re not. Do you really want to sit around and spend more time dealing with work?”

“You are so right.” Joan finished her drink and singled for another one, then smiled at Liz, “I like to get one in me early, lay down a good base.”

“Cheers to that, “ Liz drained hers as well, then likewise singled for one more.

“You know what I miss?” Joan was wearing a loose red blouse and a long black skirt. She didn’t look as lean as Liz was, she was naturally curvier and not as tall, but she did have, Liz noticed, great knee high leather boots under that smart black skirt.

Before waiting for an answer Joan continued, “I miss being able to smoke in bars.”

“Oh, I do not miss that. I do not miss bar smell in my laundry.”

The two women laughed and made small talk as they took their time with their second round of drinks.

Liz had changed into a pair of flats she kept in her purse any time she wore heels, and absently fidgeted with her own gray skirt. It was somewhere between ‘look at me’ and workplace boring, and it went well with her pale blue sweater vest and short sleeved blouse.

Her coat was hanging on a hook under the bar and luckily it had saved her from most of the rain.

Liz knew her strengths, she understood how to accentuate everything that worked for her. Showing off her arms was usually a great way to get other women not to like her, but she wasn’t worried about that with Joan.

It was the mean girl in Liz that that recognized Joan wasn’t nearly as pretty as she was, which wasn’t to say the other girl was ugly, just not in her league, and that meant there wasn’t going to be the usual kind of side-eye bitchiness that came with most of Liz’s other female interactions.

There was something comforting about that though. Hot girls, Liz knew for far too many reasons, were bitches. Joan was cute and curvy and sort of predictably pretty for her body type. This kind of thing was just part of Liz’s thinking, but it also meant she noticed how sweet and genuinely engaging Joan was.

The more they talked, the more relaxed Liz realized she was becoming, It might have been nothing more than how fast she’d had her first drink, and how much progress she’d made on her second one, but it felt like more than that.

It felt like it came from the fact Joan just seemed to really get her. It was like everything the woman said was something Liz had thought or felt before. Joan would say something so spot on that even though she was saying it like a question, it was all really just a matter of fact, and it was amazing, really amazing that there was someone that was so synched up with her.

The job was so specifically draining, the office’s culture was so all consuming that it took a ton out of Liz even on a slow day. The worst part was that she couldn’t talk about it with her peers unsolicited because you couldn’t really share weakness unless you really knew who you were talking to.

But Joan, she was just up front and obviously didn’t give a shit. She was also right about everything. From what went through Liz’s head, all the way down to the way her body felt tired in certain specific kinds of ways.

When Joan talked about how drained she felt, how good it felt to relax, like all the tension was going out of her body from the top of her head all the way down tot eh tips of her toes when she took the next drink, it felt exactly like that to Liz when she had her next drink too.

“I know it’s still pretty bad outside but wouldn’t you like to keep me company while I go have a smoke?”

Liz had found herself looking into the gentle pale eyes of her new friend’s sweet round face and in that instant she didn’t care about the weather, “Sure.”

As they stood out under the awning and Joan reached into her purse, Liz found herself still looking into her friend’s eyes, “Liz, you’re so much fun and I’ve been talking your ear off all night, it’s just that you must know you’re a great listener and you’re so attentive aren’t you?”

Maybe it was the drinks, they’d worked their way up to their third round, or maybe it was just because she didn’t have enough sweetness and goodness in her life, but Joan’s words really hit home.

“Thanks, I just, it’s nice to meet someone who knows where I’m coming from.” It was raining, but it wasn’t windy, at least not anymore.

Joan smiled as she opened a silver plated cigarette holder, “You know I know where you’re coming from don’t you? I’m glad you do, and I’m glad you’re so willing to listen. And…”

Joan moved just a little bit closer as she used an old finely decorated zippo to light her smoke. It was longer, more slender than the typical cigarette, and as the flame took, Liz realized the aroma she’d caught earlier coming off of Joan was the smell of her cigarette.

“ …what did you say the name of your first boss was?”

As Liz’s mind jumped back into its memory for that little piece of information, a cloud of sweet smelling smoke blew into her face and she heard the word “Sleep”.

Then the world went dark.

“Wha… where’m I?” Liz blinked and moaned the words out as a wave of warm sticky pleasure pulled her out of the void of mindlessness she’d found herself in.

She gasped as she became aware of her own hand between her legs, gently rubbing herself off. Her middle and ring finger were rubbing her clit, then slowly sliding between her pussy lips all on their own, moving in an almost choreographed routine that was only growing more and more pleasant with every motion.

Her breath caught in her throat as a deep quivering explosion of pleasure pulsed through her body, “Wha-mmm-ah-uh!”

She heard a voice floating into her mind as her eyes closed again. She didn’t get a good look at where she was, and didn’t quite recognize who was speaking to her. It was soft though, and sweet, it came and went like a cloud in the sky, “Lizzie baby, good girl, cum back to sleep for me.”

She wanted to.

More than anything else, Liz wanted to fall back into the darkness she had only barely crawled out from, but for some reason she couldn’t.

The little lingering jolts of pleasure that her fingers were unconsciously causing as she played with herself were keeping her head above the metaphorical water of deep sleep.

Liz felt her body take a deep gasping breath as a stronger wave of immense physical satisfaction ran through her. Then, despite that lingering hungry want, her eyes snapped open and she was wide-awake.

The bedroom she was in was nice. It was modern, and it was dimly lit by a floor lamp in the corner. Shadows fell from the dresser, and spilled out from the edges of the room.

Liz was panting, and she realized she was naked.

“Where are my clothes?”

It had been hard to get the words out as the pleasure she was giving herself pulsed through her in wonderfully distracting ways.

“They got all wet Lizzie, just like you. We were outside talking and you got wetter and wetter didn’t you Lizzie? You were so wet weren’t you? You’re still wet aren’t you?”

She was, oh god, she realized she was so wet and it felt so good

She also realized she couldn’t stop touching herself and the pleasure was mounting to a peak again.

A sweet smell was floating in the air, mixed with the heavy scent of sweat and carnal pleasure.

“But Lizzie baby, aren’t you sleepy?” The words were delicate and understanding, and as she realized in a more meaningful manner that she wasn’t alone. She felt a wave of self-consciousness flood through her and it was enough to stop her from fingering herself anymore.

It felt like a car wreck inside her head as her hand stopped moving between her legs. She wanted to keep going, it was an incredible feeling, but it just didn’t seem right somehow, and that was the feeling that won out.

Liz sat up and looked for the voice.

It was Joan, still fully clothed, sitting in a chair by the bad, a cigarette in one hand, the other resting on the arm of her chair.

Strangely, Liz didn’t feel afraid, just a little confused.

Seeing the other woman abolished the wave of embracement that had started to violently course through her. In fact, she felt like Joan would understand exactly what she was doing.

Liz wanted to start touching herself again, but for some reason she still felt like she shouldn’t.

Instead, her eyes followed the cigarette in Joan’s hand as it came back to her mouth, and she watched the thin bloom of smoke escape her friend’s lips, like a kiss that was blown just to her.

The sweet smell of the slender cigarette was nice.

That was the only word for it.

It smelled nice, and it made her feel nice.

There was something about the way Joan smoked, the way she moved, and the way she was smiling that made Liz feel wonderful.

“Lizzie, baby, close your eyes for me honey and listen to your best friend Joan now okay? You know I know what’s best for you.”

Liz felt her eyes growing heavier and heavier as she blinked once, then twice, then realized it was too hard to keep her eyes open anymore.

“Don’t I know what’s best for Lizzie?”

There was an answer somewhere in Liz’s mind, an easy answer, the right answer, but buried in the sticky sweet pleasure of the moment her curiosity was wide awake and becoming more and more untangled with every passing moment.

“What’s happening to me?” It was the first words Liz had managed to speak without a moan of ecstasy quivering through her voice.

“It doesn’t matter Lizzie, you know nothing matters right now don’t you?”

Again, the answer seemed obvious and easy, but as much as she wanted to agree, her inquisitive side wasn’t feeling as affable as the rest of her.

“Why are you saying that?”

In a very primal way, she didn’t understand why her friend wasn’t answering her. And despite part of her mind still holding on to the razor’s edge of reason and thought, the rest of her was still floating in a sweet sleepy cloud of blissful smoke and inarticulate feelings of docile surrender.

“I’ll answer your questions if you answer mine Lizzie baby.”

She heard her friend exhale and could tell she was blowing out another plume of sweet smelling smoke. Liz could even see it in her mind, and as she did she felt her body becoming heavy and numb, like it had fallen asleep without her.

“But first, you answer one of my questions. Do you feel good Lizzie?”

The girl did, and the pleasure surrounded her. “Yes.”

It felt like it was obviously her turn to ask now, but Joan’s voice poured over everything and Liz was too slow to beat her to it.

“And don’t you like feeling good Lizzie?”

Again she said yes, this time, she felt a little tingle of excitement as she agreed. And again, Joan’s voice wouldn’t let her ask her own question.

“Don’t you like the way your best friend is making you feel so good Lizzie?”

This time she gasped as she said yes, her fingers had gone back to gently massaging herself between her legs.

“It feels so good nothing else really matters does it Lizzie?”

She smelled the comforting smell of Joan’s sweet smoke as her back arched slightly in anticipator bliss.

When she said yes again she felt a wave of orgasmic release swallow up everything for just a moment.

This time, the pleasure shook her mental core more deeply, and instantly her hand slid from her task and Liz found herself standing upright, next to the bed, and staring down at Joan.

The climax had been like a shock through her spine.

“What are you doing to me Joan, what’s happening?”

A part of Liz wondered why her words were so soft, so much more quizzical than furious, but as her eyes followed the cigarette in Joan’s hand up to her mouth, then waited for those lips to blow out another sweet kiss, she felt dizzy the way she did when she stood up too fast sometimes.

“We work in a very stressful environment Lizzie, and I have a very special way of helping the people I like relax. I like you very much, you’re a very pretty girl, a gorgeous woman if I’m being totally honest, and I want to strip away all the stress from your mind so you can be perfectly relaxed and satisfied with me.”

She took another lingering drag and was looking deep into Liz’s eyes. Those soft pale blues, so much lighter than Liz’s own eyes, were so gentle, so comforting and understanding, looking into them made her want to sit down again.

As she lowered herself back onto the bed, Joan exhaled again and continued.

“You’ve had a very long day, and you might not remember me telling you that smoking always helps me relax. You might not consciously remember me telling you that sometimes if you were around someone who was relaxing, like when I smoke, it can actually help you to relax too. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t realize that you told me that watching me smoke made you feel comfortable and calm, that you thought that every time I took a drag, or even every time you smelled the smoke from my cigarettes it just drained the tension and the energy right out of you. But, you don’t have to remember something for it to have happened, you can just feel it can’t you Lizzie?”

Joan punctuated what she was saying with another long drag, and as she did, Liz felt like all she wanted to do was lie down and go to sleep. Joan was so relaxed, so mellow, it was what Liz really wanted. It was what she craved.

“And you can trust me Lizzie, you know I don’t have any reason to lie to you do I? I’m your best friend.”

Liz let out a sigh as she felt like her muscles were turning into limp noodles.

“Besides, you told me you only let your really good friends call you Lizzie, and you let me call you Lizzie, and it looks like it makes you so happy to have someone that understands you the way I do Lizzie, doesn’t it? But Lizzie baby, you must also feel so close to me because you told me all about how you like to relax, and why don’t you tell me how you like to relax Lizzie?”

It was strange, but in a good way.

It seemed like now, every time she heard Joan say her name it was like something incredibly soft and soothing was hugging her brain. It made her feel so close to Joan, like they were soul mates, like she was the kind of friend Liz had always wanted, “I like to masturbate to relax.”

“I do too Lizzie, but I’m helping you relax now and once you’re relaxed you can help me relax even more too and I know you want that, so why don’t you help yourself relax a little bit more. Okay Lizzie baby? After all, you do want to relax for me because you know I just want you to feel good.”

The logical was unassailable, and Liz’s hand was between her legs again.

“Listen to me very carefully Lizzie, listen to your friend Joan, she only wants what’s bets for you, you know I only want what’s best for you. You’re a very smart girl, you’re a very brilliant and very powerful woman, but everyone needs a break sometimes. I’ve told you this before, and you know that when you hear me tell you something over and over it’s very important and very true because you know I always tell you the truth. I always tell you the truth don’t I Lizzie?”

As those two fingers slid in to the first knuckle just to tease the sensation just a little bit, Liz felt Joan’s words sink all the way into her mind and she knew what to say, “Yes Joan, you always tell me the truth.”

“Good Lizzie, you’re a good girl for being such a good listener and for being such a smart and beautiful woman. You know, because you truly are a wonderful and brilliant girl, that when you climax that you can finally let go of all of the tension your mind is still holding on to. Even things like thinking about thinking can slip away as you cum Lizzie, you don’t need to clear your mind because a clear mind can be filled right back up with other things, you can just be mindless instead. Nothing’s more peaceful than being mindless isn’t there Lizzie baby?”

She was close, if she were more thoughtful she’d wonder why she was so close and why she’d never had sex that was even close to as good as this feeling of all consuming pleasure, “No Joan, nothing feels better.”

“Look at me Lizzie.”

Her eyes flickered open for a second and as she watched Joan take another drag, Liz’s mind exploded in a flash of white-hot heat and she moaned as the world was swallowed in gushing waves of bliss.

Liz didn’t hear her friend stand up, and didn’t see her strip off her panties and drop them on the ground.

Liz didn’t really feel her friend climb up on the bed next to her and didn’t really hear her as Joan whispered in her ear.

“Good girl Lizzie, you’re finally free from everything. All those hang ups, all those worries, all that stress is all gone now and you’re all alone with me, trusting me completely, perfectly relaxed and mindless with me.”

Liz didn’t feel the bed shift as Joan adjusted herself slightly, then straddled Liz’s chest. She didn’t even feel the weight of her friend’s body or the smoothness of her warm soft skin.

“Lizzie, you can do anything for me now, and since you trust me completely you’ll do anything for me now that there’s nothing else in your mind. There’s just me now Lizzie. Just my voice, just the wonderful feeling of total trust and the deep desire to please me that hearing me say Lizzie makes you feel. You won’t remember pleasing me Lizzie, you won’t need to, just like you didn’t need to really remember when I told you all about how to feel when I call you Lizzie. It’s just like that baby.”

She didn’t see Joan smile, and didn’t realize that her own hand had started to work herself again, her need for relaxation and release working against the kernel of resistance that was buried deep in her mind.

“And you know that since you trust me completely, I’ll never ask you to do anything for me you don’t really want to do, that’s why you know deep down inside you want to please me don’t you Lizzie?”

She didn’t hear herself gasp as she came again, and moaned out a breathless and mindless yes.

“The only way to please me is to lick my pussy Lizzie, that’s how I like to relax. You want to lick my pussy because you want to please me don’t you Lizzie? You want to help me relax the way I help you relax don’t you?”

She didn’t feel Joan’s weight shift, or realize what was happening as she opened her mouth to answer. Instead, her lips and her tongue started to do what they hadn’t done since that one time in college.

She didn’t hear Joan moan in her own tender way, and she didn’t really taste the sweetness of the other woman as she came over and over.

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