Free Story: It’s Not Fair

It’s Not Fair
A Smuthunter Story

            “Hey sexy girlfriend, I need to talk to Ryan in private, can you like hold all his calls and stuff for me?” June looked up form her desk when she heard the click of heels on tile, and before she could say a word, that voice became her world.

            Mariah Klein fell in vocally somewhere between valley girl and that creepy sexy baby voice, and it used to drive June crazy. Everything about Mariah used to make her want to scream actually. The way her tits –she used to think those 40 double d’s were ridiculous- were always out even thought she looked liked she was dressed like a professional, the way her skirts were just a little too short, all of that infuriated June once upon a time.

Then they ended up going out after work one Friday, and ever since then Mariah had been a breath of fresh air.

            She told herself she could understand why some people –hell, why she used to be one of them- were annoyed with the girl’s voice and the way it was so sweet and sticky, but that was just their hang up. It was the same with her looks, why couldn’t a girl with a big chest, a narrow waist, and curly platinum locks be taken seriously as a professional?

            “Yes Mariah, anything for you. He’ll be thrilled to see you, he’s all alone now.” June had been expecting her friend to come up, it come from this warm place in the back of her mind, the same place that made everything Mariah said so nice to hear. The same place that her words, “text me when he’s all alone” came from.

            June never would have done that before, she never would have let Mariah get anywhere near her boss in a private setting, but that was before they’d gone out. That was before June realized that Mariah was wonderful, and that she loved being one of the platinum beauty’s sex girlfriends.

            After all, it always felt so good to hear it out loud.

            June went about her business as Mariah passed her desk, letting her fingertips trail up the secretary’s arm, “Thanks girlfriend, you’re the best.”

            That voice used to be so fucking irritating, now it was just… fucking sexy…

            Ryan Dane looked up from his desk as his office door opened.

            Mariah Klein’s tits had entered the room.

            He knew it was kind of shitty to think about her that way, but that was pretty much how the girl presented herself, and if she wasn’t so irritating he might have tried a little harder to look past it, or them.

            But really, and he knew this, it was really hard to look past those tits.

Still, her girlie-girl porn-star voice, and her obvious reliance on her sexuality were enough to get his attention, and not in the ways she wanted. How this girl, this woman really, had managed to get a job in his office, how she managed to not be fired, was really beyond him. If anything, it just made him glad she didn’t work for or anywhere near him.

            “What can I do for you Ms. Klein,” he looked back down at the paperwork on his desk after he saw who it was. After all, it was hard to avoid staring at those tits no matter what his opinion of her was otherwise, and it would be especially hard for him today.

            The sun had come out, the cold was gone, and she was wearing a low cut blouse that would have been closer to modest on most women, but less so for her. He didn’t see her heels, which looked like fuck-me shoes because everything she wore looked like fuck-me clothing, and that was the same for her skirt.

            “It’s not fair…” she’d walked over to his desk and leaned forward, putting both palms down on it. He didn’t bother looking up and playing her game, and it wasn’t what she wore or the fact she was attractive, it was how she acted.

            “…you don’t like me and you’ve never even given me a chance.”

            God that voice was irritating.

            “Do you think coming to my office and whining is going to help your cause?”

            Ryan wasn’t that much older than her, but the distance in their maturity levels was, from what he’d seen, tremendous. He still hadn’t bothered looking up.

“That’s not fair either, “ she did smell nice thought, she always smelled nice. “I mean, like how am I supposed to make a good impression if you never talk to me, or let me get to know you, or get to know me, if you know what I mean. It’s like, I mean, mean right? Like, why be mean when you don’t mean to be mean, I mean you don’t mean it do you?”

Ugh, she had the vocal try thing too, at least that’s what he thought it was called. It wasn’t that her voice was limited to upward inflection, but it also had that nasally grind sometimes. He’d read somewhere that it was supposed to play a trick on the mind or some kind of cultural response bullshit, but he was too busy being confused by her blather and being irritated by the sound altogether to give it much thought.

“What? Mariah, what are you saying?” He finally gave in and looked up.

Clearly, she wasn’t going anywhere and he was going to have to have this talk. It meant, and he wasn’t surprised, that he’d really be talking to her tits and he was just going to have to live with that.

“I’m just saying, “ she was leaning over his desk and he was now getting even more than an eyeful, “that it’s not fair of you for you to be so mean to me when you don’t mean to be mean and I do so many nice things for you.”

“Mariah, would you mind getting out of my office please? I’m sure your boss is wondering where you are.” He said this, more or less, to the deep tanned cleavage that was filling up most of his vision.

“Oh it’s okay, “ she giggled and her bubbly laugh was just as bad as every other sound she made “I told everyone I had a meeting with you, and June’s probably already put me down in your calendar, you know like retroactively I guess? Cause like, we are having a meeting.”

“Anyway,” she sighed like she was the one explaining something to a child, “it’s not fair that you’re so mean to me when I’m so nice to you.”

One thing Ryan knew was that when a person, an employee, a client, it didn’t matter, when they had a problem, regardless of how baseless it was, you had to hear them out so they could get it out of their system..

“Alright Mariah, how am I mean to you and what do you do to be nice to me? Because honestly, I’ve never thought that we’ve had any kind of interaction at all.”

Again, he still found himself talking to golden tanned double d cup breasts, but the more he thought about it, what else was there to talk to really. He did notice that her blouse was a pale purple, so that was at least a start though.

“Well,” and she shifted slightly so her pendulous cleavage began to swing softly in front of his eyes, “I try so hard to be nice to all the straight boys and lesbians in the office by showing off my sexiness because I don’t want to be mean and make them spend all that time and energy, all that focus, wondering what I look like under a blazer or a boring old sweater, and I’m so nice to guys like you, real take charge alpha guys who are always in charge, and you never even look, or even flirt with me, like not even a little bit. And that’s not nice at all because it means you haven’t even noticed me or how nice I am too you.”

“Mariah, what you’re talking about is…”

She kept her little rocking motion so her breasts were still moving gently back and forth.

“I think,” and she giggled that terrible bubblegum giggle again, “what I’m talking about is being a good team player, and you’re like, you’re the one who isn’t being very nice. Right?”

The gentle jiggle and sway of her chest was compelling but the line of bubbly nonsense coming out of her mouth was still nonsense.

“You think I don’t like you because I haven’t objectified you or sexually harassed you?” As he said the words aloud, Ryan realized he might be deeply concerned for this girl, no she was a woman despite herself, this woman’s mental health and sense of personal value.

Then she replied and he changed his mind.

“No silly, I’m mad that it’s taken you this long to stare. That you’re only now realizing you love to look at my boobs, and it’s not fair that you’re staring at them right now and you won’t even say you like them. Like you know you like them and you don’t mean to be mean by not saying you like them, but you are watching them swing back and forth, just for you and you haven’t even tried to look away, because we both know you don’t want to.”

The sound of her voice was the same vapid sort of sex kitten thing, only it made more sense now contextually as Ryan realized he did enjoy the show she was putting on. Part of being a good leader, and being a good manager, was listening to your people and recognizing when they were right, even when you didn’t want them to be.

“Mariah, I’m sorry, what you’re doing is sexual harassment and you’re… look, you need to leave.” Ryan’s eyes were still following those full tanned breasts as they swung slightly back and forth.

“No I don’t silly, not when you’re finally being so nice to me. You know, you’re thinking way too much about all of this and you don’t really need to think about any of it, just be nice and stare because it’s nice to stare isn’t it.”

She that to him a few more time, “It’s nice to stare, isn’t it, nice to stare. It’s so nice to stare.”

Ryan realized his eyes had gone from conveniently taking in what she was forcing on him to being mildly transfixed by the sight before him. Still, he wasn’t some horny kid, “Mariah, you’re putting both of our careers in a very dangerous position right now.”

He hadn’t looked up at her face, but he could hear the pout in her voice, “Oh, now you’re just being mean again and that’s not fair, especially after I’ve given you a second chance and you’ve gotten to enjoy how nice I am.”

He did see her shoulders roll back slightly as she continued her swaying almost serpentine dance, “I mean, it’s like you know you like that it’s nice to stare. It’s so nice to stare and I like that you like know you like it, and it’s like you don’t mean to be mean, and I know I’ve already said that, but you don’t really mind me repeating myself, you know, now that you know you’re finally getting to know me, and I know you know the best way to know someone is to really listen to them.”

“Mariah, I uh…” he had something he was going to say but whatever it was, her bubbly voice and swinging tits had taken him off track.

“You’re overthinking all of this, you’re being way too serious, just relax and I’ll explain it all again for you because it’s so important. And then I’ll leave you alone if you want me to.”

It had gotten harder to track everything she was saying, and she was saying a lot of the same things over and over, but Ryan also realized that if she could get it all out of her system then maybe he could be done with her nonsense at move on with his day.

So, he decided to believe that it was okay to play along and relax and just let this moment come to an end.

“So, okay”, he also had to admit to himself that the swaying jumble of bouncing boobs in front of him wasn’t the worst thing in the word and if she was really so hell bent on showing them off and holding him hostage then he didn’t have much choice to oblige her, “I just want you to know it isn’t fair that you’ve been ignoring me for so long, and it’s not fair that you haven’t even let yourself enjoy my boobs. I mean, it’s mean even though you don’t mean to be mean, and it’s nice of you to feel nice and relaxed now that you’re being so nice and staring down my top.”

“But, it’s still not fair,” Ryan had sort of stopped listening there, all of her mean’s and like’s were just more noise and she was already hard enough to really listen to because of her voice. “It’s not fair that you’re relaxing and enjoying yourself now that you’re feeling so nice and relaxed, and you haven’t even said you like my boobs. I mean, don’t you like, like my boobs or are you going to mean to be mean and not say yes even though you know you don’t mean no. Yes?”

She’d stopped her sway and just leaned in closer to his face, pushing her chest together with her arms ever so slightly.

“No, I mean yes, I mean… Mariah that’s…”

“I know, but you know I know you mean yes, and you know you would say yes again if we weren’t at work right now. You know if we were somewhere else, some special place, maybe a place I could take you, somewhere more relaxing and more comfortable than this, a place where you wouldn’t need to think so much, maybe even a place you could imagine now, you would say yes wouldn’t you?”

Her bubbly giggly voice had worn him down and his eyes were locked on her chest, and somehow he’d started to let his mind wander and follow what she was talking about, or what he thought she was walking about.

“We could be in a special place right now if you really thought about it. I mean, you’re feeling nice and relaxed because you’re being nice and relaxing, and you’re staring at my boobs and you would never do that if you were really at work right now, really working, unless you were working on relaxing and being comfortable with me, getting to know me, working on listening and relaxing, relaxing and staring…”

She ran a finger down into her cleavage, “…at my special place.”

Everything had gotten soft and foggy, like a warm mist had started to wrap around the edges of his thoughts.

“And it’s not fair that you get to enjoy my boobs, “ she moved around the side of his desk and straddled him, “and I’m not getting anything out of it.”

The weight of her body on his should have been something to chase away the sleepy fog her words filled his mind with, but she pulled his head between her breasts and said, “Just keep relaxing in my special place, it’s not fair to you to try and resist this. It’s not fair to try and think about it when you’re not even at work anymore.”

That didn’t make sense because Ryan knew he was sitting at his desk, but it didn’t make sense that he’d ever let something like this happen. Especially when Mariah pulled off her blouse and unclasped her lacy black bra.

“It’s not fair that you get to stare at these big beautiful boobies and I’m not getting anything out of it. It’s not fair that you’re not sucking on them right now isn’t it. It’s really mean and I mean it, wouldn’t it be nice to suck on my tits Ryan, it’s only fair.”

She didn’t wait for a reply, she just pressed a tit up against his mouth.

Ryan’s lips curled around her nipple and he started to suck, not because he wanted to or because he made a choice, but because he didn’t feel like himself. He didn’t feel like he was in control. Ryan had lost himself somewhere else entirely, he’d fallen into that special place she had talked about, mainly because his brain stopped reconciling the realities of the situation.

Her sugar dipped sexy voice and the incessant repetition of nonsense that escaped her lips had dulled him while her huge breasts and their steady sway had entranced him, now her words and her actions had overridden his sense of reality, further separating him from his own sense of self. It was like being very drunk, and the blood swelling in his cock wasn’t helping him either.

“See, isn’t it nice to be nice to me? Isn’t it nice to relax and be fair to yourself by just being nice and doing what I want you to? It isn’t fair that you’ve resisted these desires for so long. You’ve always wanted to suck on these tits, I know you’ve always wanted to be nice to, to get to know me and really listen to me. It’s not fair to you that you’ve denied yourself for so long isn’t it?”

She guided his mouth to her other breast instead of letting him answer.

“It’s not fair to me that you’ve been sneaking all those looks at my boobs and you haven’t given me anything in return until now. It’s not fair that it’s taken you this long to go to my special place. Just think about how many times I could have come to visit you and take you here, and I know you’ll need to come here, to feel like this, to be nice to me and do whatever I want you to, as much as you can to make up for lost time won’t you?”

Ryan let out a deep sigh and his body melted deeper into her embrace. Somehow the porn-star voice buried that idea so powerfully and so deeply inside of his mind that his body, hungry for more of what she was giving him, surrendered to it completely.

One of his hands started to move between her legs as he worshiped her tit, but she pulled away gently and gave him a little slap.

“Not yet honey, you just suck these tits and get nice and comfortable in my special place. Just relax and listen to my voice. You love listening to me Ryan, you love the sound of my voice, it’s so fun and flirty, it’s so refreshing and it makes you so happy whenever you get to talk to me or look at these.”

She pushed his head back and cupped her tits in front of his glazed over eyes.

“Whenever you see these, even if it’s just my cleavage, you’ll want to go back here, you’ll want to go back with me to my special place. Everyone always does, and it’s been so easy to lead boys like you here, it’s so easy it happens all by itself.”

She started to play with them as her hips began to rock gently. His cock was right where she wanted it to be, hard and bulging just enough for her to tease herself a little. “It’s like my boobs put guys like you, strong guys who are so certain and so alpha especially, in a trance. It’s like my boobs have always been able to hypnotize people, like you’re getting deeply hypnotized by my boobs.”

She was giggling as she said the words, but it was true, Ryan had been hypnotized, and it didn’t matter that Mariah was dancing around it, that she was burying the idea that she’d hypnotized him inside of an offhanded comment, it was happening.

Mariah had learned from an early age how to wrap people around her finger, and everything, her voice, her looks, it was all to enhance her natural capacity to persuade and manipulate. She wasn’t playing dumb or oblivious, she was just being herself, and who she was was a calculating and bubbly manipulative seductress who preyed on the people she beguiled and entranced with her overt sexuality and superficiality.

Learning hypnosis had fallen into her and she was as much self-taught as she was instructed. She’d read books and taken classes, but those just told her things she basically already knew, and gave her a vocabulary to explain how the sound of her voice, her speaking patterns, and her huge tits worked the way they did.

It was also so overwhelmingly ridiculous that someone like her, someone so shallow, could be as skilled as she was, and that made it hard for any of her subjects to make sense of what she’d done to them. No one believed that the bubbly blonde slutty girl could be doing anything other than sexing them up, and they completely missed the simple and fundamental use of hypnosis in her approach.

Ryan wasn’t thinking much of anything as he sucked on her tits and drowned in her incessant sugary induction, “You’re so deeply hypnotized by my boobs now Ryan, so hypnotized that the sound of my voice is starting to become so soothing and so relaxing for you, like whenever you hear my voice your mind can take a little vacation, you brain can float away to this special place and you can do whatever I say. It’s like my boobs and my voice have hypnotized you so completely that you’ll always just do whatever I say, you’ll just listen to my sweet sexy voice, stare at these big bouncy boobies, and do whatever I went whenever I want.”

As Ryan was smothered by every aspect of her, the words did just spill into his mind and cover everything with a tender stickiness that bogged everything in side of him down. It felt too good and too natural to try and fight it or make sense of it, because how could Mariah be doing anything other than seducing him.

“Listen Ryan, baby, this isn’t fair. I’m getting so wet from your sweet lips and you’re getting so hard, it’s not fair that you’re not fucking me right now. Be nice and fuck me, bend me over you desk and fuck me Ryan, it’s not fair that you’re not fucking me already, it’s not fair that you haven’t even tried to fuck me yet.”

And just like that, he was up and his pants were down. She put her hands back down on his desk and then he was inside of her from behind, his cock and his free will swallowed by her warm wet slit. And faster than anyone could have predicted, he was cumming inside her, pumping hard and bursting like a virgin on prom night.

Then, as he finished erupting, there was a brief moment of clarity for him and he realized he just fucked the busty idiot that had come into his office to seduce him.

“Ryan, baby, listen to me now,“ he heard her voice and for the first time he realized how sweet and soothing it was, how refreshing and pleasant it really was, “it’s not fair that you came so hard and I’m still dripping. It’s not fair that you finished so fast isn’t it?”

He blinked and felt a little lost, and it wasn’t fair.

“Why don’t you lie down on your nice thick carpet and stroke it for me until you’re nice and thick again, then you’ll last so much longer and I’ll be able to enjoy you for as long as I want won’t I?”

As he obliged her every wish because it was only fair and it just made sense, Mariah pulled off her soaked black lace panties and draped them across his face. He was hard again in no time, and as she straddled him, taking in only the very tip, she started to speak again, repeating everything she’d already told him.

An hour later they were both spent and exhausted, and Ryan wasn’t just under her, but under her complete control.

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