Free Story: It Happened One Day at the Office

It Happened at the Office One Day
A Smuthunter Story

“Alright Terri, watch the crystal swing back and forth. Just follow it with your eyes ok.”
It was the weirdest thing Jay had ever heard said aloud in the break room. He looked up from his phone and saw what looked like one of his co-workers hypnotizing another co-worker. That was it. That was what he saw.
Terri, the bouncy HR rep was sitting back in one of the chairs watching with rapt attention as Melissa from accounting was swinging a crystal back and forth and talking about heaviness and sleepiness. Whatever it was, it wasn’t his business.
But, and he was ashamed of himself to even think it, there was something compelling about watching the perky blond start to struggle with keeping her eyes open. He watched her face for just a second, but that was all. It would be rude to stare, and he was raised better than that.
Of course he always wanted to stare at Terri. She was charming, engaging, a very extroverted woman, and she was pretty too. She was, Jay thought, the right kind of pretty. Nothing about her was overdone, nothing gauche, just an attractive woman who knew how to emphasize her best features. Jay always wondered why he thought of her as a young woman when they were the same age.
And he was wondering why he was over-thinking everything right now when he could really just relax and enjoy his break. Maybe just close his eyes for a moment and rest. His eyelids were feeling heavy, and he realized he might have reread the same sentence three or four times.
He just relaxed, didn’t worry about doing anything and just listened.
Melissa’s voice was very soft, very gentle, just nice to listen to. She was always nice, nice and pleasant. Easy to listen to, easy to agree with, he would just relax into the moment, it was his moment to just enjoy.
And then he saw Melissa’s smiling face, and over her shoulder he saw the clock. His lunch break had come and gone, his phone screen had gone black, and even though he felt a little foggy he felt refreshed and wonderful like he could take on the world.
“I’m sorry about that, I think you got caught up in what we were doing.”
He felt a sudden little jolt. “Did you? Did I get hypnotized.”
Melissa smiled. “Maybe just a little bit.”
She was full figured and pleasant looking, maybe what some people would call heavy. She kept her dark hair up most of the time, wore glasses, sometimes showed off more of her chest than Jay thought was workplace appropriate. But, she had curves and there really was no way to hide them. He never gave himself permission to notice just how large her breasts were. If he did, he would have seen that they were in fact, quite large.
“That’s um, that’s…I…” For a copy writer, for a man who was paid to use his words for a living, he was having a hard time articulating the experience.
“How do you feel?” Her voice was still filled with that pleasant soothing tone. It was so disarming; she was generally just a very disarming person anyway.
“Good? I…I guess I feel good. That was, I didn’t eat my lunch.” His flustered feelings had become strangely giddy, he was laughing a little bit, and he really did feel wonderful.
“I think you might have enjoyed the experience.” Maybe he had. He was at least enjoying how he felt right now, and when she spoke with that voice, that tender, understanding voice, he really did realize he enjoyed listening to her.
She smiled at him and spoke before he could answer.
“I have to get going, but why don’t you eat and maybe if you’d like to, we can try it again sometime. How does that sound?”
“Good. It sounds good.”
She was gone by the time he realized he didn’t know which part her question “it sounds good” he was referring to. And he also didn’t really wonder why he was giving himself a few extra minutes to eat. Breaks ended when they ended, milling around for a few minutes wasn’t very professional.

“You should let her do it!”
Terri was at his door, a few manila folders under her arm.
“I’m sorry?”
Ever since lunch Jay’s brain had been moving at a snail’s pace, and try as he might, he was struggling to get any work done.
“Hypnotize you. You should let Melissa hypnotize you. She’s really good, and it was great. I think I’m going to ask her to keep practicing on me.”
She had walked into the office as she spoke, and was leaning against one of the file cabinets by his desk. “Besides, you were already hypnotized earlier weren’t you?”
For some reason this was embarrassing. It felt like a failing of character to have been pulled into their private business, and the more he had thought about it, he realized he felt shamed for having had it happen to him without his consent or willing cooperation.
“I don’t think so. It was a very interesting, but I don’t think I will.”
‘That’s too bad.” She looked genuinely sad. “Melissa has been studying for a while, and it would be really nice of you to help her. It would really help her confidence to practice with you. You were a way easier subject than I was.”
Jay, once again, was undone by his lack of response.
“I saw you when she woke me up, you looked like you were just floating. Do you remember any of it?”
She looked him right in the eye when she asked him this, and he blushed.
“You don’t do you? That’s really amazing. I remember most of it. It was fuzzy here and there, but she just talked to me about my stress level, and some anxiety stuff, and she used my name a lot. I don’t think she wanted you to really feel like any of it was aimed towards you. And I mean I feel good, and I feel a bit more relaxed, but I don’t think I was the easiest person to practice with.”
He finally felt like he knew what to say, knew how to steer things away from himself. “What’s she practicing for?”
Terri leaned in a little bit closer, like Jay was a co-conspirator. Most of the time she was the model of professionalism, but every once and a while she would gossip with him, knowing he wouldn’t let any of it slip.
“She’s been taking classes. She started going to a hypnotist to help her with her…” The words trailed off for a moment. ‘With her body image issues, and some of her habits, and she got really interested in it.”
He made his regular non-committal “huh oh ok” sound, the one that let her know he was listening and she should continue. He liked it when she confided these little bits of gossip in him, but he didn’t want to like what she would say.
He might have asked her out at some point, but he always felt workplace relationships were a terrible idea. That was the only reason. He didn’t have trouble talking to women, wasn’t unattractive or unlikable at all, he was simply a stickler for certain rules and ways of conducting himself.
“And now she needs people to practice with, so you should help her out.”
“I don’t know Terri, I suppose I could but…”
She spoke over him.
“Besides, didn’t it feel nice to let go?”
For a second he remembered very clearly in that instant that it did.
“Didn’t it feel good to relax and unwind?”
It did.
“Wasn’t it nice to listen to her voice? I thought it was very nice, very calming, and I think she’s very good. I only wish I was a better subject.”
Everything she was saying was true, and he could really remember that moment when Melissa brought him out of it. Just thinking about it, or maybe it was the way Terri’s voice had almost started to sound like Melissa’s, really brought him back to the moment.
“And didn’t you say you thought it sounded good?”
“Yes.” He did, and it came out easily enough.
“Well, back to work for me, but I’ll tell her you said yes.” She smiled at him over her shoulder as she walked out.

The rest of the day rolled on slowly for Jay, and his head was still a little foggy. Eventually he found a rhythm in his work and steadily fell into the zone. He knew he would be staying late, working to make up for the lost time not just from his briefly extended break, but from the inability to just get his job done. It never occurred to him that he was a stick in the mud, he was just raised well, that was all. That was why no one bothered him when the rest of the office went home.
They all knew he would leave when he was done.
He was startled from his work when Melissa crept up on him.
“I thought you’d still be here.”
She was standing behind him, and the tone of her voice was just as easy and just as comforting as it always had been. He guessed he had never realized it before.
“Yeah, I was just going to try and get a little bit more work done.”
Not wanting to be rude, he made to turn his chair round but she stopped him with her foot.
“If you’re going to stay late why don’t you take a little break with me?”
He stopped and started for a second and her voice was lower now, lower and closer to his ear. As she spoke, he saw her crystal dangle down just above his eyes.
“I appreciate you agreeing to help me Jay, it’s very thoughtful of you. Now just watch the crystal swing back and forth ok? Just like Terri did. Watch it swing back and forth.”
“But my computer…” it was all he could think about to change the subject, to try and pause the soft sensation that was already washing over him.
“That’s alright, you don’t need to worry about any background noises, or any other sights, just watch the crystal with your eyes, only your eyes.”
He found himself responding to her voice very easily, and he let his eyes focus on the crystal like she asked.
“While you watch the crystal swing back and forth, back and forth, I’m going to ask you a few questions. You may find it easy to answer them, or you may feel like you need to take your time. Either one is just fine, and even if it takes you a moment it will still be very easy for you. Do you understand?”
The roll of her voice and her cadence were so smooth that he fell into his answer.
“Very good.” Melissa’s voice had a confidence to it that made him feel safe in the process. “Do you remember watching Terri watch the crystal?”
“Do you remember seeing her eyes starting to droop?”
‘You did watch us for a moment didn’t you?”
“You’ve very honest and that’s very good. Do you remember watching Terri’s eyes starting to close?”
As she asked, he felt his eyelids becoming heavier and heavier and for just a moment, as he saw Terri’s eyes struggling to stay open in his imagination. He couldn’t bring himself to say yes while he remembered it.
“You’re watching the same crystal Terri watched, and you might even be feeling that same heaviness. Terri’s eyes got so heavy, and she felt so wonderful when she closed her eyes, maybe you would like to close your eyes too wouldn’t you?”
He blinked and his eyelids felt like lead. “Yes.”
“I know how good it can feel to just let go, how relaxing and freeing it can be to close your eyes and let everything go, but can you try and watch the crystal a little longer for me?”
“Yes.” It felt easy to say yes to her. Easier than asking her to let him close his eyes. Easier than forming any other thought or any other word. It was easy to go along.
“Thank you.” Her voice had become sweeter and more compelling with every word. “Do you remember listening to my voice while Terri’s eyes were starting to close? Do you remember what I was telling her?”
“What was I saying to her.”
He spoke slowly, straining to keep his eyes open. “You told her to relax and let go.”
“I did, very good. Were you focusing on my voice while I told her to relax and let go, to watch the crystal and feel your eyes getting heavier and heavier, or did you just hear my voice and relax and let go?”
It was hard to understand what she was asking, harder to keep his thoughts and mind clear, but his honesty answered the question for him. “Just heard the sound of your voice.”
“You just heard the sound of my voice and just wanted to relax and let go?”
“And you are listening to my words now aren’t you?”
“And you are watching the crystal swing back and forth aren’t you?”
“Then you must be so ready to close your eyes and let go for me. You must be so ready to close your eyes and just slip down into the sound of my voice.”
“Then close your eyes for me now, close your eyes and let got. Relax and let go for me Jay.”
He felt her hand across his eyes as she gently pushed his head back.
While the crystal had been swinging Melissa had inched ever so slightly forward so her breasts were almost pressed against the back of his head. Now she cradled his head gently to her chest and whispered “Relax, let go, and sleep” as she felt his neck loosen and his head grow heavier in her hands.
Jay felt himself falling into a soft warm darkness as soon as he felt her touch. Her voice eased his heavy eyes into closing, and they felt like they had closed by themselves. He would not know what he would say or do for quite some time.
“You are very deeply hypnotized now Jay, very deeply hypnotized and you will fall deeper and deeper into trance every time you answer any of my questions. It will feel wonderful to answer these questions, wonderful and easy because you are so honest and such a cooperative subject. Do you understand this?”
He mumbled a yes into her chest.
“Has it been hard for you to think all day?”
He mumbled again, his body loose, his breath warm against the soft skin of her cleavage.
He hadn’t gotten to see it, but she had undone a few more buttons than usual.
“Have you felt lost and unable to focus?”
He had fallen deep enough that his answers were no more than tender moans of assent.
“Was Terri’s visit convincing?”
Another soft moan.
She smiled to herself. It had been easy to coach Terri into saying the right things, mimicking the language that had surprisingly and easily worked so well on him earlier. Hearing how well it went, he was an even more suggestible subject than she had initially thought.
“You’re so honest and helpful. Did it feel good to be hypnotized earlier?”
She felt his lips on the curve of her breast, he was almost kissing them with his answers.
“Do you feel good now?”
This time she shifted slightly so those lips moved against her skin more fully.
“I’m glad I can help you feel so good now, so good and relaxed. Would you like to feel even better?”
Again she shifted slightly as he answered, thrilling in what she had lured him into.
His blank compliant state and his docile acceptance were the polar opposite of his normal uptight manner. Seeing her straight-laced coworker melt into trance so quickly and easily had woken something up in her. Something hot, something she wanted, something she would take from him, something she would use him for.
Having him like this was almost too much for her and she wanted to just slip a free finger down between her legs, but she wasn’t there yet. Not until it was him slipping in her, not until he was overwhelmed with her.
“I know you do, and it will be so easy for you to feel even more wonderful and relaxed, and it will be even easier for you to just let go. You want to let go, because letting go feels good. Letting go is hypnosis, and hypnosis feels so good, so letting go just feels more and more wonderful the deeper you fall down into trance.”
“You keep so much inside all the time, and you work so hard to be so polite. It’s so wonderful that you do, but it must take so much out of you, but you can just let it all go now, you can just sink deeper and deeper into hypnosis for me and let go of everything.”
She felt a small shudder through his body and realized she might have made a misstep. Gently she let his head rest on the back of the chair and quickly put her crystal pendant back on. He was a wonderfully suggestible subject, but being uptight was deeper in him than she thought.
“And Jay,” she snapper her fingers after she made sure the crystal was framed in her cleavage, “it’s time to wake up now, wide awake and feeling wonderful.”
Jay felt his eyes open and realized he was awake almost after he she said, “How are you feeling?”
He felt groggy, foggy, like he was made of lead and floating in warm water. He was still very much in trance, but that was the point.
His back was still to her, his monitor had shut down and he had no idea how long he had been under. Gently, she turned his chair around and as he turned to face her she said very gently, “Would you like to go back into trance?”
He tried to speak, to answer her, but he didn’t know why, and he didn’t know he didn’t know. He floated on the edge of waking, but the lull of her voice, the sweetness and safety in her tone pulled him further and further away from thought with every word.
She led his eyes between her breasts, running her fingertip down the chain of her necklace. It was somewhere he would never let himself look, somewhere she had seen him glance at before. He might have thought he wasn’t a breast man, but she just assumed he had never let himself know he was.
“Watch the crystal.” She plucked the chain between her fingertips lightly and let it swing between her breasts.
“Watch it swing back and forth.”
His glassy foggy eyes followed, and she could tell that deep inside himself there was a little voice, that same struggling surge she had felt, fighting against his desire to let go, working against his eyes and his desire to go back into trance.
By waking him so suddenly, or more precisely, by suggesting that he was awake he was still in a deep trance and still extremely suggestible, all while believing as best he could that he was in his natural conscious state.
“If you wan to be hypnotized again”, she let the words float out as a purr, “you can just watch the crystal swing back and forth.”
“After all,” she saw that there was a slight bulge in his pants, “it does feel so good to be hypnotized doesn’t it?”
She realized she was subconsciously rubbing her legs together. Watching him on the brink of being destroyed had her almost teetering on the edge.
“Just watch the crystal, focus on the crystal,” she let it fall between her breasts, “and if there are any little voices…”
She pressed her breasts together slightly causing the focus of his attention to start to disappear.
“…any tiny voices in your head…”
The crystal was swallowed up for just a moment.
“…you can let your overwhelming desires to let go and relax…”
The crystal was gone, and so was he.
“just disappear as you sleep.”
His eyes closed and his chin sunk down to his chest.
The bulge between his legs had grown.
“You are very deeply hypnotized Jay, so deeply hypnotized that the parts of yourself that keeps you from letting go have no power anymore.”
His body sank and she leaned in close to him, her breasts against his face.
“My voice…”
She caressed his neck.
“…my tender sweet voice…”
She slid her fingers through his hair.
“…is leading you down deeper into my control.”
Again there was a slight shudder, but it fell away instantly.
“You want to be out of control. You want to be in my control. You’re too pent up, too repressed, and you’ve never known you’ve wanted this so bad. You don’t have to be repressed anymore, you don’t have to be in control anymore…”
She opened her blouse all the way and slide her breasts out of her bra, “you can just open your eyes and I will show you how to let go.”
His eyes opened slowly and she started to play with her full heavy breasts. They had always been her best asset, had always helped her get her way with at least some certain men, and now she was going to use them to make Jay into just one of those type.
His conscious mind was a million miles away, and it had in truth, never been a breast man.
“Relax…” she cupped one breast up.
“And let go.” She did so with the other.
“Now stare at the crystal…”
She pressed them together.
‘And sleep.”
“Sleep, relax, and let go. You’re under my power now, free from your inhibitions, free from your own decisions, free to listen to my voice, and free to obey my words.”
“Your mind is so relaxed now, so open, so free from letting go of everything you think you want, and everything you think you’ve thought. She slipped her fingers in his hair again, this time leaning his had back slightly.
“You’re free from anything you’ve ever through you were supposed to want…”
She guided his mouth to her nipple.
“…and free to want what I want you to want.”
He was so deep, so passive that he did not even kiss or suck instinctively.
“I want you to suck on my tits now, and you want to want this. You want to kiss, you want to suck, because you want to want my breasts.”
He did so easily, and she moved his passive and obedient mouth from one nipple to the other back and forth as she continued.
“You know that now you can want what I want you to, free to forget anything you’ve ever thought you’ve wanted, you can know you love my curves. You love my ass, you love my tits, you love my shape. Everything about me is what you want. No one else is full enough figured for you, no one else captures your imagination the way I do.”
She saw his hips thrust ever so slightly when finished, and without pause continued on with her brainwashing.
“You get so hard for me, so hard for my tits, and you know you want to please me now, to show me how big you are. Take it out for me. Take it out and show me.”
His hands moved slowly, half numb with relaxation, and she saw his cock spring out. It was bigger than she thought, about the size some of the other girls had guessed. It was nice, but not nearly as nice as what she was doing. It wasn’t just about sex, it was about the power to make him need to fuck her. It was about the power.
“Very good.” She slid down to her knees, gently pulling her nipple from his mouth.
“You are very deeply hypnotized now, so deeply hypnotized that when you open your eyes for me in just a moment you will fall deeper into trance for me.”
She took off her pendant again and held the crystal above the head of his cock. “Open your eyes and fall deeper. Open your eyes and watch the crystal.”
“Watch as it spins around and around your cock, watch it as it hypnotizes your body the way it hypnotizes your mind. You cock is falling deep into trance now, deeper and deeper with every spin. Watch the crystal as it hypnotizes your cock into becoming harder and fuller, more and more swollen with the need to release and let go.”
It jerked slightly with every rotation, Jay’s glassy entranced eyes following it round and round. He was close to the point she wanted him at, close to the moment she had been working for, and it was because she had gotten lucky. She was lucky he stayed late, lucky she didn’t have to create a different pretense to see him, or test her sway over the phone. She was lucky everyone else had gone home and he didn’t know it. Lucky she could just move in and take what she wanted.
“Now your cock is so ready to release and let go…’
She let her pendant drop as she slid his cock between her breasts.
“…but it cannot release and let go yet…”
She started to slide it between them.
“…because you need to sleep first.”
Just like the crystal, she swallowed his cock, and she saw his eyes slip closed.

She was bent over his desk, panties pulled to the side, skirt hiked up, still wearing her shoes, and he was loving every minute of it. He was in a daze, a lust driven trance, powered by a compulsion to have her. And god were her tits amazing. He pinched her nipples as he pushed deeper, fucking her hard, hard the way she wanted it, and it went on like this for a while until she said, “I want to see your face when you cum.”
Slowly he slid out, and slowly she pushed him back into his chair and kneeled right between his legs.
Her lips closed around him and she started to suck while her fingers teased his swollen balls. He had no idea why he hadn’t cum yet. This was his dream, or it had been like someone had flipped a switch in his head and he realized this was his dream.
She slid her lips up around his head, ran her tongue around the tip and pulled out her pendant.
“Do you want to cum?”
“Yes…fuck yes…” fucking at the office, let alone saying fuck at the office were things he would have never done before, but now… now it just felt right.
“Then watch the crystal and remember.”
Slowly the frenzy faded and his vision cleared. Slowly the world started to spin on its axis again. Slowly Jay realized that Melissa the heavy pleasant girl from accounting had his cock between her tits and… and he needed it.
“Jay, do you want to cum?”
He was ashamed, embarrassed, weak, and too turned on to say no.
“I can’t hear you, do you want to cum?”
“Yes, what Jay?”
“Yes I wan to cum.”
“That’s so disappointing, you have better manners than that.”
“Yes please, I would like to cum.”
“So much better. Now tell me Jay, did you always find me attractive?”
His face was almost as bright as his cock.
“No…I…no…I never did.”
“And now?”
“Yes, yes, you’re all I want.”
“I know I am.”
And with that she swallowed his cock between her tits and said, “Release and let go.”
He came until he was dry, spent, and broken.
Melissa had made her first slave.

-This story is continued in It Happened One Day on the Couch

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