Free Story: Connie and the Halloween Party

Connie and The Halloween Party
A Smuthunter Story

            Connie couldn’t believe how hot she was getting just watching Betty’s eyes start to go glassy.

            Betty was a cunt, but she was a sexy cunt.

            Plump lips, full bouncy tits, a nice ass, and a sweet pouty face were more than enough to make up for the fact she dyed her hair and was a nothing more than a basic bitch.

            Betty’s boyfriend was about what Connie had expected, but he was a little more too. She’d felt a spark with him, not that he really had anything she wanted.

A hard cock was fun, but men were boring.

What wasn’t boring was the vibe she got from him, like she had instantly sunk beneath his surface.

            It was like love at first sight, but if love at first sight was sexual domination.

            Connie knew she could have him as soon as she caught him staring, she felt it, and she would use him to get what she really wanted.

            But, as the night would play out for her, it had taken Jessica’s outburst to make it all come together.

            Deep down inside, despite the fact she wanted it to be different, Connie knew that magic was mostly the psychology of positive thinking and the power of ritual.

Still, she also knew what faith was and what it meant to keep it.

The dogma of her religion did get a little dicey about using magic and love spells to influence the minds of the unwilling, but Connie also knew that for what she wanted, most people would be willing.

Very willing.

            You just had to go about it the right way.

            So, when the opportunity came to perform mass hypnosis on a room full of people, to use the power of suggestion to evoke a room full of positive emotions, she knew it wasn’t breaking the central tenant of “Do no harm to yourself or others”.

            She was surprised though, surprised at how suggestible and easily entranced Betty turned out to be.

            She was also surprised at how much Betty’s boyfriend liked watching her bark like a dog.

            Yes, Connie had used some very subtle spoken and non-verbal language to inspire Betty to believe she was channeling the spirit of a canine but it only really worked because Betty wanted it to.

As bitchy and bossy as the buxom blonde was, deep down inside she was a people pleaser. People pleasers were naturally drawn to dogs, it was an easy association for her subconscious to make.

            Seeing the bulge in Travis’s pants and the way he stared with those hungry eyes as Betty sniffed and barked, and the way they had connected earlier gave Connie an entirely different sense of who he was and how he would help her get what she really wanted.

            It helped that one of the first lessons she learned about magic was to never ignore the connections she felt to others, especially when she could see or know they felt the same energy. Connie had to have faith in what she felt, and as soon as Travis had started talking to her, she gave in to that feeling and trusted in her choices. It was in moments like this, when she saw all the pieces fall into place that her faith was rewarded.

            As she watched Travis subconsciously put a hand in his pocket and start to rub himself ever so slightly at the sight of his girlfriend being dominated, Connie knew it had come, now she knew she could have him whenever she wanted.

            Just like everyone else in the room, even the ones who didn’t sit in the chair and channel spirits, he had been lured into trance by her performance. Everyone in the room, especially Travis, could be brought back under as needed and with only the smallest amount of effort on her part.

            She’d explained that everything she had done was all hypnosis, but only up to a point. Connie hadn’t labored the point about magic, but she’d done enough to let the most intoxicated party goers come to the conclusion that there was something else happening there.

In Connie’s eyes there really was something mystical unfolding, but that wasn’t the way she sold it. The spirits that were being channeled were just deep parts of the subjects that were manifesting, like ghosts. The blurring, the lack of some details and the over-emphasizing of others made everyone in the room much more suggestible, and it was that heightened suggestibility that she would use to trap Travis, then Betty.

            Connie had caught herself biting her lip at one point. It hgappend as she saw Betty subconsciously starting to piece together that she was going to be a dog.

When Connie had touched the pretty blonde, when the skin to skin contact sent a flush of heat through her body and made her already moist panties just a little more damp, that was when she had to bite her lip to stop from moaning.

            Connie knew why Betty didn’t like her.

            Betty didn’t like anyone who got to be themselves.

            Betty didn’t like any girl she wasn’t straight forwardly more attractive than, any girl she couldn’t use her mean girl playbook on. It wasn’t that Betty was a bad person, it was that she was just basic. She was just another pretty girl who was raised to be pretty and who bought into all of it.

            She was all pumpkin spice, knee high casual boots, and leggings as pants.

            She was also pushy because deep down inside, Betty knew she wasn’t in control.

            That was why she hated Connie.

The pale, flat chested goth was always herself, always in control, and that gave her a sex appeal no basic bitch could ever have.

            Still, Connie wanted to fuck Betty something fierce, and she thought maybe Betty knew, or suspected it. That was also probably part of it, just not as much as Betty thought it was. After all, Betty was a people pleaser, and being both able and desperate to please was the busty blonde’s greatest weakness.

            If Betty didn’t think she hated Connie, part of her would do anything to be liked by the spiky haired girl.

            At least that’s the idea Connie was running off of.

            Some would say that using magic to exploit people’s weaknesses of character for your own gain was black magic. Of course, some people would also say that using magic to open people up to their heart’s true desires and to offer them powerful experiences was a very good thing.

            Of course, those people would probably also say you should ask first.

            Connie felt that she’d done enough to get her subjects’ permission, and besides, she knew she couldn’t make them do anything they didn’t want to do.

            The question that she ignored about all of this was whether or not they would be aware enough of what was happening to make any choices. Or, if they would know what they did or didn’t want in the first place.

It also helped that Connie knew how irresistible she could be when the moment was right.

She was going to make the right moment and get what she wanted.

Then, the show was over, and Connie basked in her handiwork.

Jessica was happy, and she was pliable. She’d been that was since they were roommates in college freshman year. And as hot as Jess was, Connie never felt the need to fuck her. She knew the girl too well and didn’t want to be one more person in the girl’s life to prey on her.

Besides, Jess was about as purely hetero as any college girl could get, which probably wasn’t all that much, but there was no way she was the kind of girl that would reciprocate.

It wasn’t that Connie expected favor for favor, it was that she demanded her lovers satisfy her the way she wanted to be satisfied.

She watched the pretty couple mingle and mill around the room while she talked to Jess and the other party guests who had been a part of the experience.

Her plan was simple, divide and conquer.

When Travis went to the bathroom, Connie gently persuaded Jess to run interference with Betty and to keep her sidetracked.

The girl wasn’t emotionally drunk anymore, but she was still regular drunk and an easy touch.

As soon as the bathroom door opened, Connie made her move.

She surprised him, locked his eyes in hers, and dropped him back down.

Then, she lead him into her bedroom, seduced his mind into being silent and blank, and had him strip.

Somehow, and again her faith was rewarded, everything she had said or done with Travis had been part of the act of hypnotizing him.

From telling him about how people change on nights like tonight, to the role of alcohol and hormones, even the way she made eye contact and played with her necklace. Everything had been one long induction, especially the séance, which was a prolonged fractionation experience for everyone in the room.

When she told him to let the spirit in, it was the first time she had overtly and directly made him feel like the focus of her power, and after seeing it and feeling it all night, it turned him off like a light switch.

It also turned him on like a light switch too.

Part of her wanted to give herself a nice sticky quickie with him, to use him like a flesh and blood dildo before she went to slip her claws into Betty, but she knew that wouldn’t be right no matter how many justifications she could provide.

Betty would be giving Travis to her soon enough, and that would make it all so much sweeter.

“Hi Betty, thanks again for being so much fun, you were the star of the show.”

Connie had walked up to the busty blonde and Jessica, and had put a hand on Jess’s shoulder.

“I hope that was magical enough for you Jessie.” Connie didn’t want to give Betty a chance to verbalize anything one way or the other, it would keep her off-balance.

“That. Was. So. Much. Fun.” Jessica’s response was somehow enthusiastic and subdued all at once, and she was still speaking in single word sentences when she wanted to make sure she was saying what she was trying to say.

“Oh good, I love to perform, and I love that you got what you wanted. Doesn’t it feel great to help out your friends Betty? You were a huge part of making Jessie happy, no one would ever think of you barking like a dog.” She waited for her prey to start to speak, before gently and deliberately talking over her in her hypnotist voice.

“I always love to see people smile when I do something nice, and you were smiling too by the way. It makes me feel good to do nice things for other people and I do it as often as I can, and I can tell you really enjoyed yourself too.” She was looking deep into Betty’s pale blue eyes and had put on the affectation of playing with her crystal as a passive habit. But just like everything else she had been doing, it was very deliberate.

“I mean, you know what it’s like right? Jess loves you and she talks about how thoughtful you are, and how sweet you are, and it really showed. You’re really wonderful and I wish we could have talked like this before. You’re so easy to talk to Betty, you’re really wonderful.”

Connie’s speech had become faster and faster, and she watched as her tone, her speed, and the crystal were bombarding Betty from the outside while her subconscious recognition of being recognized as a people pleaser by someone that could relate to her was working from the inside out.

“I want to do something nice for you Betty, follow me. Jess doesn’t mind, Jess can go mingle and have fun without us, I want to show you something Betty, and I think you want to follow me. You know how nice it is to do nice things, and you’d like to do something nice for me to help me do something nice for you.”

Connie had taken Betty by the hand and started to lead her down the hall before she turned to address Jess. “Have fun, we’ll be right back okay?”

Jess gave them a nodding sort of okay, and when they turned into the hallway outside of Connie’s room, she stopped suddenly, snapped her fingers and said “Sleep Betty” in a very forceful and very direct tone.

Then, as Betty’s eyes fluttered for a second she did it again, and again, and again, until her subject was leaning up against the wall with Connie helping to keep her upright.

“Betty, listen to me, listen very closely and accept the sound of my voice and the words that I speak. I want to do something very nice for you and I have a very sweet and very thoughtful surprise waiting for you in my room. When you see what I’m going to show you, and sleep, that’s it sleep Betty, you’re going to be very happy and very appreciative of how thoughtful I am. When you see your surprise you’re going to feel so happy, and you’re going to be so pleased and very surprised that I know you so well. Now open the door and look inside Betty.”

Connie stood back a step or two from her subject as she opened the door and walked inside. The lighting was dim, a few lamps with scarves over them cast the room in a purple black shadow over the yellow orange bulbs.

Travis was standing in the middle of the room, naked and unaware of everything around him.

“It’s just what you wanted isn’t it Betty?” The blonde had stepped inside and let out a little happy sigh.

“Oh Connie, you’re naughty.” Betty had turned around and was grinning at the spiky haired goth, who just smiled back at her.

“I put him in a trance for you Betty, just for you. He’ll do anything we tell him to, he’ll do anything you want him to. And I want to tell you a secret Betty. I noticed something about Travis tonight.”

Connie was watching Betty very closely, waiting for the moment when the blonde would snap out of trance, when seeing her boyfriend hypnotized and naked on another girl’s bed wouldn’t quite add up.

But, it didn’t happen.

Instead, Betty just smiled.

“When you were being a dog tonight, he was touching himself. He liked seeing you act like a dog. He liked it when you barked. Do you like knowing that you made him hard when you did that?”

Connie waited as Betty’s mind, slowed down by the syrupy sweetness of trance, tried to make sense of what that would mean.

But, just as before, Connie didn’t want her to find the answer, she just wanted Betty off balance.

“I think you like it, and I think it makes you feel really good doesn’t it? Just like seeing your naked boyfriend waiting here for you. He just wants to make you feel good. He’ll do anything to make you feel good. I brought that out of him, he’ll do anything you want him to.”

Connie had taken Betty’s hand again.

“I know you would do anything for him too, I know you would do anything for anyone you care about, anything for anyone you appreciate. You like to do nice things, you love it, you love to show people how much you are about them. And I know we haven’t always been friends, but I think you know deep down inside that you’re starting to care about me now.”

Connie’s lilting voice, her cadence and the sympathetic softness of her words was seducing a very specific part of Betty’s psyche.

“Listen to me Betty, look into my eyes. You’re feeling very honest, you’re feeling very truthful, it feels good to be honest, it feels good to talk to me, it feels good to listen to me. Look into my eyes and be honest with yourself and be honest with me, you need to be honest with me, it would make me so happy if you were honest with yourself. Tell me Betty, do you think I’m pretty?”

As she asked, Connie ran her fingers down Betty’s cheek and gently tilted her chin up.

The busty blonde looked shy as she said “Yes.”

“I think you’re very pretty too Betty, I think you’re gorgeous, and I’m so happy you have such a handsome boyfriend. He’s so sweet and he’s so thoughtful, and he’d do anything for you, he’d do anything for you to be happy. And you like being happy, you like it so much that’s why you love to make other people happy. You’d like it if I was happy wouldn’t you?”

Betty was still staring into Connie’s eyes, still floating along in the waifish goth’s incessant and seductive words as she said “Yes” one more time.

“Thank you Betty, that’s very sweet of you, you’re so sweet. I’ve always thought you were sweet and pretty, and I’ve always been attracted to you. And I know you’re attracted to me too, because you do think I’m pretty, and you do want me to feel good, and that’s just how you feel about your boyfriend, so you must be attracted to me too.”

Betty, Connie saw, couldn’t keep up.

“And I know you want me to be happy, and I know you know your boyfriend wants you to be happy, and I want you to be happy, so that means you want me to be happy too. He would do anything to make you happy, so you know you would do anything to make me happy wouldn’t you?’

Betty was floating in a paralyzed trance of hypnotic confusion.

“I know he wants you to be happy, and you want me to be happy, so he wants me to be happy juts like you, so you would do anything for him to make me happy so you can be happy too. You know it’s true.”

Then, feeling Betty’s energy, Connie snapped her fingers and said sleep again and the blonde went out on her feet.

“Betty, I’m going to tell you a secret. I want to make your boyfriend hard for you. I want to make him so hard for you, I want him full and long and thick to please you. He wants to please you, he wants me to do this, will you ask me to give you this Betty? Will you ask me to make him hard for you?”

Betty nodded, lost, swimming.

“Say it Betty, say it out loud and make it real, so you can feel wonderful.” Connie’s hand was still under her chin, she was still holding Betty’s eyes in her deep gaze.

“Will you make my boyfriend hard for me Connie?” As she spoke, Betty’s mouth grew into a wide smile.

“Yes Betty, I will. Now come with me and watch. Just watch, just enjoy what we’re both doing for you. You want to watch, the more you watch the better you’ll feel, the happier you’ll feel, the more complete and the more aroused you’ll feel. This is what you want, this is what you need. Watch me Betty, watch what I do.”

With that, Connie started to gently stroke Travis’s cock and whisper the word harder in his ear. She angled herself to keep eye contact with Betty while she whispered, “harder and harder, you will not cum, you will just get harder.”

She led him over to the bed and guided him down onto his back.

Then, once he was nice and stiff, Connie straddled him and started to ride him slowly. “This is all for you Betty, this is what you want to feel, this is what you want to have.”
Connie chanted this words like a mantra as she started to play with her clit. Travis’s cock was nice enough, but cock was boring most of the time, and compared to what she had been doing and what she was going to have, his cock wasn’t that interesting.

Still, she came.

Granted she mostly did it to herself, she still came.

Then she came again and again, making sure to soak his cock in her juices.

Then, she slip off of him, pulled him back to his feet and lead him back into the middle of the room as she walked up to the spellbound blonde.

It had only been a couple of minutes since she had first started stroking him.

“Betty, he’s nice and hard for you, and he’s so happy he could do this for you, he’s so happy I could help him do this for you. And he’s also very naughty Betty, he loved to watch you bark like a dog. He loved watching you fall under my spell, that’s what he loved. Just like you love seeing him under my spell, just like you love seeing him under my control. He’s under our control and he’ll do anything for you, he’ll answer anything you ask him.”

Connie was standing behind Betty, whispering in her ear.

“His cock is so hard for you, I put it under my spell just for you. My pussy made it perfect for you, my sweet pussy juices put it under my power, and you love seeing him under my power just like he loves seeing you under my power. Why don’t you wake him up and taste honey sweet my power. Why don’t you wake him up and put yourself under my power for him. You want to please him, and he wants to please you. You’ll love my taste, nothing is sweeter than pleasing him and pleasing me.”

She brushed Betty’s hair back and breathed out a nice warm breath on the blonde’s neck. “Do it Betty, do it now.”

Connie watched as her spellbound subject said the words that would wake him up. Then she watched the show unfold, laughing to herself as she stood in the shadows, pleased as Betty asked about barking like a dog, then slowly starting to fall deeper as she stroked him, then sucked him.

She watched her handiwork as Betty’s mind had completely accepted her suggestions.

Then, as she watched Travis’s body start to quiver, she stepped softly along the edge of the room and walked up behind him, and whispered the words to put him back under.

Quickly, she knelt down next to Betty and whispered in her ear, ‘Didn’t I taste so good all over him?”

She mumbled an affirmative as she kept on licking and sucking.

“It feels good to tell you the truth, and I want to make you feel good. I taste even better when you taste it right from me. I am so much sweeter when you kiss me, when you lick me. I taste so much better when you make me cum, I promise I do, and I promise you will love how good it feels to make me cum. Don’t you want to make me cum? Don’t you want to stop sucking and have some more of me?”

As she spoke she pulled gently on Betty’s hair, and the buxom blonde’s head moved back without resistance. Connie was looking down into her eyes, “Stand up betty, I want to see what’s under your costume.”

It was easy to guide the hypnotized girl to her feet, she’d fallen completely under Connie’s control. She’d pressed all the right buttons in Betty’s brain and as Connie undressed the blonde, she knew it was all meant to be. Everything was too perfect to have been otherwise.

Connie savored caressing and squeezing Betty’s large breasts. She even decided to suck on the girl’s nipples just as a test to see what would happen. When Betty stood there naked and still and just moaned and moaned as Connie fondled her, then started to finger her too, the spike haired witch knew she Betty was hers.

Even as Betty came, even as she moaned in pleasure, gasping in ecstasy as the girl she used to hate brought her over the edge of sexual bliss, the blonde remained spellbound and entranced.

Connie slid out of her clothes quickly, and tenderly turned Travis’s body so he was facing the bead.

She sat on the edge of the bed and called to Betty, “Betty, come to me, come here and get on your knees. I want to give you what you want, I want to give you what you crave. You want to make me feel good and I want to give you something sweet.”

Betty knelt down, and stared into Connie’s pussy as the goth toyed with herself and got her fingers nice and sticky, and as soon as Connie had given Betty a taste of her cum covered fingers the witch said, “Open your eyes and fall deeper into my power Travis.”

She came hard as she saw his eyes flutter open.

As Travis came, Connie looked deep into his eyes and told him to sleep.

He fell down into trance, then sank slowly down to the floor in a heap.

In the moments before that, as he was grunting and thrusting, she told Betty to cum and to not stop cumming until she couldn’t cum anymore.

As her boyfriend melted behind her, Betty’s face was buried between Connie’s legs and her pussy was throbbing with wave after wave of bliss.

Eventually the pretty blonde was spent, and Connie had to fight the urge to pass out herself.

Instead, she knelt down next to her two subjects and started to suggest that they begin to forget about the evening. She started to work suggestions deep into their exhausted minds about found memories of the fun they had at the party, and how easy it was to forget about everything Connie had done with them.

Then, she slipped one more suggestion into their minds, “Whenever you hear me and only me say let the spirits in, let my spirit in, you will return to this state just for me.”

She did everything she could to make sure it was in there, then she had them dress themselves, and wake up from trance once they walked out of her bedroom and into the living room. The party had ended by the time they did so, and Jess was long since passed out on the couch.

She had also put her number into both of their phones without their knowing.

As Betty stepped into Travis’s living room, having made sure that Betty would not be joining them, she smiled.

Cock might be boring, but his weakness for her wasn’t and neither was turning that attraction into a deep sense of submission. It was going to take time to make him into a better version of himself, but it would be time well spent.

Especially when Betty would play her part.