Free Story: Broadcasting Positivity

Broadcasting Positivity
A Smuthunter Story

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“…and now, as you all begin to wake, feeling wonderfully refreshed and thrilled to have been part of the show, you will all listen very carefully to these next words. Some of you, and you can feel this without even knowing or understanding on a conscious level, some of you will know that you need just a little bit more help coming up out of trance and you will simply and easily open your eyes, stand up and follow me backstage when we’re all ready.”

            Janice found her eyes opening as Madam Nina’s strong and steady voice continued on and on in the same musical and matter of fact cadence that had also danced her down out of her mind and into a place where she could do whatever she was told. All done for the sake of nothing more than letting go and entertaining the audience.

            As most of the other volunteers started to make their way down the stage’s side steps, Janice found herself walking with another young woman about her age towards the stage’s back entrance.

            Madam Nina was smiling at them, her soft blue gray eyes were sparkling and her smile was infectious. “Ladies, you’re both very strong and receptive subjects and it wouldn’t be responsible of me to send you back out into the world still under the effects of deep hypnotic trance.”

            Janice looked at the other girl, still feeling slightly foggy, like a thin mist was in between her and the rest of the world. She was petite and blonde like Madam Nina, but not nearly as charming or pretty.

Janice saw the dreamy look in the other girl’s eyes and when she wondered if her eyes looked like that, her mind experienced a sort of echo chamber or feedback loop and she sort of blinked out again until they were all in Madam Nina’s dressing room.

            “Ladies you’ll find it much easier, impossibly easy really, to sit next to each other on the couch and just continue to relax. You are both still feeling very relaxed and tranquil, and you’ll find it’s just so easy, just so wonderfully easy to close your eyes and sink back down for me now. That’s it ladies. Right. Back. Down.”

            Janice felt her eyes closing on their own.

            She needed this too, this feeling of being lost, of being mentally dismantled, but she never would have known it before she felt it.

            It was all thanks to the wonderful Madam Nina too.

The girl had a charm to her that radiated a deeper understanding. There was something in those pretty bluish eyes that said she understood just how stressful Janice’s life was. When the hypnotist asked her what she did, and Janice blustered out her long boring job title, the look of deep sympathy and understanding, and the smile that Nina gave her made it feel like the hypnotist was instantly her best friend.

            As she found herself drifting away back into the fugue state that had made up most of her evening, Janice couldn’t help but try to let her eyes flutter open one last time. There was something so magnetic about Madam Nina, something so glamorous about her and the way she spoke, that Janice just couldn’t help herself.

            Even as the suggestion to slip back into trance washed through her, there was a desire in Janice to witness her, to watch her work, to see her as she spoke those words.

            Nina met her gaze and smiled.

The hypnotist was half way out of her little red dress, and everything about her was as pert and perky as her stage presence and personality.

Janice couldn’t help but admire the woman’s body. She had perky round breasts that any woman would be jealous of, those perfect c-cup handfuls that her push up bra made look even more magnificent. Her tummy was flat, she had the lean muscles of someone that had the time and discipline to work out regularly. It was something Janice wished she’d had, there was a lot about the wonderfully warm and perky hypnotist that Janice envied.

“Close your eyes and sleep Janice, you know it’s what you really want.” Janice’s eyes obeyed as Nina smiled at her and made a gentle downward waving motion with her perfectly manicured fingertips.

“What will you do for your Madam Nina, Janice?”

The brunette moaned as the other girl, the sweet empty headed blonde tongued and kissed her pussy like she was in love.

“Anything for Madam Nina, everything for Madam Nina.”

“Good girl Janice, good girl my beautiful brainy baby, anything for me.”

The woman moaning in ecstasy while a vapid but pretty girl worshiped her pussy was a computer programmer, and a good one too. She was creative, smart, overworked, and perfectly responsive to the most insidious and seductive series of hypnotic suggestions anyone could ever experience.

Nina sat in her chair, her fingers lazily teasing her clit as she went through the paces with her final recruit. She had been building a team of women that could weaponize and broadcast her hypnotic expertise for just over a year now, and this wonderful woman who couldn’t stop playing with her own nipples as she was sexually served and brainwashed, was the last piece of the puzzle.

It wasn’t a terribly complex plan really, and it was dreamily thought up by one of the first women Nina had ever hypnotized on stage. The woman had been a decent subject, but when Nina found herself desperately wanting more from the woman than just simple entertainment for the crowd, the woman become more resistant. In trying to find a way to work around the woman’s new found resistance Nina simply asked her, “What can I do to be a more effective hypnotist?”

She asked the woman, who was still in trance, in hopes of finding a way around her mental blocks, by having her create a scenario and circumstances herself that once met would cause her to fall deeper into trance. Instead she said, “Create videos that prepare people to be hypnotized by more videos.”

It was almost a nonsensical answer until Nina remember the woman worked in web based marketing.

Instead of finding a way to hypnotically seduce her prey, Nina started to slowly and steadily work her way deeper and deeper into the woman’s mind. The “friendship” that they formed was a series of conversations laden with progressively more subversive suggestions that caused the woman to spill out all of her thoughts and all of her secrets just for the chance of hearing Nina’s voice.

The woman, like many other high powered professionals, had desperately needed the deep release of trance, and as Nina was more than adept at seducing straight girls into feeling safe and open with her enough to at very least explore without the use of hypnosis, the Mesmerizing Madam Nina found that she had a very special way with the overstressed professional women that found their way up to her stage.

Her system was elegant. She would scan her crowds for a certain type, a woman with the right kind of body language, the right kind of bearing, and she would simply walk out into the crowd and ask them, “How would you like to experience the most relaxing good time you’ve ever had?”

If they could be worked with, they would say yes, and in her pre-talk on the stage she would ask everyone about what they did as a way of introducing herself to them. One by one they would say something and she would say, “I am the Mesmerizing Madam Nina, and I am going to hypnotize you” followed by their name.

For the women she would select from the crowd specifically, she would say a little bit more, something sympathetic, then something that sounded wonderfully genuine and appealing, ‘I’ll make sure you can forget all about work”.

Then, as the show progressed, she would take time to reinforce her mark and put her into an even deeper state through out the show. She would use a series of terms that she’d found were inherently effective on women of that particular type, words like carefree, and imagery about floating instead of sinking. And when it came time for the end of the show, she would gently suggestion through proximity and tone, that the woman she’d picked would need to come back stage with her for a more complete waking.

Sometimes other volunteers would need it too, so she took care of them first, then set her sights on her mark once again.

Donna, the pretty blonde that was providing positive physical reinforcement to Janice as she continued her decent into deep hypnotic acceptance, was an audience plant. She was picked in part because she looked a lot like Nina did, and she was used so the minds of her prey would create a more mundane and fundamental association between the way Nina looked and how she made them feel.

Sometimes Nina would have Donna stop serving her newest mark, and instead serve as a role model for the newly entranced woman in her dressing room.

Donna would kneel down and gently worship Nina, as the hypnotist would ask questions like, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to make me feel the way Donna does?” or “Don’t you wish you could make me feel as wonderful as I make you feel?”

Other times, if the woman was submissive enough by her nature, Nina would simply stroke her subject’s cheek, whisper in her ear “Serve me”, then push her onto her back and straddle her face.

It was all done to use the power of sexual pleasure and dominance to cross the wires in her hypnotized target’s head. Enough orgasms and enough deep suggestions could do wonders on an overstressed and usually underappreciated woman’s mind. Then, in the foggy post-coital bliss of being deeply entranced and almost tortured by erotic pleasure, Nina simply used the woman’s compromised state to so fully charm and beguile her into physical, mental, and emotional loyalty and obedience.

As she watched Janice bite her lower lip and moan, then grown and buck her hips against Donna’s face and breathlessly repeat the words “Anything for Madam Nina”, Nina brought herself to orgasm.

“Janice, my sweet sexy girl, my fingers are so sticky, come over here and lick them clean.”

The pretty brunette’s lips closed in a slow sucking motion around her fingers as Nina smiled.

The first video was simply called, “A Minute for You” and starred a model that Nina had enthralled into service.

It was just over a minute and the model, a very telegenic dark haired woman dressed in a seemingly modest black dress that emphasized her physical beauty, spoke about how good it could feel to always spend time on you, even if it was just a minute, or even if it was just watching this video over and over again until you felt calm and relaxed, until you valued your time and your sense of self.

The frequency of the woman’s voice had been duplicated onto another level and augmented to resonate the same way a binaural beat would but masked to be almost unnoticeable to the viewer. The background imagery had been set to fluctuate subliminal images of the model in various stages of relaxation and undress but blurred and mutated into becoming a consciously unrecognizable series of traditionally soothing backgrounds like flowers and sunsets.

Comments were disabled on YouTube and Daily Motion, but views rose steadily before reaching exponential growth as the video went viral as intended.

Tracking through multiple conversation hubs revealed that some people did have a profoundly powerful sexual response to the video while other had ASMR-like responses, and still many others found themselves compelled to want to watch the video as a part of their daily routines.

This was where Janice came in.

Nina had gently prodded her when they first spoke before the stage induction began, and she was much less gently prodded once Donna’s tongue was between the brunette’s legs. That was how Nina discovered that Janice would be able to ensure that the video content that was uploaded would not be able to be dissected, reverse engineered, or have any one component isolated and analyzed.

People certainly did try though nonetheless.

Nina had chosen the self-help and mindful mediation route to mask her content for two reasons. One, it was something she was intimately familiar with and could most easily blend in with her messages of submission, surrender, and obedience. Two, it was a type of content that could be purposefully targeted towards the people she wanted to access, people that would also be likely to share the content with enough consistency that it would make the right kind of rounds.

The choice to use the model was simple, she was beautiful. She was beautiful in a non-threatening way to other women, and she was attractive to men who would probably watch the video for the one minute just to see more of her.

The next video, “Healthy Extensions” was five minutes and featured the same model doing yoga, with a voice over performed by Nina herself. Nina’s dialogue was filled with hypnotic language delivered in a matter of fact, “positive thinking for reasonable goals” approach that was intentionally disrupted by the model offering various positive affirmations and similar platitudes as she performed various poses that continued to enhance her own physical beauty.

As with the first video, visual content was masked and blended into the background, only this time it was more flagrantly sexual and paired with the yoga poses to create an unconscious visual sense that the model was in fact having sex with herself.

This time the audio also featured two additional layers or repetitive subliminal messages: one to be open and to be agreeable to Madam Nina, voiced by Nina herself, and the other was the voice of the model repeating over and over again that she was happy because she was open and agreeable to Madam Nina.

This video proved to be even more popular than the first and generated even more word of mouth.

Both videos were the tremendous accomplishment of the ten women that Nina had recruited from her stage shows, sexually hypnotized, brainwashed, and put to work.

It was time to take things to the next level.

“Hello, my name is Nina. When I perform on stage I call myself the Mesmerizing Madam Nina. It’s a fun name, and it helps my subjects understand the role I am going to play in their lives. For all of you, for this presentation I would like you to simply think of me as Nina. And over our time together, I’m sure you’ve noticed this video is a bit longer than the other ones and I hope you feel excited and relaxed as we continue, I would like you to think of me as your friend Nina. That’s why I’m here, to be your friend and help you to broadcast the power of success. I’m not here to hypnotize you, this is not a hypnosis video, this is about the power of goodness and pleasure in your life, and as your friend Nina, I want to share all of that with you.”

Kelly Dale sat in her dorm room in front of her laptop and found herself letting out a relaxing sigh. As soon as the video had started and the perky charming blonde woman started to speak, Kelly recognized her voice immediately. She was the voice from the last video, and it just felt right to focus on slowing her breathing and taking a moment to just enjoy what she was watching.

The last two videos had helped her so much. It felt like every time she watched one, they pulled the plug in her head and all the stress in her mind went out like water down the drain.

There was also something that was just magnetic about the videos too. The dark haired woman from the first two was so beautiful, and it felt nice to watch her. There was something physically soothing about her appearance, but she was nothing compared to Nina.

The woman’s blue-gray eyes were so vibrant, her smile so warm, and everything about her from her body language to her speaking patterns was so intoxicatingly positive. She was cute too, and Kelly felt like she could see herself in Nina, like Nina was the kind of woman any girl could grow up to be like.

She was sexy, but not because her perky boobs were hanging out or she was showing off her tight ass, she wasn’t doing any of those things bust Kelly still noticed she did have perky boobs and a tight ass. No, she was sexy because she knew she was, and Kelly felt like Nina was going to teach her everything she needed to know to feel this positive and be this sexy.

Something about Nina radiated a deeper sense of happiness in Kelly, and being happy felt so easy and so natural when she watched and listened.

When the video started, it was just Nina in front of a black screen talking, but as she spoke, the background changed to a view of the camera following Nina as she walked down the street. As the camera followed her the people on the street all smiled at her in a sort of peaceful and beatific manner, and all those happy smiles were contagious for Kelly.

She smiled too as Nina continued to talk. It was strange though, for just a second Kelly couldn’t remember what Nina was saying or talking about. It didn’t feel too important though, it felt good to watch, it felt good to listen. She leaned back in her chair and sighed again, she was so happy her roommate wasn’t here.

“Sometimes when we think about what we broadcast out to the world, like you might have noticed that the power of a smile can have a powerful effect,” Nina smiled at Kelly realized she was still smiling and it made her even happier, “we can also think about what we broadcast into ourselves. Like the idea that we can learn to be happy by finding happiness, focusing on happiness, and accepting happiness.”

Kelly mouthed three words to herself as she felt Nina’s voice striking an even deeper cord inside her, ‘Find, focus, accept.”

Kelly watched Nina continue to speak while the images behind her changed to a bathtub full of steamy soapy bubbles.

Kelly had developed earlier than a lot of girls and had kept on developing, and her chest was lager than Nina’s. That random thought had slowly drifted across the front of her mind as she watched, finding herself focusing on the bubbles and accepting the soft soothing sound of Nina’s words.

The thought wasn’t just, my boobs are bigger than hers, it was, “Nina would think I’m pretty.” Kelly knew that if she ever got to meet this wonderful woman that was helping her to unwind and let go, that she wouldn’t want anything more than to know that Nina did in fact see how beautiful she was.

But of course she would, Nina was so understanding and so supportive, and the video had been playing for ten minutes and Kelly had no idea where the time had gone. It didn’t matter though, she sort of automatically ran her fingers through her own long blonde hair, then felt those same fingertips slide down to her chest.

“Our pleasures don’t have to come and go, they can simply sit inside of us in deeper places, letting the joy of bliss continue to bloom inside of us, in our hearts, a tender touch of wonderful warmth…”

Kelly hadn’t realized she’d started to play with her chest until she subconsciously pinched her nipple through her top and her bra. It didn’t pull her attention back to the video as much as it made her need to pull off her top and then unclasp her bra.

“When we broadcast pleasure deeper down into ourselves, when the warm heat of deep happiness flows…”

Sitting in her dorm room topless and teasing her nipples, all Kelly wanted was to be close to Nina, to hear her words and to do anything for her. In a brief moment of heat, Kelly found herself cumming as she thought those thoughts.

It felt like every time she exhaled, the warmth and beauty in Nina’s magnificent spirit was carried deeper into Kelly’s core, until the slowly swelling penetrating warmth woke up that wonderful pleasure.

Kelly had never cum like that before, had never felt so alive with pleasure, every inch of her skin tingling as she continued to fondle her breasts. She wanted more, to do more for Nina, to do anything for Nina.

Nina was happiness, she’d found it, focused on it, and accepted it.

The video was still playing, and now as Nina spoke the background had become a soft creamy white, like a floating cloud. But as Kelly watched, she kept on thinking of the other girl form the first two videos, she kept on thinking of how that beautiful woman would look masturbating, and then Kelly realized with a vacant sort of happiness that she’d slipped her fingers between her legs too.

“Every positive experience we have we can and will catalogue in our minds to teach ourselves that we can feel these joys over and over.” The words made Kelly erupt again.

The rest of the video passed her by, and of its total run time of half an hour, she could only really recall the last message, which was Nina talking to the dark haired woman from the first videos.

“When we broadcast out and share, we are giving the world goodness and that makes us feel so much better doesn’t it. Just as I shared with my friend, you can share with all of your friends too.”

Caitlin sat down at the desk on her side of the room and opened her laptop. Her roommate Kelly was reading and didn’t really say more than “hello” until the sound of the computer coming to life echoed through their shared room.

Caitlin, even though she wouldn’t say it unless she was drunk, was jealous of Kelly. Sure, she was beautiful spunky red hair and was naturally slender and toned, sure no one could ever miss seeing Caitlin in a crowded room, and sure guys and girls noticed her all the time, but you always wanted what you didn’t have, and Caitlin didn’t have the kind of curves her roommate did.

“Oh, I sent you a link to the newest POM video.” Kelly didn’t even look up from her book. POM had become the shorthand for the videos as everyone agreed that they felt a tremendous piece of mind after watching them.

“Thanks. People have been talking about it all day. But oh my god, Kelly, you’ll never guess what I heard in the hallway?” Caitlin was sort of half browsing her email as she spoke.

“Was it fucking?” Kelly laughed as she answered her friend.

“Yes. It was so loud too. And it was like tons of rooms.” She was giggling. They were both in the second semester of their freshman year, so they’d heard it all before, but not like this.

“I almost feel like I should put on headphones in case our neighbors decide to join the party.” Caitlin had opened the link and the video was loading.

“Don’t do that, I want to watch it with you. It’s so much, I don’t know, it just feels like we should watch it together. It feels important.”

So, they did.

Caitlin found herself moaning in ecstasy as Kelly’s hands massaged her neck and shoulders. Her roommate’s voice had become honey sweet, as tender and warm as Nina’s, and those warm lips brushed against her ear as Kelly whispered, “Find, Focus, Accept” into Caitlin’s ear.

The redhead found herself repeating those words too, and passively sat watching as Kelly stood her up and began to undress her.

She just wanted to please Nina, to know that Nina thought she was beautiful, and she just wanted Kelly to help her. Her roommate’s fingers cupping her small pert breasts then squeezing her nipples, before tracing down the sides of her lithe body had given her the most excruciatingly wonderful goosebumps.

Caitlin didn’t consciously recognize what Nina was saying to her, she just felt the words as one of Kelly’s fingers slid between her legs and started to tease the red head’s clit.

She wasn’t surprised really, at least she pretended she wasn’t, when the first few of the many truly important people in the world had reached out to her. It was more than she’d expected, but she’d also expected that it could happen.

When they called her Madam Nina, the former stage hypnotist couldn’t help but smile to herself and laugh privately.

What had surprised her though was the woman that had come for her.

Anna, that was her name, Anna. She was a police detective who was well out of her jurisdiction, but had found Nina in her home and come to confront her about what she was doing.

Apparently, she, and other like herself had realized what the videos were, and they’d tried to warn people, but to no avail.

So instead, Anna came to confront her.

She was, and Nina hated to admit it, even hotter because she hadn’t already buckled. She, Anna, was tall, fit, curvy, dark skinned and dark haired. She was everything Nina wasn’t, right down to being a bitch from head to toe.

Their talk hadn’t been pleasant, or at least it hadn’t started that way, but over time, as she always did, Nina let her charm do the heavy lifting.

“…and I know that the more you think about it, the more the idea of a powerful woman subverting the minds of other, it just seems like a natural idea to a woman as powerful and as gorgeous as you doesn’t it?”

It had taken some time to find a way to flip the script, to let her voice naturally move into its hypnotic and compelling cadence, but as always, Nina got there.

“I know what you’re trying to do to me now, it won’t work.” Anna was still putting up a good fight, but her deep dark eyes were betraying her. Nina could see the way her words were working on the gorgeous woman sitting across from her.

“I’m not doing anything to you, and you know that. Deep down inside, you know nothing is happening, not really, not to you, not unless you’re just listening and thinking, thinking and listening, making up your own mind, and that’s just what someone as powerful as you would do, make up their own mind, after all we both know you’ve already prove you’re too strong willed to be lured into any kind of mental traps aren’t you?”

It went on like that for some time, back and forth with Anna rising up, then slowly being lured into logic traps and double binds, and soon Anna’s fierce fiery gaze had become glassy and soft, her snarl a soft dreamy smile.

“I’m not so bad am I Anna? I know you realize that now, and I think you might even enjoy my videos more now that you’ve gotten to meet me.”

Nina felt her pussy quiver as the statuesque woman replied in a shallow quiet voice, “No Nina, you’re wonderful.”

“Look at me Anna, look into my eyes, are you hypnotized?’ as Nina spoke she shook her head slightly, helping her captivated subject understand what to say.

“No Nina, I’m not hypnotized.” As Anna stared deeper into the hypnotist’s eyes she found herself entangled in another layer of cunning manipulation. The subconscious idea of looking deep into a hypnotist’s eyes was enough to prime most people into thinking they were being hypnotized, and it works even more effectively on a woman who was already deep in trance.

“So if I asked you to watch my video with me, and to let yourself enjoy it, you would be doing just what you wanted to do wouldn’t you?”

Nina smiled as her prey nodded.

She stepped away from her enthralled captive for just a moment and stuck her head out into the hallway.

“Donna, Donna honey will you come here and watch the vide with our new friend Anna, I think you could really help her enjoy it.”

Nina would visit them both shortly, once the detective had been more fully indoctrinated by the video and tantalized into being a good girl by Donna.

Nina wouldn’t play with her then, she’d just make the woman beg to fuck her, beg to please her, and once it was all the woman could think about Nina would let her have the pleasure.

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