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On Writing… Hypnosis Erotica

***Disclaimer: I don’t read male-dom hypnosis erotica, nor do I create that content, so nothing in this article has anything specifically to do with that subset of content. That is not to say this article is not relevant to that content though***

Hypnosis erotica is a bit of a cornerstone of the erotic hypnosis internet.
The story collection site is a lot of people’s first stop on their journey into our gloriously perverted world, and it remains a vital and important part of our fetish for a lot of people.

And you know what, one of these days I’ll send some stuff over there, or write something that will be exclusive for the site.

You see (and probably know), I write and sell femdom hypnosis erotica as a way to earn passive income, and also to write the stories I want to write. Profit wise, it’s not nearly as profitable as script writing, but it’s fun, and is usually much more fun than script writing is.

Part of that is the fact my stories are my content and my ideas so it’s all me (unless it’s a comission, but even then my clients tend to be “do your thing with this idea”), and another part of that is the difference in writing technique and the different needs that stories and scripts have.

So, what needs does hypnosis erotica address, and how does one go about writing hypnosis as a story compared to as a script?

Know Your fetish

Mythology of Mind Control: The Modern Myth of Longer is Better.



Mythology of Mind Control: The Modern Myth of Longer is Better.
(But really it’s just different)

Back in 2007-2008, when I was doing sort of okay financially, I would love to buy at least 1 file a paycheck.

Sometimes, it was more like 1 file every other paycheck, but it happened pretty regularly.

I would buy files based on who made them and length.

Mostly it was Nikki Fatale files, or the occasional Kasha Shakti file, as they had similar lengths and price points.

I thought, as you may, that the longer the file was the better it was.

And let me be clear right now, YES, THAT IS TRUE, but it isn’t the only truth and it isn’t a uniform value. Not all long files are good, and not all good files are long.

Long for the sake of this conversation, is anything over 30 minutes, and listen, full disclosure, I pay my rent by writing scripts that are over 30 minutes. That is how I live and I am personally a fan of long files to this day, but that’s not what we’re here to explore.

But what does better mean? A more effective trance?

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On What Makes a Good Script


So, as some of you may know, my first love when it comes to writing is comic books.
A friend of mine and I are making comics, well we’ve made one full issue (24 pages black and white), and while he slowly finishes inking issue 2 I’m even more slowly learning how to color.
Luckily, I learned the basics of digital lettering making manips for the Hypno-Pics collective, and that helps since being able to letter your own work is really valuable as a writer.

Well, all of that is a big digression from the point I want to get to about writing scripts for Erotic Hypnosis.