Voice Matching


Voice Matching:
If you are an established content provider you will likely want me to write content that sounds as much like your voice and your brand as possible. I fully understand this and I understand the value of style and tone.

However, voice matching is a more time consuming process. I do not charge extra for this, but I cannot voice match your work if I do not know what you sound like. If I already have your products I will likely be able to get pretty close in tone and pace to what you’ve done already.
If I don’t have your work, I will likely request samples previous of scripts and/or finished material. If you have free files then I will look to those first.

This is not a scheme for me to get you to throw in some of your stuff on top of charging you, and I cannot take anything off the top to compensate you for materials provided.

My goal isn’t to get free stuff, my goal is to make content that will make you money, and in turn have you come back to me again and again so I can also make money.