Story Preview: Word by Word

Word by Word
A Smuthunter Story

            “Mr. Thompson, thank you for meeting us this afternoon. My name is Miriam Lao, I am Ms. Hong’s translator, and I assure you she is very pleased to make your acquaintance, as am I.”

            The woman speaking was slightly taller than her employer and dressed in a sharp, contoured black pantsuit that framed her slender figure. Her hair was up in a small tight bun atop her head, and was the same black as both her suit and the frames of her glasses. She was undeniably beautiful in any setting, and she spoke flawless English with a smooth British accent.

            Her employer, Lin Hong, was not tall but she seemed taller than she was, and despite her higher station seemed less rigid in her appearance and in her manner. The ease of her confidence added to the illusion of her height.

            Though it was perhaps a symbol of status and influence, maybe even a power play, Ms. Hong’s appearance was also remarkably distracting. Lin was wearing a long sleeved, plunging scoop necked pale purple dress that showed off what were surprisingly large breasts, not simply for an East Asian woman, but for anyone. And though she wore a black blazer herself, it was unbuttoned and did more to frame the sight of her cleavage than it did present any professional demeanor.

            The jade disc that hung down above her breasts on a thin golden chain was the same shade as her eyes and did nothing to discourage the eye from finding reasons to look at its wearer’s chest.

            In addition to being buxom, Ms. Hong was also strikingly beautiful, with vibrant green eyes, thick brown hair that fell just past her shoulders, and was touched by subtle highlights. She had full lips, and a round face that was both soft and strong.

            Ms. Hong was considerably curvier than her translator, and while Miriam, who would do all the talking in the meeting was certainly charismatic, Lin’s presence filled up the small, private conference room.

            “Thank you both for coming. I am honored to make your acquaintance as well, and look forward to our conversation and the future good fortune is may provide us.”

Liam Thompson, who had been warned that this business woman from Hong Kong was both dangerous and an opportunist, saw in those first moments why so many of his peers would thing that. But his first rule in business was like his first rule in any fight, respect the shit out of the other guy, and teach him to respect you with your conduct.

Both women sat across from him at the table after removing their blazers. Miriam, the translator, wore a short sleeved blouse, and while the curve of her chest was nowhere near that of her employer, Liam couldn’t help but notice the blazer had concealed a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Ms. Hong started to speak in a lovely melodic tone, her words were more like music than the pointed and decisive tone of anyone’s usual conversation. And as she spoke she made deliberate eye contact with Liam.

Miriam’s translation began, “We are happy to be here discussing our merger, and it is important for us to come together in a singular vision for our shared endeavors.”

As Ms. Hong’s melodious voice continued she started to gesticulate, drawing circles in the air as she did. Miriam’s words felt almost like an echo, and as she continued speaking, Liam found himself captivated by the voluptuous woman sitting across from him and her irrepressible charisma.

“We believe,” Miriam had positioned herself at the end of the table, adjusting herself so she was now sitting between the two of them to Liam’s right and to her employer’s left, “in the principle of soft harmonious circles, and of the idea of two hands working as one. One hand may move in one circle, the other may move in the other, a circle within a circle, and as long as both hands serve the same vision, they may conquer many separate challenges, and still remain part of the whole, ultimately moving together in one harmony.”

Lin smiled and said a few short words as she wove her hand in a circle once more, holding his gaze with her movement, “Do you understand this Mr. Thompson?”

He nodded, “I do.”

He did too.

The idea was simply that everything they did moved outwards with the goal of coming back to the company, and if after their merger his Hong Kong counterpart sitting across the table from him now would do something, it was to be assumed that like him, it was for the greater good; it was just as they would assume about his choices and actions.

“Wonderful,” Miriam’s soft deliberate British inflected echo followed Ms. Hong’s smiling statement. Once again, she started to move her hand in a circle as she spoke directly to him while her translator followed.

“It is important to us for you to understand harmony as well,” Ms. Hong’s voice was like the music of a song and her translator’s words were like the lyrics, “that for a circle to flow smoothly its motion must find and go with the energies at work.”

Ms. Hong’s had switched its motion and started the other way, “To be harmonious, these small circles must flow with what comes naturally and easily, that solutions come from moving with the circle, becoming aware of it, studying it wholly.”

Liam found himself watching the movement of that hand as it circled around in front of his face, and every time the circle dipped he couldn’t help but notice the depth and shape of his future business partner’s cleavage.

“Even when there are two circles at work,” as Miriam spoke her employer’s other hand rose up, lower than the first, and started making smaller circles in the opposite direct, motions that were directly in front of her prominent breasts, “seemingly traveling in different paths, they are still harmonious, still bound by accepting the energy of the moment and flowing.”

Lin Hong’s hands continued to move, her voice had become softer, and Miriam had inched ever so slightly closer to Liam as he kept his focus on the buxom woman across from him and the steady motion of her hands.

“It is a freeing experience, to abandon what feels natural, to collide, to resist, and when you accept the path ahead of you, feeling the flow of things, acting on them, it becomes easier to think in harmony, to act in harmony, and to live in harmonious peace. We hope you feel this already, that this is relaxing your nerves, that you can abandon your tensions and apprehensions, knowing we are moving in the same soft, harmonious circles together.”

Liam felt a sense of heaviness descending on his body as he sat in the conference room with the two women. “Though it may appear that there are two circles, two paths, two directions, when all is in true harmony there is only one, moving round and round always.”

One of Ms. Hong’s hands came to rest flat on the table, but her other hand continued to move in circles in front of her breasts, and every time her motion reached its apex and started to descend, Liam felt like the simple passage of her hand moving down was also pulling on him somehow, pulling him down.

“It is always wise to listen, to accept, and to consider. There is time for choice later, when all things can be made clear and understood, and when one, like you, who listens and is open to wisdom, who does not resist the words of others, when one such as yourself becomes one as a part of the circle, freely understanding the need to move within the flow of events, within the soft energy of what occurs, as now, things will simply happen.”

You’ll love what happens next! And then what happens AFTER that!

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