Story Preview: Really Big Lessons

Really Big Lessons
A Smuthunter Story

“Professor Holt?”

Great, of course this was happening today, it had been just a matter of time before Jasmine wanted to talk to him alone. It was Thursday, the week was almost over, and Kyle just wanted to make it to the weekend, but now Jasmine was literally between him and the door. She was older than the average college senior by a few years, and he was an adjunct professor with his master in education and only a couple of years of teaching under his belt, so there wasn’t as much of an age gape…

But that just made it worse.

Jasmine Liang was, objectively speaking, gorgeous, and Kyle had no desire to be alone with her. Especially because it felt like when she looked at him she was always sizing him up to eat him alive.

Her long black hair was curled sometimes but today it was up in pigtails, and her bangs that framed her round face; that beautiful face with those bright, wide, deep dark hued brown eyes that he could always feel on him felt like they were undressing him… or seeing right through him.

Her makeup was always flattering, and looked deceptively low maintenance, but it was clear she spent a lot of time on her looks, especially on days where she pretended not to.

Jasmine closed the door to the hallway and took a step towards him. This room was empty for the next hour, so he’d have to come up with a reason to cut this short, but nothing about her made him think she’d accept a line from him.

He was the professor, he was in charge and…

Jasmine still had her summer tan, and it gave her skin a real glow, especially as the autumn got darker. Yes, Kyle knew Jasmine’s skin had a real glow to it, it was hard to miss because she showed a lot of skin.

It was short skirts, short sleeves, and low neck lines that put her cleavage on display, and boy did this young woman have a lot of cleavage. Every guy in the class was under the spell of her beauty and her tits, and some of the girls were too; it was one more thing made him not trust her.

Jasmine obviously knew she was flirting her way into everyone’s hearts and minds, and Kyle Holt had seen it before, but not like this. He’d even had to deal with flirty students before, but none of them had been Jasmine.

“I’m in a bit of a hurry,” it was true, he was in a hurry to get out of there, “what did you want to talk about?”

It felt odd to dodge one of his students, he was the one in charge, this should have been easy, but when she played with one of her pigtails and stuck out her chest…

“Oh god,” Kyle thought to himself, “she’s dressed like a school girl.”

She had a short-sleeved white blouse that was very tight, and very revealing, and she was wearing a pleated red and black plaid skirt, but instead of knee socks she had knee high black boots.

“It’ll be quick, I think,” she had a soft, low, breathy voice that felt affected with how smooth it was, “I just wanted to talk to you about deep trance.”

“Like dance music?” Kyle was genuinely confused, and mildly distracted by the sway in her hips and the bounce of her chest as she walked towards him, positioning herself between him and the door.

She laughed, “No, but that’s so funny. No, I mean like hypnosis.”

“Uh…” she looked right into his eyes and tilted her head slightly then took a very deep breath that made her very large breasts rise and then fall. “I don’t know what that has to do with American history? I think Dr. Armstrong might have written a book about…”

She laughed, “Oh I love her, I’m a psychology major, I take all her classes, but I wanted to talk to you about deeply hypnotized trance, because… you know…”

The words hung there, and he felt like he was missing some critical detail, or that she was having a conversation with someone else. “I’m sorry Jasmine, I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Some people,” she took a step towards him, leading with her breasts that he prided himself on ignoring because he was a teacher and she was his student, “get so deeply hypnotized that they black out and get amnesia. They get so deeply hypnotized that they can’t even remember being hypnotized. But I was thinking, since you’re a history teacher, history still happens even if no one remembers it. It still happens, and still has an impact even if you can’t remember, right?”

“That’s all very interesting, but…”

“But, it’s also interesting because people can be really easily hypnotized, really quickly, and I’ve been studying it for a while, and you know I’m a quick study. You know how fast I pick things up, you know how smart I am Professor Holt, so you know if I tell you I’m already a skilled hypnotist, that means I’m probably pretty good, right?”

“I’m sorry Jasmine,” he tried to look past her towards the door and gathered himself to walk past her, “I feel like this is approaching an inappropriate conversation. It wouldn’t be appropriate at all to have you practice with me if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Oh Professor,” she undid a button on her blouse and he couldn’t believe he was seeing this, “I don’t need to ask to hypnotize you. I’m good enough to entrance you whether you want it to happen or not. After all, for all you know, I’ve been hypnotizing you with my tits all quarter.”

“Jasmine this is way out of line, please move aside. I expect you to drop my class immediately, and if you don’t…”

“Then you’ll keep staring at these?” She pushed her tits together and started to massage them, “You’re no different than all the boys and some of the girls that are already under my spell, I know you’ve noticed how everyone loves me and wants to make me happy, expect you know enough to know better than to stare at my tits, and that just makes it even worse for you.”

She took a step forward and he took a step back.

“You know you’re not supposed to stare at them, especially now as they go up and down and around and round, squeezing you between them, caught in my cleavage. You know you’re not supposed to stare, but you do anywhere, and you’re doing it now, and the more you tell yourself no, the more you know you really can’t help it, the more you know you’re powerless to resist being hypnotized by my tits.”

Kyle took a step back from Jasmine and wondered why he was still staring at her tits as she pushed them up and together, nearly making them spill out of her blouse.

He wondered if it was the surreal quality of the moment, or if something actually was happening to him, and it was hard to admit to himself that he had noticed her breasts… all the time really. He’d seen her in class every day, and seen them, but he didn’t stare, at least he didn’t think he stared. He didn’t think about her outside of class, he didn’t make excuses to talk to her more, or make pretenses about having her visit him during his office hours.

No, Jasmine was just a good student, and an attractive young woman who happened to have large breasts… large, full, soft, heavy breasts that were…

“You think you know better,” he’d lost his train of thought somewhere in her dark tanned cleavage, and felt a wave of heaviness wash over him, “but that’s because you’re smart. You’re so smart, and that’s what makes this all so easy for me. Smart people think they’re too smart to be hypnotized, but the smarter you are, the better a subject you are. It’s the dumb people that are really hard to hypnotize, and you’re not dumb, so that means you’re easy to hypnotize aren’t you?”

Her words were rolling around his head, just like her breasts in her hands, and as soft and soothing, and even as encouraging as her tone had become, there was a note of authority in it, a note of force and confidence that struck him. He was prone to believing experts and authorities and despite their different statures, she was modeling the behavior of an expert… not in the way she rolled her tits around, her big, soft, heavy tits that rolled and squished and jiggled and…

“…deeply hypnotized trance. And smart people like you feel the pull, the appeal of the subconscious taking over, and depth feels different to some people, but I think your conscious mind can’t resist and you know this, so it would feel better to just surrender to deeply hypnotized trance and fall into hypnotized amnesia, where you could sleep right between my breasts, couldn’t you?”

Something had happened, something had disappeared, maybe it was a few seconds, maybe it was a minute, he didn’t know, but his eyes were locked on her breasts, and the more he tried to look away, the harder it got, and the harder it felt to try not to look at her tits, the bigger they seemed to get.

“You think should know better. You think you should be able to resist, to stop this, but you know that even though you don’t think you want to stare at my hypnotic tis, what you really want is to be put into a deeply hypnotized trance by them. Deep trance feels so good Professor Holt, deep trance makes everything else disappear, even that irritating voice in your head that’s arguing with these big tits. Your eyes know your brain’s wrong, you know you’re sinking deeper into trance now, just notice how hard it is to stand up.”

Jasmine took a step closer, and even though she was shorter than him by a head, and despite the size of her breasts the younger Asian woman seemed to be towering over him as he found himself sinking backwards to the edge of the desk as his knees went weak and a wave of heaviness washed over him.

“This is… this…” he wanted to say unacceptable, but another button on her blouse had come open on its own just from all the squeezing. His outer layers of conscious awareness were being striped away by the assault of her bouncing, jiggling breasts, and Kyle found his wandering, blinking, quieting down mind thinking about how she did look like a grown up sexy school girl, and that he did like the way she looked.

“…is hot…”

The words escaped his lips and shocked him. He felt drunk, he felt very drunk. His inhibitions stripped away, his mind too slow to be proactive all of a sudden, just a raw, reflexive mirror to the moment.

“It is,” her hands were moving in circles now, pushing them together and up and away and down then together again, “and you know you never would have said that if you weren’t already under my influence. You know you wouldn’t have said that if these hypnotic tits weren’t entrancing you and putting your conscious mind down into a very deep trance. If you think about it, you know you shouldn’t have said that, and you know you almost knew better, but you didn’t. Just like you thought you knew better than to stare at my tits all quarter long, and you thought you knew better than to admit to yourself that maybe, just maybe you had a crush on me because of them, didn’t you?”

There was something foolish and illogical about the fact Jasmine was just talking to him in one even, authoritative tone while rubbing her tits, and it didn’t make sense that it was enough to make his body feel weak and his mind even weaker. There was something silly about the idea that her big tits were enough to fascinate him and pull the thoughts out of his head, but as he recognized those things, it just made what she was doing that much more effective.

He was starting to slump down more now. Leaned against the desk as he was, that meant his back was curving and he couldn’t really lift his eyes from her breasts.

“I know you don’t want to admit it, but just think about it. I know it’s so hard to think. I know you’re getting so hard as my soft, hypnotic tits just swallow up everything else, but just think about it. You won’t remember you said it, you won’t remember admitting it to me at all, and it will be such a relief to tell me you have a crush on me and my hypnotizing, entrancing, fascinating, irresistible tits.”

Each one of those words: hypnotizing, entrancing, fascinating, irresistible, and tits were punctuated with a rub, a squeeze, or a squish, and she was so close to him now, so close that his eyes were staring down her top and every breath caught another hint of her perfume. She was all around him, and he was feeling so… so…

“…relaxed and warm and sleepy now as you stare at my soft heavy tits, like two big pillows. You can sleep, you can sink into a deep sleep, a deep trance that feels just like sleep, once you tell me you have a crush on me and my hypnotizing tits.”

Kyle tried to look away, but when his head moved his eyes stayed locked on her chest. Then, he tried to close his eyes and turn his head, but as his eyes closed he fell into the darkness and softness of her voice and forgot what he was doing.

“…feels so much better now, it feels so good to just sink deeper now. And the deeper you sink the harder you’ll stroke for me.”

His eyes opened and he realized he had his cock in his hand, pumping it, sitting in the chair behind the desk he’d been leaning on. Jasmine’s blouse was still on but unbuttoned enough that her bra was fully visible, and he couldn’t look away from her tits. He couldn’t look into her eyes, or down at his hand, he just sat there staring and pumping like a machine.

“Deep trance is so relaxing, deep trance is so peaceful, and it feels so good to forget and fall into my tits. It feels so good so sink into sleep between my breasts. My tits hypnotize you Professor Holt, my tits hypnotize you and control you now, and you want them to. You want them to make you masturbate for me, you want my hypnotic control to override the parts of you that think they need to be in control. You’re smart enough to know you only think you know better, and you’re smart enough to know that sinking deeper into trance, down into deep sleep for me is just what you need to make everything so much better.”

He tried to stop, but the more he focused on his hand, and the more he tried to speak, the faster he kept pumping and the less he had to say.


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