Story Preview: Pearl of Wisdom

Pearl of Wisdom
A Smuthunter Story

            “Hello, you must be Ben. I am Esha, Priya’s sister. This is a happy coincidence, the bar here is one of the best in town.”

            Ben looked up from his slightly too sweet to tell how strong it was cocktail and couldn’t help but smile. The woman standing over him at his booth was… exquisite.

That was the only word for her; she was simply exquisite.

            It had been hard for Ben, married or not, to not notice the women of Far Green Island, they all seemed to be perfect. The island was a former British colony a good ways off the western coast of India, and near as Ben could tell, it had just slid into independence at some point after World War Two, as it wasn’t a part of India proper and again, as near as he could tell, it never was.

He assumed they’d kept the British/English name for some reason of their own, but whatever the reason was, it was still a terrible name. From the plane the island looked like a verdant green cartoon heart, and from the ground it was a lush, beautiful place with picturesque beaches, glistening cities, and stunning women. But still, the pre-colonial name had to be netter than Far Green Island; a name that sounded like a golf resort.

            It really was a terrible name for a lovely place.

            But if he had seen beauty on the streets and the beaches, it was nothing compared to the woman standing before him in his hotel’s bar. Every hotel in the city’s downtown was nice, and the one his company had put him up in might have been the nicest one that wasn’t specifically a resort destination.

            “Yes, of course. Thank you for meeting with me,” her smile was radiant, “please sit.”

            Her bright green eyes smiled at him, and she brushed her long, thick black hair over her shoulder before setting her large designer bag down. She was wearing a matching deep red skirt and halter in the Indian style, and it showed off her muscular stomach, just like the long slit up her skirt showed off one long firm leg, but nothing about her lean, muscular physique compared to the fact her halter could barely contain her massive breasts. They were a sight, all pushed together by her top, and their size made Ben feel a little inappropriate just recognizing how luscious and beautiful they were.

            Her makeup seemed modest, but he couldn’t tell, he could never tell, and she wore thin golden bracelets around her wrists, as well as unadorned golden rings on her fingers, but the style and cut of her clothing and her jewelry was altogether modern. She did not look like a Bollywood character from a period piece, though Ben didn’t really know what that would have looked like either.

            Esha sat across from him in the booth and then raised her hand to flag down their waiter. Everyone on the island spoke flawless English, and Ben understood why and how this place had become such an exclusive vacation destination, and middle point for business negotiations. He was here for both, and having had his last official meeting earlier in the day, the next three days would be nothing but drinking and sight seeing disguised as networking and informal meetings.

            He’d wanted to bring his wife Nora along with him, but things didn’t line up with childcare, and schedules. But now, having been here once, he’d make a point to try and come back here again with her. Though… it was not a cheap destination.

            Still, if things went as well as he thought they had…

            “I’m sorry,” Ben had a moment of realization as he stared at the beautiful, impossibly buxom woman sitting across from him, “Priya did tell you…” he fidgeted with his wedding ring.

            “Oh,” Esha put her hand on his and stopped him, “yes, of course. And no, this is not a date.” She spoke with a British accent, like everyone on the island, but there was a softness to hers and a musicality to her words he hadn’t heard in anyone else’s voice.

“But,” he felt the softness of her skin and she gave his hand a friendly squeeze, “my sister is always trying. If you look around, you’ll see many of the women here dress in this fashion, while many of them also enjoy more western looks. It’s about comfort more than tradition, but she said you were, and I am sorry to be so blunt, so in love with your wife that I could finally meet an American business man and not have to fight off his advances.”

            Ben slowly pulled his hand from hers and took a long drink, then laughed and smiled, “I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with that. I know some guys like that, and as soon as they are out of town, they forget how to behave… well, if they even knew how in the first place.”

            “Priya was right, you are kind. Tell me, how do you like the island?”

            She fixed him with her emerald green eyes as she asked him the question, and she lifted her hand from the table to her chest. Her French tipped nails danced along a very thin golden chain around her neck that he hadn’t noticed before. But in fairness, it was hard to notice anything past her breasts without really staring, and Ben was really making a point not to stare.

            “It’s wonderful, everyone here is friendly, the food is delicious, the scenery is beautiful. This place is a paradise. But,” he stopped as the waiter arrived and she ordered one of what he was drinking then asked him if he would like another. He did.

            “But, what’s it like to live here? It seems like there’s a lot of tourists and people on business trips.” Her eyes were so vibrant, so alive, that looking into them felt like looking into a friend’s eyes. There was something familiar in their sparkle, something welcoming in their bright green focus on him.

            “Oh,” she smiled at his curiosity as she gave a considered and genuine little laugh while her fingers plucked up a single, perfectly spherical, large marble sized pearl dangling from that thin gold chain that disappeared into her halter The sight of the pearl on the thin chain that sat in her pressed together cleavage was a sight to behold. “It’s like any place.”

            Of course, Ben didn’t mean to behold it.

And he didn’t mean to stare at her breasts as she gave the chain a little twist that sent the pearl spinning. Looking at her, seeing those dark, beautiful breasts, and that perfect pearl on that fine thin golden chain, Ben thought that this place had to be like nowhere else.

They sat there for a moment, and his eyes followed the pearl’s little spinning dance as she tugged on the chain. Ben did his best not to drool over her breasts, but in the silence of the moment, watching the pearl, he couldn’t help but stare. It was a nice and warm, and welcoming sight. It was captivating, and not in a lewd way, in a beautiful, and compelling, sensual way.

Her breasts were perfect, huge and perfect, and he thought there was no way they were real, but it didn’t matter. He just saw the pearl dangle there, framed by their overwhelming, enthralling size and shape, and he watched it spin and swing slightly.

It was becoming hypnotic, and Ben was starting to forget what they had been talking about, then the waiter came back with their drinks.

How long had they been sitting there in silence?

How long had he been sitting there, entranced by her spinning pearl and those rising and falling breasts?

            She stopped toying with her necklace and took a sip from her drink,  “We do have a quite a few visitors and tourism and outside commerce makes up quite a bit of our economy, but we’ve built ourselves up to be indispensible in some ways, and we have our own smaller industries. Still, no place is perfect, don’t you agree?”

            Her eyes were looking deep into his, and he found himself held by her gaze and the softness in her voice. The world seemed quieter now, and the background noise of the bar felt like it was further away. He took another drink, and out of absentminded habit, touched his wedding ring. Her eyes were green pools of warm, welcoming light that swallowed him up for a moment.

            Her eyes were smiling at him, holding him still, keeping his focus, and things seemed to slow down in the growing quiet. He couldn’t help but notice her fingers stroke the chain of her necklace, but as she took a small sip, and he felt himself want to do the same thing, the moment ended.

            It was always a danger to fall in love with your vacation spot, but Ben was more worried about falling into Esha’s cleavage. He wasn’t looking, he’d pulled his gaze away with the last drink, but it was hard to ignore the little shifts of motion as she kept playing with the chain, or now, toying with the pearl itself.

She was rubbing it between her thumb and forefinger as her eyes stayed locked on his, and it felt like a challenge. Could he match her stare again, or did he feel the need to look at what her fingers were doing?

Esha was silent as she waited for his response, but her fingers kept moving, and his eye caught a glimpse of the sparkling golden designs on her deep red halter.

She was, he felt, maybe too dressed up for what this was supposed to be, and he wondered what else Priya, the woman who’d been his local partner on this merger, had told her sister.

Priya was a great co-worker, easy to talk to, easy to work with, and Ben had found her both very agreeable, and also easy to agree with when she made a point or had a strong idea.

Ben also wondered if they were actually sisters, since they did not look that much alike. Priya was shorter and her skin and hair were lighter, and they had very different noses. Priya’s was small and slightly upturned, and Ben noticed it because of how she wore her glasses, but Esha’s nose was larger and somewhat hawkish, and her skin was considerably darker. But the truth was, he didn’t know if the difference in their skin tone was a tan or actual genetics, because he didn’t know anything about people from this part of the world.

There was a similarity in their movements though, they were both graceful and seemed purposeful in everything they did. Priya also had, what anyone would call a great rack, but not to the same extent as Esha’s. Ben had noticed Priya’s chest, but he hadn’t thought about his co-worker’s breasts until now.

They were large, but they were small compared to her sister’s.

“Well,” he’d kept his eyes mostly on hers by the time he finally answered.

It had only been a few seconds, or had it really only been a few seconds, but the test of those gently rising and falling breasts that were all pushed together in her top and the smooth pearl rolling between her fingers had made it seem much longer.

Or maybe… maybe it had been much longer, “Every place has its problems. I’m from Connecticut, and the winters are too cold, and the summers are too humid.”

The pearl dropped from her fingers and his eyes fell to it on reflexive instinct, following the motion as it bounced down onto the stretched fabric of her top.

 “Now Ben,” she chuckled, “have you had a chance to enjoy the island yet? Have you seen any of the sights, or has it all been work for you?”

She folder her fingers on the table, then tented and folded, then refolded them over and over as she spoke. It really didn’t help Ben’s focus that her posture was perfect, which meant her chest was sticking out over her ever-moving fingers.

“It’s been work since I got here, but starting tonight I get to enjoy myself properly, and maybe find an excuse to do so light work. Priya didn’t tell me anything about you. What do you do?”

“Oh, well, after graduate school I spent a few years in public relations, working for a tech company in Toronto, and then I came home to take a job in our government doing much the same thing.”

Her voice had taken on a slower and less conversational cadence, It felt like everything she said was a question and a statement all at once, and every word fell in time with her hands moving. Ben found his focus dipping from her emerald green eyes down to her hands, and her pearl, and the gold designs on her red halter, and of course, her gently rising and falling breasts.

Each word, each thought, each breath pulled him into her softness, and pulled him into the motion of her fingers and her pearl, pulling his attention more and more towards those rising and falling, soft, warm, heavy and full breasts.

 He sat in silence watching her breathe, seeing the smooth, perfect pearl right between her tits. The gold on the halter caught the light of the hotel bar, and as she shifted slightly while her breasts rose and fell, and rose and fell as he stared in silence, blinking as his eyelids started to feel strangely heavy.

He felt himself blink, and his shoulders sank down just a little bit. He didn’t realize he was tense or nervous, but in the silence, in the soft silence of her slowly rising and falling breasts, and the gentle roll of that perfect pearl, so round and smooth, smoothly rolling, and rising and falling, and he felt his breath slow just a little, just enough to feel himself really sit back and relax.

“You really should just relax Ben, you’re still in work mode. You should be on vacation,” her voice rose as she spoke, taking on more energy until she looked deep into his eyes, “you should really just relax and enjoy the sights.”

With those last words her voice softened again, and the slight, easy shift of her words made him blink and feel just a little heavier and more relaxed in his seat.

 Still, ben felt bad about having accidentally started to stare at her breasts for so long, and told himself he wouldn’t do it again. He blinked away the heaviness in his eyes, then took a drink to buy some time and remember what they were talking about.

Her bright green eyes met his and he smiled at her smile, “Do you… uh… do you want to stay in government?”

She broke her gaze from his and looked down at her drink as she removed the straw before she took another sip from the glass.

“I think so, yes. Women have been leading our government and setting our national conversation for the last eighty years, and I feel like there are many doors open for me there. How about you, what is your great ambition Ben?”

He drank and she drank, “I think I’m supposed to want to get very rich and retire early, but I like all this. I like the day to day of helping to steer the ship, and I like the big moments when it all comes together. It all feels, I guess it feels like something, like I’m actually doing something with my life.”

“You like being away from your wife, don’t you?” She took another sip of her drink and resumed toying with her pearl in the same way, rolling ii between her fingers causing it to shift back and forth, tugging at his focus and pulling his gaze back to her breasts again and again.

Now the pearl rolled from the tip of her thumb, down to the webbing and then back. She would also hold it still for a moment at the tip for her thumb before slowly rolling it back and forth, starting small, and then rolling it wider and wider.

“I wouldn’t say that.” He made a choice to meet her gaze and smile.

Her eyes were so soft and so green. They were so gentle and bright, and they felt safer than her inviting, heavy breasts… that were rising and falling with her deep, steady, slow breath, deep, and steady and relaxing and slow like his own breath.

He felt himself sink down into his chair again, and for a moment, just a moment he felt like closing in his eyes.

Then, Ben was looking deep into her eyes, watching the pearl move at his periphery, and then he was staring at her chest again, watching that heavy, warm, relaxing rise and fall, and rise and fall and, “I…” he felt his eyes fluttering and his head tilting down, and it was… what was he talking about… “I don’t like being away from her, I wanted to bring her, but the kid and…”

He was trying not to close his eyes, and he was trying not to look at her tits, and he was trying to keep the conversation going, and her soft laugh, and the soft touch of her hand on his brought him back into her bright green eyes.

“No, no,” her voice was even softer and apologetic for a moment, then it returned to its normal conversational timbre, “I meant to say that you like being your own man, you enjoy it. It is very natural and American of you to feel so driven by your work.”

She lifted the pearl up just a touch and instead of rolling it between her fingers, she pinched it from the bottom between her thumb and middle finger to roll it up an down, resting her hand on her breast as she did so.

“Your people have a tendency to concentrate yourselves into one thing. You concentrate on defining yourself on an outside action, on something you do, but you miss the forest through the trees. You concentrate so intently on one action that you think defines yourself, like a job or a relationship, that you do not see, you do not concentrate fully only what is in front of you.”

It felt like her cleavage was right in front of him now, and he was dedicated to not staring at it, but his eye was still led by the motion of the pearl, and his eyelids were getting heavier, and the undeniable, sensual beauty of her breasts wasn’t easy to deny.

Plus her hand was still on his, and he felt her warm, soft skin and the heaviness of her touch as she let it rest on his.

“You do not see that you are a focused person, a concentrated and motivated person,” she dropped the pearl, and reached for her drink and squeezed his hand in hers.

“Deep down inside, you are all active and ambitious, it is the American way, always moving, always doing, always so industrious. But when you think of who you are, you never think of yourself that way.”

Ben slid his hand away from hers, and while she didn’t try to hold his hand, she left hers resting on his, so he felt the caress of her fingers as he pulled away to take another drink.

“I am sorry, I should remember that Americans are not as casual with touch as we are.”

Esha brought her hand from the table and then looped her finger through the chain. She started to toy with it, tugging the chain back and forth, making the pearl rise up and down in little bobs right above her breasts.

“You are a very external people,” her voice was light, and her words flowed slowly, gently, steadily washing over him in waves of welcoming, encouraging relaxation, “everything outside, everything outward. It does make you able to truly focus, to concentrate out, and take in so much.”

Every observation was inviting him to agree, and to just follow her. The confidence in her statements, the logic all called out to him and welcomed him to just agree with those thoughts. Soft and welcoming and warm and relaxing as her breasts rising and falling, rising and falling just like the bobbing pearl, flawless and perfect, just like her logic.

Esha made it so easy for him to concentrate outwardly, to focus on what was in front of him, to take it all in. He wasn’t looking inward, he wasn’t reflecting, he was just focused on what was in front of him, focused on her.

Then, slowly, he took a deep breath, and blinked, then sat up a little straighter. It was impossible for Ben to keep staring at her breasts, but it was also impossible for him to look away. Every time he made himself look back up into her eyes, that warm, welcoming green met him and swallowed him up in their light, making everything feel okay.

Her eyes told him it was okay to just relax and sink into the moment, it was okay to watch the motion of the smooth white pearl, it was okay for Ben to follow it down to her smooth, dark, massive breasts.

He was getting so… sleepy… heavy… his brain felt slow, and he wondered if the drinks were stronger than he thought, but he wasn’t a lightweight, and this was only his second one. For two drinks to make him feel this way, there was no way to hide the how strong they would really have to be.

“It make you build up so much inside of yourselves, all of that external focus,” her voice was getting softer and Ben felt himself lean in a little closer to hear her.

“It makes you achieve this bottlenecks, this concentration of emotional energy and focus that you need to fit into certain ideas of yourself, but I see that I’m simply talking at you, not to you, hoping you will listen, taking for granted how you are prone to concentrate so outwardly.”

She stopped toying with the pearl and untangled her finger from the chain, then gently pushed it down between her breasts and her halter, making it disappear from sight. His eyes followed Esha’s fingers as she brushed then across her collarbone and then to subconsciously toy with her hair.

But as her hand moved up, her eyes swallowed his focus, and he was swimming in a sea of green.

“I should not be demanding your focus this way while I lecture you about your own culture, especially when I see you trying to take what I am saying to heart. Listening and paying attention, but hearing so much and losing track of this and that. You’re a very polite man Ben, and a much better listener than many men I know. I’m glad to be out here with you. Especially…”

She shifted and put her elbow on the table, then rested her cheek on her palm, “…because your mind is clearly still in work mode. I see it in your eyes. I see you listening, internalizing, and understanding me, even if you do not hear everything I am saying. Yes, you are still in work mode, but you are so focused and relaxed, listening, looking deep into my eyes now, you are becoming unfocused. Focused and unfocused, listening, when you are not hearing, but it is plane, you are happy to be here with me too, and that is good, because if you let me, I will help you get into vacation mode.”

She teased tugging on the chain again, her eyes dropping down to her hand, then back up into his eyes, smiling as she did.

“I see you absorbing everything I say, and storing it, not to think about now, but to understand now. It’s so you can understand me, what to say to me, how to think about how I think, so you can speak to me in my own way. It’s very good to be open and to listen, you are so focused Ben, and since you concentrate on your job so much, and your mind is still in work mode, it means you are completely concentrated on me, aren’t you? Yes, you are, but you are still thinking too much for yourself to really be able to relax and enjoy your vacation. And don’t you want to finally relax? I can help you if you let me. I can help you stop thinking so much and just be here, in the moment, relaxed and open, so you can truly, deeply relax and enjoy yourself here.”

Her other hand traced the rim of her glass, but since she was leaning forward it meant her tits were practically on the table as she spoke. Ben found himself drawn to her finger on the glass, then to her breasts as she took a long, deep, slow breath that made them rise and then fall.

It would be nice to just turn that work side of his brain off.

It would be nice to stop thinking so critically and strategically.

Esha was right, he did internalize what people said, and he did chance himself to better work with them, and to understand how they thought. It was what made him good at what he did, but it really would be nice turn that part of himself and just relax.

Ben wanted to just relax, and Esha was a very relaxing, very soothing presence. It was easy to just look deep into her eyes, so deep into the warm, sparkling green of her eyes, eyes that said it was okay.

It was okay to stare at her breasts. To just do what all Americans like himself did, to focus on what was in front of him, to focus outwardly, and she was outwardly in front of him.

“Wouldn’t you like me to help you relax and really begin your vacation?’

You might think you know where this one is going… and you’re right… but you don’t know all of where it’s going! It’s over 12k words of nonstop hypnoboobs and sexual brainwashing.


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