Story Preview: I Can Help You if You Let Me

I Can Help You If You Let Me
A Smuthunter Story

“So what brings you to my office Mr. Anders?”

Joseph Anders sat forward on the leather couch with his elbows on his knees. He felt more than a little anxious being there, not because he was against mental health, or even against the somewhat woo woo idea of hypnotherapy, but because of how he’d gotten there. After his breakup with his fiancé, one of his buddies recommended this woman to him, but it felt more like being set up on a blind date than any kind of actual professional; referral.

“Well, my friend Kyle mentioned that you’d helped him a lot and… well, he also said he told you about me, so, I don’t know, I mean, I don’t know what he told you, but I was engaged, now I’m not, and now things just haven’t been going all that great for me. I’m stressed out at work, I’m distracted, and I can’t stop thinking about her, and what went wrong.”

Joseph, who usually went by his last name as a holdover from his younger days, even though he was only barely 30 and wasn’t even close to being old, kind of wished this had been a blind date and not a professional meeting. This woman, Ms. Kumi Sato, would have been enough to make any man forget about an ex.

She had deep, dark brown eyes, soft facial features including high, round cheeks, a narrow nose, and a radiant smile that came naturally to her. Her, long straight hair was also a soft, vibrant, light brown, and matched her warm, softly dark complexion. She wore her hair down her back, and tucked behind her ears that had multiple piercings in both lobes, and in the cartilage of her left her.

Her modest makeup accentuated her eyes, and her smile, and her white mock-turtleneck and gray blazer minimized what Anders, as anyone would have, saw to be a truly tremendous pair of breasts. They were huge, they were porn star tits on her small frame, and there was something more than a little risqué about her long, leather skirt that he’d seen when she greeted him. The skirt also matched her black, pointed toe, leather boots.

There was something forceful about her, some energy that was beyond confidence, some kind of dominance that radiated off of her, one that was enhanced by her congenial, friendly, and warm presentation and likely, nature. Her smile was too warm, and there was something else intangible about her, just like her aura of dominance, that made her seem genuinely warm and welcoming. Maybe it was professional training, maybe it was those huge tits, but whatever it was, it was intensely disarming and welcoming.

Ms. Kumi Sato seemed like she could control any room she walked into, and that was especially true of her own office.

“I’m always happy when clients refer new customers to me since I believe so strongly in my work, but I know how intoxicating, for lack of a better word, the feeling of doing this work can be for some people, I do not charge for first sessions from referrals. It’s not like I’m a movie or a show a friend recommends, after all. And I don’t want anyone to think there’s anything dishonest going on, especially given how some people tend to think about hypnosis and how it works.”

She smiled, and her frankness and the modesty of her office also made her more welcoming, and compelling. The couch was nice, and there was a recliner in the room as well, plus her desk and a few file cabinets and some art on the walls he didn’t really register. Her place was in an office park at the end of a section next to a vacant unit, and even through the blinds were closed it still got some natural light.

“Kyle became a sort of true believer after a few sessions with me, and I say that because for some people hypnosis really does unlock a part of themselves they haven’t been in touch with, or don’t have a strong relationship with. It’s invigorating for those people, but their experiences can set unrealistic expectations for both results, and for emotional impact, so what I try and lead with is this, I can help you if you let me. And ultimately letting me help you, is you giving yourself permission to be helped, and to engage with what I do. So, you might even say it’s a question of helping me help you.”

As she said the line from a movie that was about as old as he was, she smiled and made the frantic arm gestures to go along with the “help me help you” quote, and they both had a little laugh.

“Kyle really had great things to say about you,” Anders smiled at her, meeting her bright smile with one of his own and another laugh. His friend hadn’t mentioned how attractive she was, and certainly hadn’t brought up her tits. “But he’s always been a pretty down to earth guy. That’s why I’m here.”

“I know it’s silly, but turning yourself over to the process is one way to think about hypnosis. It is a mode of abdicating authority to the hypnotist, which allows the power of suggestions to facilitate and program the subconscious mind, with those suggestions being things that the patient….” She really did radiant confidence, dominance, and warmth, and her explanation was fascinating him as much if not more than her beauty.

“Sorry, we aren’t supposed to say subject anymore but I do prefer subject for my own reasons. As I was saying, it’s about what you, the subject, already wants on some level. So in that mode hypnosis simply allows and reinforces a core desire. The other mode, and this can be helpful to understand too, because you may find yourself agreeing with one more than the other, is that the power of suggestion is strong and deeply affecting, and that your agreement to participate in trance, your agreement and desire to be hypnotized by me when you come to see me, allows and engages external force and authority through suggestion to make change.”

She folded her hands on her desk and he noticed her natural black painted fingernails, “In short, some people think suggestion is a structure, and others think suggestion is a force. The structure lets you mediate your conversation with your self, and the force moves that conversation in a direct and meaningful way. Either way, it’s two ways of talking about the same thing. And I know it’s interesting to think about which one may feel more applicable to you, but the subconscious mind, the part of the self that is not governed by conscious or analytical, critical thought is the part of you that reacts to this, not what you may be thinking, or not thinking sounds more like you, or, in this moment, maybe not like you at all.”

She didn’t have any rings or bracelets on her hands or wrists, and reached out to brush at a small gold hoop earing before she continued. “I want you to understand the tools and processes we can use, so I can help you if you let me, and you can only make an informed choice about letting me help you it you understand on a conscious level what we are doing, because the conscious mind can get in the way of the subconscious mind’s ability to be open, after all the conscious mind is the critical filter that processes everything you see, or hear, and even what you think about what you think about the things you think about, so hypnosis, regardless of the mode you think might be most affecting, is most effective in helping the conscious mind detach and…”

She clapped her hands together over her head like a genie granting a wish and shouted, “Sleep.”

Anders had fallen into the complicated and circular logic of her explanation, caught up in both her authority, her disarming charm, and gravity of her breasts which seemed to radiate out from her as a welcoming, but the more she talked and the more some of her phrases seemed to fall back on themselves and start over, the more overloaded his brain was becoming from the information that he could mostly follow.

Then, as she paused mid sentence, he felt his own brain pause, and the sudden, loud clap and her raised voice, combined with the actual word she said, made his brain wholly short out. Anders felt his eyes close, and his body slump forward even more.

Kumi’s voice was softer as she started to speak again, but no less warm, and no less confident, “Mr. Anders, I want you to take a nice deep breath in, and as you breathe out I want you to open your eyes, open your eyes and look deep into my eyes. And as you do, I want you to notice how easy it is to be open and honest with me. By going into trance just now you’ve shown me you are receptive to my help, and you can show yourself you are receptive to me by noticing how easy it can be to follow the suggestion that it just feels natural and good to be open and honest. Hypnotic suggestion bypasses the conscious mind, even in a light trance, and that’s why it is so easy for you to accept these suggestions and do this for me. When you agree with this suggestion, you will take that deep breath and open your eyes in 3, 2, 1.”

While she spoke, as his eyes were shut and his thoughts felt distant, the words he heard started to fit together into an organized line of reasoning, like a puzzle taking shape, but one of the pieces didn’t seem to fit. He took a deep breath, and as she said “one” Anders opened his eyes.

“Pretty neat, huh?” She smiled wide at him, ‘How do you feel?”

“That was really surprising, but… which one is it?”

Kumi’s smile changed and the left corner of her mouth went up in curious interest, “Which what?”

Anders felt a calming heaviness in the front of his mind, and a soft, abstract distance away from all of himself, like he was only at ninety percent. “You said I can, and then I will, and you said when I agree, but then you also said it would happen when you counted, so it’s not really a choice right? You were making me think it was my idea and you just, you just hypnotized me out of the blue without saying it was going to happen or…”

“Yes, and if you didn’t want it to happen you wouldn’t have gone into trance,” her brown eyes were soft and welcoming, and even though they were deep and dark, they were bright and sparkling. “Well, that’s not entirely true, some things happen in a kind of statistically assumption that makes it essentially uniform, but when it doesn’t ‘work’, the subject, see it’s automatic for me to think in terms of subject and hypnotist, not hypnotist and patient, well, the subject or patient, closes their eyes for a second, but then they bounce back wide awake instantly and reflexively, because the human mind is very good at protecting itself and its own interests. So, for you to go under and then stay under for as log as you did, even as short as it was, that was an act of willing compliance on your part. And you’re willing to be hypnotized because you came to me to be hypnotized, and that does so much to help the process.”

It was funny, as she spoke this time her voice was clear and smooth, and she gestured with her hands, but Anders found himself staring directly into her eyes and only her eyes, even as her hands seemed to move around more and more at his periphery. He realized that she’d told him to look into her eyes too, and when he realized that was what was happening, that he’d started to do what she’d said, he felt himself slowly blinking, as her hand motions were making his focused eyes heavier and heavier.

“The suggestion I gave you, to be open and honest with me, a suggestion that most people feel is already an implied and inherent suggestion when going to any kind of mental health professional like myself, is really just an affirmation, which ties back to what I was saying earlier about the modes of effect that hypnosis has. And now, knowing that you can be hypnotized, and are willing to be hypnotized, and that you can accept my suggestions, and have accepted the suggestions I gave you, and knowing that I suggested that you look deep into my eyes, knowing that we both know that that’s the sort of thing a hypnotist says when they are hypnotizing you into a deep sleep, and knowing that as your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier as you stare deeper and deeper into my hypnotizing eyes, which we both know are very hypnotic, and what’s your favorite color?”

She’d started talking with her hands moving them along as she explained things, but the longer she talked, the more her hands started to take on a patterned waving motion moving back and forth in front of her eyes until one hand dropped, and the other hand kept waving until she asked him what his favorite color was.

He listened to her talking, explaining, following the logic again as he stayed staring into her eyes even as his own eyelids were getting heavier, and it was harder and harder to focus as her hand kept moving, but when she asked him his favorite color his brain paused and then had to some to life to answer it, but before he could say green she snapped her fingers in front of his face and said “Sleep” very forcefully again.

He felt himself sag forward again, his eyes closed down, his chin dropping and his shoulder slumping. And again she started to speak with the same warm and confident tone he’d used the last time he closed his eyes, and it felt like her voice was wrapping around him and washing over him.

“You’re doing so well, and you’re taking to this so naturally. I know that my approach of showing you, or demonstrating hypnosis through these tricks is unorthodox, but as a practiced and experienced hypnotist I’ve learned that this approach is the most effective. Now, if you want me to help you, I want you to tell me what your favorite color is. And if you want to wake up from trance now, or at any point in the future, just say the words out loud I want to wake up, remembering that you are still feeling open and honest, completely open and honest now, so open and so honest that the truth just happens on its own, without having to consciously think or decide. Now, what’s your choice?”

“I want to wake up.” The words came to him before he could get the word green out. He’d thought of green. He’d wanted to say green. He was ready to say it and to go on with whatever she had in mind, but when he opened his eyes he was glad he’d said what he’d said.

She’d taken off her blazer in the short time his eyes were closed and she’d walked around to the front of her desk. Her white mock-turtleneck was sleeveless and while her learn, well defined arms were a nice sight, they couldn’t compete with how her top fit her body, and how much more pronounced it made her huge breasts.

“You’re out of trance now, but you may still be feeling the lingering effects of the suggestions I gave you, so tell me why you wanted to wake up.” Her voice was so smooth, and strong, and so demanding, plus she’d confirmed something he’d wondered as well about the suggestions she’d given him.

“I want you to hypnotize me again.” That had been a surprise, and it had come out of some part of himself he couldn’t have guessed at, while being an answer that felt very true.

“Oh,” it made Kumi smile at him and even laugh a little, and as he stared at her, his eyes lingering on her chest in spite of himself, he realized he felt a real urge to please her the way he would for a new crush. He made a point to look deep into her eyes while trying to push the thought out of his head. And as he stared deep into her eyes, he remembered the suggestion, or was it an instruction she’d given him early to look deep into her eyes, and as he looked into the soft brown depths of her bright eyes, he felt a wave of softness wash over his brain. “I was going to do that anyway, but that’s good to know. But now I really want to know what your favorite color is. So, stand up, move over to the chair, and we’ll see about hypnotizing you again.”

Anders stood up, moving with a surprising sort of compulsory ease, and as he stood and walked over to the recliner that Kumi had also walked over to, he noticed again that he was a head taller than her, even with her boots on. She was small, and her tits looked to be almost the size of her head. He couldn’t believe Kyle hadn’t mentioned that about her, but as he thought about her tits, his somewhat foggy mind led his strangely heavy eyes back to her breasts.

He sat down, and she smiled, and the smile felt like a reward, and once again he found himself staring deep into her eyes and remembering the instruction she’d given him. This time when he made eye contact with her, her smiled widened and it felt like her eyes were smiling at him too. “Pull the foot rest up and lean back just enough so you can still stare straight ahead when I stand here. And what’s your favorite color?”

As he leaned back, ‘straight ahead’ turned into ‘eye level with her chest’, and to take his mind off her breasts that he was thinking were so big he couldn’t really think about anything else, he finally answered her question, “I think it’s a tie between green and gold.”

Anders looked up as he answered, self conscious about his line of sight, and the ever so slight stirring between his legs, and she nodded, her smile replaced with a look of focused consideration.

“Hmmm… I think, green…” she bit her lower lip and squinted, and her hand came to rest on her collar just above her breast, “No, based on what you said, gold. You’d like the gold option more.”

She smiled as she said that, and her eyes lit up, then she walked over to her desk, opened a drawer and started rooting around, “Perfect, here we go, I never get to use this with clients, for obvious reasons.”

The smile was a little flicker of warmth, and when he saw her in profile without her blazer on, he got an even better sense of how tight her top was, and in turn, even more fascinating appreciation of her amazing breasts.

She closed the drawer and walked back over to stand in front of him with something clasped in her hands. “If a client says black, I start this portion by having them close their eyes. If they say white, I have them picture a cloud, and if they say a few other colors I have pendulums with colored stones, crystals, even a metronome. They’re meditation pieces, but this…”

She held up her hand and dropped a gold pocket watch dangling from a chain. “No one ever says gold. I have a silver one too. But I use this visual element, either as eye fixation,” the pocket watch started to swing back and forth just above his eye level, and just above her breasts, “or for guided meditation. Favorite colors ground people and relax them. Now, just watch the watch as it swings back and forth.”

Anders’s chin tilted up ever so slightly, “Just let your chin drop back down, that’s it, and follow the watch back and forth with your eyes. Focus on the gold of the watch, and follow it with your eyes, watching it swinging back and forth at this tempo, just following it as it swings.”

The watch was swinging just above his eye line, and based on how he was reclining, right in front of her very pronounced breasts.

“That’s right, just watch the watch now, and yes, you are being hypnotized again, and yes, it is by a pocket watching swinging back and forth, making your eyes heavier and heavier with every gentle swing. Let your eyes just follow the watch and fall into the pattern. There’s no need to anticipate where the watch is going, you see its path, just like this process…”

He blinked as he followed the watch swinging in front of her breasts, breasts that stood out against her sleeveless, white top, a top that was much tighter than he realized. Staring in the direction of her breasts, seeing them as an immense backdrop to the watch, the watch he was following automatically now, following the strong, leading power of her voice, her instructive, deliberate, softly domineering voice, the urge to stop following the watch and just stare at her massive chest was making his eyes even more tired.

“That’s right, just blink when you feel like it, just let your whole body naturally respond to what’s happening now.” As she said that, he felt another little stir between his legs, his body involuntarily responding to the permissive suggestion his cock apparently took literally.

She smiled down at him, and he saw it before his vision narrowed back to the watch, back and forth and back and forth to the watch and her breasts, from her breasts to the watch, watching the watching swinging back and forth in front of her breasts… to her breast… to the watch…

“We both know I know exactly what I’m doing, and we both know I can hypnotize you quickly and easily, just like you can be hypnotized quickly and easily, and want to be hypnotized again by me. So just keep watching the watch swinging back and forth, and as your eyes get heavier and heavier, just focus more and more on the soft golden shine of the pocket watch. So soft, and calming, so soft and welcoming as you notice how warm it is. Soft and warm, warm and sleepy, sleepy and soft, just like your eyes.”

Anders was blinking more, his eyes were fluttering and the pocket watch looked so warm, and the golden shine of it was so easy on his eyes, and so familiar and welcoming. Gold had always felt like a warm color to him, and he started to notice how much warmer and heavier his whole boy was becoming as he watched the soft, golden watch leading his eyes back and forth in front of her… huge… soft… heavy… warm…

“That’s it, just feeling your eyelids getting heavier and heavier, soft and warm, warm and sleepy, sleepy and soft.” The watch was swinging slower now, slower and slower in front of her huge… “Soft and warm, warm and sleepy, sleepy and soft, as everything slows down. Slow, deep breaths, slow, quiet, fading thoughts as you just watch the watch.”

The pocket watch barely had an arc to its swing, and I was just dangling there, like his eyes were barely staying open as he felt golden light washing over him, through his eyes, into his brain, and flowing through his entire body as he floated on the edge of…

“Soft and warm, warm and sleepy, sleepy and soft, your eyelids are starting to close, and you know when they close you will sink into a deeply hypnotized trance, and you want to be hypnotized, you enjoy being hypnotized, so just keep you eyes open just as long as you can. Just stare at the warm golden watch, just focus on holding on to the warm golden light as it spreads through you from head to toe with every swing. Soft and warm, warm and sleepy, sleepy and soft, just try and keep your heavy eyes open until they just…”

The pocket watch stopped swinging right in front of her breasts, and then it started to twirl at the end of the chain, and as it started to twist and spin, Kumi snapped her fingers and said, “SLEEP!”

The word hit him between the eyes, loud, and strong, and forceful, more forceful and so much louder than the softness, and the progressively quieter and quieter, smoother and softer words. It was jarring, but instead of waking him up, it shocked his eyes closed and he started to fall down into the blackness behind his eyes, down through the warm golden light that filled him up, and down into total emptiness.

He thought he heard himself let out a soft moan of pleasure and relaxation, like his mind and body released a heavy burden, and felt unburdened by everything, even any self awareness of his growing, but still generally undetectable erection.

“Soft and warm, warm and sleepy, sleepy and soft, feeling the warm golden light of my voice washing over you. Feeling my words relaxing you more, filling you more with soft, warm, golden light, helping you to be as open and honest with me as you need to be for the help you want. Just feeling what you’re feeling, hearing only my voice, listening to my words, and feeling yourself free now, so free to just feel, respond, and react openly and honestly.”

Her voice was still strong and forceful, still dominating with its focus, but it was smooth again and gently strong again. “Soft and warm, warm and sleepy, sleepy and soft, eyes closed and mind quiet, sinking down and down, deeper into hypnotized trance, feeling your conscious mind drifting into passive acceptance, opening your subconscious mind up to the sound of my voice, and accepting my words, knowing that I can help you if you let me, and the more you let go and sink now, the more I can give you the help you have come for… the help that you want. And you’re here so I can help you. You’re here because you believe my hypnosis can and will help you.”

Anders felt himself sinking into the chair as she spoke, feeling waves of golden light washing over him and filling him up with a deep sense of quiet and calm, filling the void with warmth and relaxation, filling him with deep, easy pleasure. “And when you feel yourself opening up, letting the conscious voice inside your mind find the deep peace and quiet of deep trance, when you can be open and honest with how easy it is to listen, and to feel, and to just open yourself up to my voice, my words, and my help, I want you to open your eyes for me in agreement, and focus on the soft, warm, welcoming golden pocket watch again, finding yourself naturally drawn to your favorite color, and naturally drawing my voice deeper inside your mind as you do.”

Anders opened his eyes and saw the pocket watch dangling right where it was before, slowly swinging back and forth in front of her breasts again. And the sight of her breasts, and the warm golden light, and her voice filled up the empty, peacefulness inside his mind, relaxing him more, and causing more blood to flow down into his cock. He stared at the pocket watch, getting harder and harder with every swing, oblivious to himself, focused only on her.

“Soft and warm, warm and sleepy, sleepy and soft, letting yourself watch the watch again, feeling your eyes being led back and forth and back and forth, comfortable and familiar now, easy now, so easy to follow my watch and my words now. We both know I know exactly what I’m doing, and the more you trust that, the more you agree, and the more you agree, the easier it is for me to help you, and if you are ready to let me truly help you now, just keep watching the watch, opening your eyes to keep watching it swing every time they close.”

He sat there, quiet, feeling strangely passive, and strangely comfortable staring at the watch, following its soft golden color, and also staring at her massive breasts in her tight, flattering top. He was fully erect, and it felt safe, I felt natural and normal for him to be this aroused by her huge tits and the sound of her voice, after all she told him, and he agreed, just like she said, that she knew exactly what she was doing.

“Coping with the end of a relationship is hard Joseph,” the way she said hard and the way she said his first name, softer, breathier, and it made something else inside him melt. “It’s very hard, and it can feel like there’s nothing you can do about it, except for just moving on. We end up in circular thinking, trapping ourselves in a pattern of thought that just wears the grooves of our thoughts deeper into our minds. But just by being here you are starting to do something.”

Her words were so powerful, so confident and understanding, and ever since she started waving her pocket watch in front of her breasts, starting this latest journey into hypnotic trance, everything had been that much more powerful and affecting. As she said circular thinking, it sparked something in his sleepy, passive consciousness, and his eyes fluttered closed, then opened again.

Watching the watch, to staring at her breasts, to closing eyes, to deeper trance, to opening his eyes to watch the watch again, following her suggestions, cooperating with her hypnotic coaching, accepting her instructions… Watching the watch, to staring at her breasts, to closing eyes, to deeper trance, to opening his eyes to watch the watch again…

As the awareness of the circular pattern of what he was doing, the way one thing led to the next so automatically, Anders felt passive, completely passive and receptive to everything she was saying, feeling himself led by her words just like the pocket watch kept leading his eyes, the soft, sleepy, warm sound of her voice filling the back of his mind, just like her huge, soft, warm, sleepy breasts filled the background behind the golden pocket watch, pushing everything else out of his mind, causing his cock to throb, as rock hard as his mind, and those huge tits were soft…

“We are going to install a replacement thought, a substitution to help you break the pattern of your circular thinking. Whenever you think about your ex, I want you to think about what we are doing right now. Whenever you think about your ex, I want you to find yourself thinking about the fact you are being hypnotized and working towards changing your thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way.”

The watch kept swinging back and forth in front of her breasts, and his eyes kept fluttering. “I want you to think about this moment instead of thinking about your ex. I want you to let yourself substitute the work you’re doing, coming here, choosing to use hypnosis, choosing to let me help you, instead of getting lost in those old thought patterns about your ex.”

Soft, warm, sleepy breasts filled his eyes behind the watch, “Just focus on this moment, focus on what is happening here. This is helping you, I am helping you because you are letting me. And you want to think about this instead of thinking about her. These words are taking hold in your subconscious mind, and you are agreeing to let my voice guide this part of you, helping you as you let the watch lead you, changing your mind, substituting proactive, pleasurable thoughts of this moment for dwelling on her.”

The pocket watch was slowing, “Soft and warm, warm and sleepy, sleepy and soft golden light washing over, filling you up more and more…”

Anders’s mind, his conscious mind, let go of whatever sense of place he had, whatever awareness or need to stay aware of himself was still there, and he felt something give way in a deep, powerful wave of pleasurable, undeniable release…

“You did wonderfully today, you are a strong and powerful subject, and you have a strong and powerful will to be happy, to change the parts of yourself you want to change, and the will to be helped on a deep and powerful level.”

Kumi was standing beside him, her blazer back on, his world slowly coming into focus as he sat up in the recliner and lowered the footrest. He felt like he could get up and go, but as he started to rock forward in the chair to stand, he felt his energy and his awareness start to sag, and he realized he had a half empty bottle of water in his hand, the other half apparently spilled down his chest, and his lap.

“Take our time Jo… I’m sorry, you said you prefer Anders, take your time and just breathe. I thought you were more awake than you were a moment ago, and the spill is my fault. My assistant Lucinda can get you another water in just a moment, and you can clean up in the bathroom if you need to, but it’s only water, Anders. It’s just water.”

He nodded, his head suddenly fuzzy, feeling the warm, potent disorientation of trance washing over him again as she spoke, and fading just as fast as he took a drink, blinked his eyes, and felt himself re-waking again. He believed he had blacked out or had still been too deep to really function, or drink water without making a mess.

?Since you may be feeling an emotional high right now, you might feel like you want to book you next session, but we ask you to wait a day to decompress and process, because it would be unethical, and that’s not even factoring in your suggestible state. You really are a very strong subject, and I think you’re still probably in an incredibly suggestible state right now, so just be aware of that. Just knowing can help you try and filter out suggestions you want, and the ones you don’t.”

“When did I tell you I prefer Anders?”

He really couldn’t remember.

Kumi gave him a knowing smile, and seeing her smile made him want to make her smile. He wanted to see her bright eyes smile back at him. “You went very deep, and while we were working on a cycle of implanting substitution suggestions, you told me you preferred Anders over Joseph. It was the only thing you said. Even when I asked you questions to confirm how you were feeling about what we were doing, you made non-articulate affirmations. So for you to be that deep and to correct me on your name, that’s very important to you.”

Anders looked at his watch and was amazed that he really didn’t know where most of the last hour had gone, and that finally go him up on his feet. Not out of panic or confusion, but just out of wonder. He also must have spilled almost directly into his lap, because he crotch was soaked.

Lucinda, her assistant, was a mousey blonde about his age, maybe a few years older, pretty but plain, or if not plain, then lacking any real effort to present herself, “Sill thirsty?”

She offered him another bottle of water, and her bright blue eyes sparkled at him through her large tortoise shell glasses. Her hair was up, in a loose, messy bun, and he saw a pen stuck in it. “I know Ms. Sato always wants clients to wait a day or longer to make an appointment, but between us, it’s much easier to get in to see her if you tell me now and I can secretly get you on the books. And I don’t want to make assumptions, but I’ve seen all of her clients, and I can always tell who really had a good experience, and I can see in your eyes that this was very good for you, and that you really appreciate how skilled Ms. Sato is.”

Anders had the new bottle of water in his hand, and was staring into Lucinda’s pretty blue eyes, magnified by her glasses, listening to her sweet voice, “Everyone agrees, Kumi Sato is an amazing hypnotist, and that’s why you want to see her again.”

He nodded as he stared into her bright blue eyes, so soft, so bright, like her smile. Lucinda was right, “Kumi Sato is an amazing hypnotist, and I do want to see her again.”

“I can put you down for…” she looked on her computer, “You can come back in three days, or ten days. Ten days is so long to wait though, isn’t it? And it would be such a relief, it would really make you feel so much better to be able to come back sooner, as soon as possible, wouldn’t it? After all, Kumi Sato is an amazing hypnotist and she is in high demand, and you need to show her you’re a priority patient because you are taking her help and services very seriously.”

Of course Kumi wouldn’t use her position, and the suggestibility and influence she had having just hypnotized him to lead him into coming back for another session, but her assistant was just her assistant, and being helpful. “She is an amazing hypnotist, that was really wonderful, so sure, yeah, three days would be better than ten.”

‘Wonderful,” she typed something and looked up at him, meeting his gaze, her blue eyes looking deep into his, “you’re on the books, see you on Friday, same time. That works for you.”

He didn’t realize she hadn’t asked him if it did or not, he just felt a wonderful sense of powerful relief knowing he’d be coming back to Ms. Sato’s office so soon.

An unforced hands free orgasm is just the beginning of Andres’s hypnotic subjugation at the hans (boobs) of Ms. Sato…


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