Story Preview: Deedee’s Double Ds Get Degrees

Deedee’s (Double) Ds Get Degrees
A Smuthunter Story

“Hi Andy,” Deedee Royce stood in Andy’s supply closet of an office door and flashed him her typical winning smile, “it sucks that they make you teach, and grade, and everything, and you barely get your own work space. College is so unfair.”

“What can I do for you Deedee?” She was a senior taking an underclassman class, and there was probably a sophomore in their slump that would have benefited from his time, but here she was… dressed modestly in a long black billowy skirt and a loose gray green, high necked and short sleeved top, with her blonde hair up, her wire frame glasses on, trying to butter him up about something.

“I just wanted to check on my grade and see how I’m doing. I don’t want this class to lower my standing or anything. You know how it is.” Andy didn’t feel like he needed to tell her that any grad school program she’d applied to had already made up their minds about her, and to point out that depending on what program she want into, she’d also get stuck teaching undergrads and living in a broom closet, but this was the job.

“I think you’re doing fine, I’m just surprised you’re taking this class in the first place.” 

He wasn’t trying to ignore her, but Deedee was only a couple years younger than him, strikingly attractive, and much to his mild anxiety, buxom as all hell. He was a tit guy, and anyone who saw Deedee with her little upturned nose, her soft eyes that were more gray than blue, and her pouty lips, on top of her big, usually fully on display boobs, would be a tit guy for her too.

“I just really wanted to make sure,” she moved into his office and thankfully didn’t close the door, “but if now isn’t a good time, I can come back later. You do look a little beat.”

“It’s long days for sure,” he laughed as he answered her, that wasn’t a lie, they were all long days. “They’re all long days Deedee. This is what you have to look forward to in grad school too.”

“Oh I know, but Dr. Armstrong has done a lot to prepare all of us who are going into post grad studies. I really appreciate you saying that though, and for making some time to talk to me right now, especially when you really want a break, don’t you?”

She was talking to him, not as her professor, but as a peer, and in so many ways they were. The mention of Dr. Andrea Armstrong, the department chair for the social sciences, and a figure that wielded a considerable amount of power, made him stop for a second. He couldn’t tell if Deedee had dropped her name for leverage, because Dr. Armstrong was known to have certain students she favored and Deedee seemed like one of them, at least as far as rumors went. But more than that possible implication, he thought back to an upperclassman he used to know, Ken, who got caught up in Dr, Armstrong’s world, and seemed to change into a completely different person by the end of the semester. That was a few years ago, but it seemed like everyone just knew that Dr, Armstrong had a pull over not just her students, but everyone on campus.

The feelings about Dr. Armstrong’s seemingly undo influence might have had something to do with the fact she’d published several books specifically on hypnosis, and that she was a beautiful woman. It was enough to make anyone jump to conclusions, one way or the others, and with Ken either one seemed perfectly believable.  

He shook his head, that was academia for you, cults of personality battling with the exploitative world of student athletics, and everything else under the sun, it was bullshit. Bullshit and rumors.

“You really do look like you need a break, I feel bad about bothering you, but I can help you relax really easily” being in the small space with her, and her breasts being what they were, it was more than a little awkward having her in his personal space, because it felt like she was very chest forward, and they seemed to be pushing up against his aura, or that would be what he said if he believed in auras. “You know, if you believe in the mind and body connection and mindfulness and everything, I really can help you relax.”

There was nothing wrong with him meeting with one of his students during office hours, especially when he knew he wasn’t doing anything wrong, and when there was no chance of, or room, for impropriety. The office was so small there was literally no room for it, but there was just something about her, something about the way she stood, and the way she talked, and from the outside it would have seemed benign, or unremarkable, but having her in his orbit the way she was, it felt like that wasn’t the case.

Deedee Royce had a way of projecting herself and her sexual energy out into the world, or at you, that could be overt or subtle, but was undeniably deliberate. He’d seen her do it in his class, to other students mostly, and once or twice she’d sent a little bit of it his way, just enough to catch him with a smile or a shift in her eyes.

Now, it was like she was radiating it out, that as modestly as she was dressed, the energy was still just emanating from her in waves.

“I’ll be fine, I’ll just get some coffee and tough it out like I always do. So did you want me to look at your grades or…”

“You work so hard, I really want you to be able to relax, and refresh, and not have to struggle so much to get through your day. It just seems so unfair, and I wouldn’t want you to do anything you were uncomfortable with.”

She sounded genuinely concerned, but it also felt like she was maneuvering around him, and not just because she had positioned herself fully between him and the door. 

“So I’ll let it drop.”
He was bringing up his grade spreadsheet.

‘I’ll let it go so you don’t have to think about it.”

He looked at her scores, and she was doing pretty well for a senior taking a class she only needed the credits for. Low Bs and solid Cs, a little low, but over-performing probably for how he would have guessed. Or how he would have been doing in her situation.

“I just hope that the rest of the day will be easy for you.”

He wasn’t really listening to her. 

If he could tell her what she came for he could get her out of his office and, he looked up to tell her how she was doing, and he saw her large bare breasts as she held up her shirt.


The lights didn’t go out so much as they started to flicker, and his eyes closed for a second, before forcing them open again.

This time he saw her quickly lift her top again, she wasn’t wearing a bra, which was obvious from a moment ago, “Sleep.”

Again everything scrambled, and fuzzy, confused thoughts poured out of his head as his mind tried desperately to just escape the situation.

But he forced his eyes open one more time, and this time, instead of flashing him, she just pulled at the back of her top, causing her shirt to cling to her body, pressing her nipples against the fabric, outlining her tits, “Now!”

He blinked, and she arched her back, “I said, sleep now. You need it. You want it. You told me how exhausted you are. Stop fighting and sleep now.”

For some reason, that did it. He slumped into his chair.

“Good, just keep doing what I tell you to and you’ll feel so much better. It’s so much easier to do what I say, and it’s so confusing for you to try and make sense of everything that’s happening right now. It’s so much, on top of your already stressed out mind. Everything is hard. You’re getting so hard. It’s all just too hard. You’re getting too hard, too fast, like all the blood’s rushing out of your brain to make you this hard this fast. You can’t think, you’re so lost, and the more I talk, the harder you, and everything else gets. So just open your eyes Andy. Open your eyes now, it’s easier than keeping them closed when you don’t know what’s happening.”

Was she hypnotizing him?

He opened his eyes, and as the world came into focus she flashed him again, “Sleep.”

This time the word hit him right between the eyes as he stared at her naked breasts for the split second his eyes had opened.

Thoughts of hypnosis, and everything else, fell into darkness.

“Listen to me and forget to remember. You have such a busy day, and your life is so hard and demanding. Forget what I am telling you, and remember how relaxed you feel, and how easy everything is right now. Just blank and passive, feeling so good, and so lucky to just listen. Just remember that it’s easy to listen, and easy to agree. Agree to open your eyes and stay just as quiet, just as focused, and just as open to the sound of my voice now. Agree to open your eyes, look at me, and just agree with me now, because it feels good to agree.”

Andy’s eyes opened, and as as he did, despite the quiet feeling that coated his mind and filled his head, the world started to come back into focus… until Deedee flashed her tits at him again and said, “Sleep for me, sleep for my tits, always sleep for me tits now. Close your eyes, sleep, sink, and agree with me Andy.”

He stared at her naked, soft, large tits, and as his eyelids started to flutter as she spoke, he felt himself falling down, falling deeper, and falling faster down into sleep, and he was agreeing with her because he was falling for her, and her tits, just like she said.

“So how easy it is to agree with me. It’s easy to agree with me, and it’s so easy talk to me, and easy to feel good when I’m around. And that’s why you want to come around my place tonight to talk to me more about post grad stuff, and about your class. You want to make time to see me tonight, to visit me tonight, and you’ll remember that this is your idea, not my idea. You’ll wake up when I tell you to, and you’ll forget what happened, and remember what you want to happen. And since you want this to happen, you’ll open your eyes again and stay just as mentally asleep, open, and agreeable. You’ll do this for me now so we both know this is what you want, and when it becomes what you want you will open your eyes and stay just as quiet and asleep for me now.”

Again, the world came back into focus, soft focus this time, and he sat there, staring at her, mind quiet, everything slowly catching up to him, but before he could become aware, or even just a little bit more aware, her tits were out and he was staring at them, blinking, fading, falling… 

 “Sleep for me, sleep for my tits, always sleep for me tits now. Close your eyes, sleep, sink, and agree with me Andy. You won’t even notice that you can’t stop staring at my tits, or that you have a big fucking erection for me, that’s so flattering, and so nice, thank you. You’ll just wake up and realize you want to meet with me tonight, at my place, and you’ll forget everything… 3… take a nice deep centering breath… 2… eyes opening now… Hi Andy, see, you feel so much better don’t you… 1, welcome back. I’m glad you let me share this exercise with you, I hope it helps.”

“I uh…” he rubbed his eyes and fidgeted in his chair, but he didn’t know why. And he felt like he was looking into her eyes, talking to her, but he was still staring at the outline of her nipples under her top, but it was fine. “I’m sorry, you came here for my help, you shouldn’t have to be helping me.”

Saying those words felt strange, discordant, but also pleasant, and nice, and easy.

“Nonsense Andy,” she tugged on her top and pulled her shoulders back, but it didn’t register to him that he was trying to stare through her top. “I’m happy to help you since you do so much for all of us.”

“Look Deedee, I really want you to be successful,” he couldn’t really choose the words, or stop them, he just had to say what he had to say and it was easy to do that, easier than choosing. “But you don’t need to worry about this class since it’s not your major and it’s your senior year. Your GRE scores matter more than your GPA, and frankly this probably… you know what, if you’re free later I can come by and talk to you about everything.”

“That would be so great, my housemates are all gone this weekend,” she took out her phone, and he stared at her tits as his erection raged, but none of that registered consciously. Giving her his phone number seemed strange, and wrong, but it felt right, and necessary… and then she was gone.

And as she left, he entered a fugue state that took the last of his memories of her visit with it.

It wasn’t until after his last class when he automatically texted Deedee for her address that he even thought of her, and when he did, he felt an anxious sense of purpose and excitement. His intentions felt pure, but alien, and there was a tension, an awareness that regardless of his intentions, what he was doing was forbidden.

But he couldn’t get the idea out of his head, and couldn’t think of a reason to stop. He thought of the reasons why he should, but none of them were enough to actually make him, So, he knocked on the front door to the rental house, one a lot like the one he was still living in, but probably with fewer people, and felt a knot on his stomach.

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