Story Preview: An Easy Little Thing

An Easy Little Thing
A Smuthunter story

            “Being hypnotized is really easy for a lot of people, so if you want me to hypnotize you, it won’t be a big deal for me. I won’t even have to try very hard if it works or not. You won’t have to try at all, and if you change your mind, you won’t even have to try and resist because I won’t really be trying that hard to hypnotize you anyway. You’ll just slip under, then slip out, easy as that.”

            Becky’s interest in hypnosis had come up when Doug had been talking to his girlfriend about her new roommate.

Jana, his special lady, had really liked Becky out of the gate. She was thoughtful, energetic, and disarmingly friendly, and also seemed very put together, and they’d become instant friends as soon as Becky had moved into the other bedroom.

            Somehow, on the very first day Doug’d met her, Becky had somehow ended up offering to hypnotize him. That was the conversation they were having now. He’d stayed the night, had been there all day, and when Becky got home from work they’d started talking.

            What Jana hadn’t mentioned was that Becky had big boobs.

            She was a curvy girl, and she wasn’t very tall, but her chest wasn’t big on her frame, it was just big. It hadn’t come up, because who would tell their boyfriend “oh yeah my roommate has giant tits”, and it wasn’t a problem for Jana because Doug wasn’t a tit guy. He wasn’t ‘not’ a tit guy, in that he was a guy, but Jana was his type through and through.

            Becky, not so much, tits or no tits.

            “This sounds weird.” He said it, because being hypnotized did sound kind of weird.

            “It doesn’t have to be.” Becky had a puckish smile, there was no other way to describe it. Maybe it was just the circumstances, maybe it was because she had a round face with soft features and bright blue eyes, but the smile did seem puckish. “Is there something little in your life that you’d like help with, like not hitting snooze as many times when you get up, or remembering to do the dishes more? Hypnosis is just a tool to help people, that’s really all there is to it.”

            She stopped and squinted his way. Then, with an oversized comedic flourish, she brought her hands up in the air and started wiggling her fingers at him, “Unless you want me to make you bark like a dog, cluck like a chicken, and moo like a cow.”

            She stopped, dropped her hands, and let her performance turn into enthusiasm, “Because I can totally have you do that, that stuff’s super fun and easy too.”

            Doug could see why was easy to like, and her sort of grown up punk rock vibe made her feel genuine too. Her hair was short, super short and dyed a silvery shade of blonde that made her seem either fun and approachable, or maybe in his imagination, cold if she needed to be. Plus, she had a little stud in her left nostril that went well with her gray tank top that had a band he’d never heard of, and her black capri jeans. She also had a black tattoo of a black spiral on her upper left arm.

            “Why’d you get interested in hypnosis?” It was a way to pivot the conversation and make it about her, and Doug could see that she saw right through it too.

            “I always thought it was neat how there was this thing people could do that could make you do silly stuff, and it always seemed like the coolest power on cartoons. Then, when I got older and I learned about it, it seemed like this really wonderful thing you can share with people, like as an experience. Plus, I’m a talker, and I talk for my job too, so it’s nice to have this little handful of tricks to help with that.” She gave him a wink with that last part.

            “And every time, ever since I became a hypnotist and I’m just an armature hypnotist, the people that are the most hesitant and ask the most questions are always secretly the most curious, the most suggestible, and want to be hypnotized the most.”

            She fixed him with her bright blue eyes, “Sometimes the more you push back about something, the more you can’t stop thinking about it, and sometimes it can get so distracting that you forget why you didn’t just say yes, or try it, and some people, people that are as curious as you, have naturally inquisitive minds, and they’ll think about it over and over, and they’ll come back to me and say, ‘can you hypnotize me,’ it actually sounds fun or interesting, and I’m sure you might realize that now, because Jana said you’re a smart curious guy, and I’m sure when you think about it now, you know there’s no harm in trying is there?”

            “I guess there’s not.” He said it after a few moments of realizing he was agreeing with everything she’d just said.

            “And ta-da,“ she smiled and threw her arms wide, “you were just hypnotized.”

            His brow wrinkled.

            “Okay, no, you weren’t, but you responded to a bunch of hypnotic suggestions and language that I deliberately used to help you see that you want to try it out. And if you think about how you were feeling, and what you agreed to, it felt natural right? It wasn’t invasive or weird, it was just me talking to a different part of your brain, or more like talking to a different part of how you think.”

            That was what it felt like, just like she’d been really persuasive, and Doug got that. He got that on a fundamental level you couldn’t really be persuaded into anything you didn’t actually want to do.

            “So, what’s the difference, what’s a trance?” He was really interested now.

            “Okay fine,” she laughed, “I’ll show you.”

            With that, Becky got up from the living room table where they’d been sitting, and walked to her room.

            She came back with a plain long white candle, and some matches that she placed on the table in front of him, “Light that while I take care of these.”

            Becky closed the blinds, and it still being the grim part of the year, the living room was much darker.

            She stood across the table from him and removed a crystal pendant that Doug had only seen in passing, as it sat a little too fully in her considerable cleavage for his manners to oblige.

            “Now Doug, we’re going to get started, and we’re just going to see what it’s like for you to go into trance. Hypnosis can happen very easily, especially for people with minds like yours, they’re sort of built for hypnosis actually, but I’m not going to try very hard, this is a casual thing and when it works it will feel easy and natural, so there’s nothing you really have to do at all. And I was wondering something?”

            She’d held the crystal between his eyes and the candle’s flame, “Do you have a favorite color? Because if you have a favorite color it’s going to be very easy for you to be hypnotized. So, as you get used to watching the crystal now, taking a deep breath and relaxing since this is easy for both of us, I want you to tell me what your favorite color is.”

            “Blue,” there was something entertaining and deeply compelling about the sudden and low-key pageantry of it all. He almost wished a pocket watch was involved.

            “Blue is a wonderful color, and what most people don’t realize is that blue is a very warm color, it’s a very soothing color, and it tells us both that you enjoy relaxing, so as you watch the crystal now, seeing the way the candle reflects into it, I’d like you to focus on the rainbow of colors and find the blue you are looking for, so your mind can become quiet with me and enjoy relaxing.”

            The crystal began to twirl as it swung back and forth, and there was a small cascade of colors flashing through it. Doug had felt his shoulders slump a little, and found the matter of fact softness of Becky’s voice easy to listen to and follow along.

            “Your mind can see things faster than you consciously realize and as you watch for the color blue with every flash, you are seeing it before you find it, relaxing a little more with every twirl, letting your eyes grow soft as they un-focus, taking in the colors, finding that little flash of light now, so easily for you, so easy for me, relaxing, watching, see the pretty little flicker now, there’s nothing to it.”

            Doug did start to see the blue flashing, and he felt his eyelids starting to sag a little.

            “It’s perfectly natural to feel the relaxation working through your eyelids, and the corners of your mouth, feeling like you need to swallow is very common, just like the heaviness in your hands and your feet, watching the little blue light, no more than a tiny dot, something so small you can see through the cracks in your eyelids as you let them close, feeling warm and wonderful as you do, drifting along with the flashes, like sinking into the warmth of the candle down into sleep now, close your eyes and sleep Doug.”

            He did.

His head tilted forwards, his shoulders slumped, and before he did that, he’d swallowed as soon as she suggested it, doing and feeling everything she said as though on cue.

“You are in a very light trance right now Doug, a light and relaxing trance, and with every breath you take your entire body can continue to sink down into this pleasant warmth, letting your mind follow your body into easy relaxation, and if it feels very good to feel this way, you can say yes.”

His facial muscles had relaxed into a smile as she said those words.

“Does it feel good to feel this relaxed Doug?”

“Yes, “ surprisingly though it felt slightly better than good to him, it felt right, and Becky heard that is his response and, unknown to him, returned his smile.

“Wonderful. Now I’m going to snap my fingers and say wide awake, and when I do, you are going to come up and out of trance, feeling refreshed and focused. Now,“ she snapped her fingers, “wide away,” she snapped again, “wake up.”

Doug’s eyes opened with a reluctance he wasn’t expecting, and he laughed a little, ‘That was really nice.”

“It is isn’t it? Hypnosis can feel different depending on the way it’s induced and the setting, and of course the intention, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg there, and it was very easy for you wasn’t it?”

The candle was still burning, and Beck was still standing with her crystal necklace in hand, “Yeah, it kind of came on out of nowhere too.”

“I think,” she started spinning the crystal as it swung back and forth in front of the candle again, “ you’ll be fascinated by the fact that someone who has just come out of trance can find themselves sinking deeper and faster if the hypnotist gives them the chance to.”

His eye started to feel heavy almost instantly.

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